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Old 6th July 2006, 12:07   #31
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Really Varun..? Have you come across any situations where they have not honoured the Extended warranty..? If that is the case, it is a matter of big concern..

Awaiting your response..

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Hey raj, I dont want to say "I told you so" buddy, but the fact is that I told you so.

If I remember, at the time I had a turbo failure in my DLX, you were contemplating buying a turbo and I advised you against it. The fact is that TATA cars are way too unrefined. they are built to a cost and it shows. Htey are good for taxi duty but really dont cut it as personal cars.

Now all I can say is that "all the best" Lets hopw u dont have any more problems!

O.T.- I have given a similar suggestion to another Bhpian, Rayden. Dunno if he has gone ahead with the turbo or not!
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Old 6th July 2006, 12:51   #33
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The Tata cars have great diesel engines that can be ****** but they lack refinement.

Tatas are weak in electricals and electronics. However, some tata cars [indica and indigo] i know run on very poor diesel [read that as diesel + kerosene]. The trick is in the fuel pump setting and plumbing from the tank to the engine.

I have sufferred with our indigo for 2 years and more than 30K kms to share this with you all.

The fuel pump is a common issue with vehicles and the manufacturers blame the quality of fuel.

I personally love the Indica Turbo / Indigo engines are they are great VFM, True they are not refined above 3000 RPM. But for a indian company to build these, especially from a Truck Manufacturer, this is awesome..

The mini trucks can do off roading too..wish they had limited slip differential..
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Old 6th July 2006, 14:46   #34
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Many have told me to go for the Indica turbo and many have told me not to go in for it. Don't know what to do :-(
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Old 6th July 2006, 15:09   #35
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dude, u have read Raj's experience and my experience as well.

While some say that these are "one-off" incidents, my view is that of late there have been far too many such one-off incidents with tata TDi engines.

SO think long and hard while u still have the time to cancel ur booking(if u so decide!)
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Old 6th July 2006, 15:21   #36
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Talking Take note of the following things

Most probably

1.Fuel injector must have clogged(Clean it)
2.Air Filter must have clogged(Clean it.)
3.Floor the accelerator in neutral and see if it works.
4.Dont use normal diesel use diesel with additives.
Still if the problem persists you are always welcome in this forum.
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Old 6th July 2006, 16:23   #37
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I know for a fact that a lot of Indicas & Indigos have major pump issues. The complaints are getting so serious that TATA is going to throw out TVS Delphi and go for Bosch. Hopefully that should sort out a lot of problems.
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The next time you have an issue with a Lucas part, I suggest you take it directly to the Lucas Indian Service centre in your city. Their service is very good.

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Old 7th July 2006, 22:55   #39
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Default hi

Most of the present indicas have the same problem.

Get your fuel pump calibrated(in all the sense) by an expert and nozzles cleaned. Get your c.convertor checked. This may have a block.

These two things will defenitely solve your problems if your engine is healthy.
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Default Indiac Turbodiesel scares!!!

Hi Guys, i just did a 600 km Bangalore - Coorg trip on my DLX, during the extended holidays around Independence day.
The car was behaving fine, but remember noticing black smoke one morning. I shrugged it off as cold weather behaviour, as it was raining and misty and cool there.
Other than that there wasnt anything peculiar in the car's behaviour. I love my car, but this discussion is scaring my pants off!!!!
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Old 22nd March 2007, 18:28   #41
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my tcic is one of the earliest to roll out...december 2005. have had none of the issues mentioned in this thread. have done interstate and sustained high rpms, where I know that the turbo is in play constantly.

as there are two instances here of new indicas developing problems, I am very curious to know the driving pattern of these drivers during the initial run-in period. I have taken utmost care during the initial 5000 kms, never crossed ~85 kmph (and that requires self-control) but then you get a well-broken in vehicle that runs smoothly thereafter.

there are too many factors here.

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