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Default Re: Toyota Hybrid Technology: Drive & Experience @ Japan

Originally Posted by Arch-Angel View Post
Don't you think 25km/l is a great figure for a petrol-hybrid? I sure do.
Keep in mind it was in the track, with no stop-n-go traffic. I wish I could have seen the FE in crowded roads for better idea.

Originally Posted by DrPriyankT View Post
This transportation of raw materials leaves a huge carbon footprint which erodes the energy gains achieved by an hybrid in its life from an ore to a fully finished car. JC raised this debate in an episode of TG where IIRC he compared the ecological footprint of a BMW M3 with a Prius.
Yeah, some reporters alluded to this in the Q&A at the battery factory. But the officials here were evasive on such uncomfortable questions.

Originally Posted by DrPriyankT View Post
OT: Now I cannot wait for the Team BHPIAN report on the diesel hybrid which am sure will come up some time in the near future.
This question was raised, but they said diesel hybrid was not on the cards.

Originally Posted by headers View Post
@Sharat: Thanks for the details - Now, does the AC work full time when using the vehicle under electric power?

THAT is a question i always wanted to ask and learn!!

How does it affect the electrics of the vehicle? Also is there any visible signs of the vehicle starting while the change happens from electric to petrol ?
The AC and the engine cooling system on Hybrid cars are completely electrical. They are not belt driven. And no, there is no visible signs like jerks, the transition is very smooth. One never notices it. This PSD is nothing short of a magical device. Check out the PDF I have attached.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Prius_Power-Split-Device_details.pdf (620.8 KB, 1296 views)

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Default Re: Toyota Hybrid Technology: Drive & Experience @ Japan

Samurai, I just saw the TG episode I was talking about. It showed that the ore for the lithium is mined in Canada, transported to Germany for processing into Lithium, taken to China to be made into electrical cells and then taken to Japan to be assembled into a battery which can be fitted into a car. That leaves a hell of a footprint. JC said that the M3 which itself is way bigger a gas guzzler than the Prius was made of steel made in Germany and also a majority of its components were assembled in Germany, reducing the footprint. IMHO hybrids use a lot of rare earth metals, majority of which are mined from China and the Chinese are slowly leveraging them as a geopolitical tool towards Japan and ASEAN nations in view of their territorial disputes. IIRC the next major mine for rare earth metals is scheduled to go online towards the end of the decade freeing up supplies. This mine will be in USA. Scientists across the world are researching ways to remove these rare metals from the batteries and replacing them with polymers and plastics. Once these technologies mature and become commercial and cheap, then surely hybrids will have their moment in the sun in front of traditional cars
VW and Volvo are at the forefront of diesel electric research and I so hope TeamBHP gets invited by them for a TD of their cars so we can have another awesome review
OT: I want a Team BHP review of the Fisker Karma which is the new petrol hybrid sports car which is the new darling of Hollywood.
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Default Re: Toyota Hybrid Technology: Drive & Experience @ Japan

If I'm not mistaken, China playing hardball was not with lithium, but with the rare earths which are used for magnets. Used in todays hitech electric motors.

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Default Re: Toyota Hybrid Technology: Drive & Experience @ Japan

The electric vehicle, in both hybrid form and stand-alone form has already been tried by a good automobile engineer (Porsche) and failed for the same reasons that it will struggle in the C21st.

One of the main reasons electric hybrids are surviving is that Western governments see them as slightly less polluting at the point of use and so tax them less heavily. Overall, pollution is generally seen to be higher by those in the know. After all, a car with two engines is most unlikely to be more efficient than a car with one, especially when acceleration is as good as people have come to expect.

A conventionally powered VW Golf/Audi 80-A4 TDi from the early 90s is more efficient on fuel than the very most efficient hybrid, the Prius. And that is without energy regeneration under braking.

Electric hybrids (as there are on sale) are there to sell more cars, as they hoodwink the gullible. And allow those in the know to ride around in a massive luxury car or huge 4x4 and tell his neighbours "I'm concerned about the environment". Whereas owners of EVs which can be recharged from the house electricity save by not paying road fuel duty on their energy source.

Trying to recharge batteries as you brake is daft in a motor car, with around 30% efficiency on a good day. In contrast, a hydraulic hybrid can store 85% of braking energy to be used to re-acclerate a vehicle and uses much lighter motors and storage. Among others, Bosch and a major US delivery company are using this technology due to its massive superiority.

As usual in the history of the motor vehicle, while there are the odd works of genius which end up worth more than what they were sold for and in Design Museums, most are just one of the most effective ways of parting Mankind with his hard-earned money.

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Default Hybrid Technology- Saviour of N/A engines?

Hi guys! Here is a report I just read on Motorbeam.


Toyota Hybrid Technology: Drive & Experience @ Japan-lucadimontezemoloandtheferrarilaferrari_100421544_l.jpg

It seems Ferrari has decided to cut down CO2 of their cars by making their existing N/A V8s turbo charged and their V12s Hybrid like the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918.

Good to see Ferrari sticking to their V12s for their big GTs instead of making them V8 Turbos too.

I think this might be the start of a wonderful era. No more forced induction to go green. Instead retain the N/A motor and couple it with an electric motor and voila! You get the instant torque from the electric motor, the throttle response, the noise, and the screaming top end of an N/A engine and of course better mileage and reduced emissions.

Hope this tech trickles down to our conventional cars.

Can't wait for a Civic Type R hybrid to show up in India with a 9000 rpm screaming Vtec. Now that out to bring the fight to the OctyVRS!
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Default Re: Hybrid Technology- Saviour of N/A engines?

Driving a $900,000 Porsche 918 Spyder to the future


From another article

The Spyder produces nearly 900 hp, 286 of them from electric motors paired to the finest V-8 engine on earth. It maxes out at a mild 217 mph and is the only production car with factory-fitted tires to ever run the Northern Loop of the Nurburgring in less than seven minutes. Also, it gets 67 miles to the gallon, a number that even the world hypermiling champion, driving a Prius C around a grocery-store parking lot, couldnt achieve.
The car has universally and rightly been proclaimed as a miracle of engineering, and maybe the savior of an entire industry. But it costs $865,000.

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Default Re: Toyota Hybrid Technology: Drive & Experience @ Japan

TOKYO Mon Aug 4, 2014

TITLE : Toyota dreams of green car future, but tied to gas-guzzler present

Toyota Motor Corp is hitching its future to green cars, investing billions of dollars in gasoline-electric hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles, but for now its record profit performance is being powered largely by a gas-guzzling U.S. market.

In the United States, relatively cheap gasoline prices helped to spur brisk 9 percent growth in industry-wide light truck sales in the first half of the year, making that one of the fastest-growing major global market segments - accounting for about one-tenth of global vehicle sales.

Toyota outperformed the overall U.S. market, moreover, with its fresh model line-up - the Highlander SUV was redesigned in February and the Tundra pick-up got a facelift last September - powering a 10 percent rise in its January-June U.S. light truck sales to nearly half a million vehicles.

That success is feeding the nearly $40 billion cash pile that Toyota will tap for future green car investments.

"The U.S. is one of the few bright spots contributing to year-on-year profit growth for Toyota while it faces a slowdown in places like Japan and Thailand," said Koichi Sugimoto, an auto analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley.

Light trucks, a category that includes SUVs, accounted for around 42 percent of Toyota's total U.S. sales in January-June, which were up 5 percent from a year earlier.

The strong showing continued in July, when Toyota's total U.S. sales rose 12 percent due to robust SUV demand and larger discounts, outperforming the industry's 9 percent growth and surpassing Ford Motor Co to become the No.2 seller for the month.

Analysts forecast that Toyota's April-June North American operating profit jumped at a double-digit rate from the same period a year ago, with Barclays auto analyst Tatsuo Yoshida putting the figure at 106 billion yen ($1.03 billion), up 30 percent year-on-year. The company will announce its first-quarter earnings on Tuesday.

Toyota's North America numbers undercount the region's actual contribution to profits, since they exclude much of the profits made from imported vehicles. Most of what Toyota earns through exports from its home country are counted with Japan profits, which likely fell in April-June due to a sales tax hike in April that dented domestic sales.

Barclays' Yoshida forecasts Toyota's Japan operating profit at 381 billion yen for the quarter, a 16 percent drop. In Asia, he expects a 12 percent decline to 92 billion yen.


Overall operating profit at the world's biggest automaker is expected to drop 4 percent in April-June to 637.3 billion yen from the same period a year ago, according to the average forecast of 13 analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

For the full year to next March, Toyota forecasts its profit will edge up 0.3 percent to 2.3 trillion yen, extending last year's record high.

Bigger vehicles such as light trucks tend to be more profitable than small cars.

For this financial year, Toyota is likely to make an operating profit of around $2,500 on average for every light truck such as the RAV4 or Tundra it sells in the United States. The figure for passenger cars such as the Prius or the Camry, Toyota's best-selling car in the United States, is about $1,500, said Koichi Sugimoto, an auto analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley.

While Toyota reaps hefty profits from U.S. light trucks, its sales of the Prius, the world's best-selling hybrid car, slumped 11 percent in the United States in the first half of the year.

Unlike Toyota's U.S. light truck line-up, the flagship Prius has not seen a model change in five years. But its fortunes are set for a boost as Toyota readies a fourth generation of the hybrid to hit showrooms as early as next year.

Toyota introduced the Prius in late 1997 and endured years of losses to establish dominance in the segment. After selling more than 6 million hybrids over 17 years, Toyota says it is now earning money on the Prius and aims to make its hybrids as profitable as its gasoline-engine cars.

Toyota will further burnish its image as a green technology pioneer next year when it readies a fuel-cell vehicle for launch by end-March.

But for the rest of this financial year, it's big gasoline-engine vehicles that will be underpinning Toyota's profits.

"They are 15 percent share of the U.S. market and they've got to sell what the market buys, for sure," said Kurt Sanger, autos analyst at Deutsche Securities in Tokyo.

LINK: http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/0...0G403K20140804

($1 = 102.9100 Japanese Yen)

(Reporting by Yoko Kubota; Editing by Edmund Klamann and Alex Richardson)
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Default Re: Toyota Hybrid Technology: Drive & Experience @ Japan

Samurai, would you know if Toyota is planning to introduce any of the pug-in hybrids into India in 2015. For me that would be the ideal dream. I liked what i saw & experienced of the Toyota Camry hybrid except that it does not have a plug in feature. - Narayan
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Default Re: Toyota Hybrid Technology: Drive & Experience @ Japan

Originally Posted by V.Narayan View Post
Samurai, would you know if Toyota is planning to introduce any of the pug-in hybrids into India in 2015.
I hadn't answered this question because I didn't know the answer. Now we know, they have no plans for any EV/Hybrid cars in the next two years.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...uct-plans.html (Scoop: Toyota's short-term product plans)
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