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Default Re: K&N filters

Originally Posted by drpullockaran View Post
Yes you read right. Do not use oiled filters like K&N or any other filter from any company that requires you to oil it.
The links in the eralier posts are not working anymore, however I get your point especially the comparison to teflon...

Its not helping FE - http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/maintain.shtm
Performance I suppose is a preference v/s long term usability of the vehicle, right now I want to use this long term.

Thanks! you just saved me 6k.

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Default Re: K&N filters

Originally Posted by mayankk View Post
Has this happened to you, the things youve mentioned?
What would they mess with, in a BS# vehicle, and what would failure of messed-up components cause?


I am asking, cos I have been using oil filters now for 30k kms in the current car, and 12k in my previous one.
havent faced anything so far.
Long term would be what, 50-60k?
Long term is different for different vehicles. A Qualis is meant to run trouble free in the engine department for about 4 lakh kilometer. The GTX should run for 2 lakhs at the very least. The present day Indica should run for 1.2 lakh so on so forth. After which time they start consuming more than normal engine oil. With clogged sensor wire/film your fuel efficiency too would be affected. With unapproved modifications these life times could be reduced by half in my opinion.
I would really want to know , see.
My reply is in bold in the above too.

FAQ - Questions regarding the Air Mass Flow Meter - FAQ - Questions regarding the Air Mass Flow Meter - MAF Service GmbH - Luftmassenmesser-Shop
If filtration efficiency of K&N was better than paper elements I am sure that extreme sports cars like the Bugatti, Ferrari and Porsche would have used them from day one but they do not for a reason. Every drop of reliable horsepower is striven for by them. Why do you think that they shun using oiled filters. The day extreme machines start using them you too may use them by all means.

Lot many of us fall for the other myth that wider tires provide more grip. If that were the case Formula 1 cars and rally cars would have the widest tire available but they do not for a reason. Its not the width of the tires that contribute to grip but the shape/variation of the contact patch, the pressure on the contact patch and most importantly the compound out which the tire is made. In fact in the rain its wider tires that will take you out with hydroplaning than skinny tires which is why rally cars have very thin tires when negotiating rain and slush. Happy gooooogling.
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Default Re: K&N filters

Did not find a thread discussion VW Polo 1.2 Diesel MK5 and K&N Filters, so posting here.

I recently installed a stock replacement K&N (E-2997) in my car and one of the immediate observations was a significant drop in fuel efficiency. To give a better idea of significant drop, consider the following:

Before install
1. I would get a consistent 17-18 kmpl city driving

After install
2. 12kmpl!

I'm trying to figure out what's the issue. I'm going to do another 2 fuel cycles to see if there is any improvement, but if this remains, i will probably consider putting the stock filter back.

Any ideas people?
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Old 22nd July 2012, 20:45   #394
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Default Re: K&N filters

Hi Guys

Can anyone suggest the right K&N filter for my Maruti 800 Carburettor engine 1999 model ? I want straight fit Stock replacement without any modification. The filter model suggested in K&N website is for MPFI models and looks different in size and shape.

Thanks and regards


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Default Re: K&N filters

I recently installed a stock replacement K&N (E-2997) in my car and one of the immediate observations was a significant drop in fuel efficiency.

Any ideas people?[/quote]

I would suggest do not make these mods to a diesel car, Petrol cars respond better to these mods than a diesel car.
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Default Re: K&N filters

I avoid K&N as its overpriced. Other than that here in a nutshell is why I dont use K&N in my car:

a) Voids warranty

b) At a price of nearly Rs 6000 for the filter, I can afford to change my OEM air filter 8 times every 10,000 kms (yes that's right, every 10K kms) instead of the mfr specified 40K kms and the money saved will afford air filter changes till 80,000 kms.

c)Oil used in k&N is known to coat the MAF sensor especially if used in excess after a cleaning. With an OEM paper filter there's no risk. Also wanted to mention that paper filters filter dust better than other materials. That's why nearly all car mfrs have shifted to paper.

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Default Re: K&N filters


I recently changed my car from Swift D to Ertiga Diesel. I installed K&N air filter and removed it while selling my car. Is it possible to install the same in Ertiga? I checked in a shop and they said it is not possible to use the same air filter as Ertiga's has bigger one? Can someone clarify?

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Default Re: K&N filters

I recently got a stock K&N air filter for my i20 Petrol. It had already done 20k KM, and I like all I had been struggling with power. I had already tried K&N in my Karizma and I LOVED it.

<Hush> Got it pretty cheap from US(Amazon) </Hush>

First of all if you can afford, make no qualms about it and get it. It's just like eating in a fine dining restaurant.

Secondly with stock replacement you may not get a stark difference but it will definitely improve your throttle response, which was sadly missing in i20.

Thirdly your fuel consumption will increase 'cause you won't be able to stop yourself from ripping, while enjoying the grunt

Next I am getting K&N filter for my wife's Nano.
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Unhappy Re: K&N filters

I have a Bolero Crde. It has a box type flat oily air filter. Done 51,000km. Its time for replacement and I am considering a K&N filter. Which is the model that will fit?
I tried the website and selected Mahindra Bolero - It said none. When I visit car accessories showroom who deals with K&N and ask for K&N filters for Bolero they gives me a surprised or what da ... look and told me there are not K&N filters for Bolero. Any help or info will be appreciated.

I had a Idi Bolero GLX which had a huge drum type air filter. The current one (CRDe) has a flat oily filter like Scorpio/Xylo.
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Default Re: K&N filters

Hi Everybody

I am thinking of replacing air filter in my Chevrolet Beat. Is is possible to fit K&N filter in Beat? Also will it make any difference in power output? Which other good brands do you guys suggest ? Most important where will it be available in Mumbai.

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Default Re: K&N filters

Hi, I have installed a K&N in my Beat. Absolutely no difference whatsover. Save your money. Incredibly small change in responsiveness and no drop/increase in mileage
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