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Originally Posted by Shan2nu
Actually it's neither. you sense your car is aquaplaning, don't touch any of the pedals. Let the car slow down on it's own.

Accelerating isnt gonna make any diff, as there's no available traction.


Agree to the point of not accelerating .But was wondering while aquaplaning, will the car gain speed as there wouldnt be much resistance and after the vehicle gets the traction would the gear in which the car is running cause the car to slip out of control?? Should be careful/nimble with the steering when the car regains the traction.

Maybe driving slow on wet surfaces, having nice set of tyres( not bald ones) and not following any vehicle closely would be the best possible precautions as there isnt much you can do.

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Originally Posted by Shan2nu
But, from a general perspective, racing drivers are pretty careful when they drive on public roads.

And they would stand a better change of avoiding a collision, compared to a normal driver. It's a simple rule, how're you gonna solve a probelm you've never faced before? Racing drivers do it everday.
I have no doubt that racing drivers are technically much better equipped in all respects than city drivers. Rather, I was questioning their temperament for city driving -- e.g will they exhibit the patience required in city traffic conditions? But as you and Rtech pointed out, I may well have been wrong on that one.
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This thread wasnt in anyway started to help people find or experiment with their limits or their cars on public roads .. The basic aim isto figure all the technical aspects which would help u in any conditions should u come across it knowingly or unknowingly on public roads (read sane driving by the law book) or on track days ..

Lets not spoil the interesting discussion by going OT and making personal attacks ..

Shan good points about the aquaplaning , no one still has answered to my questions about spoilers and slipstream ??

One more thing , at the 1st track day it was raining hence there were a few puddles at some corner entries .. The moment i hit them the car certainly lost grip but would it then understeer or oversteer ?? All i remember is i had use big counter steer to get the car back under control , had it been in a straight line i would have ran wide but that wasnt the case .. Yes i did ease of from all the pedals as shan pointed out , but steering inputs had to be given ..
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Coming to ICE , are there any important things to keep in mind while driving on a icey surface or a wet surface ?? One is gradual braking , no hard cornering , get tyres that aquaplain less ..
Hey, Cars on ice have a mind of their own but the basic points are what you mentioned above allready !!! The simplest thing to keep in mind is that you shud try and mantain a constant speed or if possible use snow chains ... But a car with bald tyres on an ice patch make for gud WRC style driving at the speed of 5 kmph also -- DONT TRY IT THOUGH GUYS , though Ill confess I did that on a Maruti van with no treads on the tyres and was fun going sideways on turns - the fun ended when I met a bus on one of the turns and had to stop by using the bus bumper as brakes ...

As far as the thread heading goes ... Its gud to know your car and how it behaves but then in an emergency situation its better to know yourslef and what you capable of !! Racing techniques on street roads are fine if they empty but otherwise not advisable ... lot of drivers in India drive in DREAM MODE , meaning they think they r in the US and drive on the opposite sides so stay within limits and expect the worst around a turn and u'll be fine though maybe not the quickest home .

Drive to your own potential and not to the potential of the car ... u cant handle an emergency braking at 160 kmph so dont drive at that speed ... save money and others and go to a track and do those speeds . Also driving in the hills is a totally different ball game and a lot of you mention the ghats but trust me the ghats aint no hill roads . I feel the traffic on the ghats simply sucks and not more than 5% of the drivers know how to drive on so called hills ...

Nice thread Mclaren .... though practicals are better than theory when it comes to situations !!!


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hey khaddu ,

well said ..i know what driving on ice is ...when on ice you have to look out for the black ice which can be a killer.i know of a few people who have done ice driving training ...

i feel once you master driving on ice you can drive on almost everything .
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no one still has answered to my questions about spoilers and slipstream ??
No point having spoilers on street cars, unless the car is capable of very high speeds and only if......the spoiler has been fixed after having the car tested in a wind tunnel.

As far as slipstream goes, i don't think it'l work at low speeds at all. Even if you're right behind the car in front, it'll take some speed before you start drafting him.

And as the speeds increase so does the slipstream area. At 320kmph, you could be a few (maybe more) meters away from the car in front and still be in his slipstream. It's like water comin out of a pipe, higher the force, the further it travels.

Slipstream area, also depends on the dimension and aerodynamic properties of the vehicle you're trying to draft wrt to the dimension of your vehicle.

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More important than anything else, more than your car is understanding Indian road conditions and Indian drivers.......... Seriously

You may have the greatest car control or whatever, But never forget that the road that you are on, may suddenly have one lane dug up , or crater surface or a large drum put there, by some thoughtful municipal types

And Most of the guys driving alongside you are probable Dolts, No matter what control and ability you have, The best way to avoid getting into trouble or a crash, is to assume that the guys you are driving with are mostly morons, and while you aont make a mistake , they will, so give allowance for their mistakes

Take this from someone who loves zooming around at max, but i always give some space and room for error both from me and the other guy, Dont only understand your car, understand the conditions, In the monsoons, your car is gonna take longer to stop, drive slower, and brake down earlier, If you have an Indica behind you, he's never gonna stop as quickly as you, If you have an Amby tailin you, he's barely gonna stop, so increase your braking distance to give them enuff time to stop, You know you can, but make sure he can too, else your braking in time is useless
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More important than anything else, more than your car is understanding Indian road conditions and Indian drivers.......... Seriously
That's the quote of the day! By understanding Indian drivers, one can save his own life and do wonders on the road
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