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Default Re: Do remapped cars have louder turbos?

Originally Posted by RogueRider View Post
What exactly do you mean by early spool? The turbo kicks in at 2000rpm and shuts off at 4000 rpm as it should. The person who did up the free flows said he used a diagnostic tool to check the vehicle and said the engine was in good condition but he found the turbo to be weak. He didn't specify, should I get this checked at Hyundai? I'm not sure if the previous owner has increased the turbo boost and fiddled with the waste gate.
Dhanush has pretty much explained. What i meant by Turbo spool = turbo spinning, upto operating rpms. When you remap, generally one tries to change this phenomenon, an earlier spool up will means minimal lag.

You can always connect the OBD software and see if the required boost is being made at various rev range. If it is within parameters, turbo is fine. Why don't you goto a regular hyundai service center and ask them to run a scan. Don't mention remap and all. Just let them do a health check and give a report of parameters.
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Default Re: Do remapped cars have louder turbos?

Originally Posted by a4anurag View Post
Isn't the engine consuming oil if one notices bluish - white smoke?

May be the turbo boost is only aggravating it.
The turbo has engine oil lubrication going into it. There is a bush on which the turbo center shaft turns, which is lubricated by engine oil. Over a period of time, when the turbo wears out, engine oil starts leaking into the intake or exhaust sides.

The oil that leaks into the intake side is burnt along with diesel. Which gives out a blueish smoke.

As the bush is worn out, the impellers is also bent or worn out, and the turbo isnt producing as much boost as it should be. So, there is less air and more diesel, which gives out black smoke.

Mix both of these, you get blue grey smoke.

The blue smoke has nothing to do with engine consuming oil. Well, figuratively, yes, engine is drinking oil. But, not due to worn out rings. Its the turbo that's feeding the engine, oil.

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Default Re: Do remapped cars have louder turbos?

Originally Posted by RogueRider View Post
Will a remapped car make a louder turbo whistle? or is my turbo really on its last legs?
Remapping for higher power will inject higher quantity of fuel. This will result in the turbo operating under a higher pressure and temperature of the exhaust gas. The operating speed of the turbo too will go up.

This pressure and temperature of exhaust gas the turbo speed after remapping may exceed the design limits of the stock turbo and it will not be good for the life of the turbo.

Even the few other engine components will be overheated, especially the piston, the head and the block. Engine oil change interval too will come down.

So, suggest you to consider this while operating and maintaining the car.
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Default Re: Do remapped cars have louder turbos?

Originally Posted by Rahul Bhalgat View Post
The operating speed of the turbo too will go up.
Really? If it spools early, it will get out of puff early to be in safe zone, no tuner with right mind will take it out of that zone. Rest are to be controlled by waste gate valve and injector pressure \ flow.

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Default Re: Do remapped cars have louder turbos?

I didn't know we aren't allowed to mention the speeds attained, if above speed limit, I won't mention it again.

Originally Posted by ::CMS:: View Post
Are you sure the tuner said turbo is weak just because of the whistling sound? I dont think so, I am not getting the current condition of the car before remap too from this thread. What did you ask the tuner when you went for the remap? Normally any knowledgeable tuner will never push the map to its limits of the car unless there is a pressure from the customer, but they usually inform the customer about the consequences of going for a "non-compatible aggressive map". BTW, a good tuned car will not have continuous smoke unless the map is pushed to its limits else there is some prior issue with the car related to engine / turbo. Now-a-days, the smoke issue is seen only with the boxes or very bad maps. I would suggest take it to another tuner and check his opinion.

As far as I know thick blue grey smoke and loud whining noise from the turbo (than the normal sound) esp from the engine side are some of the symptoms of a weak turbo or in its last stage.

I spoke to the tuner just now, he said he feels the turbo is weak, because of the loud whistling sound and there is a bit of 'play' in the turbo. He also advised me to change the clutch pressure plate and gear cable. Apparently, there is some wear and tear.

You are right the car has an aggressive remap, according to the previous owner its one of the fastest diesel hatches around. I have no idea about the car before the remap, it was remapped two years ago. And has run 30,000km since. As of now the car is in very good condition, the previous owner has maintained it at the company service center. I have no reason to doubt it was always in good condition. The car isn't reaching its full potential on the road as it's running on 205 section tyres. So, no wheelspins for me. The mileage too has dropped because of the huge tyres.

The car doesn't smoke alot under normal driving, when I'm between 2500-4000 rpm there seems to be heavy smoke. Don't know if replacing the down pipe is a good idea anymore.
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