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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

add this:
Mitsubishi Pajero
Willing to go off-road anytime, be it a traffic jam on a highway or any other place. People turn around to notice this special beast!
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Lovely thread, @mayankk. Chanced to see it only today, and I could not control my urge to post.

My cars:

Maruti WagonR Lxi 2001---this has done 75500 kms so far and has proved to be a reliable Jap that takes you from place A to place B, with minimal maintenance. It is the preferred car to visit crowded markets and Charminar area, where traffic goes berserk more often than not.

The Waggie replaced my 12-year old M800 and scored immensely in comfort, air-conditioning, airline-reclining seats and boot space. But it lacks the punch of the M800 and the other cars I now own. Simply put, it is a reliable and boring car to drive. Currently my wife uses it most of the time. She's the only one who likes the 'un-feelsome' Electronic Steering. My kids try to avoid driving it.

Ford Fiesta 1.6 sxi 2007: This is the most fun-to-drive car in my garage, with 50500 k Kms on the odo. Each one of those kilometers was as thrilling as can be. Contrary to perception, this car has been fairly reliable and easy on the pocket. I love driving it so much that I violently react to any suggestions to sell it and go for a newer car/ SUV. I plan to keep it for as long as possible. The only niggles I've had are with the AC fan motor getting replaced under warranty in 2009, and the very recent issue of suspected Evaporator coil leakage. However, I've deferred replacing it as the AC seems to be working fine now.
Just like mayankk, I look for excuses to take her on a longer route. The Hyd ORR is a blessing in disguise. The snarl of the Duratec between 3500 to 5000 rpm is too addictive. And what a hoot it is to drive on ghats! Smokes all other petrols in the segment even today.

Ford Figo tdci of Oct 2012: This newest addition to our stable has all the good qualities of the Fiesta and also has airbags. The diesel motor gives 14 to 17 kmpl in city and around 19 to 21 on highways. It has seen 34600 clicks on the odo so far.
The only thing it lacks is mid and high range punch. Planning for a re-map soon.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Originally Posted by navin_v8 View Post
"it drives like it is on rails. .... also the suspension becomes smooth and transforms itself like the Astra's after crossing 60 KMPH. Suspension becomes more and more comfortable as and how I increase speeds."
This so very true about the Lancer. It amazes me how the suspension becomes like "dynamic" at speeds above 60 to make the ride smoother and it certainly keeps getting better at higher speeds. Then those potholes and bumps just don't matter either, the car simply stays put, inspires confidence.

Originally Posted by navin_v8 View Post
"its ultra flat torque curve that made it feel almost automatic like car. I didn't need to downshift while driving at 30 KMPH on 4th gear due to flat torque curve. Lancer would happily putter at such low speeds with zero vibrations and complaint."
My Celerio AMT keeps toggling between 2nd and 3rd within the speed range of 18 ~ 32 KMPH, makes me feel guilty that one fine day the Magneti Marelli actuator would die prematurely. Like you said, the Lancer continues to pull on without any effort or shudder even at 20 KMPH in the 3rd gear. It has never stalled.

Another thing I noticed just recently. There is a private road which leads to my office after entering the main gate and the last 200 meters has a 90 degrees turn. The idiots who manage the infrastructure have put 2 plastic rumbler strips right on the turn itself! The previously owned Alto, Wagon-R, the present Celerio, unsettles while cornered over these strips at 40 KMPH. Even the 2012 Honda City makes me feel jittery at times but manages the turn better. However the 2001 Lancer corners it as if nothing happened! I simply don't have to be cautious or think twice. This is precisely the reason I won't sell it either.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Originally Posted by Rahul Bhalgat View Post
Interesting thread.

Here are my personal statistical observations of the driving styles of some cars seen from outside (as an onlooker):

No offense meant. Personal observations in Pune city, on the Mumbai - Pune E-way / Pune - Bangalore highway.
Nice and funny observations! I don't quite agree with the Audi part though. Not all of them are undisciplined in my city.

BTW, what about Sumo,Scorpio,force Trax?
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Baleno: Pulls like an electric train from 900 rpm. Your choice to cruise like a diesel or be a boy racer hooligan. It will delight in both.

Rapid: Redefines the word "Torquey engine". Has the turbo kick of a mule. Makes mincemeat of bigger segment cars such as the Laura diesel / Yeti / Jetta without even trying hard. Can snap at the heels of C 250 CDI's and 320d's upto 140 kmph. Good to drive like a petrol or a diesel. Top that with a killer fuel efficiency and its called sinning without paying the price. The 1.6 engine should have remained as a sort of vRS option.

VW, I know you're deaf, but you could put on a hearing aid and listen to that last statement.

Santro: A city car to beat most city cars. Torquey engine allows you to drive in a relaxed manner.Redlining works on that odd highway run.

Laura 1.8 TSI: Power to weight? Torque to weight? Nah!! It's none of those. Heard of Fun to Rupee? This ones got the highest.
And it gets better when you have those momentary lapses of reason. Almost the most fun per rupee with your pants on.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

My cars:

Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSi: This car is a go kart with a sweet sounding engine note. You don't have to take it anywhere near it's limit to thoroughly enjoy it. Pulls like a train and stops like you've hit a wall, it's all the city car you will ever need. Max fun when driven with reckless abandon (responsibly though )

BMW 525d F10 Quick and heavy and a lot of fun even in the mid range. Goes like stink, stops way more gradually than the Skoda so you have to predict where you'll come to a stop once you brake. Sounds almost like a petrol when revved hard. I'm a lot more careful with it and drive it exclusively with the traction off. The rear likes to get slidey.

Audi Q5 2.0 tdi Big and heavy. Lifeless steering. Oh so boring. I hate driving this thing. But once it's one the move there is no stopping it. Suspension so pliant, it flies over bad roads and bumps like a cross-country buggy. It likes to be driven sedately and you can tell that immediately when it gets up to speed.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

The Cars I Owned -

Premier Padmini 1989 - The car I learned driving on. I had only seen the car from outside or sat behind the drivers in cabs. The first thing I noticed sitting on driver's seat were the 2 long cylinders in front. But oh boy, they literally gave a sense of direction and informed you where the car ended. Most horrible gears shift that I have come across till date. Reverse gear felt like you have broken the whole gear box. Terrible engine sound and no ORMs. Cruising with one hand on the rolled down window holding the steering, used to sing along on songs played on a 'removable stereo set' packed in the glove box. Those were the days.

Maruti 800 1995 - NO MATCH. The best handler till date. Enough said. I used to always be in sports mode driving that cute little thing.

Santro Zip Drive 2001 - Much improvement in terms of speed and comfort over the 800.

Santro Xing 2006 - The drive started to feel a bit like a boat, but engine was refined over the Zip Drive.

Wagon R LPG 2010 - This car keeps going on and on. No driving pleasure whatsoever but is very comfortable. Have to maintain a very sedate driving style. Not capable of giving you any thrill while driving. But still the best car to own if you looking for a budget and a maintenance free car.

Ritz VDI 2011 - The BEST car I have driven till date from my stable. The torque is humongous. Never a pain in city traffic. Pulls at ease in 3rd gear from 20 kmph. Feels nicely planted on road and next to perfect steering feedback. Suspension is on the harder side making cornering extremely safe but ride is a bit bouncy on slower speeds unlike the sibling swift. Excellent ground clearance. I am yet to kiss the toad in 30k of driving. Driving on highways is sheer joy especially while climbing steep inclines. It never runs out of power. 4 years owning it now and never get enough of it.

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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Tata Nano Twist XT

This is basically the car for my brother's college commute and family's inter-city runs. In fact, I have used it more since we bought it in June. Perfect car for city use. It can be parked anywhere, the short 1st and 2nd gear ratios make driving easy in bumper to bumper traffic, Loads of interior space and a chiller AC. The boot can't be opened from outside and neither is it visible, That keeps my laptop safe.

Toyota Corolla

Prior to the arrival of the Nano, This was the only car at home and was driven both in the city and out on the highways. The brilliant low-end torque makes city driving very smooth. Parking in the main city always remained an issue because of its size. Now the Corolla manages all our airport runs + highway trips. It has a balanced suspension setup, the comfort it provides doesn't spoil the handling. I have never felt nervous throwing her around corners. The added ground clearance does induce body roll but then I really don't have to bother about under-body hits on large speed breakers or bad roads. The twin cam engine is amazing, offers linear power delivery with a strong mid range. The HPS weighs up well which inspires a lot of confidence. This is the perfect mile muncher that my family always wanted.
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