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Default Different cars = Different driving styles!

Well, most of us here have multiple cars, or are on the 2nd/3rd, or beyond, vehicle.
My point here on this thread is to understand your connect to your car by how you alter your driving style when you’re in a specific one.

To kick off, illustratively:

1. Ford Fiesta 1.6: This girl calls for a heavy foot and empty, curving roads. When I am in this, I deliberately look for the longer route, the less taken one, just so that I can have an empty stretch to lay it down on. It’s not the most powerful thing, nor the fastest, and I am sure it has been left behind like the Honda City was, taking into account just the passage of years. Because the large-ish amounts of money I have put in keeping this car as good as new (paintjob, interiors, engine etc) I treat her with respect and kindness, not revving the nuts off in stop and go traffic, and she rewards me when I find any road empty for more than 200 mts in my sights, and floor it to 5k. Inevitably, a smile owing to the surge. The best fun to be had is getting close the inside lines on a long curve, where eventually, everything its price bracket falls back since the driver is either part of the door or in the passenger seat in trying to keep up.

2. Hyundai Tucson: The Tooky belies its size, but coming from the fiesta to this calls for an immediate adjustment in the corners. First of all, because if you try anything like that here, you’ll be out of the window. With this, it’s more of a relaxed ride, and the size is more apparent to the other cars. I don’t really have to make way as much in this, as I have to in the fiesta. I never believed it, but being in a bigger car is sort of MORE in India. I find I don’t have inch forward in cross jams or U turns. People stop. I don’t know why. DO they think I will ram them? If they only knew how much more paranoid I am about the paint and the panels, I would NEVER be allowed through!

The most fun is to be had when you hit the highway, and coast away at speeds. And also in dispatching people when the turbo kicks in 4th gear. Tremendous pull. Tremendous getaway.

3. Santro: Mine specifically, only. With the FFE, she’s like a brash kid. I tend to use it occasionally for short hops, and find myself to be much more aggressive, not because she has not been taken care of much, but that Goddamed FFE! This one is driven like you used to drive an imaginary car. RRRR-Click (Insert gear change) RRRR-Click----RRRRRR—click. A great darter this, even though 14 years old! Struggles at 80-90 in my mind because that FFE is pretty loud at that point, and I don’t feel going faster, but it’s enough. I’ve seen the eRLXs going much much faster, and I am sure if pushed, she would to, but who wants that?

4. Dzire Vxi: The most sedate drive. So sedate, it’s completely boring. In fact, when my wife was expecting, we took a drive to neemrana, and I specifically took her out, knowing that I will NEVER be performing any antics in this. It’s a point and shoot car. You’ll be comfortable in it, comfortable driving it, and will get to your destination comfortably. But you will NOT remember any moment from the drive. Change gears mechanically, no sweet spot on the band, shifting at 3k. But like a tank, she soldiers on, that much has to be said. Lowest maintenance car we’ve ever had! Doesn’t ask for anything, doesn’t give much either

So, what’s your drive, and how does it make you go?

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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Great thread! Very unique, and very applicable to those with multiple cars in their garage. In fact, I'll go a step further and say there's not only a difference in driving styles, but also the kind of places you take the different cars to.

I have 4 cars in my garage and each of them has an entirely different character.

- Jeep 4x4: Old school, basic engineering, robust & supreme offroading talent. Every drive is a special experience. No one else in my house drives it though. The heavy steering, heavy clutch, tempo gearbox and high NVH keeps everyone away. It's peppy only up to 60 kph (slow thereafter). That, and the dull-witted steering, means a different driving style. I drive it easy, upshift early and enjoy the character. No worry about potholes, broken roads or people cutting you in traffic . When you drive the Jeep, you're the king of the road. The gearing is so low & the torque so good that you can drive it like an automatic in the city. Due to the lack of safety, I don't take her out on the highway that much anymore. Where she belongs is off the road...eats up any terrain that you throw in her way.

- Modified Civic: Awesome steering, revv-happy engine, slick gearshift & perfect ergonomics. Minimal electronics & a pure mechanical feel that can't be found in the latest cars. It's a lot of fun driving the Honda and pushing her hard on your favourite corners. As in your case, yes, the sweet-sounding freeflow definitely makes you revv the engine harder. Very easy to control on the limit.

- Nissan Sunny: The cruiser from the garage. Also the official family beater. The light controls, immensely drivable engine and soft ride quality make it ideal for family runs. When I'm taking the Sunny, the driving style changes to one that's cool & calm. Comfortable point A -> B commuting, that's it. No point pushing it, because it's boring to drive fast. Unsure of the road, unsure of the parking...it's always the Sunny. Airport duty? Yes. Guests coming? You bet. The chauffeur drives the Sunny more than any of us.

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Hey, nice topic! I have 2 cars in my garage.

1. Nano Twist XT - Lovely looks. Extremely roomy on the inside. Power steering, easy turning radius, perfect gear ratios with peppy engine makes it a boon for stress free city driving. It is my daily car for commuting to office and within city driving.

2. Fiat Linea tjet - my car for highway drives. It suits my driving style and I absolutely love the turbo spooling furiously as I put her through the paces. Gem of a car. The official review says it all. Perfect steering, great ride and handling and extremely good brakes. Really stress buster for me. I also take her out for
night drives when there is not much traffic.

Personally it showed to me that whatever suits you need not be popular in the market and vice versa. Ultimately it should make you happy.
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Great thread Mayankk and nice rides there GTO.

Here are my additions: -

1) Maruti Suzuki Swift: This car is my daily bread and butter where I use it to drive from home to work and back which is 7 days a week and 110 kms a day. Been an year and half having this in the garage, this car wins hands down for fun-to-drive factor and phenomenal handling.

When people say Ford makes best handling cars, I wonder how much more better it would be after driving the Swift.

2) Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: Bought an year ago, ferries my dad to work and all the monthly shopping duties is assigned to this as my Swift has literally no boot and of no use. If and wren I drive the Ertiga, I am a bit state and not the pushing limits or pedal to metal on highways where my drive is all through. Family trips or airport runs or any kind of pickup this is the car Thanks to the enormous space it entails.

3) Maruti Suzuki Alto K10: Latest addition at home for my wife wood be using it to and fro college and home. I use it at weekends for that petrol power and zing which that sweet little 1.0L motor has in it.

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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

My take on this very true topic:

Swift P - Normal, Mumbaikar driving on the road and slogging it out. Maintain lane discipline, minimum cutting and overtaking. Usually with ACC on full blast, low volume techno music.

i10 Auto - Crazy, Just as if I am Go Karting at Della. Mash the pedal and move it. Can go between 2 Autorickshaws in a hurry. Bollywood blaring out of all the nooks and crannies.

Ertiga - Slow driver, hugs the lane accurately, can do occasional bursts of speed, tends to flash his lights and overtakes often if there are "slower" cars in the way. My daily office use vehicle, FM can be heard often. Usually driven by the driver, expect him to be pissed off at times and he can pass it own to you.

Superb TSI - Move it small car, you are in the wrong lane!

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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

What a delightful thread. Thank you mayankk for starting this. Not only is our driving style different for each car but to a large degree the car we buy is determined by our driving style. We have 4 cars in our parivaar. Each for a purpose and each driven in its own way.

In order of size or pecking order...

Honda Jazz – this was my work commute car from 2010 to 2015 till the old girl got replaced by the Volvo XC60 and lost her position as bade bhaiyaji ki gaadi (as the driver’s say). I love the Jazz’s smooth engine, absolutely niggle free service and take care to maintain her in immaculate condition. I tend to keep the gears low and shift up late due to compensate for what I think is a slightly underpowered engine (by today's standards). The mono-hull look, the oodles of glass that give it a feeling of openness and the ability to squeeze into tight parking spots are all Jazz qualities. As the smallest car in the stable she is also the utility hack – trips to the vegetable market, dropping kids to college when they over sleep, ferrying tall plants for my wife (only the Jazz can do it) and most importantly taking wifey and sis-in-law to the galis & nukaads of Delhi on their shopping for bargain sprees. The bigger cars are banned from these forays into Sadar Bazaar, Chandini Chowk and Railway Road and what have you which wifey dear simply cannot resist visiting every time she needs a dose of retail therapy. The poor Honda has suffered the ministrations of 3 kids learning how to drive on her. The last will start in August. Poor car. I drive the Jazz much less frequently now with the coming of the XC60. Feel a wee bit guilty like deserting the old girl for the new...but I still talk to her to make up.

Honda Amaze – exclusive to Mother and Aunt. The ladies get driven around by their driver so that I don’t have to deal with saas – bahu 'share the car' issues at home. Interestingly after the initial test drive and day one after delivery I have never driven this vehicle. But the oldie-goldie’s both 5’ 0” and 80 plus are very happy with the car.

Superb – the real workhorse of the house. I love driving her, thoroughly enjoy that torquey feel, the manual transmission, the acceleration and the sheer straight line speed. Unlike some I like her looks too. She has clocked over 100,000 kms in just under 5 years and does the bulk of the driving of my busy family – airport runs, business trips, NCR chores, chauffeuring around relatives, et al. Mainly it is my better half’s car, the chauffer is a reliable 20 year old retainer who drives more carefully than me. We have loved the occasional outstation trip and me revving her to 100 kmph (don’t laugh please) which for me is the speed limit of life! I love the large stately sedan feel of this car. If I need to be driven around I take this car with its rear seat space.

Volvo XC60 – my current love affair. The torquey powerful engine and automatic transmission encourages me to accelerate and zip a little more than I normally would. I enjoy driving this car enough to actually use it to self-drive on business visits in the city which hitherto I had stopped driving in myself due to the energy sapping traffic. The Volvo has made driving so much easier and brought back the fun we had driving in NCR 25 years ago. The juniors are not permitted to use her. Sometimes I take a longer route while returning just to cruise around in this machine.

Cars have come such a long way in India from the Standard Herald I learnt driving on. They are so much of a delight to drive today. Driving was even in 1980 except that I did not know it was going to get a whole lot better. The car and your memories are also linked to the perceptions and images of the time. In my head even today the Herald is a sporty sexy car even though she had a 40 something horsepower 900 cc engine and seemed like a jet plane at 55 kmph! After all Sean Connery drove a Triumph in 'Dr No' and next to the Ambassador and Landmaster the Herald sure looked jazzy.

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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Thanks for the thread OP

Here is how my cars fare.

2013 Honda Brio SMT- I have upgraded the tires to 195/55/R16 bridgestones on this car and I changed it on day one. And I believe it is a well deserved upgrade. Of all my three cars the brio has the best steering. Unlike the other two its not like a playstation wheel where even at speed its dead light at centre and simply weighs up unnaturally as you turn the wheel at some degree. Its steering is much more natural and weighs up in a progressive manner even at parking lot speeds. It's got only 90hp from its 1.2 litre engine but it has got great power to weight ratio, even as much as some yesteryear heroes like the Palio 1.6. So that means when you are alone in the car with nothing to lug around, it is an absolute hoot to drive. It loves its redline and is also the sweetest sounding of the three. But you really have to work the engine to get the maximum out of it. That is what I love about this car, it rewards you more as you starts pushing it more. There is no torque wave to help you like in diesels, everything that the brio has got is in its upper midrange and top end, where it absolutely shines. Its the car I choose for the twisty mountain roads where you approach the corner, rev match, shift down to second and gun it to the next one. Only down side is the mileage is suspiciously low when you really start pushing it but that's ok because this car genuinely loves you back!

2012-Honda City VMT- The Highway star, Dads's favourite. I have upgraded the tires on this one as well to 195/55/R15. Lets see now, really comfy leather seats, cruise control, sunroof, an all rounder engine good at everything, decent handling, and good mileage. Perfect for that occasional long straight highway trips.

2013- VW Polo GT TDI- This is the jack of all trade in our garage. Its just as good as the city on highways barring the tractor racket. Its close to being nimble as the brio. Its engine doesn't have even 1/10th the character of the other two but it makes up for it with torque. Gigantic wave after wave of torque pushes you back in the seat and makes you take notice of it. This car punches well above its weight everywhere be it on the highway or on the twisty stuff. Even for a die hard petrol head for me this cars ends up being a dirty little guilty pleasure.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Talking about the cars I drive often:

Innova: In the city, you have to keep it's size in mind, comfort of passengers and the limited refinement and upshift at around 1.8 k RPM. Crosses most speed breakers in 2nd gear only. The rare speed breakers with awkward shapes (yes, I'm from Bengaluru) need a downshift to 1st gear.

On the highway, it's best to maintained a relaxed style. Depending on the size and traffic density on the highway, I decide to sit at 90 kmph( @ 2500 RPM) OR 110 Kmph(@3000 RPM). There's no point in trying to overtake anything and everything out there, so sit back and relax. Arrghhh, it's so noisy. Did I mention the ride, handling and heavy steering making things great on the highway at cruising speeds? They're excellent when you drive with control.

Getz: Unfortunately I haven't taken her on the highway as it has no ABS and airbags. It has just seen the highway twice- 1000 Km of her 50K. Makes for a good hatchback with excellent torque at the bottom end. When I see an empty stretch, floor the pedal, there seems a lag until 2500 RPM (Gues I'm complaining too much here), and then rushes forward. I guess it is superior to the modern 1.2 L petrols.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Here's my perspective.

Tata Safari (GX ) - ( Sold last month )

Terrific highway cruiser. When I used to be on the wheels, i always know when i can do a sudden surge to go ahead, both city as well as at highways. The other tendency was to have scant regard to the small bumps and speed breakers on the roads.

I also had a tendency to not worry too much about the stop/go traffic. A gentle release of the clutch was good enough. And yes - sometimes on my return back home, late nights, i also used to enjoy the intermittent zoom by, thanks to empty roads.

Different when it came to highways - never used to cross the 110 mark. Can cruise all day. The brakes used to be at 3-4 hour intervals only. Have enjoyed and left behind every possible kind of road. The odd pleasure of overtaking and seeing a dot in the rear view was always there, but the real joy for me used to be in the 100-110 cruise mode.

Honda Brio, S(O) MT
What a car - there were times when i used to think that i should ask my wife to allow me to keep this as my daily commute.
Slick gear changes. The occasional zooms in city on empty roads. On a couple of highway drives, i used to enjoy the way it acts at 4000 RPM. Used to be love this on twisty curvy roads - literally works like a video game car run. I still find it hard to believe that my speeds on highways go up when i am on the Brio.

Innova - Z ( one month old )
Maybe its new - daily commute now, and have had two highway runs. Crossed 1200 KM last week.
I have now become a more sedate driver in the city ( compared to my safari days ). I look for every pot hole or speed bumps and cross them carefully. I dont indulge in some burst of speeds inside city. On the two highway runs, i havent even crossed the 100 speed mark. Love the smooth handling. Feel much less noisy inside the cabin. That's my style so far - lets see how i go with the innova for the future.

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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

1991 Maruti Omni

Engine trembling underneath your bottom, almost vertical steering that's not assisted, spindly round gearshift and hanging out in front of even the front axle with only a dashboard and a sheet metal in front of you driving the Omni, especially in narrow busy roads makes you feel like a mouse negotiating a human crowd.
Since its the carburetor version, have to rev it a fair bit to get it moving. Also the minimal overhangs and best all round visibility, can park and squeeze through the narrowest of gaps.

2005 Tata Indicab

The high set dashboard makes you feel sporty, but the ape like driving position, the underpowered 53horses, unassisted steering makes it a chore and I wonder how the cabbies flog it through traffic.

2009 Maruti WagonR

Know the car like the back of my hand and able to dance it through traffic aided by the playstation steering and the ORVMs. Quickshifting even with the horrible gearshift, the only change is that am sedate with family around and raceboyerish when alone.

2001 Toyota Qualis

The peculiar driving position with the legs almost touching my ears, makes me feel like some operator of a well oiled machine with a good hydraulic steering and beautiful mechanical feel like sweet shifting gearbox.

The engine makes me sedate, whereas I would be shifting within one second in the WagonR, I would take my sweet time to shift in the Qualis.

Maruti Swift Ddis and Honda Amaze

Drive both only occasionally (friend's cars), with the only difference being whereas I would mostly modulate the clutch in the WagonR, the heavy clutches in both the Swift and Amaze makes me shift to neutral as soon as I stop, instead of holding the clutch till the traffic moves. Also in the Swift I would hold onto a gear lower than needed just so that am in the turbo zone

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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

India -

XUV5OO - When I sit in this car, I get the kind of the road feel. Visibility all around is excellent and since you are sitting high up, you can see much farther than you would normally see in sedans. But unlike the Scorpio, the whole bonnet is not visible from my seating position. Since I am tall, I adjust the height of the seat to it's lowest position. Hence, I do not dart through traffic like I could in the Scorpio. So, within the city I prefer a laid back and relaxed driving. I give way to one and all.
Out on the highways, I use all the 140 horses. Even then I do not rev hard because after all, its a diesel engine! But I do drive faster than the normal traffic since there is more space and people do give way on the highways. I do not prefer zig zagging through traffic!

Civic A/T - Those who own a Civic know that it cannot be enjoyed until it is revved. This is primarily my city car. Unless the traffic is dense, this car is revved all the way to the redline. After coming from the XUV, the Civic feels surprisingly nimble. The steering is more direct and precise and since it is a low slung sedan, the ride is good and you do not need to slow down for mild undulations. Of course, for bigger potholes, you need to come to a halt unlike the XUV which can dismiss it as if it dint exist! The A/T also helps - while all others are busy shifting gears (especially in traffic light starts), I simply need to keep the pedal to the metal. In this car, I do not mind some lane changing, primarily because the A/T reduces half of my fatigue. All said and done, I still like to follow the basic traffic rules while enjoying this car.


Lancer GT CVT - Traffic speed is generally higher in the UAE, but it is also a lot more disciplined. Here, I have no choice but to stick by all the road laws, else I risk getting fined heavily! Coming to the car, this is the most unrefined petrol in this era! Partly the CVT has to be blamed because the excessive drone while it is revved hard is irritating. With this car, I accelerate gently and brake gently. Because of it's superior ride and handling setup, the normal turns and bends can be taken at much higher speeds and I enjoy doing that! Also, the steering is delightfully well weighted and direct.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Great topic!

The cars I drive and thus driving style are heavilly influenced where I work and live. Working and living for the last three years in Delhi. Before that in the USA and Europe. So most of my cars are actually now in the Netherlands. so here goes:

Actually, its a 'company' Innova. I have a driver, so I have only driven this car a few times when my driver wasnt available. Its our only car, so it gets used for everything, my daily commute, shopping, taking my wife around Delhi etc. I find these sort of cars absolutely boring. I couldn't even tell you the colour, I'm that not interested in it. But it is very practical, reasonable comfortable and when we have (overseas) visitors we can pack a lot of people in it

1975 Royal Enfield 350cc Bullet
My Indian pride and joy! Used only for fun! Done 10.000km to date exploring India. Love these classic bikes, the way they look and sound. First bike for me ever, so I cant compare, but I find it is very comfortable to ride for me. I'm 1.96m so very often cars/bikes are a problem for me due to my height.


Ford Fiesta
Technically this is my wife's car. We bought it three years ago. It sits on our drive of our home in the Netherlands. When we visit the Netherlands this is our primary mode of transportation. Its about 15 years old, 100K or so on the clock. We have had a long string of Fiesta's. We use them mainly for short drives, shopping, into town etc. I love how these little Fiesta's handle. Very taught and precise. Bit like a cart, you can really chuck them around

Jaguar XJR
This was my daily drive for three years in Kansas City. Every day getting into this car brought a smile onto my face. It is the ultimate in luxury and sport feeling. 4.0 Supercharged V8 makes it still goes like stink, 0-100km/h in just five seconds is fast, even by today's standards. This is the last of what I call the proper sleek XJs. Love the very traditional Jaguar dashboard and the J-gate. We used this car extensively on our USA road trips. I brought it back to the Netherlands. This coming Friday I will be back in the Netherlands. I will travel by train from the airport to Utrecht and pick it up from storage and drive home.

In the Netherlands/Europe we use it mainly for touring and long drives.

Mercedes W123 (1982)
This is my oldest classic car to date. I keep it in a garage next to our home. Love driving it. It's only the 2.0 petrol engine, so it is not fast by any stretch of the imagination. However, whereas on the Jaguar I do like to put the pedal to the metal, I never have that urge in the Mercedes. It is just a very enjoyable, relaxing way. Love to see the huge bonnet stretching in front of me, with the Mercedes Star sitting on the front.

My wife and I use the Mercedes for all medium tours. I tend not to take it for shopping and into town very often. Mostly because I'm afraid somebody might bump into it. Better the old Fiesta gets another scratch.

This W123 is the epitomy of German Grundlichheit. I was in the Netherlands for a few days two weeks ago. I keep the battery on a trickle charge. The car had not run for nearly 8-9 month. Started immediately and it still drives as if it has just come out of the factory. Not rattles, no vibration. Just drives, everything works all the time!

Alfa Romeo Spider (1986)
This is my pride and joy. I have owned this car the longest compared to all others. I must have had every part of it, apart, restored, repaired several times over. What can you say, its an Italian car. I always, and I mean always drive it top down. Went top down to the North pole in the winter several years ago.

It is a joy to drive. It isn't particular fast, but it has that loverly Alfa engine sound, slick gear and it handles pretty good for a nearly 30 years old car.

Jeep Cherokee (1998)
Always wanted one of these. Its a bit of "etch a sketch" design (boxy), by next to the Landrover it is probably the most hard core 4x4 on the market. Mine is the 4.0L 6 cylinger petrol version. Bomb proof engine, as most of the other components as well. It is reasonable comfortable and we used it mostly for long country drives in the USA and when the kids came over. It will easily hold 4-5 adult with lugage. It's very easy to drive. My wife, who hates driving my Jaguar or my Mercedes, loved driving the Jeep.

I also used it extensively for getting to and from Bicycle tours. I could just chuck my bicycle in the back and drive off. No bicycle rack required. Just fold the rear seats in.

I like the way you sit in these things, pretty high up, compared to sedans. Technically it was registered as a "Truck" and it does make you feel like a trucker a bit. This is the American way, everybody aspires to get filthy rich, but in their freetime everybody pretends to be a trucker, driving a pick-up or a 'truck' and cuts of the sleeves of their T-shirts like they are Bruce Springsteen.

I'm not really into offroading, but we had some pretty severe winters in Kansas City and I took it into the prairies with 40-50 centimeters snow, ploughed right through it.

As it was an American car, obviously it came with an AT. Three speed only, but the engine got lots of torgue

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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Awesome, Awesome thread. I've not had the luxury of owning many cars though.

Ford Ikon 1.6l: My first car, though a used one. Among the earlier ones to roll out of the Ford factory. I used to pray every month or should I say, every time I took out the car, that nothing should fail. A little amount of my salary was spent on this car, every single month or alternate. This car lead to tiffs with my wife. I found it hard to give her up but had to one day. The peppiest car around with zero brakes. This car was not about high engine speed. Low end response was so good that you wonder what the fuss is all about with all the small engine turbo petrols on sale today. Nothing can hold a candle to engine response of the 1.6l rocam engine. It was not terribly thirsty too. The incredible steering and a superb suspension set up made the car suitable for the city and highway cycle. This was also the car that brought my son home from the hospital.

Fiat Linea T Jet: My first new car. There is only one way to drive this car, Fast. The word practicality has to be binned when you set out to buy this car. Save for the boot. Get in, fill her up and floor it till the next gas station (Which will come up pretty soon. He he). It is all about what you experience behind the wheel. Your passengers won't know a thing about how fast you are going. The passenger seats are positioned and bolstered so well that their comfort is far ahead of the drivers. For the driver, it is all about power and control. Possibly the best on offer.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

A very interesting thread. Something that is so obvious, but not necessarily pointed out.
My driving style actually does change massively in each car.

1.Skoda Octavia MK1 1.9 TDI- The workhorse of the family. Has a 172,000 KMs on it, yet runs like a charm. Driving this car feels special, because you feel extremely connected. The steering, brakes, clutch, everything feels alive. To savour the connected experience, the car's best driven sedately. It doesn't enjoy being thrown around too much.

2.V.W Polo 1.6 MPi- The self driven car for the ladies. Its used to do the run to the mall or the parlour. Has very few kilometres on it. But, its best driven as a hooligan. With its rev happy engine, and brilliant ride and handling package, the Polo loves to be driven hard. Its an excellent car for the short city sprints and is extremely nimble and chuck-able. Always brings a smile when driven.

3. Skoda Laura 1.8 TSi- The car for the office run. Very comfortable and refined. Best to relieve the stress, and enjoy the drive back home. Pulls like a train, and when the turbo kicks in, all cars are left behind. An extremely able crusier. Sometimes used for the weekend runs, but lack of space often creates problems.

4. Mercedes E250- The car for the weekend runs with the family. The spacious cabin and boot make it excellent to carry passengers. The engine is refined and a comfortable cruiser. The ride quality is sublime. I am always extra cautious while driving it though and don't push it much. Also, the high kerb weight and the soft suspension make it best driven sedately.
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Default Re: Different cars = Different driving styles!

Our Cars:

Dad's 2015-Honda City iVTEC

Wolf in sheep's clothing. Very sedate within the "City" and a terrific performer on highway. In city, keep the RPM below 2500 and get rewarded with excellent mileage. Pulls away from crawling speeds in 2nd without protest. Out on the open roads, I intentionally rev her to to crazy RPM to enjoy the engine note (much to the annoyance of those enjoying the ride). Suspension is good at high speed and ground clearance is no longer as bad as the old generation. Oodles of space. Light controls that make driving a breeze.A car for the driving comfort oriented. Now in Bangalore with my parents.

My 2001 Alto VX 1.1

Who says that one needs a lot of money to have fun? This little champ can amaze many! Strong low and mid range performance, visible on the Rev counter. Protests post 4000 RPM. An AC that chills you to the bones. This little guy hangs on to the corners, despite body roll. This on stock spec Bridgestone tires (changed in 2011).
Maintenance costs are increasing now that she is at the end of her official life, but I am not gonna let her go any soon!

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