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Default Re: The modern car and the technologically challenged

Lovely thread and I can totally relate to this. I drive a Bolero Lx (more basic than the most basic Bolero on sale) and a Thar. Two weeks back I drove a friend's 6 year old civic and the interiors looked like a spaceship to me
The most technologically advanced car I have owned in India is the Baleno with electrically adjustable ORVMs and power windows

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Default Re: The modern car and the technologically challenged

Originally Posted by nivatakavacha View Post
Note: So guys, what other such issues have you faced? Let us know. Let the world know for posterity!

Thanks for reading!
Here's one from me.

Back in 2008, we finally bought a car, aHyundai Santro. I had recently learnt how to drive then, in a driving school and everything. No one from my family had a car, nor was anyone able to drive, except the newly-learned-to-drive me.

So apart from the customary stalling the car on signals, to the utter dismay of the cars behind, I was doing fine.

With the boost in confidence, we decided to visit my Uncle in Mumbai from Pune. The drive through expressway was all nice and smooth with no apparent issues or surprises. While coming back, to test my driving skills and car knowledge, it started raining at Lonavla.

The situation was under control as I knew how to use the wipers; but things started getting tricky. The Front windshield and windows started fogging. I knew there is a de-fogger in the car, just didn't knew how it has to be used. I moved the knob to de-fogger and started it with a small mistake though. Instead of blowing cold air on the glass, I was blowing hot air by turning the knob to heater. It simply made matters worse. I didn't know and just couldn't understand the physics.

Irritated, I switched off the defogger and handed a cloth to my sister sitting in front seat and made her wipe the windshied as soon as it would fog up. Poor girl would do it without complain!

This became our ritual whenever it would rain and we encounter fog until one fine night, I was driving alone and the dreaded fog came back. Luckily, I forgot to switch the temperature knob to heater mode. And EUREKA! The windshield cleared up in an instance!!

I rushed home and took the sister for a late night drive to the ice-cream parlour without making her clean up the fogged up glass!
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Default Re: The modern car and the technologically challenged

A Wonderful thread and had a good laugh reading it and here is my humble contribution.

Well this happened about a couple of years back while on my way to a friends wedding along with another friend of mine in his brand new Jaguar XJ. We were a convoy of cars consisting of Audi Q7,Jaguar Xj, BMW 5 Series, Merc E Class, BMW 3 Series. So you can imagine the commotion it created seeing all these beauties rolling along on a bright sunday morning. The wedding was at CIAL (Cochin International Airport) Auditorium in Cochin.

The convoy had pulled over by the side of the highway immediately after we entered the airport road stretch. The owner of the Jaguar in which i was riding had not met the groom on the morning of the wedding. So after pulling over to the side of the road, he exited the car and went to meet the groom (our classmate) who was in the 5 Series behind us.
So there i was, sitting in the Jaguar fully suited up sunglass and all and ,taking selfies and in awe of the beautiful car and grinning away happily seeing the people passing by check out the XJ.

This is when god decided to pull a little one on me. Just then a beggar came to the passenger side of the car and knocked on the glass. So i open my wallet and get some cash from my purse and then i press the button on my left.

To my surprise instead of the windows rolling down, the seat starts to adjust itself and lower itself and i was was like sitting there on the seat and moving with the seat! Apparently, i had pressed one of the buttons which was meant for seat adjustment aka memory seats. I felt totally stupid, not to mention the look that i got from the beggar. I am sitting inside fiddling with the buttons and he could see the helplessness i was in. LOL.

I was so embarrassed but thankfully i managed to get the right switch and then the windows rolled down and i gave the poor chap the money.

Luckily i was alone in the car then else my friends would have had a good laugh seeing this happen. This is one incident which cracks me up even now when i tell my pals what had happened back then. My first experience in the JAG.

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Default Re: The modern car and the technologically challenged

Humbled by a humble car technology - my friend who didn't have parking in his society for his one month old Brio S, had left his car in our compound. Since it was outside the porch and Mumbai being prone to pigeon 'bombing', suggested that he use his car cover.

The night before he was to pick up his car had strong winds and the next morning we found that the car cover had been blown right off. As we retrieved the cover and packed it into the Brio's boot, my friend remarked that he can't spot it's aerial (radio antenna)

I was quite certain (to add to the confusion) that the Brio had the spindly flexible antenna sprouting out from A pillar - which was missing! We searched all around the car amidst fallen twigs et al for anything which resembled a thin long antenna, but to no avail.
Eventually it turned out (stumbled upon is more like it) that the Brio had the retractable 'telescopic' antenna which was right where it was supposed to be (A pillar), tucked away!
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