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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Let me turn the question around a bit - what would you look for in a *new* car that will allow you to keep it for a decade or more?

* Car size and use (family car? self drive for office commutes? highway trips?)

* Service network, reliability etc

* Bells and whistles (to prevent your getting bored with it)

* Potential *legit* causes for upgrade (another kid in the family, parents will retire in the next 4..5 years and come to stay with you - all things other than the "I'm tired of this thing, let me go and buy a new one")

At work, with a largish budget, I'd engage in a bit of capacity planning and buy "for the future" - factoring in where the things that I control are likely to be in the next year -- five years.

Similarly as a car buyer interested in keeping a vehicle for 5+ years, do I buy a segment higher than what my current needs (note, not 'aspirations' or 'desires') are? For example a C segment sedan instead of a hatchback, a diesel vehicle if I anticipate longer commutes due to buying a house in the suburbs etc.

That kind of decision tree would be quite useful especially to those who can have just one car for various reasons (affordability, lack of parking space etc)
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

• Parts are hard to come by because the model is discontinued (e.g. Opel Corsa, Skoda Fabia...).
Couldn't read beyond this! I have both the Corsa and the Fabia!

I stocked up on OE Parts for the Corsa Sail and now that I am looking to sell it, I might need to sell the parts as well.

The Fabia was a lovely car to ride but the PNA entries at Skoda service centers drove me nuts!
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Originally Posted by landcruiser123 View Post
We're sitting on the fence.
The scenario:
  • 2007 Innova 2.5 V with 63 k on the odo. (Hardly used by Innova standards)
  • BS3 diesel engine. Will re registration be a problem?
  • Although an automatic isn't exactly a necessity, the City is placed at INR 12 lakh OTR for SV variant
  • Innova would go for 7.5 lakhs
  • Around 5 lakhs will give us a new car
  • We don't particularly need the 7 seats. For those occasion twice/thrice a year, we could use 2 cars in the city or hire a taxi
  • Innova has a new clutch around 10k kms back, new tyres and the car is essentially stock

Somehow it's difficult to let the car go. Only if the need for a automatic grows, we're looking to switch.

How much is this worth?
I am in the same boat. Innova 2005. Not a single trouble so far. Still feels much better than any other car I have owned (even when they were new!).

The only reason I would sell this is - if I get a very strong urge for an automatic Innova 2016. Even then it doesn't seem good enough reason. We have the Innova as a highway vehicle, and use it within city rarely. For such run a new innova (or any other "new" highway car) is probably a waste of money. This would suffice for perhaps another 5 years (or till Bangalore bans diesel).
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Had a similar situation at home around 3-4 years back when I started driving.
My Dad had a 2002 Mercedes Benz E220 CDI Diesel and was using it roughly for a year after which he got himself a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Dad fell in love with the SUV and the Merc stood completely uncared for and sparingly used.
Lucky me, I hit the age to start driving and I didn't let my father sell of the Merc.
Turned out that there were a few repairs that the car needed because of which my father wasn't enjoying the car to its fullest.
I sourced out all the parts and managed to get the car in perfect shape very fast without a large bite to the pocket!
Always and always make sure you have looked around well for well priced parts!
The ASC will just rip you off if you even imagine taking your 10+ years old car for repairs to them! (I have been a victim and also got stern action imposed on one such service centre).

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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Originally Posted by shobhit.shri View Post
Pro-tip for people who want to smell a new car every 3-4 years without feeling like a foolish: Buy a Skoda/VW and nobody would ever come up with an argument to counter you

On a serious note, 50 posts and not a single mention of anybody keeping their VW/Skoda for a long time! I think that should also be a reason for reselling since some brands lose their value faster than other.
Oops brother you got condored (or a variant thereof ). See my post a little before yours - Skoda Laura 8 years over 130k kms. Current Skoda Superb has done around 108k kms and is 5 years old. Plan to keep it for another 12 months or so. Both have given good service. Given Skoda's after sales service I may not go in for a third Skoda but that is a separate matter. Cheers.
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

I agree that keeping cars of some brands and types for long duration can be irksome.

On the other hand, wanting to keep the car for 15 years is rarely a buying decision criterion; it should be one for anyone concerned with building a retirement corpus that will give adequate service for 20 years after retiring.

I bought a Toyota petrol Liva in 2013 with at least 10 year use in mind. No regrets about the decision. I also bought a Nano without this in mind, but I now see no reason why I can't use it for at least 10 years too.
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

I own a i10 2010 automatic model and i have been citing one primary reasons to my spouse for making a change - Lack of safety features - Airbags and ABS. I almost ended up making booking for a new vehicle.

However, could not convince myself or my spouse for the rationale put by her
- What's wrong with current car (except safety) when 90% driving is in city
- Higher down payment and higher yearly insurance amount for new vehicle
- Kids are small for going on long trips

Till now, ownership has been fuss free, touch wood. Last service cost just Rs. 2600. Insurance amount is less. I am looking at major maintenance charges next year - change of tires and may be new battery.

I was eagerly waiting for Creta since IX25 launch in China. But price and no petrol automatic was a put off. Automatic is a requirement. Now the wait continues for new launches of SUV and Sedan in 8 to 15 lac range.
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Superb article. Matches my view 100%

Used the Tata Safari TCIC for 10 years and 175,000 kms
Cielo AT for 10 years and 50000 kms
Laura PD AT for 7 years and 55000 kms
i10 AT is in it's 5th year and going strong.
and so on..

All of them were in near Brand new condition for the first 5 years each and then still quite immaculate even when sold except when spares got rare. So much cheaper to repair cars and use them longer. Machines can be repaired and parts have a life after which them must be renewed.

One does need to be current on safety and technology though.

Have shared the thread with a lot of my non TBHP friends.

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Cool Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Originally Posted by bkc View Post
This thread really changed my mind, to retain my Optra. Mine is 2009 model LT diesel.
It has run 55,xxxkms and I am facing the below issues and repairs:

1) Defective booster/brake-master cylinder; only front brakes seem like they're working and brake force distribution is not proper.

2) Had remapped it when the odo read 26000kms. No issues due to remap, instead feels more refined like petrol (inside cabin) but, during remap, I did other mods like suspension and engine guard installation. These mods turned out bad, engine guard shakes (bent too) and have tied it with cable-ties. Suspension has a lot of noise from day one of mod.

3) Headlight throw is not great even with 90/100 kit but, manageable with fog lights along with it.

4) Rear bumper needs replacement due to some accident. (A hole in the bumper and impact fibre beam is also broken inside.)

5) Reversing light doesn't work and reverse parking sensor is also not powered due to it. (Small issue can be corrected in wiring)

6) Upcoming 60k service which needs major replacements like timing chain.

Things which made me retain the car:
1) This thread.
2) Comfort, space, safety and features it offers.
3) Power and independent suspension setup.
4) Low Resale value.
5) No car which matches it, even after adding 5 lacs along with its resale value.
Thanks for the thread
Some pictures of my maggy
Update to my earlier post.
Repairs done after the post:
1) Reverse parking sensor issue.
Rat had cut the wire that runs from gearbox, to detect 'reverse engage'. It had cut exactly near the adapter and it was rectified, taking to some local car wiring shop at magadi road. Damages: 200Rs.
Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!-reverse.jpg
The wiring guy gave an idea to keep away rats by using tobacco leaves and tobacco powder in the engine bay. He said, they did it for many vehicles. I got some tobacco leaves and powder to put it on my Swift and Optra.
How to install? Like shown below, use some insulation tape and hang the leaf from top.
Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!-hang.jpg

I installed in 4 locations, shown in red below.
Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!-engine.jpg

Tobacco powder near the front shock absorber mounts.
Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!-powder.jpg
2) AC flow control issue. (Control air to windshield, face and foot)
The flow was working only on face and had no effect even on pressing mode button for change to windshield or foot. I had complained to GM service and their reply was temperature sensor is kaput and costs some 7k. (Irrelevant for air direction flow control)

I got my hands dirty and went under the driver side dash. I knew earlier cars like M800 and alto had cable to rotate a wheel which controls direction flow. (Cable was pulled using sliding knob or rotating knob in dash control)
I found a similar control in Optra but, it was pushed and pulled by a motor.
The motor and the AC wheel was connected by a rod (like train engine wheels) . In my case, the rod was not connected and the motor had turn 180 degree in wrong direction.

FYI the pic below and colour-marked to identify
Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!-marked.jpg

I removed these 'red-marked' screws and got the motor assembly out. The rod length was not enough to meet the wheel and I found out it was in the wrong direction. Removed the ‘orange-marked’ cable that powers the motor assembly.
Tried but, the Green-marked rotor won't rotate by hand, as it is gear powered. I opened the assembly and once the gear wheels were disengaged, I could rotate the rotor to correct position. (Gear system found in motor toy car; screw like gear for motor and teeth-wheel for final output)
Closed the assembly with three screws, which were opened earlier (Sorry, could not snapshot the opening steps).

Once assembled, fix the red-marked screws back. Now, you should be able to clip on the rod in the blue-marked location. Connect the orange cables back. The AC should work now and the mode should change the direction flow. Damages - 2 hrs time but gained knowledge.

3) Bluetooth/USB issue.
I have an Auto-cop reverse parking sensor which has Bluetooth and USB. The output of this is connected to AUX of the stock music system. The RCA to 3.5mm cable had gone kaput. The cable was replaced with new one and L type 3.5mm jack which will not be damaged by occupants anymore.

Upcoming tasks

1) ‘Hella’ lamps for highway drives. Cost will be around 4k.
2) Brake master cylinder replacement (ordered at JK automobiles today). Cost will be known tomorrow.
3) Shock absorbers for all wheels. I would fix it along with brake master cylinder at local garage. ‘Monoroe’ for rear and ‘TRW’ for front.
Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!-front.jpg
Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!-rear.jpg
4) Rear quarter glass sash; right side (inside cabin black plastic)
5) All parking sensor and DRL wires are dangling, it needs to be neatly tucked in with cable ties.
6) Bolts replacement and tighten the engine guard.
7) Sometimes, I get P0183 error code and needs to be addressed at Chevrolet ASS.
8) Rear-right seat-belt won't retract back. Need to be addressed on priority.
9) Airbag light glows and No error codes displayed. GM says, bad airbag sensor which costs 18k. ( I think they are lazy to check the wiring as the sensor is rare to go kaput unless there is an accident and crash data is stored in it)
10) GTO's coil spring adjuster mod.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...uspension.html (Coil Spring Adjusters : VFM Fix for the Honda Civic's (lousy) soft rear suspension?)
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Good job! As for the rats, tobacco doesn't always keep them away. Some people make nail beds sort of. Others just make sure that a few stray cats set up home in the apartment building - can get them from blue cross etc if there are none already there / won't be attracted by offering them milk regularly.

There is a huge thread about rat menace prevention here.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...r-rats-74.html (How do you protect your car from rats?)
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

Excellent and very useful thread. I had Honda City 10th Anniversary edition. It was an excellent car, however it wasn't a top end model and lacked security features such as ABS and airbags. Hence changed it after four years to Skoda Rapid Elegance. Safety and usability should be the top priority.
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Default Re: Want to sell your car because of repairs? Think again!

I have a 10 year old Hyundai Elantra GLS, bought first hand, runs very well. I got the first shunt in my 10th year, broadsided by a cab on the left side for no fault of mine, got it repaired at Electra Automotive, Chennai, guys did a fab job. Got it's shocks changed at HMP Chennai and brakes became spongy set right again at HMP for Rs 923!!!. Some how I have developed an emotional attachment to my ride. It's just run 30600 kms in this time. Have also changed the battery and tyre's during the 8th year of ownership. I fully agree with GTO, if there's a reliable service back up it PAYS to retain the car longer, unless it's falling apart or becoming dangerously unreliable. It has all the safety features, Twin Airbags, ABS, EBD, TCS!!!, discs all round. Owner driven till date!

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Default Spending 1.3 lakhs on a 9 year old Fiesta. Worth it?

We own the Fiesta(2007) 1.4 petrol ZXI model. The car has been running fairly good with AC being the only major problem. A few months back, the AC stopped cooling for the third time. Also, the suspension had started making grumbling noises since the past few months. The front bumper has had its own share of knicks and knacks and requires a replacement. The coolant tank also started leaking and inspite of being replaced with local made 'dabba' the leak came back and we finally thought of replacing it with the original tank. The front power windows have become choosy and refuse to obey my command 50% of the times.
With all these problems we went to Ford(Bhavna Ford Turbhe) and got the car checked. My father got a quote of 1.32 lakh rupees from them.
The rough break up is-
1. 40k for suspension overhaul.
2. 40k for AC unit(initially they said 18k but now they see it is a bigger problem and thus the increase in cost).
3. About 10k for bumper+paint.
4. 5k for coolant tank replacement.
5. The car has run 91k and we also decided to get it serviced for the 100k interval.
6. Miscellaneous cost like power windows, paint touch up, putting up the monograms etc.

Does it make sense to plonk this money? We do plan to keep the Fiesta as our second car, but the cost involved is on the higher side. Will the car be good for another 5-6 years after the required job is done.
Other option is to go for a smaller car, but then it means spending that money for the down payment and then paying monthly EMI's for the new car. If the Fiesta can run for another 5 years, there would be nothing like it.

We did approach a local FNG here with the AC problem, but he washed off his hands saying that he won't be able to source the required parts. Can someone suggest a good FNG where all these issues can be sorted out? What would be the estimated costs at these FNGs? I stay in New Mumbai. So a garage anywhere in Mumbai region would be preferred.
I would like to call upon the Fiesta veterans and their experience with the car at this age.
Thank you.

I was not too sure about the section this should be in. Mods may move it to the appropriate section.

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Its true that Ford OE spares are difficult to source. Please try any nearby Mahindra First Choice. They took good care of my 10 year old Ikon.
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Default Re: Spending 1.3 lakhs on a 9 year old Fiesta. Worth it?

Spending that much money only makes sense if you plan to keep the car for at least 4-5 years after repairs.

As to the repairs themselves, two of the biggest items on that list (suspension & A/C) are wear & tear/end-of-part-life kind of repairs, and most others are also understandable on a car nearly a decade old. Most importantly, none of the issues seem the 'prolonged niggles that refuse to go away' money-pits, but I'd still say spend the money ONLY IF you intend to recoup it by using the car for a few more years.

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