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Default Gypsy LPG Petrol Help wanted

(Moderators pls move the thread to appropriate section if reqiuired)

Hi Guys

I have peculiar problem

I have Lpg installation in my gypsy and it worked fine until lately I got into some problems. I had to change my petrol tank(rusted), water pump, Timing belt, radiator, oil filter and pump as maintainence since the car was not in god condition. After that a peculiar problem happened. Carburettor buterfly was malfunctioning so i changed it from a expert workshop in Sion which is very famous. On going there i found out that my timing was all wrong and they set it up by using all those timming guns where i had to replace spark plugs, point, condensor, plug wire, air valve etc.

First that guy adjusted the timing on petrol and then on gas. He told me to start my vehicle on petrol and then on gas. Somehow due to negligence i continued to drive on gas as the feel was amazing after tune up my car rocked. Now after 15-20 days when i shifted to petrol, the car runs fine but on idling it lets go. i showed a mechanic who said it was timing problems. The reason he gave was

1> That gas and petrol require different current magnitudes and hence put load on condensor, so it is imperative to use petrol and gas with start iginition as petrol ( a thing happens in mpfi systems). So prolong use on gas and then to petrol will cause timing problems leading to misfire

Now i have freinds who have been using lpg cars without petrol for times and not known to have problems ( though i may put i have contacted friends who have esteem which is the best car by far i have seen with no double fuel issue with LPG)

So i would like to ask, if i am missing something

Was the mech expalantion sounding good enough or if he was just tryin to impress

or it is just i have to be alert enough to start my car and end the car on petrol

I am again gong to sion to recheck it

Please help as i am losing valuable work days and money going garage to garage. Visiting garage frequently for some irritating reason make u feel as if u have abad car which is not the case as the car is excellent. Also suggest me where in mumbai i can find somone who can really help me once and for all

I use Lpg for city and Petrol for outdors
I have 95 Gypsy model with 3rd party Ac which has a big condensor which i use often
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I have had this problem on my esteem also. it was the vaccum pipes having been old & hard & cracked. please have them checked & changed if necessary.
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contact silkace auto. he does a good job. 9870210001
shop no 5&6, yadav chawl. service road. jogeshwari. hope he gets the fault.
i dont beleive in the timing funda you were told by the mechanics. one thing is there since lpg mixture is harder to ignite the spark plug gap must be reduced to 4-5 thou for baleno(8 is default), other cars i dont know. if you keep a larger gap it can damage your ignition components.
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i have a similar issue in my car....the car performs absolutely flawlessly on gas but when i do try & run it on petrol (once in a while) the engine just dies at low revs. There is, however, a noticeable difference in performance when I floor the pedal now, car is much quicker (in petrol)

mech says the car's tuned rich as thats the setting thats best suited for running it on gas.

i'm quite ok with this setup.....when i switch to petrol, i like to rev hard anyway (its like my car's supersports mode )

if your car's exhaust fumes really smell heavy of petrol, its an indication of it running rich
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I had Gypsy, with carb, and gas kit installed, similar problem i had . On Idel the vehicle was not stying on, and while accelerating it use to truoble.

This problem is related to Carb.
Get the carb cleaned properly check all Jets and clean them.

If you con do / Get help from mechanic to do follwoing.

1. remove carb.
2. Remove all jets.
3. clean in petrol.
4. go to experienced washing center guy, and ask him to pressure clean the carb.( by putting the pressure water through all vents in Carb. )

Be care full with carb, very sencitive part and expensive part.

5. Dry it by pressure air flow through it.

6. re check all jets, vents, pies.
7. re assembel
8. tune
and Enjoy .
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Stripping & assembling a carb is not that easy & surely cannot be done by your friendly neighbourhood lpg tuner or your roadside mechanic. so beware. check the vaccum hose first.
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Default Re: Gypsy LPG Petrol Help wanted

Just a short question, is this problem of stalling when shifting to petrol only happening in the carb gypsy or will it happen in an MPFI gypsy as well? From what little knowledge i have in an MPFi system, the ECU kinda adjusts the fuel and air mixture so it will probably re-calibrate the mixture when shifting to petrol right?

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Default Re: Gypsy LPG Petrol Help wanted

It can happen in MPFI engine too, but only when the injector's are clogged from the constant usage on LPG.

The LPG is known to its corrosiveness, due to which a layer of corrosion is formed when certain metals (like, copper, bronze, aluminium, steel, iron, etc) exposed to LPG. So after a certain time of usage, the tips of injectors & hose lines are prone to clogging due to the corrosion.

Yes, the LPG is streamed as liquid in the pipeline from the tank towards the engine, which is vapourised using the heat source from the coolant line before fed through the inlet manifold. If the engine is started with LPG, until sufficient heat is fed to the vapouriser to make the LPG fuel in gaseous, it does spray the LPG in liquid form (like in the case of how the petrol is added to the fuel mixture fed into the cylinder), this LPG in liquid form sticks to the surface & kicks on with its native corrosive properties.

To overcome this, its always advisable to start the engine & run a couple of kms in petrol (this helps in getting the required engine/coolant temperature for the vapouriser unit in the engine compartment, to convert the LPG to gaseous form. Also I feel it would be advisable to run a couple of kms or a minute of idling in petrol before stopping the engine for longer time (like overnight) so the corrosive substance is taken off the engine system & the petrol lines/terminals are flushed with any leftover LPG from its way.

This is the fact I learned the hard way, so guys use it wisely
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