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Old 18th July 2005, 22:48   #16
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No much problem in my Hondas or Endeavour...Mercedes sometimes has a tendency of starting the water in a slight delay but its 90% of the times together.
I dont think the new C has rain sensors. My C has speed sensitive wipers where in the wiper increases to a higher level when the speeds are high, likewise when u stop at a signal the wiper switchs to intermidate mode if its on low or high.
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well,I have this problem of the washer starting a bit later after the wipers start in the Esteem..but in the New Honda City,there's no such problem,and both - wipers+washer start exactly at the same time..also,I like the Honda washer spray..it throws the water evenly across the windscreen,while in the Maruti Esteem,the washer sends out a single jet,thus covering lesser area of the windscreen with water..
And yeah,as someone already mentioned..in the Esteem,it helps just to give a few flicks to the windscreen washer knob,and then pull on the knob fully to start the wipers..so that the windscreen is wet when the wiper/washer knob is fully pulled.

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the New C class and the Skoda Vrs are both equipped with rain sensors ...

a rain sensor is nothing more than a light sensor .

it is attached to the windshield at the base of the rear view mirror
i.e the place where the mrror comes in contact with the windshield

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Old 7th August 2005, 03:22   #19
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In my Esteem, the water hits the windshield about the same time the wipers start to move, but since the wiper moves from a horizontal position and the two jets hit the glass midway, the wipers do "scrub" a bit till they get to the wet area. The return sweep is ok.

I found that by carefully controlling the duration which I pull the "wash+wipe" lever, I can ensure that only one sweep is done. I got good at doing this cuz the "intermittent" mode on my wipers has not been working for a while now ... The guys at MUL told me that it was electronically controlled (no timing relay) and that the "combination switch" would need to be replaced to fix it. Well... it costs 1800 bucks and it controls everything to do with the 2 storks on the steering column of the Esteem... seems a shame to replace that much functionality for a high price just to fix the "int" mode !

I dabble a bit in electronics too... will check out what they've got in that thing-a-magic and post the details soon.

- T u r b o C -
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Old 8th August 2005, 01:08   #20
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Well in the newer ikon 1.6's the spray comes first and then the wipers switch on and its not just the VW but the ikon also has the delayed wipe. The wiper switches on again after a delay of about 10 secs or so to wipe the drips that come down.
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Old 8th August 2005, 01:27   #21
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Is it true that in some cars like the Merc S 600, the wipers start working the moment water falls on the WS
even the vectra in india came with the rain sensor !
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Old 8th August 2005, 16:13   #22
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Cars like the Skoda VRS, the Toyota Camry (new) and the new C-class come with rain sensors. Generally located in behind the rear-view mirror, it is attached on the inside glass by some kind of adhesive tape or holding mechanism.

They adopt optical sensors that emit InfraRed light to the windshield. Once they come into play, they continuously detect the amount of light falling on it. When light reduces, they detect the moisture level present on the screen, using a pre-determined and calculated moisture presence on the screen before engaging the wipers.

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you can use regular shampoo.

use a pouch of shampoo + 1 L of regular water. (make sure you mix it well before pouring it in the reservoir). Then, top it off with regular water.

Does the job well, and smells good too.
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