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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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I headed to Concorde Motors, Dairy Circle, Bangalore, for Fiat First Free Service Camp. I was there with my Linea at 10 am on 7 March 2010. My Linea had a serial number of 20. Mangesh Kodalkar of Fiat India Ltd was present. But, I was in no mood for any discussion since I was damn tired after a strenuous 875 km long drive from Pune reaching home at 1:45 am only and I took rest at the customers' lounge after enjoying the refreshments given by Concorde/Fiat. My Linea was checked, washed and handed over to me by 12 noon and I returned home at 1 pm. While Concorde/Fiat took my feed-back, they did not bother to give any feed-back to me on my Linea. But, I knew my Linea was fit as a fiddle, so I didn't bother about it.
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Time 12:30 pm on a hot sunday afternoon on the 7th of March, i drove my Palio to KHT motors in White-field. This seems to be a new dealership and they had an exclusive service centre for Fiat Vehicles. There were 2 other vehicles before mine, so it didn't take them much time to attend to my vehicle.

Wife and 2 kids were escorted to the customer's lounge which was comfortable and decent while i stood there and talked to the service advisor about some of the issues.

12:40 pm; they took my car to the service area and i proceeded towards the customer lounge; the customer lounge was a refreshing change from the other service centres i've been to earlier. For a change, they offered Tea and Cold-drinks which was nice.

12:45 pm; I was getting restless waiting for the service to get over and decided to check out the Fiat Punto MJD and headed towards the reception counter; i was promptly assisted by a sales exec and he even offered me a test-drive; I had nothing better to do while my Palio was getting serviced so me and my elder son hopped into the car and went off for a ride.

1:00 pm; As i was driving back into the service centre; i noticed my Palio heading for a Car-Wash. Spent some time talking to the sales-man and enquiring about the Fiat Bravo (The poor guy had no idea about Bravo). The discussion turned back towards the Punto; Fuel Efficiency; Service Intervals and the likes.

1:10 pm; My Palio was ready after the Wash and Vaccum and the service advisor gave me a list of things to be done. Most of the things noted down were the same that i had discussed with him earlier.

1:15 pm; Started the ignition and suddenly my 1.9D Palio felt a lot more noisier; I attributed that to my perception after driving the Fiat Punto; But i wasn't entirely convinced; Also, noticed that the service centre hadn't done a good job cleaning the interiors but i wasn't expecting it anyways from a free service camp.

The subsequent week; i didn't use the car until on thursday when i hear the sound of the belt; although the sound went off after 10-15 minutes of driving; Planning to get it checked with the same dealership on sunday and i would be a hell-lot angry with FIAT if they charge me anything to fix the Belt Tension. I don't know if they did it deliberately to recover the cost of the free-service camp. We'll find out soon and i will post my findings on this forum. But i wanted to know about the experiences of other TBHPians.
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Default Review: Check up camp - Fortune cars - Thane

One of my biggest agenda on Saturday (amongst watching IPL and the F1 quals) was to visit the Check up camp organized by Fiat. As much as I tried, I couldn't leave home before 11:15 am to go for the camp.

Following are the events that occurred:

11:30 am - I reach Fortune Cars Thane. I am shown the way to the service area and asked to park my car. I see many Punto's and Linea's - some being washed, some being lifted up and inspected, and some on their way out, and mine is the only Palio there

Around 11:45ish - I am handed a sandwich by one of the service staff. Good idea, I was hungry. Surprisingly meet a colleague from office. He's got his Linea to the camp and by the time I meet him, his car is done and ready to leave.

12:15 - 12:20 ish - They take the Palio and park it on the machine that lifts cars up for under body inspection (What is this machine called?). The mechanics tell me almost all the things I know about the car, like replaced brake pads, some work on the suspension, etc.

Following this they check the engine bay for necessary fluids. Top up battery water, top up engine oil, check all electricals, all lights - And done.

In all this while I chat up with Sohail - the Fiat service advisor. He tells me that more than 30 cars have come for the camp since morning and that the initiative looks like a success. I inquire about the Linea T-Jet and he gives me a "How does he know? What should I say? I'll probably say a no." look.

Around 1ish - The car is lined up for a wash. All the mechanics and staff break for lunch. 1300 hrs to 1400hrs. Damn! An hour wasted? No.

There is a lone old man spraying and washing cars. There is a Punto being washed. My car succeeds the Punto. So I wait and wait.

To make good use of my time, I decide to test drive the Indica Vista QJD while I am waiting for the car to be washed. 5 minutes later I am test driving an Indica Vista QJD. And I am pleasantly surprised. I like the car. It drives well and it's so refined.

The car is being washed by the time I get back to the dealership. I wait on. I am given a box of FIAT tissue papers, asked to fill in a feedback form.

By 2 - The car is washed and wiped. I get the gatepass, and drive out. Service camp over.

My Feedback on the Service Camp

I went to the Service Camp not expecting much. Honestly the service camp was above average BUT Fiat are making an effort. And it showed. The service may not be in the league of the Maruti's, yet I could see they were trying.

The service camp for me seemed a bit slow. The time between the car was inspected and washed and wiped was too long. The staff was courteous and Sohail their Service advisor seemed helpful (he was stretched managing the Paid services and the Service camp).

Would I use the Fiat authorised service station? - Well, honestly I don't think so. Purely for economic reasons. Mine is a 2002 Palio with 51k on the odo. I have caught hold of a super mechanic who knows his way with European cars. Therefore what I can get done at the authorised service station, I can get the same done at 1/2 the cost outside, with similar reliability if not better.

Would I recommend this to someone? - Yes. It's worth a shot.

Overall, I'd rate it a 6/10.
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Default Hyundai nationwide free car check up camp 20-29 march 2010

Hyundai is back with its biggest nationwide free car check up camp which starts tomorrow and will be conducted at all Hyundai workshops across the country.

Date: 20-29 march 2010.

Some facilities:
discount on labour and parts
80 point free check up
free car wash

Anyway, seems to be lucky time as the santro needs some AC service and belt replacements. All at a discount.
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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
discount on labour and parts
Trident Hyundai told that 20% discount on labor and 10% on parts!!
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Originally Posted by n_mouli View Post
Trident Hyundai told that 20% discount on labor and 10% on parts!!
would any factory experts be coming at such camps. was having some queries to be answered!
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How do they do this "80 point free check up"? Do they use some sort of equipments or just open the bonnet and then check the parts there manually?
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At the camp:
  • First pics in the camp with the santro, got it back after the rear quarter panel repair and AC checked.
  • Spent a good 4 hours with all the 80 point checkup (technical, electrical, interior function/ drive/noise/problem arising etc) completed.
  • Capital Hyundai Noida has done awesome work.
  • Would rank A plus for them.
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Default Skoda summer checkup camp in Bangalore

Received an SMS from dealer TAFE Access bangalore regarding free summer checkup for my Laura TSI. This free checkup camp will be running till April 10th and owners need to call the number mentioned in SMS for an appointment.

They are mainly checking the effectiveness of AC as well as a 42 point checkup will be performed and free wash.

I have booked for next Tuesday. Is any one used this service already and how effective is this?
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The service camp is again scheduled for 24th & 25th this month in Palace ground. Anyone visiting? Planing to be there by 10am or so.

Heard this time they check for engine oils, emission check etc. Do they replace free, I don't know

See you there.
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I am in if they are going to do it for my good old MATIZ.
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Originally Posted by pradipk View Post
I am in if they are going to do it for my good old MATIZ.
I think they would. Why not call them up and check if you are really interested?
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Smile Shreeji Ford, Thane free summer camp review

Shreeji Ford, Thane had organised a Three day free summer camp for Ford vehicles on 24th to 26th April. The free checks included 50 point check incl AC & coolant check, Free AC gas & coolant top ups, Electrical checks, 10% discount on battery replacement, 15% discount on labout for repairs identified during the camp.
I had made an 24th early morning appointment, reached there on time, probably the third car in the queue. The advisor took my Fiesta, filled the forms and asked me to pick up the car after an hour or so. But surprisingly he called up after 35 min and said the car was ready for pick up. I was dumbfounded that how could the 50 point check be completed within 35 min. I asked the advisor about the details of the checks done and he fished out a paper which had a lot of tick marks but refused to hand over me a copy of the same saying that it was for their records. I was damn sure that this free check up thing was just an eye wash. To top it all, some advisors offered me some discount coupons for waxoyl treatments, coupons for lucky draw etc. Also there was nothing called customer feedback which was a bit disappointing.
However one good thing I found after the checkup camp was my Fiesta the AC cools much more faster than before. I gues Something is better than nothing
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Something similar to what I experienced at the Sharayu Hyundai free checkup camp, though my car was in for more than three hours. And there was customer feedback.
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Default FIAT Free Monsoon Check-up Camp

Just received this email.

Empower your Fiat car with our Free Monsoon Check-Up Camp that will be held across India from

28th June till 31st July 2010, and ensure a safe and hassle-free drive throughout the rainy season.

As a privileged Fiat Customer, we invite you to bring your Fiat car to our Check-Up Camp and avail the following benefits:

1. Free vehicle check up.
2. Maintenance tips to keep your car in perfect condition in monsoon.
3. Useful safety tips to ensure a hassle-free drive for you during monsoon.

Camp Schedule North Region 5th July 31st July East Region 28th June 31st July South Region 28th June 31st July West Region 28th June 31st July

Source: Fiat India
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