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Old 2nd February 2009, 23:15   #61
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Smile Civic-AT at lowest seat setting.

Originally Posted by ST7677 View Post
In my Civic, I keep my seat to the lowest height.
I do the same, all my friends are surprised by this since they are unable to drive with lowest setting, but I wish the Civic setting were still lower .

My steering is also at its lowest and pulled towards me fully.

(Since mine is an AT my clutch-leg (left-leg) is free, so that I can relax well .
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Old 6th February 2009, 11:27   #62
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My Lancer has a pretty low seating position and I don't mind it at all. Most of the cars here have high seating positions which many people prefer, however, I find the lower position more comfortable, even for longer trips.

This is because my back is at a better position when my legs are stretched out and my neck and shoulders are also more relaxed.

And of course there's the usual reasoning of feeling sporty and more connected to the road.
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Old 28th November 2009, 16:03   #63
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I used to drive a M800 earlier and the seating positio was comfortale.I am 5'8".
ow I drive chevy Spark and fid the drivig position uncomfortble. If I bring the seat closer, both my hip and ankle start paining. If I take seat back, I feel unsure while driving. There is no provision for seat height adjustment. Can any other spark owner or any BHP ian help pl?
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Old 28th November 2009, 16:59   #64
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I like a Higher seating configuration,As i feel that higher seating position gives a better view of the road and front end of the car. & most importantly it feels like i am sitting in cockpit.
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Old 10th July 2010, 15:41   #65
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As we see, there is no one setup that is comfortable for all, is there any car that provides some way of adjusting the height for all seats including front passenger seat and for the rear bench? I dont know of any car which offers these, unfortunately.
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Old 10th July 2010, 17:19   #66
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I read somewhere that the best sitting posture is the one which is the closest to the 'foetal' position.
i.e slight bend at hips and knees instead of forming perfect L shape.
the idea of this casual position is to allow easy flow of blood upto the toes
and minimise the strain that the hip bones have to undergo.

I guess whether it's low or high seating, if you achieve this objective of not forming perfect 90 degree bends at the knees and hips,
by adjusting the seat and steering, that would be the best one for each person as per his height.
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Old 10th July 2010, 18:03   #67
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Driving Posture Guide


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Originally Posted by sujaylahiri View Post
My Lancer has a pretty low seating position and I don't mind it at all.
The Lancer also has a height adjust lever to gain a little more height on the seating. When I started driving I used a pillow to get a view of the bonnet. Ambys and trucks have markers.
Personally, I love high seating, when I am driving. It gives a nice view of things around.
When I am not driving then I want to sink deep in the seats, push it as faaar behind to the limit and recline to comfort.
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I prefer mid-to-high seating position. In my Lancer, the seat height is adjusted, so that I can comfortably see my car's bonnet !

As for Lancer being very low, I think this depends on whether you are talking about an SFX with 175mm GC or a GLX/SLX with 185mm GC. My car (GLXi) doesn't feel that low - for eg. compare with OHC. Of course, wrt tallboys, its another story.
And the rear seat comfort is very good - and I have travelled extensively in the rear seats of Corolla, Civic, Camry, Accord etc etc abroad and can safely say so. My parents also always found the rear seats comfortable.
Probably the seat cover adds a 1/2-3/4cm at the rear.

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I like the low seating position of my OHC. It can be difficult for ingress but once you are in you get a nice feel. It gives a feeling that you are a part of the car (or the car a part of you ?)
My personal opinion is that although higher seating gives you better view all round (good in city driving), it gives you bit more body roll (can be tiring sometimes).
When it comes to the back seats i love the low seats that you can just sink into.
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Its heart vs head.
Heart = Low seating
Head = High seating.

For city driving high seating is helpful as it gives better visibility and more time for judgment.
For highway driving its low seating that would keep all passengers comfortable.
Who said low seating cars are not comfortable ? Look at Baleno, Cedia and even Civic.
In lower cars, the CG is low, this is more comfortable during the journey. Also the pedals are deep so it helps a lot as you have good amount of space and legs are stretched. I prefer seating low and front seat pulled a bit back. Not to last position, but with me in the driver's seat, a person of my size will feel uncomfortable behind me.
Less roll, low CG = more comfort. We have done more than 900 kms in a day in low slung car without any sort of discomfort.

Disadvantages of low seating :
1) Rear passengers feel bored as the only thing they will see is front seats and head restraints.
2) Headlights from almost all vehicles, even two wheelers and three wheelers hit you straight in the eye.
3) Water wading. In most Indian cities, even 4-5 inch of rain = water accumulated on road. Low cars have less capacity to enter into water.
4) GC. Civic/Baleno, Esteem/Lancer have 170mm and 180mm GC ( stated ). But with full load ( after 4-5 years of car ) they scrap their bottom. SX4 VXi has 180mm GC, but even with full load, its not as likely to scrap the surface.

But if one enjoys driving, lower seating is very good as it offers more driving pleasure.

A lot will also depend on car, suspension set up.

IMO M800 has the perfect combination of seat, steering wheel, pedals and seating height.

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Default Depends on the vehicle

I feel it is difficult to generalise this topic. The seating position of any automobile, should be optimal to that automobile and should provide comfort, good visibility and ease of ingress and egress.

For example, I could not make myself comfortable in the Fortuner during my test drive due to the fact that I prefer a high seating position in an SUV to achieve maximum visibility but its seat was too low to my comfort and liking even at its highest setting.

On the other hand, I am comfortable with the seating position of my Cielo even though it is low because of the comfort, visibility and the "Car Feel"that it offers.
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Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
Its heart vs head.
Heart = Low seating
Head = High seating.
Well said !
Its the feel good factor which keeps me going on a long drive .
The low seating helps a lot in that sense.
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City Settings: High seating position, to make sure that idiotic rickshaw doesn't scrape your bumper in traffic. Also useful while parking. The Steering would be at the highest position and the seat back would be in the max forward position. Also makes easier ingress and egress. If height adjuster was there it would be in a high position.

Highway Settings: For a relaxed and fatigue free long drive.
Seat reclined back ward to a relaxed angle. Steering lowered and the seat pushed right back.( I am 6'1") and steering lowered to almost lowest position.

If you tend to doze off during night drives this position is strictly not recommended. In such a scenario switch back to the 'City' settings.

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I have low seat in my car. I read somewhere that higher you are from the axle, greater is the discomfort due to amplification of those tiny vibrations that you may not even notice, but which will tire your muscles; sounds logical to me. And on very long drives I found my seating to be very comfortable; sounds practical to me.

Well, for city rides I prefer to use the public bus or local train! Who wants to bother with parking woes? In the process I also help keeping the city green, and reducing road congestion.
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