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Old 19th November 2007, 13:02   #1
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Question Zen pollution level high

I have recently bought a Zen 2003 model. I got it serviced from a Maruti authorized service center. Immediately after the service i took it for pollution check, which cam out to be higher than permissible ( CO percantage 1.8 % which should be around 0.5 normally, max allowed limit is 1.5 % for PUC certificate). Soon after this I called the service center and complained about the same. They told me that this is because throttle body cleaning and fuel injector cleaning is needed, after cleaning the pollution levels will become low. When i asked him why didn't you do the same during service, he told me that its not a part of routine service and will incur extra charges !

Is throttle body and injector cleaning really not a part of regular service?
Please share your vies and experiences on the same.
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They're right. It's not part of the regular service. Get it done anyway.
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I just checked my car's old PUC certificates...Got two of them.
One shows max permissible CO (PPM) as 3.0 and the other shows 0.5. .My car is well within both the prescribed limits.
But which one is the correct permissible limit?
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Old 20th November 2007, 15:32   #4
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Can the high pollution level during idling because of throttle position sensor? I suspect by the condition of the tps that it may be faulty. Am i thinking on right lines?
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Maybe right. The pollution levels measured will not be equal or +/- 1~2% variations from one equipment to another equipment. Do take it to another guy and get this verified. If the level is showing OK, then be happy that for the previous one, the equipment was faulty. Nobody knows when these people would have caliberated these equipments. If it has passed beyond time (calibration due date expired), then it is more certain that the readings will also be faulty.
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Happened with me once. The check failed in delhi though the car was cold in the morning. After driving to gurgaon 30KM it passed the check at Gurgaon. May be the limit is diffrent in gurgaon or it failed due to cold engine in the morning.
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Six month back my Zen's (2003, Lx, Bharat Stage II) PUC measured - CO2 - 1.5, O2 - 12.31, CO- 0.11, HC - 166. Today after cleaning of throttle body and fuel injectors the values showing CO2 - 2.9, O2 - 11.96, CO - 0.31, HC - 113. I'm getting 16-17 kmpl in Mumbai trffic. The car has done sofar 55,000 km. Can anybody tell what does these level significes related to engines health? Both the measurement was done at same M.A.S.S.
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Old 22nd February 2009, 16:15   #8
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How much has it clocked?

what was changed during the recent service. air filter, oil and oil filter, fuel filter etc??
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Originally Posted by rohit_dce View Post
...throttle body cleaning and fuel injector cleaning is needed, after cleaning the pollution levels will become low.

Is throttle body and injector cleaning really not a part of regular service?
Most dealers won't do throttle body and injector cleaning as a part of routine service, but they are supposed to. No point in arguing with the workshop, since you are Delhi-based, you can take it to the co.-owned Maruti Service Masters at Okhla or Jahangirpuri (MSM :: Services). Even a good private workshop can do the job for a lower cost. I am sure other members on this forum can suggest such trained people.
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I experienced a similar kind of problem on my 2001 zen vxi, it did not pass the norms.

Even after doing the "TB" & "Injector cleaning" it would not pass the norms.

It really confused me, as to why this was happening and the service center guys did not give me an answer. I still have that problem,at idling the emmision is over the norms, butttttttt, this is exactly how my car passed the test..

I drove the car for around 2kms..brought the car to temperature and took the car to the testing center, when he inserted the probe into the exhaust pipe and starting the activity, I simply revved the car, revved it to to quite a high extent..obviously not hitting the limiter, but I can't tell you the exact RPM as the zen does not come with a tacho. But in the end, my zen passed the test.

I would request the experts to throw some light on this.

Ironically, my Vtec with headers free flow exhaust (down pipe) and in the pro street state of tune (Race Dynamics ECU) and without a functioning 02 sensor. Passed the emission test with flying colours.. and the figures were way below the permissible norm. Leaves me wondering.. what's with these honda engine's they seem to take any kind of torture and never complain.


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Old 12th March 2009, 16:04   #11
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Don't the pollution testing people offer to "adjust" the readings for 10-20 bucks extra? That's what they used to do for my old Caliber motorbike!
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Question Re: Zen pollution level high

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I have a similar problem. @ Mods, pls excuse but I couldn't find an exact post.

Mine is a 1999 Zen, carb model. Has clocked 98000. Am currently the 4th user. Have had it since 89000 & its been fully serviced @ 89K, 94K.

The local mechanic said that he just did a basic carb cleaning during the service and according to him the carb didn't require any further servicing. Air & Oil filters had been changed on both occasions.

Emission test @ 98K showed CO2 = 1.36, O2=17.11.
Emission test @ 93K showed CO2 = 1.37, O2=18.84.
Both these were taken when the engine had run atleast 15 Kms and I think the results are consistent. Is the CO2 level high and does the FE mentioned below have any connection? One can easily make out the CO2 smell from the exhaust & for polluting.

City FE is 10 (using an AC doesn't make much difference) & on Highways its 14. Having gone through the forum, I see that most carb Zen's FE range between 11 to 17. (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...l-mileage.html (Zen carb model mileage))

The mechanic feels that this Zen should give 13-14 in the city, and since I am a newbie the FE will improve with improved driving skills. (I agree with the comment on my skills). AFAIK there are no modifications made and also don't use any filters like K&N.

Also IMHO, after 4 to 5 kms of use, this ZEN's engine makes the highest noise in neutral (the idling feels way too high) and is much smoother @ 4th gear. (ZEN was supposed to stand for Zero engine noise!)

Requesting for help from the community.
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