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Originally Posted by anandpadhye View Post
Hey @gasolinejunkie,

This is quite a useful piece of information.
So, if one drives a lot with the hadbrake on, will the rear wheel bearings wear out faster?
No : if one drives a lot with the handbrakes on , the rear break shoes get worn out more, and the break drums will get hot. This will not affect the bearings directly.
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Old 27th January 2008, 10:13   #17
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this is not true, changing the wheel bearings at 43000 is rubbish unless the car has been driven very badly over pothole ridden roads. i have a few friends who have nhc's with more that 1,00,000kms on the odo n no problems with the bearings. BTW i have the same year cvt NHC n mine is also nearly 40000. i get my car checked every 10000km properly during services at honda n no problems whatso ever. check to se if you can spot the wear yourself if not then there is nothing wrong with your bearing. honda wouldnt have such a name in the market if its cars need bearing replacement at 40k+ km.
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Originally Posted by anandpadhye View Post
Hey @gasolinejunkie,

This is quite a useful piece of information.
So, if one drives a lot with the hadbrake on, will the rear wheel bearings wear out faster?

And jacking the car up to check upward/downward movement of the wheels seems a very nice (Do It Yourself) idea...I did not know that worn our bearings cause vertical play!

Thanks a bunch! T-BHP rocks!!
No, I’m talking about handbrake turns. When you do handbrake turns and power slides there is a lot of sheering force on the stub axle and the wheel bearing is what holds the wheel to the axle so obviously your killing the wheelbearings.
But whats worse for the bearings is excessive pre-load, and in this case I think that’s the culprit.
Potholes and off-road usually wear shockers, link-pin & control-arm bushes and ball joints before they wear out the wheel bearings.
Yeah, wiggling the wheel to check lateral play is the quickest and best way to check for worn wheel bearings. Another indication is a rumbling noise from the outer wheel when you go round a corner fast.
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Yes Honda has these problems of rear wheel bearings being replaced around 32k. There is a humming sound which is generated . I got them changed at a local workshop which costed be Rs. 6500 for both, the Honda workshop was asking for Rs.12k.
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What is the way to identify faulty bearings in the front or back?

I hear no humming or distinct sounds but would like to check this on my OHC. It's run 102k+ and shows no signs or sounds of something discussed here but would surely like to make sure.

Also, what problems can damaged bearings cause if not replaced?
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Old 4th July 2008, 14:51   #21
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Default Need Help with Old Honda city rear Bearing

Hi All, I own a 2001 Old Honda City V-tec. Recently I started noticing a clicking sound from the rear wheel. The sound is very minimal and can be heard only when you reach out from the window for it. The clicking frequency increases / decreases along with the speed. I took my car to Dakshin Honda, it was a hectic day there and the Service Advisor in a hurry told me it could be the Bearings as the vehicle is done 60k. the estimate for two Bearings (Bearing comes with HUB) is 11,000 Rs.

- Is there a way I can confirm myself if it is a problem with the bearing or something else.
- With vehicle in this condition, how long can I continue to drive?
- How much would it cost me, the best price with quality parts outside?
- Also, as per your personal experience can any of you suggest me a reliable mechanic for Honda City who can fix this for me outside.

Appreciate any Help from you all.

Post edited since it contained various [FONT], [COLOR] and [SIZE] tags. Posting with such text formatting should be avoided on Team-BHP as it is inconvenient for members to read post. Kindly go through Announcements section before proceeding.

Thanking You for your anticipated co-operation

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Hi Shreyas,

Your question has been answered here - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...3-000-kms.html
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Hi Simran, I tried my luck there but did not get everything i was looking for. I also tried jacking the car up to see any vertical movements. But there isn't any. Still looking out for any expert advice
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Bearing failure at 30K km is very premature.

Bearings should last well over 100k.

Water is your bearings #1 enemy. If you have done a lot of driving through deep water, the bearing life will be cut short drastically.

Bearings that are failing will make a low pitched hum which can be heard easily. Also before the old bearings are taken out rotate them on the hub and there should be a slight scraping noise. The new ones should be much smoother. Hope that helps you to make your own assessment of the bearing condition regardless of what your stealership workshop claims.


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I am in Coimbatore and have a 2004 honday city, (NHC) done about 48,000 kms. The car is in great shape, with no problems whatsoever. the honda service centre here says i need to change my rear wheel bearings which will cost about 11k (5.5k each) plus labour. I asked to give me the bearings details and i can get them from the market and they can install it, they refused. I feel 11k is way too high for these bearings but i'm not an expert. can anyone suggest a good workshop in coimbatore who can do the job for me ?

Thanks in advance
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Default Problem with rear bearings of Honda City

I was scanning through these forums and see some people with the same problem as me.

During the last service of my Honda City purchased Dec 2004, done 46000 Kms, I was told that one rear bearing and both the front bearings have got damaged. The remaining rear one had already been replaced once ( A whole story by itself. I had then asked for the spare part for a quality check after which they replaced it free of cost). This sounds astonishing since I have not heard of any other person having a failure of all bearings simultaneously. Whitefield Honda has not given a convincing answer as to whether this is normal or not and keep saying it is not exactly normal but not abnormal. I have complained to Honda and asked for a clear statement as to whether a failure of all 4 bearings in such a short span of time and so few kms is considered normal.

Has anyone taken up such battles with Honda ? Any inputs ?

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Default ANHC - Wheel Bearing replacements - OEM OR aftermarket


I am posting this on behalf of my friend who owns a Honda city (around 60,000km).

There was a humming sound from rear left which has been confirmed of wheel bearing worn out and needed replacement. Have few queries, kind request for suggestions and advices;

1) OEM Bearing is around 6000/- each wheel. Honda A.S.S suggested that both rear should be replaced.
2) After market (Some Japanese OR Taiwan make suggested by Bosch Service center) cost around 2000/- each. Should we go for this ?
The car will primarily doing local with occasional 300 km trip for another 10 months. after than can do some 2000 - 3000 km trip. Will the after market bearing do good in the driving scenario as above ?

3) What is the road worthiness and service life of after market bearings ? Any one here who is using those ??

4)Are any other Indian make also available for Honda City, like SKF OR NBC etc ?

Will be very thankful for some advice and suggestions.

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Default Re: ANHC - Wheel Bearing replacements - OEM OR aftermarket

Vipul, the ANHC bearings are quite advanced in design & are not localised in India.

I would suggest your friend replaces them with the original set of bearings & not go in for a local replacement, however tempting the price may be.
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Old 21st August 2011, 16:00   #29
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Default re: Rear bearing replacement at 43,000 kms?

I own a 2007 NHC and had to replace the left rear wheel bearing today at 48k kms. Infact had been sounded off about it in my last service at 43K kms. Looking at the Honda A.S.S price for replacing one wheel bearing (Rs 6k + Rs 450 Labour), i scouted around for cheaper alternatives. Went over to GP road here and came across some after-market brand 'Fu-Gen' which was being quoted at Rs 1450 and a garage here quoted Rs 400 for labour. Also found the 'original' honda bearings at GP road being quoted at Rs 5100 but no warranty.

Was too suspect about the Fu-Gen hub+bearings and somehow didnt want to take a chance considering its a pretty important piece on the car. So finally got it done at honda a.s.s which also gives the standard 6 months parts warranty. Now back to a smooth ride with the irritating 'hummmmmm' gone.

Attached is a pic of the faulty bearing (NSK) with the play clearly visible. Forgot to click the new bearing! Looking at this thread and my own experience, wheel bearing failures (especially left rear!) after 30-35k kms look common in the city. Other 3 wheel bearings are absolutely fine.
Attached Thumbnails
Rear bearing replacement at 43,000 kms?-img_8351.jpg  

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Default re: Rear bearing replacement at 43,000 kms?

Digging out an old thread but it seems Honda car's are plagued with rear wheel bearings being worn out at such a short span.
Having driven my 2008 NHC ZX for 30k kms the right rear wheel bearing has worn out completely, the humming could be heard loud even with the a/c on.
After having sent the car to linkway honda at andheri they term it as natural wear and tear.
What I would like to know is:
Is it natural for the bearing to wear out at such a short span of time? Or could this be a case of manufacturing defect as it seems to be relatively common in most of the NHC ZX.
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