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Originally Posted by Jaggu View Post
do what 1100D suggested and please get your car serviced and tuned at the dealer once, even if they will rip you off some moolah. Private garages are not that good in handling these cars.

Your is ol pushrod 1.3 lit engine?
Thanks Jagguji,

I will consider your and 1100D suggestions and give to service station this time.

I am not sure whether its pushrod or not!!. mine is a 2000 1.3 lit Model (from the anniversary special edition lot) and the manual says, ENDURA Engine, but some people in service station said its ROCAM engine
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Exclamation Common with 1.6 ROCAM

Originally Posted by reachmash View Post

Its been quite some time that I wanted to share this issue, but not sure why I did not do it.

I will make the long story in short.

My Ford Ikon 1.3 is 7 yrs old but hardly driven in the first 2-3 years, due to work commitments and travel assignments which ensured that I do not use the car. So, till date it has clocked only 22K Odd KMS .

Due to my experiences in the past with both the service stations in Bangalore, I don't go to them, unless its necessary.

The vehicle is all in its stock condition and no mods done yet.

Now to the Problems:

1) In the last couple of months, I am observing that I hear keech, keech noice when I start the car which goes of in no time.

2) After the vehicle run for few KMS, when I down shift to slow down and try to up-shift I feel the jerks in the movement of car and very rarely (1 in 1000 times) the car comes to complete stop, in this case I need to restart the car again.

3) After the vehicle run for few KMS, if I turn off the engine and turn it on, I hear a raise in the engine noice and the while I try to move the car in 1st gear either it jerks / comes to complete stop, in this case I need to restart the car again. however, this is avoided if I keep the clutch pressed half way.

4) This one I think is real killer: after running for few KMS say 5 - 10, If I down shift and come to a complete halt (say while waiting for signal) I feel the car shuddering and noice of engine also is bit high, but if I shift to a gear then it goes off . In the last few days, I waited for 30 to 40 seconds in the car after reaching home just to see if this comes down on its own, but no, if I wait for quite some time, say 3 to 5 minutes then the engine noice level and shuddering goes off.

Please, please, let me know what is the problem, what are the possible problems and what solutions I can opt.

I really don't want to see this CAR, as I am attached to it sentimentally (as its my first car), at the same time, I can't spend to much to rectify these problems.

P:S: MODS, if this is not the right thread to post this query, please move to appropriate section.
This is a very common problem with the ikon 1.6 and i face this issue time and again. The solution is simple:-
*Get the car to an authorised Ford workshop and tel the advisor to...
*Check O2, TP Sensor and air filter.
*Clean IAC valve.
*Check Suction Pipes for damage or misfit.

This should sort out the problem and hopefully the above mentioned sensors are just dirty and not faulty in your car else the cost of replacement are as follows:-
*TP Sensor - Rs. 4500
*O2 Sensor - Rs. 5000 (Approx.)
*IAC Valve - Rs. 6500
*Suction pipes - Rs. 1500

Ofcourse if they just need to be cleaned then it will cost you within Rs.500.
Also get the throttle butterfly which is housed in the air intake pipe cleaned and sprayed by WD-40.
I would advise you to avoid showing the car to an outside mechanic as they wouldnt know what to do as i have had a personal experience with one who just could not figure out how to take off the intake manifold, to clean the IAC valve.
Do tell me how things work out?
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Also get them to check if all cylinders are firing and get the spark plugs, plug cables and ignition coil checked as if you are experiencing judders or jerking then this might also contribute to the same.
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Default accelerator cable

prolonged idling causes accelerator cable wear - check if its working fine - if by throttling the behavior is changing it might signal
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Default On behalf of my best friends car

Hi Team

My friend owns an IKON 1.6 ZXI 2001, Unknown KMS as bought a used one, the CAR body is fabulous own completely original, Car was also doing really great,

One fine day he was travelling in the car for about after 30 kms the car stopped for no reason why imeediately after reaching 100KMPH it had a harrible wobbling prehaps new China tyres,

Then the car started after 1 minutes no issues cool run at 70 kmph till 30 kms more. But now since yesterday, the car RPM is acting funy whenever he starts the car it reachs 2K RPM and comes back to 1K RPM, now when he is driving the car and whenever he uses the clutch (AS in Depressed) the RPM raises to 2k- 3k also and comes back to normal and not only that the RPM has increased from 1k to 1.5k in Engine Idle and the car is heating up pretty fast due to this, Please help as he has got sentiments attached and not willing to sell the car.
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