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Old 21st July 2009, 23:24   #121
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I have just opened the door panels and put foam padding where loose wires had fallen. Also some jugaad work by inserting some coir gunny bags in between door panels as dampening material. Sorry guys i dont have any pics as i took none during this DIY. Will take some pics when i open em later. Till now i am happy with the results.
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Old 22nd July 2009, 00:49   #122
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Yes, but not excessively so. It's a 10-month old Swift-D, done 15k kms, with a few trips out of town. Typical Bombay roads, though I avoid potholes like the plague. And the rattles aren't body rattles... the left hand side seat-belt lock rattles a little bit when there's no seatbelt in it. A light knock with my left-hand cures the problem.
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Old 3rd January 2010, 08:33   #123
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Yes it still does , the dealers did not help in stopping the noise . I tried the DIY damping din't show much of difference. But going to try it out with the yoga mats damping !
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Old 6th January 2010, 15:39   #124
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Swift LXi - May 2008 - 18000 Kms. Rattles heard from the rear quarterglass plastic covers on the inside of the car. Rear seat locks, both broken, rattles worse than a rattlesnake! The rattling is the only problem I have experienced on my car until now (touchwood), otherwise it's a gem of a machine.

The seat locks will be replaced on the 20K service. The quarterglass issue has to be taken care of by myself. I'm planning to pull them off, insert half-an-inch thick sponge piece inside and put them back on. I will let you know the results. I do not hear any other rattles whatsoever.

TC - Kiran
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Old 6th January 2010, 17:09   #125
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Old 6th January 2010, 17:22   #126
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Swift Vxi - June 2007, 10500 KMS. Has rattles from front doors.
Am planning to do a DIY for damping the doors.
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Old 6th April 2010, 16:16   #127
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swift VDI - Feb 2009. Started rattling from past 3 months, these days even while driving on smooth roads :-) sounds are from the left rear door, more likely near the seat assembly. i am gonna check if any steel rings can be insulated to avoid metal contacts.
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Old 13th April 2010, 14:41   #128
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The swift would lose its identity if it stops rattling
My 4 year old swift Vxi (40,000 km) used to be annoying to drive due to the amount of rattling. Its kind of interesting when you start zeroing down and finally spot what's causing it. Like someone already mentioned, it requires tremendous amount of patience and an empty stretch of bad road too. It would also help, if you have somebody else in the car to investigate the rattle while you drive.

My drives are almost rattle free now. Except for the rear parcel tray that jumps over few speed breakers.
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Old 13th April 2010, 16:36   #129
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Three years, and probably one of the lowest mileages here, especially for a diesel, about 15,000.

I.m kept very much aware of the road surface I am driving on, the suspension does not soak it up, and it is not particularly quiet --- but still no rattles! Rattling swifts seem so common that I am either very lucky, or much deafer than I think I am. Either is possible!
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Old 17th April 2010, 21:44   #130
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My 4 year old Swift used to rattle a lot when new. Over the years I have hunted each and every rattle and stuffed all kind of materials in the gaps like paper, sponge, two way tape

Now, from my vast experience, I can say quite authoratively that how you should hunt the rattle. Follow below steps.

1. First identify the major problem area (for e.g. rear dicky panel)
2. Ask a friend or your wife or anyone who can tolerate your madness to drive your swift on a rough patch of road.
3. You must be equipped with screw drivers, sponge, two way tape and other stuff. (Your experience will decide which one to use )

4. Now while your Swift is running, sit in a whatever comfortable position near the problem area.....(ignore the stares of outsiders....I used to look comic while fixing dicky panel from inside......)

5. Now do R&D in what position these rattles stops. Try stuffing things with the material.
6. Whoila.....rattle is gone. Sometimes they reappear after few hard drives but then you build your experience and you finally get permanent solution ;-)

7.For example, I have fixed my slightly loose car tape panel by sticking two way tape on the base and then putting removable panel on it. It was a perfect and permanent solution !!!

I am very happy to announce that my swift is silky smooth like butter for last three years. I managed to fix at least 5 rattling problems on my own. Thanks to my wife who did some boring trips on rough road with me !!!

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Old 15th June 2010, 02:48   #131
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For me the rattles started appearing after I took her out on her first long drive to Mangalore through the dreaded Sakleshpura roads. That was about 3 years back, and the rattles have waxed and waned over the months with the completely inept Bimal mechanics trying to arrest the rattling by putting in pads of damping foam everywhere, from the door panels to the rear hatch to even under the rear number plate so much so, that now it tilts upwards at an angle of 10-15 degrees.

Of late the rattles are becoming more of an irritant, with most of them being low-intensity ones appearing from the driver-side window, the dashboard and a loud tick from somewhere near the roof at the rear whenever the car climbs a bump! Not sure if its a problem with the hinges of the rear hatch. Has anyone else faced a similar problem?
Also, can someone suggest a service center in Bangalore which does a good job in eliminating the rattles?
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Old 27th June 2010, 15:26   #132
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My Aunt's 2006 model Swift rattles really bad. They've given up trying to solve it. Even my neighbour's Dzire which is less than a year old rattles. I was with them when they took the TD. The TD car which was a VDi was rattling badly, but the Indus Motors sales person told us that it was because the car was roughly used. Naturally we believed them, as the car was indeed in bad shape with dents and scratches.

I think this is a common tactic used by Maruti salesmen, because I was told the same thing by Popular Maruti sales guy when we TD'd an Estilo. It felt really flimsy around corners too, and this too was put down to the TD car being roughly used. No one expects a 5 lac Maruti car to rattle, and MSIL misuses that trust. It doesn't help that a lot of mid-level Maruti hatch/sedan buyers are upgrading from another Maruti product or first-time buyers.

On a tangent, the Bolero TD I took was an interesting experience. I TD'd two cars, their three-year old TD vehicle, and a brand new one which was readied for delivery (just one round in the dealership grounds). Both of them had the exact same noises and rattles - Diesel clatter and nothing else. The doors were as hard to close in the new car as in the old one.

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Old 26th September 2010, 10:50   #133
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Default Rattles rattles and more rattles!

I have a Dec '08 swift Vxi. Front left hand side road is rattling like crazy. The service center near my place has no clue, if fact they refuse to acknowledge this as something that can be fixed, and I quote "Sabhi Swifts ka yeh problem hain. Kuch nahi so sakta!"

If anyone knows a place in Pune where I can get a dampning job done, I will be eternally grateful.
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Old 28th December 2010, 01:05   #134
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Default Re: Does your Swift rattle?

50k swift ldi.
It does rattle a lot. Mainly the door pads. The plastic shroud around the hand brake and gearstick is so badly stabilized that it wobbles violently. even a poorly skilled after market customiser would tether it more firmly. Having an i10 also. i am appalled by the difference in quality of plastics between the two cars. From the screws being naked, to the way the plastics are screwed or slotted together, maruti's unprofessionalism shocks. That said, i am still hopelessly in love with the engine and driveability, and am planning to buy the new swift hoping that this model would be at par with it's current competition, a far as interior quality goes . In the other departments she is still the undisputed leader.
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Old 28th December 2010, 18:09   #135
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Default Re: Does your Swift rattle?

It does and rattles like crazy. The one and only problem that has jinxed this car is the build quality. I went to the service center several times for the problem momentarily rectified, only to surface again.

It's a shame that with such a great engine and suspension setup, a true enthusiast's car has to be let down by build quality. It gets on your nerves so much so that it robs you of the driving pleasure.

Anyways, sold the Swift 1.3 VXi a month back with just 30k on the odo (with a heavy heart) and just bought a Polo 1.6 Highline. There's a world of difference in the build quality and drive feel. The Polo has taken away the hot hatch title from the Swift....and how!
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