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Default Electric engines - a boon??

The IC-engine powered automobile is such a complicated system – A number of reciprocating motions converted to a rotating one to begin with! The hassle of having Zero torque at Zero RPM necessitates the use of clutch and gear box. Then a system to regulate flow of air, fuel and exhaust – each of these (valve opening and closing, ignition) have to differ depending on the load and engine speed, timing is a sub-system in itself.

Complicated – now, that’s an understatement – it’s a mechanical engineer’s dream come true and a performance modifier’s delight. Each subsystem can be tweaked to achieve the best performance; there is so much to get your hands dirty and minds working! We even have add-on processors and maps to Even the odd exhaust note is music to the certain ear!

The end result - sheer exhilaration when the driver performs a coordinated clutch release and flooring of the accelerator pedal. This has been discussed, argued, fought over a zillion times on this forum and over drinks.

Circa 2020: IC engines have been relegated for a cleaner, greener, less noisy world. Electric motor powered automobiles hum past. No smoke, smell or noise. The driver has to just tap the pedal or push a button and the car zips ahead. The drive system comprises of an electric motor, a power source and a computer.

Now what performance mods can anyone think of here? Lets imagine – “Dudes, I just switched to 30 A copper coils, watch me burn some rubber”! And off he presses the pedal, onboard computer detects excessive torque, limits the current, eliminates any kind of “rubber burn” and the car hums ahead.

Aargh… what is our world coming to? What can we take pride in now, fight and bitch about? How can mine be bigger, better and more importantly, distinct and unique from yours? Where are our pistons, injectors, clutches, gear boxes and valves? What will happen to 3.0L versus 2.2L and 16V DOHC versus 8V pushrod?

Folks, what do you think? Future is promising, but are we going to have fun?

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Originally Posted by gd1418 View Post
Wander, you post makes reading extremely difficult. If you cut/pasting from some place else, then do so first in Notepad so that all the formatting is removed and then copy from Notepad and paste it here..
Agreed the formatting is difficult to decipher, but the words in it have a more difficult meaning. Should we/should'nt we - stand by electric power. Very very controversial, (IMO) I say we stand by it. Did you see the recent episode in National Geogr... where a Car powered by Laptop Batteries left a Corvette in the Dust?
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At least I have a dream. All car will be having a constant rpm silent IC- engine. It is only turning shaft of an alternator which is charging two batteries - One for main motor and another smaller one for turning on/off of IC-engine+ running on board computer. Now you have simple engine as no fuel reguation related to torque. Engine is turned ON/OFF by a computer which is monitoring main battery for low and full charging.

Simple! When could I get this?

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on an aside, will it not be more polluting with all the batteries that'll be required?

and no turbo lag man - sooo boring
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Sorry about the formatting folks... I actually typed and cut-paste from ms word (I wanted a spell-check )

We all agree that IC engines in their current form will not live long. Also, the current breed of electric or hybrid cars (though some are faster than the corvette) are not mod-friendly and fun as pure IC-engined cars. Well, the purpose of the post was to get the thinkers to come up with ideas of how to add the fun factor to electric cars - they are the inevitable future.

E.g., an electric car with a manual shift and a programmable on-board computer that will simulate the characteristics of an IC-engine. Add a couple of speakers to produce the sound of a ferrari! cheers:
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Originally Posted by phamilyman View Post
and no turbo lag man - sooo boring
Who said ? You might get a turbo-lag option for the software.. probably at an extra cost
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This is one of the reasons why BMW wants to use hydrogen in a IC engine and not in a fuel cell stack. They want to keep it complicated.
The sound, the whine everything can be simulated. The vehicle dynamics will remain the same and can be enjoyed as it is today.

With the following
Betavoltaic Battery: Scientists Invent 30 Year Continuous Power Laptop Battery

If cars could come with enough betavoltaic material loaded, it could last a lifetime !!

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