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Old 2nd January 2014, 15:38   #301
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

So here is my sob story with Exide matrix.

Bought my Hyundai i10 in May 2009. The car came with Exide battey.

Fast forward to December 2012. Wife and I went on a drive to our Wayanad. In Wayanad, I some how felt the car did not start in the usual fashion. And had to crank it twice. Decided to get it checked once I get back to Coimbatore that night.

Reached Coimbatore safely on December 30, 2012. Next day morning, the car wouldnt start. Yes, battery was dead. But was happy that it lasted over 3.5 years. After reading all the threads on exide, decided to go with Amaron. Trouble was couldn't find a single dealer who sold Amaron batteries for i10. Apparently i10 uses a very odd shaped battery that is not common .

And add to this, the frequent power troubles in Tamil Nadu at that time, all dealers were more than happy to store and sell UPS batteries. So finally after 3 hours of search decided to buy an Exide again. Had no choice. This was an Exide Matrix with 5 year warranty (2.5 years replacement).

Cost me INR 4600 after discounts. Started back to Bangalore the same day.

Fast forward to December 2013. It was company winter shutdown time again and headed off to Coimbatore for the annual holidays. On December 29, 2013 - exactly 364 days since I got the battery - it went dead again . This was the worst.

Called up the dealer and he sent a guy to check it out. Yup - the battery was pronounced dead. And this on a car which only has a stereo as additional accessory and nothing else. And NO - the car was not idle for more than 2 days ever.

And to add more trouble, I did not have the bill and warranty card with me. It was at home in Bangalore. Even if I had it with me, it would be of no use. The dealer came up with this great little process for getting the replacement.

Step 1: Send the battery to him with bill and warranty. He will forward it to Exide.
Step 2: Get a spare battery from him that will last for about 10 days. No guarantees.
Step 3: Wait for Exide to respond to the claim. Then replace the spare with the one from Exide.

What is the catch - It can take upto 10 working days. But in 2 days, I have to get back to Bangalore and with my wife and 2.5 year old. I wasnt ready to take chances with a spare battery. And even if I did, I will have to bear the expenses of shipping the replacement battery back from Bangalore to Coimbatore, etc.

Was totally pissed off. Decided to buy a fresh Amaron and got it in 2 hours. Cost about 4100.

Called up the Exide dealer again and told him, that he can have the battery and get the replacement and sell it as he wishes (or) use it. But just give me some money back for it. We agreed on INR 1500 - but he will pay it once he gets back the replacement battery from Exide. I reached Bangalore yesterday on Amarons. Will be couriering the bill and warranty for the old Exide today back to the dealer.
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

Replaced my car battery (old battery was a SF Sonic Jet- which is same as exide) which offered a faithful service of 4.5 years. I feel that it was great since my car lies idle for periods as long as a week many times. In fact, my stock battery lasted for more than 5 years.
Coming to the battery I chose & why: Exide Matrix. Though, for obvious reasons, Exide was not my first choice at all. In fact, was not even in the consideration list. I was looking for Amaron. But could hardly locate a dealer for Amaron in the whole city. Even tried contacting a dealer listed on the website - he changed his business but this is not updated on the Amaron website. Then I mailed to the branch & corporate offices asking them where to source Amaron batteries, waited 3 days, but no response Not even an automated courtesy mail. This was in conjunction to what the dealers of other batteries had to say about Amaron- 'the service is bad'. Hence, dropped the idea to buy an Amaron.

Was interested in Mico Bosch but the limited 18 month warranty put me off. Finally opted for Exide Matrix, which has a 2.5 year replacement guarantee and then some money back for another 2.5 years. The deal was mouth watering. The price for Matrix was Rs. 52XX. I was given a 500 rupee discount and another 500 bucks for the old battery. Hence paid 4200 bucks and came home happily. Hope this happiness lasts for at least 4 years!

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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

Originally Posted by Naetik30 View Post
So here is my sob story with Exide matrix.

This was an Exide Matrix with 5 year warranty (2.5 years replacement).
My advice to everyone is to stay away from Exide Matrix.

It seems to have some inherent issue and does not last even its warranty period (replacement 2.5 yrs). I have seen quite a few (including mine) conk off and requiring warranty replacement in my friend circle.

The exide dealer (who is a friend) has also confirmed that the issue within warranty period is quite high for Exide Matrix.


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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

Hi All,

My I20 (Close to 5 years/51KM+) exide battery gone today. They came and confirmed that i need to replace now. They are quoting 7K for Exide (5yrs W with depc) .
Please suggest - Amaron or Exide.

Thanks in advance.

Mod - Please move my post if this is not right place.
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

In the market for a battery for a relative's car. Was considering Amaron vs Exide.
Checked with my SA who said that even 1 year old Exides are failing.
So going with Amaron. Hope no problems with this one ..
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

No wonder !! I was wondering why my Fiesta with a new Exide fitted in last May is giving me trouble now. Then a quick search on our forum lead to this thread. I am not sure if my battery is the Matrix one, but 1.5 yrs on a pretty well maintained car is far too less I feel.

I am planning to give the battery a charge from the Ford A.S.S. here and seeing if that helps, any suggestions here?
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

The Exide Max battery (Dec 2012) in my Swift vDi abruptly conked. I called the Exide Batmobile last night, and after taking down my details (he was dejected when he heard it was not under warranty), told me that he will come today morning by 930 and jump start the car. I waited till 11 and did not hear from them at all.

Disappointed with their service. I ordered an Amaron (Amaron AAM-GO-565106590) from BatteryBhai with a 36 month warranty.

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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

Just came to report a positive experience.

My i10's Exide battery conked off yesterday after 6 years of faithful service. The battery voltage shows ~12V, but don't have the juice to crank. The car ran 30k and the battery did not give any problems all the while. Replaced with another Exide "Mileage" FMI0-MI40LBH (ordered through BatteryBhai). BTW, the online price and the regular shop price were almost same.

My erstwhile Palio had Exide's replaced two times, both gave 4.5 and 5 years of service.
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

Guys, is Exide providing a full 3 year / 5 year warranty on some of it's for car battery's models ?
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

I purchased an Exide Matrix Red for my i20 Diesel last week. The OEM Exide died after a long bout of illness and after some amount of analysis, decided to go with Exide. Shortlisted two batteries - Amaron Go and the Exide. Amaron comes with a 36 month (18+18) warranty, whereas the Exide had 60 month (30+30) warranty. Decided to go for the Exide due to the warranty length.

Purchased the battery online at carbatteryexpert.com. Price for Chennai was quoted at ₹5,300 for the 68aH battery after old battery buy back. Based on the quotes I got from some brick and mortar stores, this was the cheapest, so went ahead and placed order with CoD. Order was placed at 7:30 PM, got a confirmation call at 8 PM and the battery was delivered and installed at my doorstep next morning at 8 am.

This website has a tie up with a local battery retailer - boxpower enterprises. Their technician was very professional and was very knowledgeable on batteries. Installation was fine well and I was all set in about 15 minutes. Was pretty satisfied with the service provided.

Hopefully, the battery too provides the same level of satisfaction on the long run.
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

Been using a Exide Matrix DIN55 in my Fiat Palio 1.6 GTX. The battery was manufactured in 2010 and installed in early 2011, making it 5 years old now and still going pretty strong. I expect it to last a few more months at least.

This time it will be replaced by an Amaron for the simple reason I prefer to have removable caps to top up the water. The Exide is sealed and the only removable part is the magic eye which lets you top up water in only 1 cell.

Amaron - I was away and started my Corolla Altis after 5 months (yeah FIVE, it's not a typo) the battery cranked the engine and the car started without hassles. This was a test. I ran the engine for a while switched it off and then removed the battery. It was charged at home using a smart charger and a desulphator for 2 days. The battery is near 2.5 years old still under warranty but working perfectly.

PS - Water topped off twice in that single cell during this 5 year period. I think there was a time when the battery was being overcharged. After the regulator was replaced the voltage is rock steady at 13.82V when the engine is idling.

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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

Originally Posted by condor View Post
Guys, is Exide providing a full 3 year / 5 year warranty on some of it's for car battery's models ?
Yes, got a 5 year(2 year prorata) warranty for the i20 Asta Diesel.
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

The Amaron battery (3yr warranty) in my Lancer is still going strong after almost 4.5 years. Will probably last for another 6 months. Though my experience with Exide has been very good, but it does seem that Amaron provides superior value given the premium Exide charges...

Originally Posted by lancer_rit View Post
So, it was time to change my Exide battery - it was 3 year warranty (1.5yr + 1.5yr), and did do above 4 years. Charge was going down to 8.9V when checked today.

It seems the Exide 3 year battery costs same as Amaron 4-year battery (Amaron 3-year is 300 bucks cheaper). Also, Exide 4 year battery is 1500 bucks more expensive than Exide 3 year.

I thought to try out Amaron 3-year, with discount was charged 3.3k
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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

I generally agree to go with Amaron and in my experience - their batteries lasts much more than their warranty period. But the stock battery in my Hyundai Eon, which is just 2 years and 7 months is losing its power and yesterday I had to push start. In my past experience, the stock batteries (all brands) lasts for 4 - 5 years. When I checked at the service center, they told now a days, it lasts only 2-3 years...

I feel Hyundai is the culprit - may be bulk - buying custom battery which may have a different quality / life - in order reduce their overall product cost. Also in the A.S.S. side, it will be another opportunity to resell.

Another pain is Hyundai use base fixing batteries in their new cars, which costs Rs.500 extra compared to normal batteries of same ratings.

Whatever be the reason, I am not very happy with this experience.

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Default Re: Oh No! Exide battery woes again

Had bought Exide Mileage 50AH for my Palio in May 2014.
It carried a waranty of 24 + 24 wherein the last 24 months was pro-rata warranty.

As it usually happens with me, battery lasts only a couple of months more than the replacement warranty. Battery sent to the dealer on 11/08/2016

Now I am trying to find out the terms of this pro-rata warranty online but I cannot find them anywhere.
The model number of the battery is fmi0-midin50.

Can someone here help me with this? Battery was given to the dealer from whom I bought the battery who further sent it to Exide and today informed me Exide accepted that one of the cells has failed, and approved, and he will get back to me with the % part of the pro-rata warranty.

I cannot find the original warranty leaflet and I do not want to get cheated by the dealer.
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