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Originally Posted by ravi@64bhp View Post
Two months back, my cousin bought Aviator and the mechanic there while delivery suggested not to fill the premium or speed fuel and to stricly use only normal unleaded fuel.
I know this. Even the sevice guys at City Honda said the same thing. It is just when sometimes you are in a hurry and the pump guys say no normal that you have to fill premium!!

It is not recommended by Honda for all its two wheelers.
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Originally Posted by paras211 View Post
speed 97 is pink in colour.
Yes, color is the differentiating factor. I think regular unleaded petrol is Orange in color and the one with additives (speed, power, xtra premium) is Red in color.
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Yes this question was haunting me for long (since i quit Shell) there are no good fuel stations in magadi main road Bangalore, I drive to Rajajinagar Inter state high way service BPCL dealer use petro card
I always ask the cashier why only speed avilable he just smiles and shrugs his shoulders(making me think i am fooled)
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Wish the fuelling hoses were transparent enough for us to see the color of the fuel to differentiate between the normal and premium.
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Old 2nd July 2008, 12:19   #20
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Just before the nozzle there is a circular window that has a plastic rotor that rotates when the fuel is being filled. One can also see the colour of the fuel while filling..

Originally Posted by Mission_Safari View Post
Wish the fuelling hoses were transparent enough for us to see the color of the fuel to differentiate between the normal and premium.
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I read somewhere that the petrol companies like IOC, BPCL, HPCL are promoting premium fuels and not giving enough supplies of the normal fuels.
This is to reduce the losses as they get more margins from their premium brands.

So, it looks like the chances of getting ripped off by paying premium for normal are slim..
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Old 3rd July 2008, 08:49   #22
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Can Rights To Info (RTI) Act help in anyays here ?
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Before he pumps in fuel in your car do two things,
Tell the guy that you will need a bill,show him a small glass bottle to him and tell him to fill it first.
I have tried this many times and twice I got an answer that sir,please wait let me check if normal petrol is there or not,finally I got what I want i.e regular petrol.
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Old 3rd July 2008, 12:16   #24
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well not sure about the colour coding of the petrol !!

but we can do one thing for sure to buy octane booster pills available in market !!

it will cost almost same

Home | Car Pills
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I bought some petrol in pet bottle to check whether there is any colour difference b/w XtraPremium & normal IOC petrol from a company pump, but in vain. There was no colour & smell difference.

So, there is a lot of room for cheating !
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Smile Different fuels and performance

HI friends

One serious doubt .

There are different fuel brands in market like IOC, HP, IBP etc. Apart from that each company has its own brand of fuel with additives like xtramila, speed etc.
All retail outlets whether HP, IOC etc have the same fuel as all of them takes fuel from the same refinery in their vicinity. So obviously fuel quality does not change across them.
But what about the branded fuels. I have heard many people having different opinion on this. Toyota, Honda specifically tell not to use any fuel other than the ordinary fuel. Skoda guys told me to go for extramile diesel as it will offer superior power and mileage. Maruti also suggests to use Xtrapremium. With ZEN I too felt considerable difference in engine power when using branded fuels.

Please shed some light on this.

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suggest you read this as to how Petroleum companies seem to be taking consumer for a ride:
Does branded petrol really give you that extra mile? - India Business - Business - NEWS - The Times of India

Also to an RTI query fired by a person the response provided by HPCL:

1. No test results for difference between ordinary product and branded product available.
2. The main difference is a "additive".
3. The price difference between ordinary and branded was only Rs. 1.28 for Petrol and Re. 0.36 for Diesel on 1 January 2005 but has now increased (as on 19 July 2008) to Rs. 4.00 for petrol and Rs. 2.55 for Diesel. There is no change in the composition of the branded product during this time.
4. Dealers are paid higher margin on branded product as compared to ordinary product - Rs. 1.052 v/s Rs 1.240 for Petrol and Rs 0.631 v/s Rs 0.721 for Diesel.
5. Sales progress clearly shows that either the consumers have taken whole heartedly to branded fuel or the company/dealers are consciously pushing the product:

Jan 2005 365 v/s 1929 (normal) abt 16%
Jan 2006 539 v/s 2078 abt 20%
Jan 2007 396 v/s 1638 abt 20%
Jan 2008 1011 v/s 3458 abt 23%
June 2008 1874 v/s 3080 abt 38%

(the figures given do not give the units like - litres, KL, lakhs, million litres etc..)

Slightly lower trend noticed in Diesel.
Read more about it here

Need Help: RTI application for Branded Petrol / Diesel - Right to Information
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unless there is good consumer protection, government agencies that are corruption free and heavily penalising retailers who take customers for a ride, i may not go for premium fuels. A lot of fraudsters in all petrol stations. Whether company owned or not, the motto always is to 'Deceive customers'

I have seen so many Company Owned perol stations, where once the filling starts after confiming zero, and mid way through somebody comes and asks if you want a receipt or the other person asks you for a membership card and then someone else asks you to try premium fuel. This is all to distract you. 3/4th down the way, when the nozzle is put back, it only shows the preset amount and we assume that desired quanity has been dispensed. At the end of the day, the petrol station has more money than the fuel sold , which is shared by all.

With regards to premium fuel forget it ! Again a scam by the employees.
System G with normal petrol or after market octane boosters is what i would always reccomend

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I agree with others, i have stopped filling premiums, Its better to use flashlube or other additives, so that we can be sure that we have added additives with peace of mine that we are not cheated.
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+1 to rolling your own, buy regular, add your own additive ( System D in my case)
cheaper , and you are always sure
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