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Default Over heating ikon


the car has been overheating off late. the needle goes up and the coolant level seem to dip, but once the car is cooled out, the collant level goes up again. no idea why that is happening? is that normal? what are the other things to check as far as engine is concerned? The exhaust air, i feel is hotter that it used to be. The mechanic has said that the IOT sensor is malfunctioning. what is an IOT sensor?

The car is an ikon 1.6 sep 2000 model.
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Given what you have said about the coolant level changing - maybe it is a problem with the cooling system as opposed to a malfunctioning sensor.

Also, ive never heard of an IOT sensor. Maybe he means IAT sensor (Intake Air Temperature).

Personally, I would suspect waterpump, thermostat, cooling system blockage before anything else in this case.

Maybe others can provide more specific advice.

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Old 29th July 2008, 05:07   #3
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Coolant level changes as you accelerate, it will dip as it circulates and without the accelerator it should return to normal level.
Check the coolant level and system for leaks.
The mention of exhaust gases being hotter than usual might very well indicate the IAT sensor at fault and engine running a richer mixture probably due to a dirty IAC valve(another problamatic area of the Ikon) due to which the engine might be running hot.
BTW what is the indicated temperature when you drive?

Getting the IAC valve and Throttle Body cleaned - Rs.607 at Ford.
Coolant will be for Rs. 900 Approx.
IAT Sensor replacement would be quite expensive.
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The temp sensor is at fault. it rarely goes up beyond the grey area. and the radiator fan is almost always on.
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Get your themostat checked ASAP. It blocks coolant flow to the radiator when the engine is cold - this allows the engine temperature to reach its operating temperature faster. Once the temperature is reached it pens and the coolant flows through the radiator. In case the temperature goes higher, the fan comes on. Please note that the fan would also run when the AC is switched on. Whenever my coolant was being filled, my mechanic first bought the level to the minimum and started the car. Once the temperature was reached he poured in more coolant.
I would suggest that you get the thermostat checked first, it can be cleaned but replacement would be approx. Rs. 1800. Make sure you get the distributor housing also cleaned. This is situated on engine toeards the battery side - has a lot of hoses coming out from it. The hose goes to the heater has a connector which goes to the gauge (so I was told). One more thing - overheating in an Ikon 1.6 can ruin your engine. This is true for all cars - more so for 1.6.
I have a January 2000 1.6.
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Old 30th July 2008, 15:48   #6
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definitely check your thermostat and more specifically, the thermostat housing. I've found this to be a commonly malfunctioning piece of hardware on the Ikon 1.6. I had to get it replaced twice! Although I never faced an overheating problem, my housing was leaking small amounts of coolant.
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took it to the workshop on friday. the coolant was definietly leaking, it is leaking only when it is pressurised. so cleaned the whole thing and waiting to find out where the leak is. the car is running a lot smoother.

also fixed fog lamps(cats eye type) a pair cost me about 1050/- the car is going great now.

the auto tensioner puley has an issue, the pulley has a play whihc has caued the threads to go bad. adviced to replace the whole unit. however the mechanic did some stuff and the car is not making that awful sound any more. also the engine response has increased. probable because of the less load on the belt and the puley.

replaced the ORVM not the assembly just the mirror 120 a piece.

service costs including welding on the silencer pipe to fix the chrome tip that broke off and all fliud top up rs 650/-

thats the update as of now.
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Hey govi, nice to know there aren't any major issues. And regarding the other costs involved, they do seem very reasonable, for a Ford. Is Ford changing for good??
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Had a similar issue with my ikon,fan was found to be culprit.
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Default Major problems with Ford Ikon 1.3 ROCAM

Ppl, I am having major problems with my freind's car which has been left in my care, here is an outline of the situation till now, which is desperate:

The car is a Flair 1.3 ROCAM, 2003 model, no major problems as yet, started overheating, used to go to 3/4th of the temp gauge when driven with A/C in traffic or without A/C for long time in traffic. I suspected the following:
-water pump problem
-blockage or choking in hoses
-thermostat faulty/needs cleaning
-fan not coming on/sensor problem, because car used to be fine when
running with A/C on
-coolant has become overused and requires change
-radiator requires flush and coolant change
Gave car to my trusted (so I thought) mechanic last week

The guy kept the car, said he was checking and doing diagnostics, I stay in KP, so going to Kothrud, where his garage is, everyday was out of question. I kept following up on phone, he said that he did mechanical checks and car is fine, giving to Autoscan, Karve Road for diagnostics of electricals. FRAUDS!!! Said that the car is revving to 3000 RPM on idle and the ECM has a problem The garage guy is also in cahoots with him. Said ECM repair, cost Rs.6000, guarantee problem solve, I said nothing doing, brought the car back.

On the way, car is unmanageable, runs without any throttle being given, overheated and coolant boiled and leaked all over the place Problem with starting, then found out there was no petrol. Filled petrol, cooled it down, limped it back home.

Local guy who's been there for many years says saab, simple problem hai, ECM nahin kharab hota aise. I am bound to agree with him, gong tomorrow to personally supervise checking of above mentioned along with throttle actuator.

please advise guys, major problem, I am desperate!!!
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Default Heating

THe areas need to be checked,if the radiator is working fine.
1.Thermostat valve,Due to the valve not opening properly allow the water/coolant circulation.Someintes water pump also will not work properly.
2.Head gas gut will be the second point to be checked.
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Default Re: Over heating ikon

Well posting in a very very old thread but thought of sharing the Ford Ikon 1.3 overheating issues.

Problems: after running for a couple of kilometers fan kicks off and runs with a very loud sound due to temperature needle hovering near or just above the half way mark.

Fixes tried: checked thermostat, fan, coolant levels and also got the radiator flushed for blockage. However no solution and the issue persisted.

Solution: Everyday before I leave to office the engine is switched on and left running for about 5 minutes [more than the regular 1-2 minute warm up]. The rpm settles around the 800 mark and strangely the issue has disappeared. I hardly hear the fan during my 22 kms journey from Adugodi to ITPB, Whitefield at peak hours
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Default Re: Over heating ikon

The problem in my case turned out to be quite simple...one of the spark plug wires was loose,causing the car to run on 3 cylinders sometimes. Local mechanic fixed the wire and viola,no more overheating.

If only these cars were OBDII compliant.
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