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Default M800 moves by itself

I'm seeing a strange thing happening with my M800. It's a Oct '99 model Type 3 I think. I'll try my best to explain:

When in 1st, 2nd or even 3rd gear sometimes, the car moves on very slowly without the accelerator being pressed. And this is even if the road is slightly steep, pot holed, bumpy etc & even with two folks in the car.

I can't tell from when this has started, because I only realised recently.
I usually service the car at either Solar or Smart Cars in Bangalore & as oer the intervals mentioned.

Though there don't seem to be any problem because of this behavior, it still bothers me. I feel its got to do something with teh clutch setting? And my 06 Baleno does not behave the same.

Any suggestions, thoughts are appreciated. Should I specify behavior this & get the car checked at MASS?

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I would assume that your car has a carb & that the idle rpm is set too high. That is the reason she creeps forward automatically on releasing the clutch.

It's a minor adjustment, get the idle rpm adjusted from a decent mechanic & it should be fine.
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you may be surprised, but I had it in my cars, and i liked it.

e.g. my tight parking inside house is slightly on a slope, and I need to keep pushing the car and brake at the same time. i let it creep and and control with my brake. Ya I know you can use handbrake and what not.

when you don't want to move it, just put it in neutral. and if standing for a longer time, kill the ignition.
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During the first free service of my petrol fiesta, I had complained of sensitive clutch. It was like a on/off switch and resulted in jerks and sometimes the car stalled and switched on after stalling at low rpm's. Ford people did some adjustments to the clutch i believe and now this thing happens. The car moves without any accelerator input in first and second gear ( which was not happening before service). Also my diesel indigo used to cruise @ 20kmph in 2nd gear with no accelerator input for quite a long time (dont know when it cropped up in this case).

Why is this happening and will it harm the car in the long run(affecting FE or clutch wear or something like that)??

PS: The rpm in fiesta shows no change.. idles at 900rpm before and after the service.

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Get it tuned! possibly at a M.A.S.S. Your idle rpm is too high.
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Old 3rd August 2008, 08:36   #6
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If the mileage is good, I feel he should leave the car alone. it is a useful thing to have in bumper to bumper traffic.
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it should crawl under 5kmph and not run (hope you get that) in first second with no jerks, clutch released gently, no throttle and AC switched OFF.

with above factors if it crawls in 3rd with jerks then your idle is perfect but if it keeps running fast then your idle is set to high just get the idle set.

With AC ON your car will keep running not crawling in 1st 2nd 3rd too with no throttle no clutch.

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The problem is too high idling. We are having same problem now in our 1992 Maruti 800. When we accelerated heavily in CNG, the car would jerk and wont respond. So the idling is raised. For CNG, it good, but when we drive in petrol mode, sometimes it becomes a little dangerous.
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hi a.r.,
i had e maruti 800 bsII and it had the same kind of thing your car has got . the engine is kept at that kind of idling cause it has to bear the a/c load. it is perfectly normal as all cars have this. even my chevy optra has this feature.
but incase if ur idleing is too much more than 1100rpm then there is some problem. otherwise it is a normal phenomenon
tkc cheers

hi a.r.,
well i had e 2004 maruti800 bsII. it had the same phenomenon. the ideling was set to withstand the a/c load and keep the car in idle mode in case of halting with the engine on. so chill and its perfectly normal. even my chevy's rpm is set to 900 rpm during idling conditions.
however if u think that its idling rate is more and u consuming a lot of fuel take it to a M.A.S.S. and they'll fix it for u. it hardly takes anytime to set it.

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Hmm.. The title gave me ideas at first, like some "vodoo" thing.

If you are meaning that the car moves without accelerator being pressed, my MPFI wagonR, and several other people on this forum have reported, elsewhere that their cars move if clutch is released slowly, and will move even into 3rd gear, without the accelerator at all.

Guess this is normal.
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The idle rpm is moving the car. There is nothing to worry. If I were you, I would enjoy that. Infact all automatic cars are generally set to roll during idle. I observed some manual trasmission cars behave similiar too. That little rolling helps you a lot in bumper to bumper traffic. In such traffic I dont use my accelerator. Just put the car in 1st or 2nd gear and control it with the brake. My Indica behaves similiar too.

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These are all just a minor idling setting in your car, get your cars idling done and the problem is solved.

This is good for the learners who cannot handle both brake and the accelerator in the steep road and in the conjusted traffic.
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By the way, on radio here in US there is a show called car talk. Once somebody asked about her porsche moving forward wen parked.

it happened because she had put the car in reverse gear, and due to electrical malfunctioning starter motor turned a little, many times. many more people have reported the same.
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