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Default Re: Sx4 Woes!!!!

Originally Posted by drbabuanand View Post
this is the third time the head is being opened.
yes ,it all started with a stone as per their opinion which i dont belive.
their over heating theory is blown out gasket which they changed it twice.
Why dont you demand for an engine replacement instead of MUL coming up with that suggestion? You have enough records to prove it in any court that the engine was not performing well / was not operational as in a new car.

Also I dont think if your warrenty is expired they can ask you money for changing the engine. The problem was recorded in systems when car was under warrenty. Whenever you taking the vehicle back after repair, make sure that you write on job card that "You have not test driven to check the issue completely resolved, in good faith of Maruthi service I believe that issue resolved as claimed by service and accepting the vehicle". This will be useful at a later point of time.
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Default Re: Sx4 Woes!!!!

Dear Doctor, As suggested earlier by one of the bhpians, please go to a consumer court ASAP and make the head of service (MSIL) personally liable along with the head of your A.S.S. Before that, kindly ensure that there were no accessories that they (MSIL) may use as an excuse for breaching warranty.
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Default Re: Sx4 Woes!!!!

HotChillyPepper- i have asked for a brand new car which is asking for the moon.i will be happy if they could replace atleast the engine.as i mentioned the pla guys are tight lipped.they have not bothered to tell what the problem is and what is the solution. they have placed orders for the head and the rings,probably replacing them under warranty.

cpbopanna- the only accessories added to the car was the replacement of the stock speakers.
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Default Re: Sx4 Woes!!!!

the car is now road worthy according to their tsm . they have replaced the head,rings and all the gaskets, and the radiator also.now they want me to test drive the car which i have been postponing.
the tsm mr.narayanan sent me the following mail.the fabled "good will gesture" mentioned by scorpion finds its place here.

Dear Sir

Thank you for writing to us

This is in reference to your SX4 vehicle repairs at PLA Motors cantonment workshop

We sincerely apologize the inconvenience caused to you in this regard

Based on our dealership diagnosis, repairs have been carried out & your vehicle is ready at PLA Trichy workshop, our workshop team will explain you in detail the root cause of failure and the necessary rectification carried out to restore the vehicle to normalcy condition, replacement of certain affected parts carried out under goodwill basis under free of cost

We were also in continuous touch with our dealership towards the repair activity and they had updated us the repairs were on progress with your consent only, and understood that the jobs are executed there apart

We request you to have a joint test drive to check the vehicle performance as of now

We valve your sentiment towards the your request of replacement of the vehicle, however as per our policy, necessary parts in the vehicle will be repaired and (or) replaced to bring back the same to roadworthy condition

Our dealership will offer you a stand-by car to facilitate your business work till the delivery of the vehicle

Your kind co-operation in this regard is expected


Territory Service Manager
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Regional office - South 1
Chennai - 34
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Default Re: Sx4 Woes!!!!

Opening this old thread as I have similar problem and normally creating new thread gets me banned.
I have a Mumbai registered SX4 ZXi, 2010 December. Normally I stay in Gujarat and give the car there for service to a small Maruti authorised station.
The car was fitted with a Lovato CNG Sequential kit in July 2012 and RTO registered.
In October 2013 I had an engine overheating problem on the highway and had to tow the car to Sai Service in Mumbai. They said the head assembly was damaged and needed replacement. They also said that since CNG was fitted outside, warranty was void?
On our insistence, they machined the head rather than replacing, cost about 22k including all other service costs like AC, oil etc.
Can was running almost okay. Now, after 6 months, I am again getting jerks, car is not taking petrol properly. Got checked at Sai anf they cleaned the ignition coil and plugs, it's better now. Got checked at a small maruti service center in Khar and after checking for one day, the person says there is no compression in 2 chambers and this can lead to further damage to the engine slowly.
Now what. Can I expect Maruti / Sai to service under my extended warranty? Or is that gone because of CNG. The CNG kit was removed in October and we have not fitted it again as we thought it was the reason for the problem, but we are not sure if this was the case.
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Default Re: Sx4 Woes!!!!

Originally Posted by jesrani View Post
Can I expect Maruti / Sai to service under my extended warranty? Or is that gone because of CNG. The CNG kit was removed in October and we have not fitted it again as we thought it was the reason for the problem.
Although adding CNG kits are more common today the very notion of adding an alternative fuel kit outside of factory kit makes me uneasy. These maybe branded kits but they will never give you a 100% compatibility guarantee so in the interest of safety until further investigations are done let the CNG stay removed from the vehicle. Factory default is the safest option outweighing any running costs.

CNG kits as I read, do cause heating, but the problem could just as easily be low coolant or its thermostat failing. MSIL is the best judge in this situation. They would've noted down past troubles in the records and in this case they could easily nullify the warranty if the kit was found to be the problem. As the head assembly already had warpage earlier, the current compression problem maybe due to improper machining or a revisiting of some older issue. In this case it's your word vs. theirs. No harm negotiating though. I don't recommend much driving until then.
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