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My driving style in not at all revvy or clutch heavy !

I plan to do the following :
  1. Change the fuel station.
  2. Put in System G ( 74,000 Kms run)
  3. Check Plug , change air and oil filter.
  4. Clean Throttle body.
  5. Well she runs on synthetic oil.
  6. Well am not sure if the clutch has busted [SIZE=+1][COLOR=#000090]Clutch Diagnostic Test[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]If you find that your clutch has failed, here is an at-home diagnostic test that anyone can perform:[/SIZE]
    1. [SIZE=2]Start your car, set the parking break, and put the car in neutral. [/SIZE]
    2. [SIZE=2]With your car idling, listen for a growling noise without pushing the clutch in. If you hear something, it's most likely a problem with the transmission. If you don't hear a noise, proceed to step three.[/SIZE]
    3. [SIZE=2]With the car still in neutral, begin to push the clutch and listen for noise. If you hear a chirping noise as you press, it's most likely the clutch release, or throw-out bearing. If you don't hear a noise, proceed to step four.[/SIZE]
    4. [SIZE=2]Push the clutch all the way to the floor. If you hear a squealing noise, it's probably the pilot bearing or bushing.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]If you don't hear any noise during these four steps, then your problem is probably not the clutch. If you hear the noise at idle and it goes away when the clutch is pressed, it may be an issue in the contact point between the fork and pivot ball.[/SIZE]
    check up ) - source "How stuff works "
But my clutch passed the above test !!

Am bit worried .. i cant live with this economy .. atleast 8-10 km/lts in city crawl and 12-15 km/lt on highways is what am expecting ... rather should I ?

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A lot depends on driving style and traffic conditions as well.

The 1st thing to do as suggested by others as well is to change the petrol pump and see if there is a difference, if not the futher trouble shoot.
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Originally Posted by mobike008 View Post
If changing the bunk and curbing your right foot also does not yeild better result. Then head straight to the A.S.S for them to check the car out.
Don't worry about the right foot. You should see how my husband drives his Petra. He's getting around 13 even after that. Get the car checked.

Originally Posted by JVH View Post
My recently acquired GTX (10 days old) returned me an average of 8 kmpl but this was because am still getting used to its driving style having driven a zen before.
My guess is clutch work is the culprit.
Just drive the GTX the way it's supposed to be driven. You'll be suprised that it gives better milege when driven hard.

Originally Posted by sanjaymugur View Post
my PALIO 1.2 ELX gives me the same mileage (10 - 10.5kmpl) in bangalore with 100% AC on, & highways also it gives 16 - 17kmpl... damn missed on 1.6 experince ...kicking myself...
You're right, the 1.2 & 1.6 give almost the same milege.

Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I have Petra 1.6 and I guess Engine is same as Palio 1.6

My point is, its all in your Driving style. Earlier I used to Drive the Petrol car in same style as Diesel Car and gradually I improved my Driving style.
Each car has got its own driving Style and you need to understand (listen

Second point is: I keep my tire Pressure in 30 (front & Back) and any reduction in this tire pressure and effect in mileage.

So What I am emphasising is: Improve your Driving Style and automatically your Mileage will increase.

Very valid points. Driving style plays a very important role in milege.
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Originally Posted by Furious55 View Post

Just drive the GTX the way it's supposed to be driven. You'll be suprised that it gives better milege when driven hard.
You replied to my post which was written about a year ago. This gives me a good reason to update. Over the past year, it has given me 9-10 kmpl in city and about 11-12 kmpl on highways.

And it does like to be revved
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I get anywhere between 9-10 kmpl with regular traffic here. Suggest you go to A** and get tuning checked. Also replace air/fuel filters.

Surprising I get both better mileage and better performance with premium fuel though I still cant fathom why given that it is inherently the same product with minimal additives
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These are the things you need to get checked for low mileage.

- Check and maintain tyre pressure around 30 psi
- Check / replace lambda / oxygen sensor. This could be one of the reasons.
- Check Ignition Coil for proper functioning. Not sure how to check this but i've heard it could cause low mileage. I've also heard that malfuncion leads to jerks so not very sure if this could be your problem.
- Clean your exhaust system.
- Clean Fuel system and Clean/change air filter.
- On the 1.6 FIATS change gears at around 2K.
- Stick to a good Fuel Station and to a particular Type either branded or normal unleaded. Normal is enough for the 1.6 unless you want to spend more and get s slightly lessersounding engine.

Hope this helps. Otherwise get a mileage check done at the A.S.S.

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Originally Posted by meremortal View Post
Dude !! 3k-4k shifting is hard on the engine.
Shifting at 3K-4K is not hard on the engine at all, and or 1.6, its just the beginning if you're a spirited driver. Of course it is hard on your pocket and that's all! Sadly many 1.6 owners are very calm drivers and they never push the car to the limits - and IMO if you have not done that, why to have a 1.6 at all.

With my 1.2, in normal driving I shift at around 2K rpm, but if I want to overtake/accelerate fast, I don't mind revving all the way upto 6K or 7K rpm. I do that very often and my engine is still fine, after 43K Kms. I still get an FE of 13 - 16.5 Kmpl in Kerala. City mileage and highway mileage doesn't differ too much in this state.

Now, another point:

How many will agree with me if I add an additional clause with the statement

FE depends a lot on driving style, especially for an MPFI engine.
(Compared with old carburated engines)

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Originally Posted by karizma_devil View Post
My S 10 is giving 6 km/ltr !!! In bumper - Bumper Powai traffice !!

PLease help befor am bankrupt !
Take it on the highway and let me know. I used to regularly get about 13kmpl driving normally from Chembur to Vashi. If you get anything lower then that then check it out. If you manage 12.5-13.5 then it's okay.
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Guys i dont have issues of jerking or uneven power supply when i tab the A- paddle .

I use HP - Power petrol . It was my 1st Tank -ful to tank full reading.

Though the clutch paddle feels a bit softer, but there is absolutely no play ( i mean on gear when the clutched is fully pressed to the floor , the car doesnt roll ahead ) i guess its a test for clutch plates well being.
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