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Exclamation Performance today:petrols or diesels???

here's one that really takes the cake...

in today's era of escalating (to put it mildly) fuel prices, increasing number of cars on the road, and the constant hunger for efficiency:
which makes better sense? a high performance 1500 cc v-4, 120 bhp,150 nm petrol with figures of 0-100 in 10 secs, 1/4 mile in 16 secs-terminal speed of 125 km/h, top speed of 190kmph AND FE of 9 kmpl (overall);
or a 1500 cc CRD-i in-line 4 diesel with 100 bhp and 190 nm of torque,
running figures of 0-100 in 10.5 secs, 1/4 mile in 17 secs-terminal speed of 120 km/h, top speed of 190 km/h AND FE of 13 kmpl overall?
assume that both powertrains have the same platform for a car-like the skoda octavia petrol and diesel;and both are turbocharged, with the same features, superb handling, space, et al;
here's the biggie:which would you choose-if both cars are priced neck-to-neck?
don't take the skoda as an example as i have quoted-both the 2.0 petrol and the 1.9 TDi are a generation apart-they don't offer the same technology-and don't consider the 1.8 RS, as it's more expensive.
it may be a no-brainer for the petrolhead- "gasoline, of course";but would you pay an additional 10 bucks per litre, only to drive for a shorter distance-or would you consider it smart for that slightly enhanced refinement and marginally greater performance?
in India, take the example of the elantra-the crd-i outsells the petrol by a country mile,and in vague contrast of the technology on offer, so does the skoda 1.9 TDi, than it's similarly priced 2.0 litre gasoline driven stablemate.
also, in europe, oil burners are picking up pace, and make up for more than 50% of the combined passenger car market.
in short, diesels:are they the way to go? the future of cars to come?
what's your choice then???
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Well, if a company can make a diesel thats quicker than the petrol then why not. We all know that the Accent crdi is not only the most fuel efficient but also one of the fastest Accents (leaving the Tornado) .

But, on the whole, i'd still prefer a petrol. I'll probably keep the diesel for long distance drives.

Infact, i'm pretty impressed with the diesel Innova which might be our next vehicle (provided i like it after the test drive).

Honda and Toyota, what a combo to have in a garage.


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Originally Posted by Shan2nu
Infact, i'm pretty impressed with the diesel Innova which might be our next vehicle (provided i like it after the test drive).
I agree. Never felt like I was driving a diesel when I did a short test drive of Innova. Diesel Innova looks very impressive.. just waiting for the mileage figures... Toyota indicated 14+ kmpl under standard test conditions.... Need to hear how much it could be on the city roads....
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Where is the test drive report?
Waiting to read one.

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Well IMHO diesels and petrols were made for two different purposes altogether. Agreed today's diesels are fast enough. But still when it comes to the torque of the diesels, the way they pull in the low revs i mean just off the idling rpms... its just absolutely amazing.

I still remember this incident which happened during our college days.

We had a auto show where a couple of rally prepared esteem, baleno and vtecs were displayed. We also had a support vehicle which is this monster landcruiser pickup!!!

well during the show we were asked to start the car and rev it up to add some spice to the show (and of course to pull crowds)!

We went on with this and finally on the final day of the show the cars were bone dry. not a drop of fuel left. The nearest pump being 5 kms away. So what do we do? Tow 3 cars in a row with the LC and believe me the 3L NA engine didnt even complain. Nice and smooth it pulled all 3 cars. You should have seen the looks on the face of the people on the road!

Bet its difficult for other petrol SUVs to match that. Diesel engines are performers in their own right. Pulling 3 cars weighing over 3 tonnes at speeds of over 40kmph without grunting sure is a feat is it not?
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yeah harrie, SUVs are a whole different breed altogether- i mean, you can't compare them with anything else on the road; you can do a comparo between a hatchback, notchback, sedan, stationwagon and what not. but not an suv. all the more true when you are driving in India.
a few months back, i was driving on mumbai-ahmedabad (a proper highway now) route-at dusk-, and while travelling at about 140 kmph, suddenly, out of nowhere, this 1/2 feet high boulder pops up, and a few more follow. now, it don't matter if you're driving a vtec or an SL500, you simply can't do anything if you see a rock 15 feet ahead at 140 kmph. thankfully, i was in my safari, and i went over those rocks as though they were pebbles-thanks to 205 mm of ground clearance. this is exactly my point- you can't drive any car on Indian highways at supersonic speeds-you never know what the road has in store for you. yes, there are exceptions, and some of the highways are well kept- like some sections of nh-47, the mumbai-pune expressway, etc. but altogether, i simply don't trust our roads.
which brings me to my next point-no other indian car, (not counting the CBUs) can take on our roads like the safari 4x4-trust me on this (except the endeavour, and only in some areas). i have traversed roads that other cars can't even dream of. and what's more, my ride's still in one piece, and in immaculate condition. and not even a damaged shock absorber or any sort of suspension damage till date-not even the bushes.
which is why, i bought the safari in the first place- i had to choose between the city 1.5, vtec, baleno, lancer, OR the safari- and i still don't have any regrets.
i did think of disposing my safari earlier, but now, i am waiting for the toyota fortuner-i have heard great things about it-especially the D4D 3.0 litre 163 bhp 300+ nm engine, borg warner 4WD (shift-on-the fly: knob like in safari, or stick like the old pajero), 11 kmpl+ FE, and yes, the mouth watering price tag of about 11-13 lacs, on-road. now which other car offers that sort of value? (forget value, 1-6-3 BHP for this price?! and that too diesel?!!) . an also, the fortuner is built on the innova platform, so maintenance, quality, and others won't be an issue.
but yes, i do have plans to buy a sedan-soon. i was actually about to go in for the corolla, (for the performance, of course-it can kick any other sedan's trunk-in stock form) but after peeking at the toyota fortuner, i just can't help it. guess i'll have to be satisfied with an old 1.5/vtec for now....
oh and shan2nu, do keep us posted on your innova test ride. i am going in for a test drive myself next month.
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