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Old 14th April 2009, 20:19   #16
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If the car had been stable for a long time, I doubt if it (the swaying) had anything to do with the car.

I believe that a slight irregularity in the road could have produced this effect, which wouldn't have been noticeable at such a high speed.
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Hi, I think you should go through this article ,150km/hr is too bad for your engine which has hardly run 1000kms.So first stop going beyond 80 till the car covers 2500-3000 Kms.

With the stock tires it is not advisable to drive beyond 110kms.

Now coming to your problem it could be the wind as somebody already said or the reflector (small steel in the middle) in the road would have disturbed the drive

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Old 14th April 2009, 20:44   #18
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I too think it was an external factor (crosswinds or road imperfections) rather than an internal cause, given the fact that it happened for a few seconds only throughout the trip. From my highway experience, I can tell that strong sudden crosswinds can push a car about.

To be safe, you can get the steering checked.
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Old 14th April 2009, 20:47   #19
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I've done 170 on the expressway for a minute or so, but maintained 140 to 150 on most of it during my drive from Mumbai to Hyd in Dec, 2007, and I faced no issues whatsoever with my Fiesta 1.6 sxi.
It could be an undulation on the road surface that caused it. Please don't rip your car during the run in period.
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Old 14th April 2009, 21:46   #20
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I agree with Vnabhi. I have driven my vehicle at 140~150 kmph constantly during my drive to Goa in Oct-08. Though it is not fiesta it is Ikon. But made by the same company. Ford vehicles are sturdy enough. It probably might be the road condition or the wind.
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Old 14th April 2009, 21:54   #21
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Don't fret too much Amol - I'm pretty sure it was a gust of wind. I've had it happen to me a couple of times as well.

You may also experience this if you are overtaken by a larger vehicle, like a Volvo bus.

However - do maintain safe speeds on the expressway. This has shown you how easy it could be to lose control of the car if you aren't alert.

Happy driving,

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Old 14th April 2009, 21:56   #22
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Whats the tyre pressure you maintain?
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Old 14th April 2009, 22:14   #23
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Arrow fly away

Was it a windy day? If yes, then simply put, your car was trying to take off.

The force of the wind at high speed made the front end of the car lighter.

This effect won't be felt at slower speeds, thats why your car felt stable once you took your foot off the accelerator pedal.
(Word of caution: Depending on road conditions and using your judgement, try to gradually let go of the accelerator rather than take your foot immediately off - as that is known to upset a speeding car).

As others have mentioned it was just upset by a gust of wind but do be careful while driving at high speeds on our roads.

A front diffuser would have reduced the effect, (and maybe a stiffer suspension setup) but you don't need to worry about those .
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Old 14th April 2009, 23:57   #24
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Definitely sounds like crosswinds to me too.

Generally you will feel this more on larger cars (SUVs / Vans) which have more side-surface area to catch the crosswinds. As aah78 says, this effect becomes more pronounced at higher speeds too.

Infact, on some highways in the USA (Nevada etc) i have seens road signs warning drivers of severe crosswinds.

There is one particular place on the expressway i have noticed a crosswind as well.

And personally, i think 150km/h is out of the safe window for cruising on the expressway in a fiesta.

Drive safe!
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Old 15th April 2009, 00:18   #25
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Crosswind or momentary tramlining.

One quick note of caution: The Mumbai-Pune Expressway surface is mostly rough concrete. At continuous high speeds, tyres have been known to build up excessive heat and blow out on such surfaces.
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Old 15th April 2009, 00:33   #26
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Originally Posted by akshay1234 View Post
dont worry. it was probably a strong gust of wind.
+1. The other possibility could have been some minor amount of grease/oil that your tire picked up from the road.
Happened to me once, driving at 80mph. Clear sunny day,nothing on the road.The car seemed to sway across for a fraction of a second, and I immediately pulled over to check the tires. Saw a tab bit of oil on the centre tread. Wasn't windy at all that day,so I couldn't think of anything else that might have caused the car to sway.

I've done 135kmph on a Fiesta 3 years ago,and the car felt quite stable.
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Old 15th April 2009, 00:40   #27
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Owning a Tall-Boy car,the wagonr,this happens quite often to me.If i am over 100 and a small cross wind comes,my cars starts to sway,the first time it happened to me,i was very scared and didnt know how to react,but then learnt about cross winds and now i am much more conscious of it and im always prepared for it.You can try holding the steering wheel very firmly,mostly works for me(if the wind isnt very strong),else just drive slower.

Note from Mods : Please use spaces after punctuation marks. Take a look at this thread for details. Thanks.

Last edited by Rehaan : 15th April 2009 at 12:10. Reason: Please see the note that has been put at the end of your post by the Support Team.
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Originally Posted by SS-Traveller View Post
Crosswind or momentary tramlining.
Was it stock MRF tyres? Then tramlining is unlikely. Crosswinds are the most likely reason.

Besides the point, but I also agree with some people here who have said that 150 kmph is outside the safety window - leave alone a fiesta.
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Old 15th April 2009, 01:09   #29
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Yup, its crosswinds ofcourse. I can feel this on our Innova on open expressways at speeds over 120kmph.

But the movement isn't much, you would have felt a slight pull on the steering.

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Which section of the expressway was this, the road was built by different cos and the I personally feel the Pune lonavala section is particularly bad from the toll to the start of the ghats, always felt the car moves around a bit in this stretch.

Tramlining as someone mentioned can also cause this momentary sway, you got to watch the road like a hawk.
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