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No, it's more like this: Even if Fiat wanted to change the plastic quality by getting it from a different source, TATA and their chosen-plastic-dealers will not easily let that happen!

Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
FIAT gets away scot free if Tata controls the interior plastics ? Nice.
True. I felt that the 1st thing to break in Linea would be the seat-height adjuster. But its still intact even after having to use that adjuster daily.
BTW, that Fiat guy called me to tell that they have got confirmation from Fiat-Italy to change the seat-lever's design (so that it doesn't go down). Expect the new part to be available in 1-2 months.

Originally Posted by coolboy007 View Post
Even i was told that seat height adjuster of Linea can break easily but till now no owner has reported a broken seat height lever even more with the seat going down on its own
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Are they going to change it for the existing owners also?
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Originally Posted by geeash View Post
Are they going to change it for the existing owners also?
I really hope they do because I think this is a complaint for many existing Linea owners!
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Yes quality of the plastics is a suspect and any owner of new Fiat cars should expect it. Maybe Fiat should have given less features but given better plastics.
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Originally Posted by geeash View Post
Are they going to change it for the existing owners also?
The thing with Fiat and even Tata is that they dont crib for parts to be changed under warranty. The seat will be changed under warranty in all Lineas as everyone has this problem. Am quite happy that fiat has done something about it.

My broken AC vent was changed under warranty without asking any question by ASC.
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Well i think there are two types of approaches that companies take

1) Price the car lower by cutting on cost ( less QC, poor plastics, etc. etc.). Try to lure customers with VFM factor.

2) Have good QC, decent plastics, hence the car is priced higher, but it comes without niggles.

The car makers that are more inclined towards VFM perspective take first approach, others who are more inclined towards quality goals take the second one.

Both the types of manufacturers have their reasons for taking the kind of approach they take.
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Originally Posted by neotraveller View Post
I met with a person from Fiat Corporate quality when I complained about poor plastics in Linea.

Here's what he told me:
1) All these plastics are controlled by TATA and their parts-dealers.
2) They had to cut corners somewhere after giving so much for so less
3) The plastics aren't as bad as they look. They did some stress-testing to qualify them.
4) In any case if anything breaks, they'll replace it under warranty.
1 and 2) Who is actually involved in production of Punto, Fiat or Tata. Tata has too much control and this is indeed bad for Fiat and its cars. Fiat cars are build quite well or that is the impression atleast. I have personally driven S10 on bad roads and I can tell you that build quality is great.

3 and 4) In point 3, he says plastics are good and in point 4 he says that they are ready to change parts. If the parts are good, why do they require replacements ?
I think the fit and finish is a problem i.e. there is some problem in installation. ACI also pointed out at the same.

Fiat should watch out for these things and get a better control over production of Punto.
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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
  1. rear parcel tray lock on the right side can break, its very fragile.Seen personally in 6 cars.
  2. rubber beading on the rear door fell off in a brand new car in showroom.
  3. front driver's seat lever cover (trim where the lever is attached) unscrewed in showroom car.
  4. glovebox door loose in 3 cars unloaded from truck.
Fiat India, when will you learn to have decent quality control?
1.when i took delivery of my car,i was shocked to see the fragile parcel tray locks they were looking like they were almost broke but on closer inspection i found they were not fitted properly,i removed them and refitted them again and now they are perfect.

2.Glovebox in has some play when closed but it does not rattle.

I feel the plastic and rubber quality should have been better.
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Are we expecting too much? I own a Swift (4 yrs old now) and it has niggling issues too, which are never rectified till date. And if one opens a new thread on "Swift niggling issues" it can run thru many many pages.

Fiat is trying to rise from ashes, and they just cannot afford to price the new cars higher than the competion (like i20) and claim good quality and still make profit and stay in the business. Ofcourse this is not an excuse for any car manufacture. But for where Fiat stands today where they have to price a car competatively, then I will not expect quality plastics from them.

If the segment leading Maruti Swift can live with this for 4 years and still have long waiting period (which is really an enviable poisition to be in) and we expect all others to beat Swift with the same or better price and with better quality, then I dont think anyone except Maruti & TATA (with average quality) will survive in this country.

I think, we all have accepted that we cannot expect good quality cars from Maruti & TATA. So, there is no point in disucssing niggling issues with their products. And I am sure this is not just with these two companies, I have a friend who has NHC with few issues for long.

But I still expect Fiat to fix these issues and be the role model. And we at TBHP, going forward lets bring all such issues consistently for all the cars.

I am writing all this because, there are lot of members/visitors who visit TBHP when buying new car and go out with a perception built in their mind, for which all the active members are responsible. We have to make sure that people who rely and believe in TBHP members experience/views, get the right information on all the products.

I am not Fiat lover though...

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Originally Posted by Selective View Post
Are we expecting too much?
You've hit the nail on the head Selective. I too see this pattern on the forum. Punto is compared to GTX for performance, to Vista for spaciousness, to i20 for interior fit and finish and to Swift for FE.

Everybody should be explicit when they pass a judgment on Punto (any car for that matter) as to which car they are comparing the Punto with. For example, many people on this forum said that Punto is not a fun to drive car (comparing it with GTX), and when people like me (with still very little insight into car dynamics) read those comments, doesn't realize that Punto's performance is on par with other cars second to only few.

Just my 2 paise worth.

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Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post

You just signed your death warrant.
With due respects to all Fiat owners and lovers, Punto and the Linea has really sad interiors. They made such a wonderful looking car, great engine etc, but fared badly on the interiors. I am not mentioning about rattles or build quality, only plastics.

I am not sure if it was only on the test drive car, the plastics are pathetically finished, lots of rough edges and gaps. For example, look at the ignition key slot.

I am sure fiat fans wouldnt crib too much if the Punto was priced about 8-10K more with better interiors. You spend most of your time inside, and the bad interiors put you off especially when you are in a premium hatch. I wouldnt care much in my Alto.
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I own a punto emotion pack and have not faced any of the above mentioned problems. I am extremely happy with my car.
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What people dont understand is Fiat is not Suzuki or Honda. They do everything intentionally. Maruti builds cheap products for cheap price and Honda builds good cars for good price.
Sorry what is a cult?

Fix It Again Tata
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I am neither in the fiat bashing or fiat justifying bandwagon or any manufacturer, but I dont understand why its wrong to comment on your experience with a product/service. I have always did comment right from the tooth paste I used to airline I have flown.

Tbhp is becoming very sentimental on feedback specifically on Fiat. If you feel a member's comment is incorrect and you have a valid point, prove him wrong by presenting facts like anshuman has done rather than "lets not talk about it" excuse.

I love to believe manufacturers will someday pass our feedback to the product.

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Funny that nobody thinks its against the forums spirit when members bash the the Swift or the NHC or the i20 etc etc.
But say something against a Fiat and all hell breaks loose.!

Anyway ,the thing is people supporting a particular brand take things personally whenever something even slightly negative is said about the company/car and then start saying stuff which is bound to start a war.
Its not even about the car after sometime.!
When people used to post bad stuff about the NHC i used to just laugh or ignore the posts ,it`ll not reduce my bank balance or make me constipated so who cares.!
So relax people....its just not worth it.

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