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Our aesthetic masterman does not recommend Teflon. Here is the explanation link.
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Originally Posted by dadu View Post
Lets get some doubts cleared here, Teflon is a registered brand owned by Dupont.

Thats known. Hence the "misleading" when used as a generic term for car coats
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Just take a look at your old non stick pans, you will see the truth about Teflon.
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Go through this page and the FAQ for the science behind Teflon. some excerpts:

Teflon® finish protectors form a durable, non-stick protective barrier resistant to dirt, mud and environmental pollutants. It has low surface energy. As a result, it has a remarkable ability to spread and form a covering film, (protective barrier coating).
  • It does not conduct electricity. Hence, the film has no static electric charge and will not attract dirt and dust.
  • It is chemically inert. It will not react with contaminants from the atmosphere (e.g. acid rain), or with hydrocarbon residues.
  • It has excellent thermal stability. In other words, it retains its unique non-stick characteristics from extremely cold to extremely hot conditions.
  • It is highly resistant to UV rays. In conjunction with other UV protectants, Teflon® will help protect paint against UV rays, fading and premature aging.
  • Because of its low surface energy, it is an excellent water repellant. Water has a tendency to bead on car finishes. This tells you your wax is working to protect your finish.
  • It is compatible with plastics, metals and elastomers (usually synthetic materials with properties similar to rubber).
  • It is non-flammable.
  • It is insoluble in almost all solvents. In other words, it resists their attack.
It only acts as an protection and a resistant, no miracles should be expected. Its important to understand the science behind it before banging it out.

btw, how many of use buy the genuine teflon coated pans.
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i will be booking a santro xo before 31th , may .. and the dealer offers teflon coat for it.. is it a good idea to get a teflon coating on a new car or should i negotiate it for cash discounts or maybe get the coating done in first or second service free of cost?
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Old 29th May 2007, 09:20   #51
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Hi Guys,

I own a Ikon flair black and i do agree that keeping a black car clean is a pretty tough job , however teflon coat is just an eye wash.

The way i do to keep my car clean is as follow:

Daily i use a very soft cotton cloth in moist state to wipe all over the car only the car body, (no tyres , wheels), next i take cotton watse which you would get at any oil dealers or pertol pump ( no not the yellow ones, they are just cotton waste ).

Cotton waste is very smooth, I clean the surface of the Car again with this cotton waste And u see the gloss as new.

Apart, every fortnight i use formula 1 wax in yellow round box :

I repeat the 1st step of cleaning the car body with moist cotton cloth and then apply this F1 wax with a wet sponge applicator given with the wax box.

after i am sure the entire car is throughly waxed ( note do not apply on plastic parts). I then use the cotton waste, its ease to clean .

Now u see this is a challeneger to teflon coated cars.

for tyres i use STP and for interiors i ocassionaly use a all in one dashborad cum seat cleaning spary.

It takes me abt 1 hr+ for this process which i do it on sat mostly, but I bet it gives u the satisfaction.

Also the dust can easily be removed and following the wax the next week to 10 days use a lightly moist cloth or dry cotton and see the results.

Try it out. I do this religiously.

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Default Cotton Waste

Originally Posted by VC12 View Post
cotton waste is very smooth, I clean the surface of the Car again with this cotton waste And u see the gloss as new.
What is this cotton waste, help me to identify one in delhi.
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Default warranty for teflon coating

I have looked through a lot of sites/posts and the consensus seems to be that it is a rip-off and just another way for the dealers to make money.
Firstly I haven't seen/heard of teflon coating being offered outside India.
Secondly teflon apparently sticks to any surface only at very high temperatures, which means any teflon that just might be present in the coating will wash off at the first opportunity.
And finally this being a very expensive material, it won't come for as cheap as 2-3k.

That said, when I went to the Maruti dealer here (I'm buying a dzire ZDI, due anytime now) he patiently sat through me saying the above and then mentioned that all others would offer something called "tef-seal" or something similar (bottomline: not mentioning "teflon") which needs to be redone after 3-6 months. He said would give a bill for "teflon" coating and furthermore, a warranty for 3 years.
Now this has put me in a fix. If the guy's not actually putting teflon there, how's he managing to give a warranty and "teflon" name on the bill?
Any thoughts?
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Old 2nd May 2008, 13:37   #54
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And what does having a warranty give you? Will it ensure that since this is supposedly a scratch-resistant coating & that if any body panel of your car picks up a scratch they'll paint it for you for free?

And what difference does having a bill make? What can you claim with a bill?
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Old 2nd May 2008, 13:52   #55
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There is no way that Teflon­ will adhere to a finished paint job on a car!
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Why dont the car manufacturers coat the body parts with Teflon when they give the car for painting? Why is it that this has to be done by dealers? Most Teflon coats just involve them waxing your car
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Isn't it some sort of powder they rub against the body? I don't think there is any teflon in it. I had got it done on my bike. IMO, waste of money.
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Its been a while since anyone posted here...
I am considering getting a Teflon coat for my black Getz CRDi. Anyone out there who got it done in Bangalore recently? Is it still not recommended on this forum?
Experiences, comments will be much appreciated.
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How long do the effects of an Anti-Rust Coating stay?
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What is the cost of a Teflon Coating and an Anti-Rust Coating, and are they recommended when taking delivery of a new vehicle?
How long do the effects of each last?
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