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Post Fuel Test on Indica Xeta

Note : Mods - please put it on appropriate section.
  • Car : Indica Xeta GLG
  • Fuel Type : Petrol
  • KMs run at the beginning of the test : 9083
  • KMs run at the end of the test : 16028
  • Fuels Used : BP and HP normal and 97 octane (Speed and Power)
  • AC Usage : more than 95% of the time during city as well as highway use.
So, here it begins.

I have been reading and watching a lot about high octane fuels and how it is better over the normal 93 octane fuel. Almost every oil company in not only India but overseas also claim that high octane fuel is better for the engine. I browsed through the materials over internet – oil company websites, Wikipedia, howstuffworks, and several other websites. I had lengthy discussions with my uncle who is doctorate in metallurgy and my friend who is masters in chemical engineering and works in similar line. And the views I got, were not only contradictory to some extent; it did not satisfy my curiosity.

I have been on the 97 octane fuel since I bought my first car M800 in Jan 2005 and my second car Xeta in Aug 2006. I switched the fuel to normal only during this test period and am back to 97 octanes after this test.

What better way to satiate the curiosity than to test it yourself? That’s what I thought and decided I should test it on my own on my own car and record the findings at each tank full. So here is the experience. I have attached the log as xl sheet.

Major Findings :
1. Engine Running: the running and engine noise and overall feeling has improved. I have felt the difference in smoothness in running at high traffic situation as well as highway condition while running on 97 octane petrol. During this entire period, the running was in chock-a-bloc traffic situation – Pune BHPians would vouch for Hinjewadi traffic in peak hours – as well as highway running. Major highway running was towards Mahabaleshwar (twice), Karla & Lonavala, Ganapatipule and Vadodara & Ahmedabad.
2. Engine Life : this is too short a period – my Xeta has clocked only about 17000 KMs so far. I cannot for sure say whether high octane fuel improves engine life. I have given M800 to my father and I don’t drive it anymore.
3. Mileage : As apparent from the table above, there was no major difference in terms of KMPL figures during this test. This might be too short a period for the test. During the time I had used normal petrol, average KMPL I got was 12.38 overall. For the 97 octane petrol, I got 13.06 KMPL overall. This is not a major difference in my view. The overall running condition was similar during the run for both types of petrol. Excluding the highway running, fuel economy for normal petrol in city was 12.70 and for 97 octane it was 12.68.
4. Fuel Availability : As I experienced during this entire stretch, normal petrol was available on all the petrol pumps. But the availability of high octane petrol was limited in Konkan belt as well as during some stretch between Mumbai and Vadodara. As I experienced either the distance between the pumps was too much or even if there was a facility on the petrol pump, it was not having the high octane petrol at that point of time; so I had to be on the lookout.

Overall Experience :
To summarise the overall experience, the smoothness of the engine and engine noise is pleasing on high octane petrol compared to normal petrol. As evident, there is no difference in the mileage. So I am really paying Rs. 2 extra for a liter of petrol for the engine smoothness. And I cannot comment on the engine life at this moment. Rest is the reader’s call.

Disclaimer :
1. I am in no way related to any of the websites mentioned here except for I have been regular visitor for information’s sake on those sites.
2. The figures and opinions mentioned above are only based on my experience. General / overall experience may differ.
Attached Files
File Type: xls Fuel_Test.xls (21.0 KB, 403 views)

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Hi Advaitlele,

Please see this post for future reference : http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/announ...your-post.html (Removing [FONT] [SIZE] and [COLOR] tags from your post)

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Originally Posted by advaitlele View Post
  • Fuels Used : BP and HP normal and 97 octane (Speed and Power)
I have been reading and watching a lot about high octane fuels and how it is better over the normal 93 octane fuel.
Actually 3 types of petrol is available in India.
But as far as I know isn't Speed and Power are 93 Octane petrol ?
And ther's seperate 97 Octane petrol.
And isn't normal petrol 87-91 Octane petrol
Correct me if i'm wrong.
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A nice report.

The topic of Premium Fuels has been debated on other threads as well but I have not come across anyone who has actually tested and documented to see if it works.

I have noticed only a very marginal increase in overall FE on my cars when ever I used premium petrol. The hike was not substantial enough to justify the premium I paid.

I used Shell's Premium Petrol in my Alto over a span of a two full tanks which meant ~1,300 kms of running and was using Extra Premium from IOC in my Santro for about 3 months. Since there was no considerable difference in FE in either of the cars, I swiched back to normal unleaded petrol.

Is there going to be a significant improvement in engine life? My answer to that is-I don't think so. IMHO, Regular servicing and oil changes will do lot more for engine life than these premium fuels.

@ sushrutha: Normal petrol's Octane rating start 87. However, I'm not entirely sure but I think the newly introduced Euro 3 grade petrol is 91 RON.


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As far as I know, except Speed 97, all other fuels available in Euro III cities are 91 octane, whether premium or normal. Premium fuels are just 91 RON unleaded, but with some additives. In fact Shell nomenclature is "Normal Unleaded & Super Unleaded with additives".

I have never used normal unleaded in my car so can't say anything about mileage difference. But I have experienced better engine smoothness and a difference of about 4 - 5 KMPL when I use premium fuel as compared to normal unleaded in my bike.
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I agree Sushrutha and stand corrected on that one.
The Speed and Power I have been using are 93 octane. I jumbled up on that one.

GPA - you said it right. the Premium price that you pay for smoothness in ride are well compensated by regular servicing.
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