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Default WagonR (2006 and before) gets a Remote Boot Release

Mods: Starting a new thread as this is for the old Wagon-R since it differs in mechanism from the Alto in may ways. Merge if required.

Had been closely following the Remote boot release threads for the Ikon and the Alto and gave a thought, why not for my Wagon-R?

So Finally, after much thinking and risks, My Wagon-R Lxi (2006,Push button type) gets a remote boot opener and here are the details with a few pictures which will help others who intend to do the DIY.

Striker, Latch Assembly, Cable and Lever

Tools for the Job:
Pipe Wrench (will tell you why), Box Spanner 10mm, Star Screw Driver, Cutting and Nose pliers, hacksaw blade, Sand paper

The Existing Set up:
2006 Model comes with the latch assembly along with a Metal Rod extending to the Key hole.

Since it is a “Turn the Key- Press Button- Release” type functionality, Turning the Key to Lock and Unlock will not lock the latch below but will only lock the Button preventing it to be pushed in. Rest all remains the same with what is being offered in the latest versions of the Wagon-R.

Here were a few of those challenges faced while I tried to accomplish the DIY.

1.The new latch assembly of the Wagon-R has a longer rod to connect to the Key-lock assembly and simply turning the key will turn the rod, thus releasing the lock below.

The Existing Keylock in mine is of press type and pressing the button will move the rod to release the lock below.

Both of them are as below
Name:  IMG_1668.jpg
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Name:  IMG_1669.jpg
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2.The Keyhole in the New Waggy is on the Top of the latch but on the right.

The Keylock in my Waggy is exactly above the latch.

3.The new WagonR's lock will simply convert rotary motion of the Key into a linear motion of the road (onto the Rod) helping the latch to release below.

The Old WagonR's press button system will convert a Linear motion (press of the button) into an almost perpendicular motion below (Through the rod and its angular bends) and open the latch.

4.Also, the Screws holding the hook on the Body are very tight (mentioned by many earlier).

5. Cannot use the new Rod and cut it by guess work and bend it by trial and error method to make things work. (There is no way I can then get a new rod if thinks conk)

7. The real big problem was the new Striker Assembly which now includes an additional part (the striker) while the old one was just a hook. It wouldn’t get accomodated as the old one (See pic).

Name:  IMG_1670.jpg
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Firstly removed the Inner panelling of the boot and then the Keylock assembly.

Disconnected the Metal rods at both ends by unlcipping them from the plastic clips at both ends.

Removed the Latch assembly from the Boot door

Now, to loosen the screws of the Hook, I used a bigger star screw driver along with a Pipe wrench holding the handle in perpendicular direction (Over a piece of cloth to avoid damage to the handle). This gave me enough torque and just a slight thrust on the Pipe wrench loosened those big screws.

Using a hacksaw blade cut accross the metal (Pic) to accomodate the striker assembly.

Name:  IMG_1671.jpg
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Name:  IMG_1672.jpg
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Got a copper wire as thick as the original metal rod which was smooth to bend and would cut as desired.

Approximately cut it and Fixed the rod on the latch below as well as the upper lock assembly.

Now, pressed the Button outside and verified if the latch lever is moving accordingly with ease. Tried this several times by bending the road in different angles and managed to finally get a smooth operation.

Took the actual new rod to a roadside engineering works shop. Fixed the rod on a bench vice and bent it accordingly and cut it to the desired length.

Fixed the rod at both ends and all works fine now.

The Cabling:

Essar sourced me a wrong part for the lever and gave me a Fuel Lid Opener lever (and not the combo stuff). I was aiming to accomplish this task since many days and simply started off thinking even if the lever was fixed later, I can still verify my DIY by just pulling the cable with my hands from the other end of the cable below the driver’s seat.

Routing the cable in the Wagon-R will require removal of the rear seats since the seats cannot be double folded like the Alto and to access the path of the cable, I had to remove the right hand side rear seat.

I followed the same path as the fuel lid cable all the way till the rear seat from where I now had to divert the boot-opener cable to the right and finally towards the striker assembly.

(Haven't taken pics of the cabling as it is the same as in the Alto)

I checked the alignment of the striker assembly as well as the free play in the cable and verified the working by manually pulling the cable to see the striker move. Locked the boot and then tested the functionality several times that included pressing the button and unlocking (since the rod was now new) and then pulling the other end of the cable to see the boot release. Voila! My Wagon-R now gets a remote boot lock and its working!!

For the time being, since there was no proper level, I went ahead and took this risk where I opened the rivet of the Fuel lid lever and then used a combination of Bolts, Lock nuts and washers and also bent that new Fuel lid opener and fixed it along with the existing one on a single pivot and fixed those cables. It works fine but I cannot over tighten the nuts to hold both the levers which will only cause obstruction to their free play.

Essar called me today and confirmed the availability of the combo lever (for Fuel lid and Boot) and I just got the same which I will fix it this week since my car is Pune.
Name:  IMG_1727.jpg
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Great work man !!
I was also thinking of doing something for the boot release for my wagonR.

It will help me a lot.I'll do it tomorrow itself and post the results.
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Originally Posted by k2max6 View Post
Great work man !!
I was also thinking of doing something for the boot release for my wagonR.

It will help me a lot.I'll do it tomorrow itself and post the results.
Good luck mate!

You will only have to carry out the following tasks carefully:-

1.Cutting the body metal to accomodate the striker assembly.
2.Customizing the rod for a free lock/unlock mechanism when button is pressed.

Rest all is absolutely simple.

PM me for anything and I can surely help.

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Good stuff

But is it necessary to cut the body to accomplish the task ? Is there any workaround ?
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Great job! This thread might have gotten stale. But i have been thinking of getting this assembly done for my 2005 model wagonR. I don't have the same expertise, could any of you tell me of a reliable place to get this done in delhi (preferably south).

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