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Old 15th February 2010, 23:46   #76
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If it any comfort i have spent 15000 Rs on the brakes of Maruti 800 at MASS and the problem of brake paddle vibration come back in 200 kms .I have been made to change discs , drums , callipers, bearings , kunckles , bushes , suspension arms and waste many days but the problem remains unsorted .And this is in Delhi.
So you can have comfort knowing Fiat is no different .

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Old 16th February 2010, 15:17   #77
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Default Car Photo

Here are Sachin's car painted
Attached Images
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Old 16th February 2010, 15:51   #78
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Thumbs up

I do the same if i lost hope on the manufacturer/dealer. Nice way of protest.
Parking the vehicle near the showroom will give a perfect image to FIAT/TATA and the prospective customers.
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Old 16th February 2010, 16:14   #79
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I really feel bad to see those pictures, however can completely understand the agitation Sachin must be going through. I am surprised that after reporting to CEO's desk this is not resolved for a long time.

All the best!! hopefully this will get resolved.

I saw someone seeing this thread has second thoughts on going for Punto or not. Punto is still a great vehicle. Its just one problem.
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Old 17th February 2010, 18:54   #80
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A good way to protest. At times one has to resort to Gandhigiri to get one's work done. As the song says, It happens only in India. Had it been in their home country, or some other 'developed nation', I am sure Fiat would have replaced the car, without much trouble.
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Old 18th February 2010, 22:11   #81
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Hats off to one of the most innovative ways of protest! hope the concerned officials sit up and take note atleast now...
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Old 19th February 2010, 02:55   #82
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Nice way to protest, You should park it near some media center, I am sure you'll get more attention and some coverage.

and go to dealer/service station every day, to ask some stupid questions and come back, at least it will attract attention of more and more customers.

Like Johnny_ said, had it been some developed country, there would been a lawsuit to examine the root cause, if its affecting others too.
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Old 19th February 2010, 16:56   #83
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Rather than advertising your regret, you rather do something about it.
Fix it..!! If it cant be fixed, sell it. If you cant sell it, drive the nuts off it. Dont live with regret.
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Old 20th February 2010, 14:00   #84
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Talk about making a statement! Man, I can only understand your frustration.

Originally Posted by jaysmokesleaves View Post
you rather do something about it. Fix it..!! If it cant be fixed, sell it.
I agree with Jay here. There's more important things to do in life than waste your time on a brand / car that you aren't happy with. Sell the Fiat, book your losses and buy another make. Perhaps something Japanese or Korean?
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Old 21st February 2010, 04:40   #85
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I only just read some parts of the thread. I sounds like Fiat in these days.

In Europe we have a lot of problems with Fiat lately. The 500 has got an unbelievable amount of problems.

What the most successful people gave the success was jumping up and down at Fiat.

Having a forum like team-bhp might come in very handy. Just mention it to Fiat that there does exist a thread and if they are unwilling to solve the issue people would get to know about it. Fiatforum.com is the largest Fiat forum in the world and mentioning that you happily launch a thread there might do something for you.

I know that it is Fiat's policy trying to get themselves out of warranty claims whereever possible as it isn't good news for profits.

Unfortunately I do not know the legal possibilities in India, but then they can't be as ineffective than in Britain and even in Britain you get somewhere when you put your foot down.
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Old 21st February 2010, 11:26   #86
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saw sachins car yesterday on pashan-bawdhan road.
well i think his problem will be solved by FIAT guys. though it might take time. but AFAIK the team at fiat is very customer centric. they have taken the cases individually and solved them. might be in sachins case its taking time because they are not able to find the exact cause of the problem.
but lets hope for the best.
until then the protest should go on.
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Old 21st February 2010, 11:55   #87
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other option - buy the cheapest, hardest compound tyre you can find, and use that. maybe even tubed!
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Old 21st February 2010, 15:11   #88
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Real Bad publicity for a brand that is trying for a comeback!!! Why do such things happen. Wont replacing the car cost lesser than the effects of such publicity? Why do car manufacturers shy away from solving such issues at the earliest.
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Old 21st February 2010, 15:46   #89
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Thats some innovative way of protesting. Do the dealer guys know about this and planned anything yet?
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Old 21st February 2010, 15:58   #90
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Default I had done the same years ago.

Originally Posted by gemithomas View Post
Real Bad publicity for a brand that is trying for a comeback!!! Why do such things happen. Wont replacing the car cost lesser than the effects of such publicity? Why do car manufacturers shy away from solving such issues at the earliest.

Years ago and I too had gone through the same predicament of having to hear the nonsense that the roads in Ernakulam were responsible for the ills of my Junkindica. 8 years ago I had fixed a similar sticker on my Junkindica stating " More Troubles per Car" with an arrow pointing to the roads. The Tata's took the photo of the car when I parked it in front of their showroom and gave a restraining order through the court. I won the case there and the consumer court case 8 years later that is on 11th January 2010. Once I get the court order which will take 3 months; I shall paste the contents here. The Indian judicial system will take 9 to 15 years if you go in for a compromise with the opposite parties but only about 3 to 4 years if you do not accept any compromise judgment from the court. Never ever agree for a compromise once you file a consumer case. Best of luck to Sachin if you go through with the consumer case. I could help you with it as I fought the case alone without employing a lawyer. Make sure you employ a trust worthy lawyer as he or she will be enticed with huge sums. The budget for my case alone to the opposite parties lawyer was about 30 lakhs some of which could be used to entice any number of people; a case in point being that the noting's and case files pertaining to the case files went missing from the court 4 years ago when the TATA's realized that I would be winning the case. Thankfully as far as I can tell the judge's in my case were not corrupt. I do not understand the company logic though that they were willing to pay lawyer fees of about 30 lakhs but were not keen in replacing my Junkindica.
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