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Originally Posted by Trust_In_Thrust View Post
...this has helped in keeping the plastic parts like new and rubber parts are still like new .In the second last pic you can see if i dust off the pipe and plug wires are as good as new .(And they are soft too with no cracks + shinning)
The lacquer appears to have some kind of strong solvent - smells that way, like car NC paint thinner. I wouldn't want that kind of stuff on rubber and plastic parts, inside the engine bay or outside. And especially not on my paintwork! Sorry, but I'm not convinced by Trust_in_Thrust's report.

The stuff seems to resemble something we used to use to coat chrome bumpers (of Ambys and Fiats, back in the good old days when bumpers still used to be steel and chrome) to prevent rust spots developing in the humid weather and rain of CCU.

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@SSTraveller ; There is no smell at all in the Zen which is 6 yr old car . And i recently had it done in a friends new car at Hyundai and even then when the car was handed to us there is no smell.
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Originally Posted by Trust_In_Thrust View Post
@SSTraveller ; There is no smell at all...
No, I was talking about the liquid lacquer they use, before application - that has a strong smell of solvent. After drying it doesn't have any smell (like paint). I've had occasion to inspect the stuff a few times earlier. Everytime the garage had shown me the liquid in unmarked 5-litre jerrycans, and told me it comes from a bigger drum (from the company!), and that they cannot show me the label. All I have, to judge what the material is, is by sight, smell and touch.

Since I have no brand name, no label, no idea of the composition or actual purpose the material is supposed to serve, I've refused to have the stuff applied every time.

Would you pop a white pill from an unmarked box that smells nasty, just because the compounder said it'll make you live a 100 years? That's what I'm trying to say...

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Thanks for the pictures T_I_T

I can't figure out why the engine bay looks so brown. Is that the effect of the lacquer, then I'm even further away from it.

I totally agree with SS-Traveller. An unknown substance can never go inside / on my car.
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Originally Posted by Mr.Bangalore View Post
Hello All,

My i10 was due to the first service and had clocked 1160k , so asked the hyundai service center people to pick the car from my office today. When the guy came he was mentioning about lackering of engine bay and he was telling the advantages that it will keep the engine cooler and it has to be done yearly once.
I got into a similar situation during the first service of my i10. The service advisor asked me to go with the engine bay lacquering and underbody protection coating which he quoted to be costing Rs.650 and Rs.2500 respectively + taxes. Since it was the first free service, I was not willing to spend any money. However he convinced me to get the engine bay work done.

The first thing I did when I got back home was to check on Team-bhp whether any of us had got this lacquering done before (I should've read about this much earlier!). Alas! I realized that I was stupid to have let him rob me by Rs.650!

I was told that it will have to be done every year. But now I think I will never get it done again. Though the engine bay looks neat in the inside, it doesn't seem to be adding any value.
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Default I was fooled by Sireesh Auto, Bangalore

Hi Guys ,

I will start by saying "I love my XUV500" , I just came back from my 2800+ kms drive and Mahindra exceeded my expectations thru jungle roads (which dont exist), and on highways alike. I happened to complete my 10000 Kms in 3 +months and went to Sireesh auto, Magadi road today.

The manual says only to change the AC filter at 10000 Kms. The guy from the dealership told me that there was this Engine waxing that had to be done for cleaning the carbon and Mahindra had a typo on the manual. I agreed.

On coming back i checked online and found that it was not needed and most of them don't get it done. I was curious as to what it was and the car was ready for delivery. I went there and the first question was what do you do on engine waxing and why did he lie to me. The Engine Waxing means. "They Spray WAX on the Engine Plastic Cover!!!! and the cost of that was Rs 1200+

As I told you the car was driven around thru slush and mud and its clues were on the plastics on the car. They had not cleaned it !! questioning them the manager says "As per the rule book we are supposed to just vacuum the car and we do not touch anything that does not get removed in the Vacuuming process" he dares me to check with Mahindra if I Like.

Now having owned other cars I know that that is not true. The outer body was washed too. Just as I removed the door I realized it was not! Why? Because the door sides are Interior hence tried to Vacuum! I have taken some pics and they are below.

What am I expecting from posting here?. Just so people know, All the Purple club membership, all the Relationship manager etc. is just a show off. I posted this incident on their FB page hoping they would do something. last time i did that to TATA Aria, they at least replied and apologized, Mahindra just deleted the post, cool right?

This post only means they take a feedback seriously. since I am posting it on TEAM-BHP. attached are the pics.

All of this After 2nd service.

Lacquering the engine bay-20150826_175058_resized.jpg

Lacquering the engine bay-20150826_175320_resized.jpg

Lacquering the engine bay-20150826_175619_resized.jpg

Lacquering the engine bay-20150826_175634_resized.jpg

Lacquering the engine bay-20150826_180309_resized.jpg

Lacquering the engine bay-20150826_180348_resized.jpg

Lacquering the engine bay-20150826_180357_resized.jpg

Just Before service
Lacquering the engine bay-1.jpg
Lacquering the engine bay-2.jpg
Lacquering the engine bay-3.jpg
Lacquering the engine bay-4.jpg
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Default Re: I was fooled by Sireesh Auto, Bangalore

Hello Sriku23,

Sorry to hear your ordeal with Sireesh Auto. I recently got my XUV 500 serviced for 10K km from Sireesh Auto at Hosur Road and I am more than happy with their work. There was certainly no wax spray. They just changed the AC filter, rotated the tyres and fixed some rattling issues which I had reported.
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Default Re: I was fooled by Sireesh Auto, Bangalore

Because the door sides are Interior hence tried to Vacuum! I have taken some pics and they are below.
Partially right. You dont spray wash an open door. But a proper cleaning service would have definitely used wet cloth to clean the interious.

I reject any waxing, cleaning , polishing cost at the service centre. All i tell them is vacuum it perfectly inside. The rest all specially polish and stuff, i do it on my own.

Also imagine you do everything paying 1500 but it rains outside and when you reach home, it just looks like the wya you dropped it.

All this for 1500??. Ridiculous.

I know some of the german cars dont allow spray wash in the engine compartment. Who can find which sensor went kaput after that wash.

Never fall for cleaning and polishing tricks. YOu are better of at a 3M centre where i am not sure if its worth even there in 3M Centre.
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Default Re: Lacquering the engine bay

My Pulsar's engine (2006 model) area got some Aluminium peel and I wanted to protect the silencer from rusting. It is my bike's second silencer. First full chrome silencer lasted around 8 years and now it a black powder coated one. Usually 4T engine's silencer rust more from inside than outside but I would like to give what I can do to make it better.

I have tried an heat resistant spray in my bike (see link below). Now the engine area is glossy and it has a protective layer over the engine and silencer part but god only knows what will happen a period of time. I have applied it a month ago and so far no issues.

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