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Old 4th December 2007, 11:38   #76
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hehe... looks like I opened the Pandora's box.. again ..

I did some preliminary investigation yesterday and traced out some of the rattles. Found out that the rattling that happens when car idles comes from the black plastic/fibre thingy below the wipers and not the dashboard.

Of course, there are another set of rattles when the car is moving. This, I cannot diagnose becoz I am driving. Will take it to the A.S.S to get it fixed.
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Old 23rd April 2008, 17:38   #77
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Although a old thread, I have something to share..I also had my share of rattle in the dashboard specially while playing music. I initially thought that the rattle is coming from the left hand side door.Putting sponge etc came to off no help but one thing I noticed that rattling comes only when the door is closed.So what I did was that I've inserted one piece of sponge in between the door and the dashboard and voila the rattling is history.So I just fixed that piece of sponge using quickfix and my problem is solved.

BTW, another issue, anyone know the solution to the (in)famous Khatak sound of Baleno's front suspension. It's driving me crazy after I've changed my wheels to a lower profile one.It was there before also but now it sounds like it's in dire straits.Please someone help me out.
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Old 23rd April 2008, 23:04   #78
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Ahh.. nice topic.. recently i discovered a rattle sound in my optra's dashboard, especially behind dials.. anyone fixed dial's rattling noise ?
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Old 17th December 2008, 11:01   #79
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I am also getting rattling noise from octavia driver side underbody. I am not able to find the source. I am getting this rattle when I release clutch too quickly.
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Old 17th December 2008, 17:20   #80
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the topic is rattle removal, not how many of you have rattles. that way my 1.5 yrs is only that - rattles. if anyone knows removal experts, post details. this is not supposed to be a me too you too rattle thread
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Old 17th December 2008, 17:37   #81
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Am planning to remove the dash completely & refix it with liberal use of rubber/foam. Lets see how that works out.
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Old 10th March 2009, 18:11   #82
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Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
Am planning to remove the dash completely & refix it with liberal use of rubber/foam. Lets see how that works out.
E_L, did you go through with this? If so, what's the feedback? A DIY guide would be handy
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Old 10th March 2009, 18:54   #83
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Along with rattles, you also experience very annoying noise from here and there, to remove this check what you are keeing in your car, like CDs, keys, coins and other misc thing which you keep in dash, glove box and other place holder in your car, these things on rough roads makes loads of noise, just remove them from there unless you really want to keep it there. or place smooth cloth and then keep these things on it.
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Old 10th March 2009, 21:08   #84
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Instead of cloth use this anti skid dashboard mat

Name:  DashboardMat.jpg
Views: 844
Size:  71.3 KB

costs about 20 bucks in Big Bazaar.
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Old 7th May 2009, 00:09   #85
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Default OHC rattle.

My OHC has developed some cabin noise after the last service. the center console below the gear knob has a buzz and also the dash center with the control panel, the Glove compartment, and the outer beading on the instrument panel. these if pressed or touch seem to relieve a nagging buzz,
My car was zero cabin noise honda until, I thought the door mirrors were passing on a buzz, after mentioning this during service and asking them to help this is what I got!
I'm due a service on 16th. If i were to eliminate this noise:
what should I look out for?
what must I tell the honda guys?
what must I check to see where the problem is?

please advice!
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Old 7th May 2009, 09:01   #86
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The air gushing in at high speeds is typically associated with door alignments. to elaborate, if the front edge of the door is protruding (even in mms) outside the main body panel (above the front tyres ) you will get air noise. This can be easily fixed at the service center
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Old 7th May 2009, 09:12   #87
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Good Topic,

Number one, how the rattles starts, Basically when we buy a brand new car i have observed there is almost no rattles, The crucks starts only when we try to start fitting the accessories or open any door panels for servicing/replace any defective parts. If the paneling/seats are not placed properly inside the slots then rubbing sweeking starts and produces rattles. One more observation in the sweekings are the Audio wiring kit, if the wires are not strapped properly in the running board till the rear and under the seats this will produce lot of sweeks. Rattles can be removed but they are like dandruff, It will come back.
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Old 4th June 2009, 14:42   #88
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I won't say that new cars are rattle free - I've known swifts - which have started rattling in their first 2-3 months - that too without the panels being touched once...
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Old 4th June 2009, 14:51   #89
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Many have complained about rattles in their Linea within 1-2 months of ownership. Its 2 month and 2500 kms but i still havent heard any from my Linea. Its frustrating too hear the rattles, the ears want to hear more of the same sound again and again after some time.
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Old 4th June 2009, 20:52   #90
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rohit my swift's driver side door was rattling the moment i took delivery of my car. swift owners learn how to live with these rattles. nothing much can be done about it because you fix one panel and something else starts to make noise.
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