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I think of it as this way. There is always a bad luck car. For you your Laura has gone bad. Out of Skoda's sold there will be a few cars with some problem.
Let me give you a example: Here in India I haven't heard of Audi's giving trouble. But I own a A6 3.0 TDI in Portugal and its the most problematic car I have ever owned. A lot of AC problems and many times the car just doesn't start. So you can say I am frustrated with Audi like you are with your Skoda. But some of my friends who own Audi's are very very happy.

Also another thing. I own four Skoda's a Superb V6 TDI, Laura 1.9 tdi and two Octavia's and I have never had any problems with any of the cars(EXCEPT EXPENSIVE PARTS). Both my Octy's have almost driven a lac of kms and I never had any problem. The Laura is brand new and till date everything is perfect. My Superb 3 yrs old driven 45,000 kms is in perfect shape(except for a small accident the car got into and the axle had to be replaced which costs me 80,000 RS). I have never had any problems with any of my 4 Skoda's.

So I just have one thing to tell you, I understand your frustration but its just one of those "bad cars".

I am not supporting Skoda but just letting you know that I am a happy customer.

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Originally Posted by vinmaz View Post
On one occasion my car smoked in the middle of the Kasara Ghats (between Nasik and Mumbai). I thought I would soon be barbequed so I jumped out of the car. Fortunately the car was only smoking and not on fire.
Sorry to hear your agony, but couldnt help after reading this.

Originally Posted by vinmaz View Post
If you still want to buy a SKODA you are one of the following:

2) Fatally Masochist
Whilst I understand your anguish, but Team BHP does not discriminate or chastise people on the basis of their sexual preferences, orientation or kinky desires
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Originally Posted by indra_slk View Post

but its just one of those "bad cars".

How many one of those "bad cars" will Skoda sell? Is there no end to it?

PS: Touch wood indra, and don't go shouting from the roof that your Skoda has been trouble free. Kisike buri nazar lag jayegi
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Toyota sold on their own admission 8 million cars with fault for the past 5-7 years. The death count because of these cars is around 34. what has happend to toyota worldwide or in India ? my luck I have both toyota and skoda. dont when the luck will run out.
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Vinmaz, its a very sad case, even more so because the time and effort and obviously the money wasted - and you running your own company must have thousands of other things on your mind.

But in hindsight - just for curiosity sake - why did you buy Laura?
Why is it that ppl at MD level, being so astute and careful, lose that streak in buying their vehicles?
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Old 5th May 2010, 16:07   #21
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Very unfortunate thing to happen to any car owner. Hope Skoda does something to help you out Vineet.

Having read about Skoda cars here on Team BHP, have recommended my friends against buying their cars.

Not all cars from Skoda are troublesome, but after reading extreme experiences about Skoda, all troublesome cars are from .....
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Old 5th May 2010, 20:35   #22
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@alpha1, some old mistakes come to haunt you in the present. My Laura is one of them. Moreover when I bought it in Aug 2007, the miseries were not so public as of today. Well well sighhhh .......
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To be frank, I was actually spellbound with the plethora of features that the Laura offered. You name it, they had it. When we were scouting out for a car, I was keen on a Laura A/T. Though I knew about the negative things of this car, I simply wanted it in my garage. But now I am realizing that settling for a Toyota was indeed a better choice
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Default Another Skoda Story !

Wow. i cant get over how many people have problems with Skodas. Im so glad i didnt force my parents into buying the superb last month. Went ahead and picked up an accord. I was convinced that the accord was poor vfm when compared with the superb (loaded like none other) but it would have been a horrible decision. Who wants to buy a car and go through all of this, the sunroofs, xenons, touchscreens sound systems are great but peace of mind is absolutely essential.
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OMG Skoda again, i dont see any engineering
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One more case from S(k)ODA's bag. One of my friend was all set to buy Laura bit I warned him and instead he bought Honda Accord. Don't know how many more customers are going to be harassed by shoddy Skoda.
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The point as put before is not how many bad cars does Skoda sell.
The issue is: Once a bad car is spotted, what Skoda does do?

I remember a famous Sherlock Holmes quote from Silver Blaze:
"To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time"

It did nothing.

If Skoda had risen up to help customers, it would not be in this state. The don't care attitude is what is putting them down.
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To make things worse, the early Laura's has pathetic resale values. One dude even offered me his used Ford Fiesta in exchange for the 18Lac L&K LAura. And thats when I really lost it. Much to my relief, some skoda nut picked it up for half the price I picked it up from the showroom.
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Now then..Whenever i try to think Skoda may have improved a bit..another case happens. I`m seriously considering the Superb and the Passat. Between the two...i might well have to go in for the Passat based purely on After sales issues. At least till now haven`t heard anything ridicuolously bad about VW service.
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So has the "complimentary/goodwill" warranty replacement happened? Is this power of T-BHP at work? We do know that there are few from SKODA who lurk here.
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