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Default Issues with a new Hyundai Verna

Hi Team members,

Buying a new car always brings a smile to the owners face, as it with buying anything, a TV, Laptop. Ones hard earned money is saved and then after much searching and decision making the final deal is done and the car purchased.

Now what happens when your dream machine starts to act up and show certain issuse from the day you pick it up.
Well this has happened to a close friend of mine who recently brought a Verna Diesel from Trident ,Bangalore.

I had been to the showroom to pick up the car with him a few sundays back and the seeing the Black Body with its elegant curves shining under the Midday sun put our mind at ease and a smile on our faces.

But is now the smile turns upside down.

I am posting this on behalf of my firend who would like to get some advice and help from those who have been through such experiences and from all those willing to share their thoughts.

I am copying the letter he has sent to the Trident Management team, it details the issues and what has been done so far.

From: VIG, A (A)
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2010 11:50 PM
To: 'sharath@tridenthyundai.com'; 'samir@tridenthyundai.com'; 'quality@tridenthyundai.com'
Subject: Verna VGT SX, My Misery!!
Importance: High

Dear Mr. Sharath LV,

This is with reference to the meeting that we had in the presence of my colleague Mr. Sudeep Shetty & Mr Pratap today, at around 14:00 hrs. At the outset, I would like to thank you for listening to the issues bought to your notice in great detail by me.

To bring our discussion on record, I am writing to you and would like to apprise you of this matter that has actually started feeling like more of a never-ending bad saga I’ve been made to go through after having purchased the Hyundai Verna VGT SX with following details:

REG# KA04MH1814
Chassis# MALCN41VLAM085379*D
Engine# D4FAAU856835

The car was delivered on April 24th 2010, sometime in the afternoon. The Sales staff was generous in making me feel comfortable about the car, & also seemed as excited as I was while I took the delivery of the car. A Good-Bye, & as I drove the car back home, this is when it started disturbing my piece of mind.

The steering was not in the centre position.
The car would randomly produce a metallic clink clink noise from underneath the front suspension already.
I had forgotten to check for documents like Extra Warranty, & free-bie like Boot Mat, Cricket Kit & the Car Cover.

Realizing the mentioned 3, I called back Mr. Anand from sales & notified him of #1 & #3. Number 2 wasn’t discussed with him as I was unsure on the sound, & as It’d be sinfully unimaginable for a car worth over 10,00,000/-+ throwing symptoms like that even before I had reached home, I just took my time & wanted to be doubly sure before I could share #2 with him. Anand’s reply to #1 & #3 was that it’d be something very minimal that’d have slipped from PDI, & that the other documents & free-bie would be made available to me in a day or two. On the #1, I kept wondering on the intensity of PDI, or that if it was even carried out with some respect to the job.

After observing this car closely for a few days after delivery & knowing that the metallic clink was indeed very prominent while taking a full radius turns on the right, Mr. Anand was apprised of the same. As per his suggestion, I called my Prathvin ( Works Incharge – Kalyan Nagar W/S ) who further suggested to get in touch with Mr. Santosh. The car had done around 240 KMs so far, & the random clink-clink from under the front suspension resumed driving me insane, considering the fact that my car was only a few days old, and was not a cheap car by any stretch of imagination. Consequently, deciding not to wait any further, I got in touch with Mr Santosh on Sunday, May 2nd. Mr. Santosh test-drove the car & did hear the same clink noise but only twice this time. He acknowledged the following :-

Some issue with the suspension as the car was pulling towards Left.
Since the Clink Sound was random & not reproducible always, he described his position of not being able to arrest or trouble-shoot it without the sound being more prominent.

It was his suggestion that for both the symptoms above, the cause would be very minimal, & that we could wait with time for the symptoms to become more prominent in order for their re-dressal. With a very heavy head & a crying heart, I returned back home & yet all this time I wondered why it seemed to him that the car pulled towards left while it was just the steering centre that looked like an only anomaly on the subject. Definitely, I am anybody but an expert on the cars. His remarks over the suspension having some issues were heart shattering. This time I contacted Mr Pratap, & requested his help on understanding what was given to understand to me by Mr. Santosh – the Sr. Service Advisor. Mr Pratap returned back to me stating that the car sure had some issue with suspension but definitely something that was minimal in nature, albeit his recommendation was to bring in the car for a thorough check-up ASAP. Mr Pratap Hooked me to Mr Prathvin & It was decided that the car would go in for a check-up on Thursday, May 6th 2010, 10:00 Hrs.

In the meantime, the Clink sound from underneath the front suspension kept growing & to my fortune this time, I was able to reproduce it all the time now. Mr. Prathvin was contacted one more time, & he too suggested that the car must be brought in for a check ASAP. Me, Mr Prathvin & Mr Santosh met at the scheduled time, & this time I was able to demonstrate the issue to them. The car was left back in the Workshop & I heard back from the guys at 16:30 hrs that the car was ready. Following were presented to me as the troubleshooting sequence of events to eradicate the problem.

Left strut ( or the spring ? ) was mis-aligned. They had to re-align & lubricate it the same
Break Caliper was rattling ( already??? ). It was lubricated too.

Shocked & surprised on the fact why would a brand new car be delivered to any customer with a symptom like that, & why is it that these lubrications will wear out, or why would a break caliper rattle in the first 8 days after the vehicle delivery. Please note, as I mentioned before, this metallic clink very well prevailed in the car when I took the delivery.

I was completely devastated and at a loss for answers, when:-

While driving back home from the workshop, every time when I’d apply brakes, it’d produce squeezing noise from somewhere underneath the hood. This was in bumper to bumper Bangalore driving conditions with car speed being less than 10KMPH.
There was an evidently audible grinding noise coming from the front left of the car again at lower speeds & this would be randomly heard.

I immediately called back Mr Prathvin & he educated that since the car was just washed, it may be because of the car still being wet. This is my 4th car in last 5 years, & never have I seen a car that produced any squeezing ( chu chu ) noise after being washed. Mr Pratap was also notified of this & he recommended driving the car for a while & seeing if the noise goes away.

“Quite convincing reasoning from Tech-duo eh!!!!”

With a heart that desparately wanted to believe in what Mr Prathvin said, when I took this car out this morning in order to go to office, the first speed breaker blew my head away. There was a loud squeezing noise that I heard again, also not to forget with a slight grinding noise that comes randomly. Both of the circumstances were not observed later in the day.

“Guess the car is made to show symptoms randomly before they grow prominent.”

Our Meeting today :-

The above mentioned sad tale was explained to you, & you did empathize of our agonies so far, thank you! Please note of the following redressals I look forward to,

Replacement of the car. OR
Refund of the whole amount including the registration & the insurance amount.

The reasoning behind the mentioned two above is that it seems to me that I am done being an owner of a product with very variable & random negative symptoms. The car had been given to your workshop with all of the sales & service guys in sync, & pre-dominantly the car still has some serious suspension issues. It’s a hideous feeling to realize what has happened to me & it seems that my patience & my heart both can’t stand this trauma anymore.

Although you repeatedly suggested in briniging the car back to the workshop one more time for two days, I strongly feel that it’s even outside the scope of argument anymore as the car has already been to the workshop twice, & that too within less than a week of purchasing it, & after spending a whooping INR 10,00,000/- plus amount on this product. I as a customer haven’t done anything to deserve a treatment like this from either Trident Hyundai or HMIL.


Please clarify if these types of issues are regular for cars manufactured by Hyundai, and is it so common at your end to botch up the PDI? When a customer is buying a car, it is definitely a big event him; I am sure no customer can be happy with this type of shoddy sales/service/workmanship at Hyundai's and Trident Hyundai's part. This is not a matter to be treated lightly and I hope you will appreciate my concerns, after all we cant just keep on repeating the process of sending the car for inspection in an unending loop, & that there must be an end to this argument understanding that there are existing problems, & while the car still craves for more technical & troubleshooting attention. I would request you to treat this matter with the urgency it deserves, and resolve these issues without any further delay.

I wish to work with you in a smooth & an easy way out to my concerns, & will appreciate your co-operation.


================================================== =

Please do share your valueable advice on this topic.

MODS: Sorry if this is not the right thread for this topic, please move it to the correct one if needed, Thanks.

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free-bie like Boot Mat, Cricket Kit

Cricket kit ???

Steering bush and brake disc's are suspect.
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This reminds me of Sam's Vernas' problems when it was new.
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About the small screech when braking at low speeds. I get it form my Figo when there is a lot of brake shoe dust around. Pouring some water forcefully on the brake disk solves this till the dust re accumulates. Just a thought.

Sad to hear what you friend has to go through. If the car is not moving towards left there should not be any issue with the suspension/alignment. It could just be a matter of removing the steering and refitting it properly. Check if the steering automatically comes back to close to 12 '0 Clock once it is turned. In that case the steering alignment too is not wrong and just the steering wheel needs to be aligned.

The cling sound could be anything. Really those guys need to really take time with your car and get down to the source. When does he get this sound. Is it when he brakes or is it when the car goes on uneven roads or is it when he turns the steering?

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Can checking a different workshop (authorized) help. Typical behavior is to dismiss off saying, its a new car, it will go away, but certain workshops take due care. Hope that works

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Unfortunate as it may sound, Hyundai ( or even any other manufacturer ) won't replace the car or refund the amount, especially after registration.

The only practical option left is to get the problem resolved at the workshop.
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Sorry about the issues, but you can't call it a lemon yet. You need to try an resolve the issue and get it off your mind. Iam saying this, as I had to tow my Brand new FORD second day after purchase due to PCM issues. I have done a happy 20K+ now

No chance of a refund. I would leave the car for a complete checkup and sort it out.
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I agree with most of the members here, a full refund including Registration and Insurance will in all probability might nor be possible.

I had a few issues with my car within the first one month, but they were sorted out after several visits to the service center. It was a stressful time trust me. I took the advice of a friend and member of Tbhp, kept my cool worked with the service guys and everything was sorted and boy am I happy.

My suggestion to your friend, visit the Service Center get the problems sorted out, if it does not work write to Higher Ups in Hyundai I am sure they are not dumb to not listen to a Verna customer. Hope to hear from you soon on this.
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Are you seeing any uneven tyre wear ?

Insist that they replace the entire front suspension and not just re align or lubricate it. I would advise escalating this to HMIL as well and the repairs to be carried out in presence of HMIL guys.

Did you find any visible evidence or getting a accident repaired car when you took delivery. ( I sincerely hope not ) . How much was your ODO reading at delivery time.

Keep insisting that they fix the problem for good. I know its easy to lose your cool in situations like this but do not abuse or fight with the service people . You will have to deal with them in future as well . Cooperative and patient attitude will help.

Do keep us posted how it works for you. Hoping your problems get rectified so that you can start enjoying the car
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Wow, I faced a similar situation. Sometime in 2006, I bought a car from Trident Hyundai -Sadashivnagar, faced similar problem in the suspension.

Awareness being limited those days, was taken for a jolly good ride - the same Kalyan Nagar team also looked into the car, tried convincing me, the then Service Manager Mr Lawrence intervened, was not of any help, then their General Manager Mr Ramdev patched up, and said that I could take it up with Hyundai directly.

Since you are discussing about a brand new car - maybe your leverage will be better. Also, for your information, Mr Samir, JMD, is a member here in TBHP.
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Sad to see a lemon for that kind of money! Please look up the course of action you can advice your friend take up from the Lemon series in Team-BHP

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/owning...ctive-car.html (ARTICLE: What to do if you are stuck with a lemon (Defective car))

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Very unfortunate to hear of your problems :( It really hurts to have such an experience & to top it off, no clear resolution. Off topic : Just to share my experience with Trident Hyundai - found them to be cheats and nothing but con men. Arrogant attitude to boot !! A close friend of mine had met with a bad accident in her Santro & these guys were just ripping her off since she had limited knowledge about cars. She called on me to help her out & i found these guys to be taking her for a ride. After lots & lots of arguments & discussions, finally the car was delivered a month and half later. I must mention this guy, Mr. Ramdev who is supposedly the GM, an arrogant and downright unprofessional person. At the outset, he promised to move heaven & earth to solve the issue but later changed his tone & was extremely rude. Mails also were not replied to. When i asked for the details of the owner of the dealership to escalate this matter, no details were forthcoming. We were told directly by Ramdev to take delivery of the vehicle and go to some other dealership in future. All i can say is, Trident succeeded in raising our BP to the sky, & we were relieved to take delivery & get the hell out of there. I have never ever come across such an arrogant and high handed treatment. Trident has a lot to learn. Not sure whether they have opened their eyes & imp,roved now. This incident happened last year. Repeated complaints to Hyundai, did not yield any result. Calls just kept going to the call center. I would suggest taking along an experienced lawyer to the meeting, one cant be too careful After all its your friend's hard earned money !!
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Originally Posted by Ash_vtec View Post
free-bie like Boot Mat, Cricket Kit

Cricket kit ???

Steering bush and brake disc's are suspect.
there was "Buy A Hyundai Get A SRK Signed Cricket-Kit Free" offer!


I had once gone to Hyundai Showroom on Hosur road,i guess its Trident! no one attended for 15 minutes. i checked i20. later i ask at reception and lady at reception hands over price list and asks "what you are looking for" i was like "tell me about car before you tell about prices" later some guy came and explained car!

Before going there, i had gone to VW show room. Staff were very courtous at VW. Also there was a family (5 or 6 people) who were looking at Polo. They were treated well in Polo showroom.

When i went to Hyundai showroom, same family was at Hyundai looking at i10! The SPs and Lady at reception were making remarks in kannada saying " how many times these peopel come here. they came some time back also. these peopel sit in car and go etc etc"

this is disgusting attitude! Clearly these people are riding high on Hyundais sucess and making such comments.

Any one has expereinced same at any other car dealerships?
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Originally Posted by yajaman99 View Post
The car was delivered on April 24th 2010, sometime in the afternoon.
Ask for the service history of this vehicle from the dealer if they fail to give it to you Write/Call Hyundai directly and ask for the service history of this particular vehicle. There may be a chance that this particular vehicle met with an accident before delivery.

meantime check the vehicle throughly for any repainting mark or sort of thing espeacialy at the engine bay and other regions.

I too think its a Pure Lemon.
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Sad to hear your friend's plight yajaman with the new Verna.Many a time test drive cars are beefed up and sold. Is this car one of their test drive cars? That may be known from the date of manufacture.Tyres and batteries that bear manufacturing dates are also changed in many cases to make the car spick and span and look like a new one.The engine and chassis numbers may provide some clues.
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