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Default water inside cabin-this is how i solved it, Hopefully.

The problem was, Water dripping from under the dash on the passenger side.

I was damn irritated with GM service centre guys over the last two months. They kept the car with them for more than four days on two different occassions and still could not rectify the problem of water getting into the cabin.They opened the dashboard on the second time and said there was a pipe dis engaged which is now rectified and there won't be any more problem. I trusted them and cleaned all the interiors and mats. The problem emerged again.So I decided to look under the hood.

I discovered the water was going through the opening meant for the Air intake for the HVAC system. I poured a glass of water into it and yes, it came inside the cabin, under the dash. Now my question is:

1. Is it really possible for water to go into that intake. I know over the last few days, Delhi has seen heavy rainfall but is it that much that it would fill the drain under the wiper and go inside the intake. ( BTW the drain holes on the side are clear of any dust and debris)

2. There was kind of rust between the joints on the chasis in the passage drian. Is it possible for water to seep through it?

3. Lastly, is this the cause of the problem or can it be something else?. kindly help.

As for the solution, I covered half of the intake with duct tape and applied M seal on the joints of the chasis.The warranty of the car is going to expire in October and I am desperate to find the exact problem and its solution so that i can take it up with service centre guys accordingly.

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water inside cabin-this is how i solved it, Hopefully.-dsc01689-1600x1200.jpg  

water inside cabin-this is how i solved it, Hopefully.-dsc01690-1600x1200.jpg  

water inside cabin-this is how i solved it, Hopefully.-dsc01692-1600x1200.jpg  

water inside cabin-this is how i solved it, Hopefully.-dsc01687-1600x1200.jpg  

water inside cabin-this is how i solved it, Hopefully.-dsc01688-1600x1200.jpg  

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Did you pour water after you taped up the intake? Did u still get water inside the car? Sorry to burst you bubble but these water leakages are not as simple as they look or seem and one really needs an highly trained expert to find the root of such leakages.

I had drops of water leaking in my Swift from under the dash board on the driver's side. On inspecting we found the cowl under the windshield to be corroded. Got it replaced from the authorized service center. Car was kept for 03 days. But to my shock, the problem was still there. I went to my local mechanic and he solved the problem in a day. Apparently there was a small opening under the bidding on the top of the 'A' pillar. Since this is a slope, the water used to seep slowly from top to bottom and find its way into the car near the lever to open the hood. My mechanic sealed that opening with high quality silicon and the problem is solved!!

My point is, just because the leak is from under the dashboard doesn't always mean that the root cause is from under the windshield like we obviously assume it to be.

My suggestion is to ensure that the authorized service center solves the problem themselves, especially since your car is under warranty. Don't let them get away with it!
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I had a similar problem with my ford escort (sold in 2007) where I had to bail out with a mug the day after it rained after a lot of checking by the garage we found that there was a pin prick sized holes exactly below the location of air intake which led to the issue so blocked it using M-Seal and the issue was solved.
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@kkg: The Duct tape is not going to prevent water from seeping in. Since u opened the wiper drain why dont you video record the water dripping ? It will help the SC help you out with the problem.

Have the same problem in my lancer. Just left it for a patch job today and should be ready by tomorrow. Its leaking from the same place ie the HVAC unit intake, the entire dash and ac unit were opened in order to fix the badly corroded metal (thats what u can expect from a 10yr old car). I only hope this solves my problem. Fingers crossed!
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I had the same problem when i bought my car.
it was parked in the open for a couple o' weeks before i picked it up.
the rains (season) were just about to start, and there was a lot of dust that had settled in the plastic bin sort of thing under the windscreen,which takes away water from the windscreen etc.
the dirt had slushed, and then hardened and had blocked the lower extremeties.
The day i picked up the car, it rained,like,heavy!!
Got in the car, the passenger footwell, and the rear left side were 4" deep in water!!
Its the condenser(right?) located behind the glove box, that has associated vents opening in the same area, which let in water as the blockage was allowing water to settle and rise to its level.
cleaned that out, popped the hood, took out the plastic well from under the screen,tapped out(broke away, rather) the dirt,and presto!!
PS:it hasnt stopped raining since day 1 in delhi, since i got the car, and i have NEVER faced the same issue again.

blocking the intake may not be most conducive as a a solution.
detrimental to cooling inside the cab.
check the plastic joint/well thats fitted from the windscreen to the bonnet tip(red box in picture,not present).
worked for me.
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water inside cabin-this is how i solved it, Hopefully.-dsc01688205b1600x12005d.jpg  

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Yeah may be you guys were right. Water is still seeping in and the problem is still present.iI have taken the appointment at service center for this monday. Hope the problem resoves this time around.
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