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Default Indigo starting issues

Was away for as month, so had the car under wraps. After getting back on the 2nd, when I started the car, the engine fired on the first attempt (after about 6 cranks which in itself was unusual as she generally starts in the first crank), but after running for 10-15 secs, she died down and refused to start thereafter. After going through the service manual, I thought of two issues that could be the problem :

a. Battery weak-could not be the case because the engine had started the first time.
b. Air in the fuel pipeline-carried out pumping after removing the drain connection from the fuel pump till un-interrupted fuel flow was seen from the bypass/drain and the plunger had become hard.

After this, I tried to start the car again. After several attempts, the engine started, but again, after running for 10-15 secs, again the engine stalled and thereafter did not start at all. After this i noticed that during cranking, the engine was not making the normal grrn---grrn noise as well. The starter was rotating and I could hear the whine of the starter motor rotating, but there was absolutely no noise from the engine.

At this stage, decided to call a mechanic. Had to go to one of the local garages since the TATA service center was closed. The chappie checked and found satisfactory the following:

a. Heating plugs
b. Starter/Alternator belt
c. All electrical connections to the engine
d. All fuses.

Since the TATA garage was closed, I had to wait till today morning. The first thing I did today was get the mechanic from the TATA workshop here. The guy carried out the same checks that had been carried out earlier, but again there was no joy. Finally, the mechanic suggested that we try to push start the engine. We did this and after two attempts, the engine started and behaved perfectly thereafter.

We took the car to the service station thereafter to get a thorough check up but they found no problem with the vehicle at all. The engine was behaving perfectly normally and was now starting at 1/2 crank.

When I insisted on a reason for the occurrence, the service center guys came up with two theories:

a. Since the car was started after a long time, the fuel supply to the engine might have been excessive initially due to which the mixture became over-rich and hence the engine stalled. Don't really buy this one because in that case, the car should have started subsequently, or at least today morning.

b. There could be a problem with the starter motor solenoid because of which the starter is nor engaging properly with the flywheel and hence the engine was nor cranking. Don't buy this one because, the engine did start twice and it stalled after starting, and, after the push start, there has been no starting issues. However, this might be the reason for the engine becoming totallt unresponsive for a while.

Can anyone throw some light on this issue?
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From the described symptoms, could be any number of minor problems with the fuel supply caused by the month of standing still, air, debris, clogged filter due to sediments etc. causing lack of fuel supply. Doesn't appear to be a starter solenoid issue because then the engine would not have stalled out.

If the problem doesn't reappear, just forget about it.
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Well, from my similar experience, I suggest CHECKING the self motor. See my experiences posted here - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...coil-self.html (Wagon R - Self starter problem - replace coil or self?)

Can you wait for some more time, if you're not in a hurry to replace things. If you're experiencing this starting issue, like not starting in the first attempt, then its the issue with the self; if the issue is with the air in the fuel line or the reason a stated, then after a period of 2-3 days & a several Kms of run, the problem should NEVER appear at all.

Finally, if you're convinced with self motor issue & if you have a good relation with T.A.S.S, then do one or both the following...
1. Check the coil of the self motor with multimeter between a good one & the one on your car
2. Replace your self motor with a good one & check if the issue arises again

Last but not the least, when you start your car, you need to feel the grunt or torque of the self-motor; I don't know how to put in words, but there WILL be a punch when the self motor cranks the engine.

Doesn't appear to be a starter solenoid issue because then the engine would not have stalled out
Not necessary; in my case, the issue appeared gradually. Means, I couldn't get the car started in one key turn initially, but definitely in the second or third & this was inconsistent too. Means, most of the time, I could start in one attempt. Then finally one day (say in about 2-3 months) it gave up & refused to start.

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it could be that your starter motor needs new carbon bushes, well that is if it is not producing enough torque.
another could be that something cud have been stuck in the exhaust, it would probably explain why your engine died after the first attempt to start the car. and maybe it came out after several attempts.
are you sure the heater plugs are working fine??? you might need to get them checked.
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