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Default Re: Skoda Octavia - Seek urgent advice!

Originally Posted by Ashokkp View Post

Update; Both fans Don't work when the engine is on and A/c is off. However, the moment A/c is switched on, both start working! The fan on the right side(bigger size) squeaks and makes a grinding noise when rotated with hand and the other one is smooth and silent. The bigger one occasionally squeaks when running under power as well.

Now, one of the fan was supposed to run irrespective of A/c's state(assuming they are exclusive for A/c and engine cooling)

What could be wrong here?


Both fans not working means temperature of the engine is less than the set temperature for fan to start, which is ok.

The one fan which is squeaky obviously is going to go bust anytime. Replacement seems like the right thing to do at the nearest possible skoda workshop.
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Default Re: Skoda Octavia - Seek urgent advice!

A general comment: Recently on a trip that contained some hill driving I noticed my coolant reservoir to be nearly empty. I just let the engine cool and drove back while keeping one litre coolant for backup if the temperature shoots up. Later it turned out that there was a leak in water pump and hence the coolant was drained.
If you have any doubts about temperature shoot up please also think about coolant levels and whether there is a leak.
Please update us the solution for your problem once you get it resolved
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Default Re: Smoke from radiator fan



Apparently, the fans may not be bad. Latest observations as under:

1. The A/c fan does come ON when A/c is switched on and at times the engine cooling fan also comes ON but both stop after few seconds.

2. Fans don't come ON until a/c is switched on. Toggling the a/c switch also makes one or both fan to rotate for few seconds.

3. The engine cooling fan does not come ON at 90 degrees.

4. 40Amp strip fuse inside the fuse box on top of the battery cover is blown(open). The other three fuses show signs of stress. Contacts blackened.

5. Whiff of blue smoke was noticed coming from the right hand corner of the engine bay. In the area between headlights /washer fluid container. "Plasticky" smell. Could not see anything burnt.

6. Normal coolant level. No leakage

Inference : The Fans itself may not be at fault.

Called up Pinnacle Skoda in Thrissur; will have to take the car to them tomorrow after they confirm availability of parts(read: FANS) They are not aware of the blown fuse because I discovered it moments back.

Any clues on what could be wrong?


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Default Re: Smoke from radiator fan

Hello All

An update on the above;

Pinnacle skoda diagnosed the problem to a faulty Radiator fan. It was promptly replaced. I have driven for more than 2500kms after the replacement. Now, the car was idle for almost a month, in the monsoons. Now, at times when i cut the engine after a trip, i could hear the fan stopping with a grinding noise. I noticed that this happens when the car was parked in the rains for some time; I have localized the noise to the radiator fan(checked by cutting the engine with hood open and the noise really does come from it).

Its a new fan; what could be wrong? Any chances of water seepage into the fan assembly?- This is actually molded and there is no way water can leak into the bearings;I am now back in Mumbai so no chance to take it back to Pinnacle.

What should i do?

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Default Re: Smoke from radiator fan

^^^ the noise might be due to the fan rubbing against the shroud.

With the engine off and key in your pocket , just rotate the fan manually and see if the blades are rubbing against something.
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