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Default Hand brake jammed up in my Alto

Hi all,

Today morning when I tried to take my car out of the parking, it refused to move a bit. It was as if the hand-brake was engaged though I had released the hand-brake. Finally with some extra throttle, I managed to take the car out to the road. And again, when I tried to move the car forward or backward, it was damn difficult - again as if the handbrake was engaged. I got down and checked the tires and all of them were in quite good condition.

I called up the mechanic who has a small shop just opposite to my house to check this. The first thing he asked me was whether I had washed the car and engaged the hand-brake. "Yes" was my reply - though it was just a manual exterior was and no under-chasis wash. He said that this should not be done as there is a high chance of hand-brake getting jammed (I mean.. you release the lever, but the actual braking functionality is still engaged).

Then he took my car and did some heavy/quick acceleration and sudden braking (with screeching sound) and the same while doing a reverse. After that the car seemed to be quite okay. He said that if the problem occurs again, then we will have to remove all the wheels and do a check.

I went back home, got ready to office and then started my car again. Found it a bit weird though it was not like the reluctance I felt initially in the morning - but a slight toughness (or is it just my mind?? ). I did not want to take any chances while coming to office and so parked the car and came to office by bike. I met the same mechanic again then and told this and he told it should be normal once you drive for some distance and if you still find it difficult, then we will have to remove all the tires and do a check.

Now fellow BHPians, want your advice here. What could have been the exact problem? Is the mechanic right in what he did and said? What am I to expect now?

And yeah. forgot to mention two things.
1. Yesterday while washing the car, quite some amount of water went through the grille near the wiper hinge (just below the windshield) into the engine area.
2. After washing, I parked my car inside my house. To get the car into the porch, I will have to climb a small ramp. Since I did a left turn into the ramp, the rear left wheel came off the ground level and the car tilted mildly to right (not precariously at all) for a moment till the car aligned itself to the ramp. Hope I have made it clear enough so that you could visualize it.

Not sure if any of these things would have resulted in this brake-jam though.

Thanks in advance!!
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Default Re: Hand brake jammed up in my Alto

Hi I have expericnce the same on my alto 04 many a times .Now what I do is either I do not engage the parking brake overnight or not all the way up when I park outside . This has solved my problem .As the hand brake only connects to the rear wheels when you wash the car you might get get jammed brakes (drums) if car not used for some time after washing .
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Default Re: Hand brake jammed up in my Alto

The same has been discussed already. This at times happens when the hand brake in engaged while washing.
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Default Re: Hand brake jammed up in my Alto

This is a carried over problem from the Maruti 800 to the Alto.The handbrake engages the brakepads of the two rear wheels which have drum brakes. Due to low usage and almost no maintenance, the brake cable refuses to disengage though the lever shows that the brake is disengaged. However the brake warning light on the dash should be on in such cases.This is less dependent on whether you wash the car or not.
The handbrake mechanism should be improvised by MSIL, as most of the lakhs of cars they roll out have such an inherent problem.
I had this problem when my 800 was about 5-6 years old in 1993. The hand brake was engaged and the same problem happened.I drove and the accelerator felt heavy.While reaching the destination there was a rattling sound from the rear right wheel. Luckily I had reached my destination.The engine temperature was high.The heat was also felt within the rear wheel drum.The car refused to move forward due to the rear right wheel getting jammed.However it moved quite freely on the reverse gear and the revving of the engine was excellent.I drove the car on reverse gear for about 1 km to a friend's house and got it parked there for the night.
A real life joke here: As I was driving the car on its reverse gear, almost on the middle of the road, one Sardarji who was coming from the opposite direction on a black Kinetic Honda fumbled and it was clear that he was guessing as to whether he will pass my car from the left or right side? He got a bit confused as the car was moving in reverse gear!
The next morning, I brought the mechanic who opened the rear wheel upto its disc. There it was! The brake pads of the rear right wheel had broken due to excessive pressure and had got settled within the tiny space within the drum.A new set of brake pads were fitted the two rear wheels. I was shown the brake wire within the covered cable (handbrake) that was rusted and jammed. This was also changed. How can a badly rusted brake wire move freely within the cable?
I vowed thereafter never to engage the handbrake unless there was real emergency.
I would suggest you to get the two rear wheels opened and check the brake pads for wear and jamming. Replace the hand brake cable if its rusted.

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Default Re: Hand brake jammed up in my Alto

Washed my car ( Punto MJD ) on Sunday from the local garage and engaged the handbrake after parking her.

Today morning car had difficulty moving forward. Engaged and disengaged the handbrake a few times and the "jam" went away.

What is more preferable and recommended - parking in gear or using the handbrake ?
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Default Re: Hand brake jammed up in my Alto

Originally Posted by sdp1975 View Post
What is more preferable and recommended - parking in gear or using the handbrake ?
Right after a wash - slotting the car in a gear is the best bet. Engage the handbrake and chances are, they'll be jammed later.
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Default Re: Hand brake jammed up in my Alto

This problem is not confined to Maruti's alone. I've faced similar issues with the Accent and Santro. The service people are now advising against using the handbrake at all, while parking for some period of time, especially during rainy seasons.

Needless to say, always put your car in gear while washing.
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