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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Thanks Naveen for your compliment. As regards to me being called Guruji, I must say that my knowledge about cars is no where even close to what the others on the forum possess. I am continuously learning on Team BHP and rightfully am still a Newbie even though I have been online for over 7 months.

As regards to the Excel sheet, I just updated it today completely and I got a few statistics that are very revealing. My car is 527 days old and based on each and every paise that have been spent on the car, it has cost me Rs. 780 per day to own, mantain, park and run it. What do you think, is it worth it?

(Sorry, I think this is going off topic)
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what i feel is the clutch release and the throttle pedal i.e. acceleration should be done ""so close" to being "near to" simultaneously to have the car moving from each change in gear without u nor any passengers feeling any gears being changed. it has to be that smooth. now dont get me wrong and do clutch slippage.
same goes when u r downshifting at high speed about to negotiate a turn (bend) say 140kmph and u need to shift to 4th gear to be in control for a secure turn and a power out of the turn. what i do is blip the throttle pedal a bit to be in the rev band close about to take the bend and here the shift has to be quick and leg of the clutch pedal. blip throttle - downshift - leg of pedal. it has to be qick or ull loose the revband and get the engine groaning loudly. this tech helps in no ugly engine noise and no nose dive.
btw the driving tech overseas is a real test to make most of us close to perfect drivers.
if u need more info let me know.
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Default Open fields or wide secluded roads in East Bangalore to practice driving?

Hi everyone,

Are there any open motorable fields or wide-secluded roads in and around Whitefield where a novice driver can practice?

I have a full-time helper who stays with me to assist in activities of daily living, since I am in a wheelchair. One of the new roles he'll be taking up is of a driver. I am scared for my life, after seeing him drive for the first time. Dude scrubbed the wall while reversing, then kept racing towards a pillar in the parking lot. I was 99% sure he'll bang it, but somehow hit the brakes at the very last moment (he was confused as to how and why the car was running towards the pillar ) . He got his licence last year ( I have no idea HOW!? ) after going through a driving school as well. Tangent - arming folks like this with valid drivers licence is as bad as death sentences for our citizens

I live near Whitefield, so wanted to know - where can we teach him how to drive? Since I used to be a driver myself, I have compiled a list of things I'll make him practice to death. However, he's a danger to others in his current state, so want to keep him away from city limits. Are there any open fields, huge/wide roads around Whitefield where one can practice?

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Default Re: Open fields or wide secluded roads in East Bangalore to practice driving?

There is no point driving in an open field or empty road since he will find it difficult to drive in traffic or judge distances.
I would suggest sending him to driving school again.
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Default Re: Open fields or wide secluded roads in East Bangalore to practice driving?

Practicing on open roads serves no purpose. You'd rather teach him to drive a car in a video game instead.

Reality there are other objects on the road (other cars, pedestrians, bikes etc) you need to be carful about. This needs Judgement which he won't get on an open road.

As mentioned by you
he's a danger to others in his current state
he's a danger to you too, since you'll be sitting beside him!

Why do you want to waste your time and spoil your health on teaching someone?

Rather send him for a refresher course to a good driving school. There are many maruti certified driving schools in Bangalore.

Look up here

I strongly suggest you send him at a place where the cars are specially designed for learners and trained by people who have experience in teaching driving.

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Default Re: Car driving lessons step by step

Sending the guy to the Maruti certified driving school is the best idea. However, I think driving on open roads will also help, as the guy will get the feel of the car. For example releasing the clutch, understanding the break and feeling the steering, turning radius of the car etc. Unfortunately, I am unable to suggest a place as I am not from Bangalore.
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