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Post Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Hello Everyone

To people who want to get a detail experience of how i finalized this car, below is the thread,
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/what-c...help-here.html (Finalized to buy my first car, need a little help here)

I am assuming you have read the above thread and hence i will be directly beginning with the Car delivery Day experience

In this thread i will be maintaining a detail log of my experience with "Dark Angel"
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Default June 17,2011 - Bringing the Dark Angel Home

Well it was the D-Day but somehow all my friends (including fellow TBHP'ians) and my mother were more excited than me in getting the car, i don't know why but i was not feeling that pumped up (The reason must be because the day i wrote the last cheque, i was relieved that the car is mine now, a feeling similar to marking a territory in jungle)
As everyone suggested, i got up in the morning , logged onto TBHP (I know we are supposed to go to work on Friday but I had requested leave in my company to go and get the car)
I went thru the "PDI Checklist" in detail (could not digest the point where they recommended to take a gift for the sales-rep, so conveniently skipped it from my checklist)

As it was also my father's Birthday, we went to temple first as it was a big day for us and what better way than starting it with the blessings of the almighty

I had already called up the sales rep a day before and confirmed the Date / Timing as Friday, June 17 - 11 AM IST

The Twister
It was 10 AM in morning and suddenly "Rain God" decided to bring a twist in my day's plans, it started raining very heavily and i felt that plans are definitely going to get postponed as taking delivery in a rough weather would mean i cant have a detailed PDI neither a full test ride would be easy and also i started feeling bad because if car did not come today, then there is no meaning as we had waited long enough for this date and i wanted this car to be a gift for my dad,

"Ladki ki Baat aur Pune ki Barsaat ka Koi bharosa Nahi" - 40 Minutes of heavy downpour and the rains suddenly were GONE and Sun was shining bright as if mocking us asking "What are you waiting for Eh?", With 20 minutes to 11 AM, we left home to bring home the Angel, I think experiencing a counter emotion of sadness earlier that day made me realize i was actually happy from inside; it is just that i took the feeling for granted

The Tradition
"Do something multiple times repeatedly and it becomes a tradition over years"
This is how the tradition started
Back then we had only 1 bike - RE STD 350, but then we got a young lad - Bajaj Boxer AT, so since someone has to ride it back, we went doubles in the Bullet and dad drove back the Boxer,
In a couple of years when i joined engineering, i got a wind 125, so we decided to go doubles in boxer to get home the wind 125,
Next we got RE T-Bird, so wind 125 was taken to bring home the Bird,
Next we got Apache, so to bring it home..which bike did we take ??? you guessed right - The T-Bird
Hence a tradition was forged with following commandments
I. "Though shalt always take the most recently joined vehicle in automobile family to bring home a new vehicle into the family"
II. "He who has experience in hand and seniority in age shalt bring home the new member into family"
III. The ride from Showroom to Home will from now on be known as "The Ride of Honor"

So abiding by above commandments, to bring home the Dark Angel, we took our Sabre-tooth (read TATA Estate) and dad as always got the RIDE OF HONOR
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Default The Delivery Experience - a WONDERful one

With 5 minutes to 11 AM, I got a call on my cell from the sales rep and he said "Sir Gaadi Ready hai Appki" and i replied that i am on my way
We like punctuality so we reached the showroom spot on at 11 AM and among 3 white cars, this car was standing tall in the middle and at that point i felt so many emotions simultaneously in one moment "Pride, Anxiety, Excitement, Relief, Happiness and others which cant be described in words"
I said to my father - "Dad, there it is" and he said "Easy big boy, we got a task at hand and lets finish it before we party"
We went in, the sales rep greeted us and quickly got the KIT which contained
  1. Insurance Papers
  2. Car Manual
  3. Delivery Chalan
  4. Spanner Toolkit
  5. Breakdown Triangle Signboard
  6. Keychain
  7. Pair of 55W headlamp bulbs - Spare set
  8. List of Servicing Workshops all over India
  9. Invoice
He assured me to get all the formalities completed in 30 minutes
As i signed the documents after carefully reading it, Dad was busy doing the PDI

Documentation Check
We got the paperwork completed in 10 minutes, just to add,
a. There is one checklist where it is mentioned clearly what documents are being handed over to you and also if vehicle has everything as per the brochure for the trim you have opted for, read it very carefully and do tick-marks to track it and only then sign that document because once you sign that, legally dealer is no longer responsible
b. I also checked if the VIN on the invoice is same as the one i had seen in the car and also checked if the Tax paper as well as registration papers had the same number, everything matched

Now with Documentation out of the way, he asked me to select the fragrance for the complementary perfume and i chose Cologne

I had purchased my own "Ganesha Idol" and i got it fitted along with perfume bottle on the dashboard
I also did a quich check if VIN number on car is matching with the papers and if the License plates have the correct number and also that all ordered accessories are fitted correctly
I must admit one thing - Quality of MGA accessories is better than aftermarket ones when it comes to basics

Car Basics 101
Now that all the formalities were over, the Adviser jumped in to explain each and every button in the interior and also each and every valve / container in the engine bay
My piece of advise - Even though we may know a lot about the cars, it's a good practice to be a cautious listener as it will help you understand each and every function clearly without scrolling thru pages of the bulky manual later
He was very patient in the way he explained the working and also had a knack to explain stuff with minimum fuss, i liked it!

Now the sales rep asked "Sir Ribbon Laga doon", i said "Naa...it looks too fancy IMHO" so he said "Haar to Laga lo" and dad said "Ok", they quickly got a nice Garland and got it fixed, then as usual a Coconut was broken to pieces to mark this auspicious moment and then came a bag of surprises
  • A nice Cadbury Celebrations box
  • A very cute frame (i was wondering what is this for),
A lady quickly came and asked us to pose in front of car so that she could take a pic (I have known the sales rep Sagar for long time now and he has been very polite, helpful and patient in handling an automobile freak like me, i requested him to stand in the pic along with us, he was a little hesitant in the start but then he agreed)
The lady took the pic and quickly got a photo print of it from inside and put it in the frame
5 liters of petrol was added to the car and i made the final sign in the register indicating delivery completed,
Now there was only one thing left to do, Sagar bought the keys to me and i handed it over to dad saying "Happy Birthday Dad, Thanks for everything"
The adviser, lady and sales rep wished him and even though he will never say i knew he was emotional and wanted to escape the moment
So we inserted the key, engine came to life and we drove off into the traffic
A journey that started in February,
  • With hundreds of posts pouring in from fellow BHP'ians,
  • Numerous advises from close friends and relatives
  • Hours of internet surfing for reviews
  • Multiple Trips to Showrooms
  • Loan Shopping from multiple banks
  • A Booking that got changed overnight
All was paid off this day when it reached a milestone
I leave you with below pic for now which speaks for itself, but as they say - This is not the end but the beginning of a new Era, an era of accessories / upgrades / challenges etc which will be captured as part of further posts
Attached Thumbnails
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-car-delivery-swift-lxi-azure-grey-jun-17-2011.jpg  

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Default Overall Picture

We already have so many detailed reviews on this car that it would make no sense to reinvent the wheel but what i am going to do is place my point of view on different aspects of the car (Since this car will soon go out of production to make way for the upgraded Swift, so it will help only existing owners or prospective used-car buyers looking for a Swift)

In a Nutshell
What you will like
1. Punchy and refined K series engine
2. Short gear throw
3. Decent low end torque to sustain city drive
4. Road manners
5. Powerful AC

What you may complain about
1. Very hard suspension setup
2. Skinny Wheels for a car with such handling / engine combo and size
3. Fit 'n' Finish of Interior trim and interior feels dull..all monotone grey and black

The Engine
"Foot to the pedal and it goes Vrooom"
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-engine-bay.jpg

I have always driven diesel cars including TATA Estate, Indica Dicor and Accent Cdri so this was the frst Petrol i got my hands on
Hence i was cautioned while using the pedal, as the engine response will be much quicker and my frinds were not wrong a bit because when i sat in driver seat and gave a gentle tap to the accelarator for the first time it was still more and the vehicle accelerated so fast that my adrenaline almost kicked in - scary initially but then once i got the feel of the car it felt very manageable and inspired confidence
The NVH levels are OK, not as silent as a Hyundai or Chevy but better than VW Polo
But here is something to think about, most of the cars being offered in the hatchback category in this pricerange are close to 65-70 PS, but SWIFT comes with a nice 4 cylinder configuration pumping 85 PS, only 5 PS short of a 90 PS engine which is considered a performance option on offer in hatchback market, and the FE figures reported are not bad either for this car, hence IMHO this is the best hatchback engine and is killer deal considering the pricepoint

Just to add a couple of more points,
The OEM Battery is Amaron, i have always believed in this brand as they make some really good batteries which last long, really long
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-amaron-oem-battery.jpg

Styling and Design
I need not say much here, this car has been my favorite since i joined my graduation,
The car has bold lines,
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-monochromeopen-door-front-profile.jpg
A little flared wheel arches,
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-open-door-rear-right-threefourth-profile.jpg
Aggressive front Jaw and a Muscular stance overall,
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-open-door-front-right-threefourth-profile.jpg
Bold and Bulky rear profile
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-rear-profile.jpg
When i first saw this car back in 2005, i felt it was "INSPIRED" by Mini Cooper because notice carefully and you can see that the rear window design and the front Bonnet is quite a match (Pun intended)
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-close-door-front-right-three-fourth.jpg

Ride and Handling
I. Suspension
Even before i bought this car i was advised by fellow BHP'ians and my friends that Swift is not really a passenger's car and it is more of a driver's car, i did not know at that time what they really meant but after driving the car on some rough patches i clearly understand the concept.
To put it simply the setup is "hard" and yes it improves handling when you are cornering at speeds above normal but it also has an inverse effect when you drive the car thru potholes or rough roads, the drive gets too bumpy and you literally can feel every crater on the road, not a really good thing when your family is with you, i mean you can even be confronted with questions like "Beta, Pakka Nayi Gaadi Hai Na" or "Dude, i hope Maruti did not forget to fit a coil spring in your car" and explaining the technicalities to them is an uphill task
But if you want to respond to them in a polite way take them on a winding uphill road and let the car do the talking, it does so well in drive department that you are always instigated to push it a little more, But since car is in the RUN-IN period, got to hold on to my nerves

II. Tyres and Wheels
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-mrf-zv2k-16580-r14.jpg
The Lxi comes with Steel Wheels - R14 5J,
The Tires are 165/80 R14 and have enough tread while cornering, a tyre upgrade is recommended but please do not go for very low profiles as it will further bring down the ride quality
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-tire-placard.jpg

III. Ground Clearance
The ground clearance is good as far as 1 or 2 members are driving, with car on full load the ground clearance dips down a little, even though they claim it to be 170mm at minimum ground clearance, in actuals it gets below that for sure

IV. Steering
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-steering-wheel.jpg

The Accuracy of the steer is very good and it drives where you want it to go and the position is just right but the Electronic Power Steering feels dead and the response from it is almost nil, also the turning radius is not the best in class; i mean driving this car made me realise that the length of the car is not inversely proportional to turn radius but also the angle your wheels can give during the turn make the difference. They could have made this the ultimate city car if they improved this factor a little more

V. Gearbox

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-gear-shift-lever.jpg

This is one one off the smooth and sportiest gearboxes around, the throw is short and the slotting is good which makes it much easier for drivers
But there is also something strange i have noticed, during a cold start the vehicle wont directly fall into reverse gear even when we press the clutch completely, we need to put it in first release clutch gently and then take it back to reverse gear, is this common?
And yes the rounded gear shift lever looks cool and fits well in palm with great gripping

VI. Body Roll - Surprisingly i feel this factor to be very evident in this car, i dont know if it is because of my driving style or the suspension setup

Air Conditioning
The Lxi trim comes with manual HVAC and like all other Maruti Cars, this one is also a Gem, although i have not installed sun-ban film yet, the cooling is very quick and the rear passengers also can feel the AC at work, the front windshield demister was found very effective especially while driving in heavy rains where visibility is reduced
The AC control buttons are easy to use and are of good quality, built to last as they may say
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-hvac-controls.jpg
The Side vents close completely,
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-fully-closing-side-vents.jpg
I would have loved the same on central vents as well though, the adjustment for air throw is very limited on central vents
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-central-ac-vents-hazard-button.jpg

What i am wondering is the fuel lid does not have any information regarding octane details etc, Maruti needs to be more informative
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-fuel-lid.jpg

The features dearly missed are
A rear wash+wipe ,
Rear demister
Heated ORVM's as in Hyundai i10, but you dont get the complete package anyways in any car so i will give it a pass

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Default Interiors

The Swift has a very practical "A Pillar" design which gives a clean view of the front

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-front-view.jpg

But the "C" Pillar is too thick and while taking the car in reverse out of parking lots, the IRVM practically becomes useless because of this, you are left to the mercy of ORVM and instincts hence parking sensors are highly recommended for this car

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-rear-view.jpg

Ingress and Egress
The Doors open wide hence getting in and out of the car is not a problem, but the rear seat feels a little low and getting out at times may involve Yoga steps

Interior Space
Legroom / Headroom / Shoulder room
Rear Legroom is not the best in class but as far as the claustrophobia goes, i do not agree with people who mention it because i feel the rear window is big enough to give you that roomy experience
The car has decent headroom and shoulder room and also the width of the car from inside is decent
The shoulder room for rear seating is decent, they claim we can seat five but for "comfort" reasons i say we can have two full grown adults and at most a kid back there

Foot Pedal Room
The pedals are organized well and chance of you missing a pedal or stepping on a wrong one are less
BUT Dead pedal is dearly missed, we need to hunt if we can have an aftermarket version fitted provided we can find some space for it

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-foot-pedals.jpg


The Front seats felt very comfortable even while fitting in big guys like me, the lumbar and neck support is also very good and also the adjustable front headrests come in very handy

The Lumbar support on rear seats felt good but head restraints are duly missed on base model, i will have to find a way to get them fitted from Showroom

The Rake adjustment is smooth, The Reclining lever also works well and slotting is good, below are the 2 extreme positions

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-min-max-rake-reclineing-adjustment.jpg


In case you want to carry a couple of Big bags then it is OK but i admit that the space comes at a premium and with my plans of a SUBWOOFER going in there with an AMP, we are talking "REAL PREMIUM"

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-bootspace.jpg

Storage Spaces
This car has enough storage spaces for an average family but for people who like to have a beverage party in the car or an "office on wheels", this car is not for them
2 Front cup holders, Removable Ashtray fits into them but smoking is strictly prohibited in my car so it will work more like a "Bubble gum" box

Name:  Ashtray and Front Cup Holders.JPG
Views: 12983
Size:  74.0 KB

One rear cup holder

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-rear-cup-holder-handbrake-lever.jpg

Doors have map pockets, but they are not really deep neither can the fit bottles easily, this surprises me because we have come to see cars smaller than this have this facility, this is not cool

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-map-pockets-door.jpg

The glove-box has decent depth but in the dark a light is dearly missed, also they could have added a glove-box on top dashboard area and also a sun-glass holder could not have cost them much, the Skoda's are very good at this

Name:  Glovebox.JPG
Views: 12259
Size:  69.6 KB

Front Seat rear pockets are very thin and cant even hold much more than a magazine or a newspaper and i am scared to load them to the brim as they may even tear off giving in to the weight

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-front-seat-rear-pockets.jpg

The Storage space on Central Console is decent and has good depth to and the inclination will prevent stuff from falling out

Name:  Centre Console Storage.JPG
Views: 12138
Size:  92.9 KB

If you dont intend to go for a Double deck or a Touch based console, the second half of AV deck provision can be used to place IPOD or a couple of CD's

Name:  Provision for AV Deck.JPG
Views: 12170
Size:  120.3 KB

Getting the Basics Right
The Door handles are chunky and grabbing them does not make you feel as if they are delicate

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-chunky-door-handles.jpg

Open the door and you can see a simply laid out Door panel with
Manual Window Lever
Provision for Speaker
Door Lock and handle

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-rear-left-door.jpg

Getting a few basics wrong
The Arm handles on doors are fixed, they could have gone with a folding arm handle option

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-fixed-handles.jpg

Also the seatbelt holders do not have height adjustment, how much does it really take to incorporate such basic but useful features

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-fixed-seat-belt-holder.jpg

The Manual Control Lever for ORVM's feels skinny but gets the job done

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-manual-orvm-control-lever.jpg

The ORVM's are big and give a clear view of things going on behind our backs

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-left-orvm.jpg

The Wipe / Wash lever is simple and aptly placed on left side of Steering wheel with easy access and control

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-wiper-controls-lever-left.jpg

The Lights Lever is also neat and houses the Fog lamp controls as well and clicks give good feedback, what i cant understand though is why cant we start the foglamps before we turn on the headlights

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-light-controls-lever.jpg

The instrument cluster is neat and being Lxi, Tachometer is missing
The Indicator lights are crisp and clear and informative enough to understand what they really mean

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-instrument-cluster.jpg

The Remote Fuel lid opener and Boot opener are strong and the feedback from them is good, though i always get worried about the positioning as there is a very good chance we may step on it and possible bend / break it

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-remote-boot-fuel-lid-opener.jpg

The Cabin lights are adequate and are 3 position adjustable
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-front-roof-lamps-3-position-adjustable.jpg

As usual the warning Hazard Lamp is placed in between AC vents
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-central-ac-vents-hazard-button.jpg

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Default Accesories, Safety, Security

Whats in a Fragrance?
This is the question some people asked me when i was hunting for the right perfumes for my car, all i can say is that we spend our time inside the car and i hate it smelling like "Rubber" or "Plastic"
I use a brand called "Grandall" in TATA Estate which was very good but getting a refill for it was a real problem
So for this car when i was offered a free perfume, i chose a "Cologne" fragrance because
a. Men always like strong fragrances
b. A strong fragrance is always needed to subside the "Rubber" smell in the car

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-perfume-cologne.jpg

But there was one more challenge i had to face, my mother needs a mild fragrance and Ambi-Pur Lavender is the most preferred one by women (Based on a survey done by me with my female friends who own cars, it was kind of a no brainer though), So i also bought it and fixed it on A/C vent
There is one last thing which was suggested by the Accessory shop, Never fix the Ambi - Pur on a vent above the stereo as there is a chance the perfume fluid may drip accidentally on the stereo, so i fitted it on the driver side vent (I do not know if this is true but did not want to risk it)

Name:  AmbiPur Lavender AC vent perfume.JPG
Views: 14766
Size:  127.0 KB

Following the Dark theme, i decided to go with Black ART Leather Seat covers from G-Sport
To match the same, had to choose Black neck rests
As far as the wooden bead goes, did not find them irritating but neither did i find them useful

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-g-sport-seat-covers-neck-cushion-fulll-wood-bead.jpg

Window Visors
When i used to see this on a car, i used to think that they are mainly for show off, but then when i finally understood their functionality then i felt them to be very practical, they come real handy during those extremely rainy days when you wanna enjoy a lil cool breeze but do not want the rainwater to come in

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-p6-grade-window-visor-aftermarket.jpg

Philips 100/90 Rally Bulbs
I am a true fan of the HID's as nothing beats them but a 100/90 is still better than a 55/55 standard kit and i tested them on highways and with confidence i can say, they get the job done

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-philips-10090-headlamp.jpg

Paint Protection
I have gone for the 3M (1+2) paint protection

Mud Flaps
The MGA fitted one looks to have good plastic and also fit is clean, no fuss and hence recommended

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-mud-flaps-mga.jpg

The Matting
This is special because we had the regular matting on offer but the showroom personnel suggested to go for the newer mats with Spikes on it, now what the spikes really do is they hold on to the base carpet and prevent the matting from moving, this comes in very handy as we have heard a lot of complaints on how the MGA matting tends to obstruct the brake / accelerator pedals by moving under them

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-spikes-bottom-side-matting-prevent-mat-movement-mga.jpg

The Guards
With Pune traffic -> India's growing automobile population -> Cramped parkings and a world of people who have bigger cars and shorter brain fuses, it is very important to have some protection for your cars and hence i decided to put the following
1. Bumper Moulding - Prevents scratches caused while parking or turning on tight corners

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-bumper-moulding-guards-mga.jpg

2. Door Guards - To prevent scratching from cars passing by and while opening he doors as well

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-door-panel-guards.jpg

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-doorguards-mga.jpg

Selecting the correct IDOL
I have seen many people go for the standard ganesha IDOL offered by the showroom just because it is free, and then they sometimes complain that they had something else in mind and then they end up fitting one more which they like, so here is what i suggest..why dont you let go the free stuff and go shopping and buy the one which you really like and and get it fitted, it would cost you atmost Rs 300 but the satisfaction you get is priceless
For me everything in my car has to be the way i like it, and having the correct IDOL of god is very important because of our family's beleif and hence one Sunday i went to the market and after some shopping decided to buy the below one and i like it

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-lord-ganesha-idol.jpg

The IRVM ornament
Some people may hate this, but i like every detail to be highlighted, i needed something which will not hamper the visibility and be authentic and original, hence what i did is used a gift my friend bought me from Turkey and added a pendant of Navratna Ganpati to it, this was done to make it go with the theme of the Ganesha IDOL

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-irvm-ornament-turkish-design-navratna-ganpati.jpg

Rear parking Sensors
With reference to my discussion on Car purchase thread, i got this gadget installed and i must say for now, it works like a charm
The Dashboard Display
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-parkig-sensor-dashboard-display-unit.jpg

Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-parking-sensor.jpg

The Swift wheels caps are cool although they look like a copy of the i20 Alloys, but till i get some more Vitamin M to buy some alloys, i decided to stick to MGA wheelcaps, the quality is good
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-wheelcaps.jpg

The base model comes with
1. Rear fog lamps
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-rear-fog-lamps.jpg

2. High Mount Stop lamp
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-high-mount-stop-lamp.jpg

3. Rear Seat Belt for 3rd passenger
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-seat-belt-central-passenger.jpg

4. Head Lamp Leveller
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-head-lamp-leveler.jpg

5. Dual Horns (Not very powerful but gets the job done by letting the people know that the car is around)


The car comes with i-CATS and digitally embedded and encrypted key
I still remember that ad for Linc Locks "Ye sirf apni hi chaabi se khulte hain", though i can also vouch for an alternate statement which is true these days "Ye Chor ki duplicate chaabi se bhi khulte hain"

Central Locking
The base model does not have this feature hence i decided to go for the aftermarket reliable workhorse - Autocop Car security
I have had Autocop XS on my TATA Estate for almost 9 years now, so i know it is reliable but i am always embarrassed when the alarm goes off even when we are around trying to open the car using keys
So this time when i got the same system fitted on the Dark Angel,
The system secures 4 Doors, Boot and the hood and also autolock in 60 seconds
The product has come a long way and the keychain looks very upmarket, here is a pic of the Key and the keychain
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-autocop-central-locking-car-key.jpg

The 4 button keychain with brushed aluminum and chrome finish
Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review-autocop-xs-central-locking-4-button.jpg
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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Thread moved from Assembly Line to Initial Ownership reports section.
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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Shridhar, let me be the first one to congratulate you on this purchase on this thread !
Thats a fantastic and comprehensive review, loved it.
The K-Swift is an underrated car, not much loved by the market. I have it though, and I love mine to bits!

But there is also something strange i have noticed, during a cold start the vehicle wont directly fall into reverse gear even when we press the clutch completely, we need to put it in first release clutch gently and then take it back to reverse gear, is this common?
I have heard a few people complaining about this , but dont experience this myself in my car. Perhaps a question of getting used to ?
The Swift's gearbox has gotten even better post the engine swap, and feels awesome and slick shifting, just like the old Carb Zens.

I love your seat covers and the mats too, I am on MGA mats and they suck. Are those G-sports slip on ? Or did you discard the original upholstery ?

Do you shift based on the audio cue ? If so, the 1.2 engine gets audible just beyond 3k RPM , which me thinks is a high-ish RPM to shift at for a new car.
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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Shri, great and heartfelt review there!
Congratulations on the purchase.
About the tyres- What have you decided? Which ones are you going in for?
Also, I like the mats. Pretty sensible. Like Sajo stated, the MGA mats are really bad.

Any upgrades that you've planned? Apart from the music system and tyres that is.

Wishing you many happy miles. Drive safe.

EDIT: You've chosen the color that, I originally had in mind while going in for the Swift

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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Congratulations on your purchase Sri, I have the same color Vxi.

You made a wise choice by going for the Lxi, Maruti charges an additional 50K just for the Tachometer and Power Windows, both of which can be fitted from outside.

I have MGA floor mats, the dimpled one and have been using for 28K, they are really high on quality and durability, might cost some 800 odd bucks, would recommend the same.

The only issue that I faced in my ownership are the well know door rattles and rattling from the back left hand side, the average mileage that I get in the city is 12.5 with 100% AC.

Enjoy many a Happy Miles with her !!
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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Congratulations Shridhar on your Maruti Swift. What a fantastic review with so many nice pictures, Rated five stars.

Keep the thread regularly updated with servicing experience.

Wishing you happy and safe driving with your swift.
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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Heartiest Congrats Shridhar.

Finally, the thread comes alive. Very well written report Shri. You have covered all the details and it almost felt like reading a Team BHP official review of Swift.

Wishing you all the best with the new ride and wishing you lots of happy miles.


P.S. Can you add some night pics with the headlights ON? Want to see how the new Philips bulbs look and how is the throw of light.
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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Hearty congratulations on the new addition Shri; wish you many a safe mile together! Fantastically detailed review here; you have covered every aspect of the Swift. No wonder you said you would take time; you have put up a lot of pics

Have you installed any sun film yet? If not, I would recommend doing it after the rainy season is over.
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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

Shridhar, congrats on your Dad's birthday, finally getting the car of your dreams and composing this absolutely fabulous review (rated 5 stars).

Seriously, if I didn't know about this purchase from before, would have easily mistaken this for an official T-BHP review. The attention to detail is fabulous, the pics are absolutely gorgeous (what camera?) and the text is so fluid and professional-sounding!

Dark Grey is the best colour for a car. Period.

Especially one as pretty as the Swift!

Maruti seems to have spruced up the Swift. Mine is a Vxi (G engine, not K) and I don't have rear fog lamps and stuff!

The K engine of course is a dream- drive my Swift next time we meet and you'll be able to tell the difference!

Don't worry too much about the stiff suspension- you get used to it quickly! And you'll be thanking MSIL when you glide over those post-monsoon potholes and massive speedbreakers!

I think your gearbox may need a month or two to smoothen out- please remember to depress your clutch to the floor while changing gears, especially into reverse. I cold-start into reverse most days because of the way I park and have never had problems slotting my Swift. The easy-slotting gearbox is one of its key strengths.

Let's go for a ride soon!
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Default Re: Swift Lxi (Codenamed "Dark Angel") - Detailed Ownership Review

shridhar.s.i: Congrats on buying a new swift. Its a brilliant car. Your review is fantastic - extremely detailed + fab pics! 5 stars!

Originally Posted by noopster View Post
Mine is a Vxi (G engine, not K) and I don't have rear fog lamps and stuff!
noopster, all the models/variants of the swift have a rear fog lamp. It has to be there! You can turn it on by turning the inner knob of the right hand side stalk (refer post #5, pic #20)
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