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Default Anirban's new car! Swift Dzire LXi

Hello Friends

Here is the history of my purchase of Swift Dzire. I owned a Maruti 800 which I purchased in year 2005 and used it for 5 years during my stay in NCR. When I planned for moving from Delhi to Kolkata I sold the car to one of my friend and moved on.

Ever since I visited Kolkata for 2 long years I looked at different cars and team-bhp to finalize what will be my next car. Being from a middle class family buying car is matter of planning and time. I looked at different cars and almost was convinced with Beat LT with its great interior. But somehow fate and funds did not allow me to go ahead with my dream. Oct 2011 I moved from Kolkata to Bangalore changing my job and was almost convinced that I have to purchase a car as Bangalore public transport are not that frequent as is in Kolkata and autowallas are to my experience charge exorbitantly high.
I initially thought of getting an Alto K10 but visiting showroom Pratham Motors (Opp Eco Space)I got convinced with Ritz features with approx 20k - 25k more down payment and around 1k more EMI / month for 5 years. Somehow I did not look for Beat as I believe in the last two years I got more matured and Beat seems to be more funky car and what I was looking for was a family car.
After few days my wife got a glimpse of Honda BRIO and she was overwhelmed by its looks. So here we go since home minister is convinced BRIO will be the next family car. We went to Honda showroom at whitefield and took a test drive of Honda BRIO red colored. Immaculate handling quite airy feeling inside and more over pretty decent leg space. Only con was boot space and All glass back looked like safety concern to me. I know it is a toughened glass but still some how I had some doubts. We were almost certain that we will buy the BRIO so I chose EMT base version. I might be wrong but somehow I feel base versions are the most vfm. Why? Simply because most of the features like Music Systems Power Windows etc can be fitted after market at our choice and usually the stock music system are not as good as I can purchase it outside. Secondly paying the extra for those fitment along with interest of loan on that amount is too huge compared to the quality we get. Obviously I do not have the band width to get the top end version with ABS and Airbags(priceless features) so always have to rule out the top end model. So base version VS Middle version I prefer the base version.

Now the problem was for BRIO EMT no dealer was taking orders as BRIO production disruption during that time and some saying waiting period over 3 - 4 + months. We were ready to wait but again fate changed. My wife's friend booked a Swift Dzire LDi. I had always drool on dzire but never had the courage to even think of buying it because of the cost. Feb 2012 the new model Dzire came with some reduced cost. When my wife informed me about her friend I nervously asked her whether we can take a test drive. She agreed. She took the number of the Sales Guy from her friend and she called up. Twenty minutes the sales guy was at my home with the new swift dzire zxi. We sat in the car and we were blown away by the space and looks. Everything looked so perfect. The sales guy was a nice chap "Mr Jayram". The showroom was NEW Pratham Motors @ HSR layout (Not Eco Space). He almost got me convinced. My wife also was convinced with the car and when he said 1 month waiting compared to 3 - 4 months for BRIO EMT we decided to buy this car only. We waited for few day for my parents to arrive and convince them that I am buying this car. Once they were convinced we went to Pratham Motors @ HSR and booked the Dzire LXi. Booking amount was Rs 10000. Booked on 11th March 2012.

Negotiation went on well. Thanks to Team - bhp I asked several dealers including Pratham @ Eco space. Jayram matched the best deal. Said he will give free Antirust coating and Teflon Coating if we get it from him. Thanks BHP again for preparing me for negotiation. I opted out from teflon coating as I don't have covered car park. So final deal was deliver within 1 mon th i.e by 11th April 2012 with free Anti Rust coating and Premium Quality Mat and Bumper guard. We were pretty happy about our decision. And kept spotting new Dzire on road. Days were hard to pass and the waiting seemed to be very long. I kept sending SMS and kept calling him and bugging Jayram. He was very patient and replied to all the queries satisfatorly. I applied for Loan from SBI HSR Sector 1 for 7 years of 4.84 Lacs.

Bank Experience was extraordinarily excellent. The lady employee (Jyotsna Ma'am) there who handled my loan files was very helpful. Looking at my file and credit history(CIBIL Score) she said everything will be done on time. I asked her not to disburse the loan amount till I say so. She agreed on that. She said that to get the loan only thing I need to do is open a bank a/c with her branch. Since I already had a SBI a/c at Kolkata I asked her to transfer it to her branch which she agreed and I had to sign some form and it was done in next 1 week. That was pretty quick. No hassle at all. The EMI came around 8.5k /pm for 7 years with No prepayment charges and part payment facility. Very nice experience with SBi considering it a Govt bank

Now came the bad news in budget. Price increased by approximately 8.7K. We had to accept it. Then again another bad news from Jayram. He said that black LXi is not coming in scheduled time. I was really upset on that. My wife's liking was Glistering Gray. I saw a black VXi at their showroom display. I enquired about that. He said that it is also sold. My wife asked about Glistering Gray. Jayram after a day called and confirmed that Glistering Gray is available and can be delivered on time. I agreed to that thinking about the positives of it. "Black is difficult to maintain". + "Home Minister approves it".
April Month started. I called up bank and asked to disburse the amount. I wanted to take a look of the car before that at stock. But stock was too far from my home. So I had to take the chance. Jayram convinced me that he will personally make sure that everything will be in good shape. I payed the down payment approximately 86 - 87K + (10k Earlier as booking amount)
After that it was matter of time. Jayram called me and informed that the car has arrived. I convinced him to deliver the car on weekends instead of week days. He asked me to come on saturday and off we went with my cousin Sudip. When we looked at the car for the first time we were just overwhelmed. The long 2+ years wait has come to an end. There stood our car spotless and clean.

Checked the cars documents. Every thing looked good. Number was yet to arrive. Took the delivery got the demo checked the spares and tools and off we went.

The HSR Pratham Motors is highly recommended. They are new and they are good and friendly. Jayram specially was very nice and he handled a difficult customer like me very very well. His number : - +91 9945237326 (Publishing after his concent and for benifit of my fellow BHPians)
Now let me tell you my feel about the car.

1. Steering is very light and easy to handle. LXi gets steering adjust too.
2. AC is super cool. Under direct sun stage 2 - 3 will chill the cabin in no time. During evening stage 1 make you shiver after sometime.
3. Engine is quite happy to be revved and revved again
4. Beige color adds to the roominess of the cabin
5. Plastics and fit finish looks great compared to outgoing Dzire
5. Center cabin light at door open position doesn't shut down immediately after your get out of the car. It stays lit for sometime before it dims and then shuts off. When you are inside and put the key in the engine start it shuts off immediately. Nice
6. Lxi variant also gets door open and seat belt alert at center console.
7. Gear is good to hold with short throw. Sleek
8. Center console gets Engine Temp Gauge two trip meter real time fuel meter distance to empty, time etc. Speedometer easy to read even in day time. No reflection
9. Boot gets a light when opened.
10.Seats are cushioned well
11.Center hump at the passenger seat is low.
12.3 People can easily manage at the back with a little shoulder touch.
13.Even with driver seat fully back rear passenger can stretch legs.
14.The over all car height is very nice. Feels that you are not rolling on the road with big truck tyres above you on side views at signal stops.
15.Quite a powerful headlight when compared to other cars even a class apart.

1. Rear View is very low. Quite dangerous while reversing and a rear sensor is a must
2. Reduced boot. I will say adequate for a small family
3. Glass and rear boot lid is pretty thin
4. All Beige will make the car dirty faster
5. Last but not the least. Tyres obviously maruti could have given a size bigger
6. Flat foot down on the accelater at 4th gear at speed 35 - 40 kmpl hint of gasping with 5 people and AC. I guess I am asking too much from 1.2 K series.
After market jobs to be done

Must have:-
1. Seat Cover (Pull On type)
2. Security system
3. Power Windows
4. Music System
5. Glass Films
6. Rear sensor with/without cam

Drooling at :-
1. Alloy Wheels
2. Bigger tyres (No budget for this must have)
3. Body colored ORVM with turn indicator (LXi doesn't get that)
4. Inside wood finish (atleast stickers)
5. ....(END LESS LIST) :-)

Last but not the least. My wife's first comment about poor man's sedan(notch back). When the car moves it feels like you are sitting in aero plane when it is ready to take off. Pin Drop Silence inside and you can hear the tyres rolling.
I will update the thread with all the fittings I do and keep updating my views in long term about the car. This is specially for TEAM-BHP as this is the only forum which has given me adequate knowledge and confidence to deal with during purchase and pretty good knowledge about what fitments I want and how to get it done. 3 cheers for Team BHP!! Hip Hip Hurray

- On behalf of Anirban Banerjee - willing to be a member here!
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Default Re: Anirban's new car !

Congrats on the new car!
We are waiting for some pics.
Just a suggestion - since the car is new, and given that better tyres will improve safety as well as handling and comfort, why not exchange the current ones for slightly wider new tyres?
Since these are new as well, you will not have to shell out as much - maybe 3-4K. You could cover this by going in for a basic music system - HU + front speakers only, as well as postponing the power windows/sun film.
Also, the wooden graphics might look out of place on the car.

That aside, the 1.2K engine has received loads of compliments, and I am sure you will enjoy driving this car. Hope to see this thread updated!
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Default Re: Anirban's new car! Swift Dzire

Sorry to upload pictures a little late. I got busy in daily mundane life. Here are the pictures taken during the whole procedure of booking. This includes all pictures of the demo car ZXi the display car VXi and my car LXi

The Demo Car first on the day of booking. Got pickup from Pratham from home to HSR
Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 355.jpg
Views: 11725
Size:  49.6 KB

ZXi Gets Auto Climate Control, Music system with wider display. Digital console shows external temperature I guess
Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 366.jpg
Views: 9865
Size:  41.3 KB

The wooden finish
Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 357.jpg
Views: 9763
Size:  28.4 KB

We were 3 people sitting at the back seat. None of us have zero figures

Quite a leg space with comfortable pull back of the front seat
Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 359.jpg
Views: 10399
Size:  36.0 KB

I was sitting on the hump

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 360.jpg
Views: 10743
Size:  37.6 KB

The chrome finish looks good on ZXi

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 362.jpg
Views: 10127
Size:  31.0 KB

Bottle holder and old type Power window switch

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 363.jpg
Views: 9609
Size:  25.7 KB

Nice to hold gear nob

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 364.jpg
Views: 11356
Size:  35.9 KB

Cabin light at center

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 368.jpg
Views: 9377
Size:  43.6 KB

The exterior

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 369.jpg
Views: 9517
Size:  46.1 KB

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 370.jpg
Views: 9477
Size:  50.1 KB

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 371.jpg
Views: 9321
Size:  40.8 KB

More to come
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Default Re: Anirban's new car! Swift Dzire LXi

Congrats Anirban.
The new Dzire is miles ahead in design elements from the old one.
Wish you many more happy miles.

Pls keep this thread alive and post more on your running, servicing, your trips etc.
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Default Re: Anirban's new car! Swift Dzire LXi

Anirbanda Congrats .
I really like this new avatar of Dzire.
And believe me , my buying experience was also similar to yours.
Regarding the power windows,if possible get those MGA ones .
LXI comes which brand of tyres ? if they are JK i will advise you use them for 10k or so and then change to some better quality ones.
Hope you have a wonderful time with your new ride .
I also stay @ HSR new the hanuman temple , lets meet up sometime .
Drive safe


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Default Re: Anirban's new car! Swift Dzire LXi

Hey thanks all.

Schoudhury: I stay in Suncity Apartment near Sarjapur & Outer Ring Road Signal. Yes we can definitely catch up. The car has MRF ZV2. I will post the snaps of the tyres. The threads of the tyre looks good.

Here are the snaps taken of the Black Dzire VXi at HSR showroom

The Gadgets of VXi. Almost similar looks. Doesn't get external Temp I guess

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 376.jpg
Views: 17987
Size:  37.6 KB

Note the difference in ZXi and VXi center console. The music system doesn't have equal display as in ZXi. Also no Climate Control. HSR Giving black foot mat as standard I din't like them

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 377.jpg
Views: 41036
Size:  42.3 KB

The remote lid openers do not add the feelings of strength

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 389.jpg
Views: 11925
Size:  42.0 KB

VXi gets chrome finish as in ZXi and same dark wood finish. The power windows also looks similar

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 391.jpg
Views: 11324
Size:  32.1 KB

Sorry for the poor exterior photos. There was space problem I couldn't take photo from a distance. But believe me the black Dzire looks stunning

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 372.jpg
Views: 12658
Size:  35.9 KB

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 373.jpg
Views: 8664
Size:  42.8 KB

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 374.jpg
Views: 31150
Size:  43.3 KB

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 375.jpg
Views: 9050
Size:  46.4 KB

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 403.jpg
Views: 33091
Size:  40.9 KB

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 401.jpg
Views: 17325
Size:  48.6 KB

I definitely want these in my LXi

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 381.jpg
Views: 8448
Size:  46.0 KB

MRF Threads looks nice

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 379.jpg
Views: 8440
Size:  43.9 KB

The boot looks adequate for a small family

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 382.jpg
Views: 12453
Size:  53.3 KB

The fog lamp in VXi

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 388.jpg
Views: 9039
Size:  37.5 KB

The bumble bee

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 395.jpg
Views: 9840
Size:  71.0 KB

The engine insulation

Name:  Picture_Camera11March2012 392.jpg
Views: 8565
Size:  48.0 KB

Next will be my car LXi. Keep reading
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Default Re: Anirban's new car! Swift Dzire LXi

Note from Support - Thread closed. We can't allow ownership threads on behalf of someone else since keeping the thread up-to-date remains a challenge. But of course, threads which point at or discuss issues such as dealer harassment, cheating, malpractices, etc. can be posted on behalf of the victim for the knowledge and benefit of the Team BHP community.
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