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Default My Honda Amaze VX AT

Became the owner of Honad Amaze VX AT on 2nd June 2013.

Background & Decision:

Family relocation from Dubai to Bangalore, meant that the family had to have a Car in town as well. Primarily for the use of the "better half".

As a person of short staure, "better half" would have been more comfortable (to be read as higher perch giving a sense of better visibility) as in a "Xtrail" type SUV which she has been driving for the last 8 years. Also madam was clear that she needs a reasonably short/small vehicle to facilitate easy parking.

Also Madam was very clear that the buy has to be with in INR 1000K (a parametre whole heartedly agreed to by yours truly)

So the search was on for such a vehicle in the Indian Market - but command was "no Xtrail - am bored with it". Almost zeroed in on Yeti but then came the deal breaker - "not available in Automatic Version".

Another revelation that dawned on me at that point was that there are no diesel vehicles in the sub 100K class with a AT. So it had to be a Petrol vehicle.

Looked further and zeroed in on a whole lot of hatchbacks of 10s and 20s etc with AT. Again a deal breaker - "miniscule boot space". With frequent trips to Airport to drop off and pick up visiting or leaving family members, boot space was an absolute must. So out went the hatchbacks

All roads seem to be heading towards Suzuki Swift Dezire. This was partially because, when we landed in Bagalore in the 2nd week of May 2013, my close friend had given us his Suzuki Dezire to use till we got sorted with our car. Though manual GB, madam drove it ocassionally and liked the car and was more than happy to go for the AT version of the same.

So we called up the dealer (Mandovi Motors I think - the one at Lavelle Road) - asked if we could do a TD of Dezire with a AT. "No it can't be done as we don't have any AT car for TD" - very customer friendly response isn't it. OK lumped that and said that we don't need a TD, but we want to know the on road price of the car with AT, Airbag and ABS.

"Not possible - Airbag and ABS is available only at the TOP END Dezire - but it does not come with AT".

Can we order such an option ? "Not possible - as Maruti Suzuki does not do customs jobs".

In the places I have been living in the past 20 years or so the "Top End Models" mean fully loaded with all gizmos and usually are available only with AT version

Deal braeker again - as I vetoed any vehicle without Airbag and ABS as likely the vehicle will see a fair bit of touring and highway travels. I was nor got going to risk all our lives without minimum safety gear.

Then the I suddenly recalled the TBHP Test Report on Amaze - dug out the report, read the whole thing in one go and decision was made. If the Amaze AT had Airbag and ABS, then that is to be our car.

26th May 2013: Google Baba gave me the numbers for Honda Dealers.

Called Whitefield Honda - Phone was answered after what felt like eternity. A "sweet voice answered" - I am interested in buying a Car and I would like to arrange a TD. "No problems e can arrange that, What car would you like to TD ?" I am looking at Amaze. "Sorry sir all TD slots for Amaze is fully booked until 5th June. Would you like to TD any other models". Not really. I would like to speak to one of the Sales persons. "Sorry sir all our sales guys are busy at the moment, will have one of them call you with in 19 minutes". Waited for a hour for a call back but nothing happened.

Next was the turn of Dakshin Honda - Lavelle Road. Phone was answered promptly (+1). Took my contact details and was assured that I would be contacted within 15 minutes. I was called back in about 45 minutes (-1). "What model are you looking at - we can bring the car over to your place for a TD" (+1). I am looking at Amaze AT. Can a TD be arranged ? "Oh sir I am sorry to TD Amaze you have to come to our show room". (-1). Ok can we do a TD at 15.00 hrs. After a wait of 5 minutes "Sir we can do a TD at 15.00 hrs" (+1).

Reached the showroom at 15.00 hrs promptly accompanied by the potential primary end user ( to be read as "better half"). The Sales Person a 20 something young man introduces himself as the one who had spoken to me over phone. He make us sit down and gives us the sales pitch about the Amaze - Often I had to remind him that we are looking for Petrol and no diesel. At this point the score points in favour of Dakshin Honda was still neutral. So I ask him if we can get on with the TD. Suddenly, the smile on his face is replaced by a rather sheepish grin - which to me signals bad news. Out comes the bad news in a double whammy - (A) The TD car still has not come back yet (15.45 hrs) from the previous and(B) No AT model was available for TD. At this point I was informed that the AT model is actually the VX - AT i.e the top of the line specs with AT box. (--1).

Sat there twiddling the thumbs, Eventually the TD car turns up - A Carnelian Red VX Petrol. We go for the TD and find some relatively empty roads in the Cubbon Park.

First impressions were good with Honda built quality coming through and giving a sense of satisfaction. Had previously driven Accord and Civic for fairly long spells and hence I was familiar with the Honda quality and Amaze did not let itself down in most of my reference points.

Better Half sat in the drivers seat and satisfied herself that she will have adequate visibility to use the car.

Decision made - Informs the young man that we now need to take this further.

I thought that "going further" would be easy - boy was I wrong !!!

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Default Buying Process

So back at the showroom after the TD.

The Young Man (YM) fetches the price lists of the various Amaze models which gives me the final On Road Price. He explains the various short forms used in the Price lits like RSA etc (you see I am from the PTG - Pre Texting Generation and hence need to know full forms).

Better Half chips in with the obvious query - so what colours are available ? "Madam all the colours listed in the Brochure should be available" (the YM had given us the brochure before we went off on the TD) - was very confident reply. "But anyways I will check just to make sure" off he goes but to be fair offering us two cups of water before ambling away.

Better half (BH) started counting her chicken (before they are hatched) in the form of looking at various colours in the brochure from various angles and even comparing them with some real life exmple of various Hondas in the showroom.

After what seemed to be eternity the YM reappears at the far end of the room, with now very familiar "sheepish grin" which prompts me to mutter to the BH that - Honda seem to have run out of all colours (she returned the favour bt telling me not to be so pessimistic). YM reaches our table - and I help him by saying - OK give us the bad news. "Sir/Madam actuallt VX AT we have only two cars in stock, but if you can wait, we can get you any colour".

OK - we can't wait and what colour do you have in stock ? "Sir we have one piece in "Beautiful Honda White" and one piece in "Urban Titanium" (UT). So you have one in White and one in Silver (having for long led to believe that Titanium is a metal with usual metalic/silverish colour - naive/stupid me - hadn't gone through the colour descriptions in the brochure). The YM was really agast at my mention of silver as though I have caused a sacrilage.

"Sir Urban Titanium is a beutiful metalic shae of brown" seeing lack of comprehension on both our faces the YM points out a Civic parked on disply and states "Sir that is the colour - see how beutiful it looks and it will look better on Amaze as its a smaller car". BH who was talking to some one on her mobile steps in and wispers in my ears that her friend's husband it seems know some one at Whitefield Honda and has promised to check about availbility of colour.

By then it was almost 6.30 pm and we tell the YM that we sahll be back 1st thing next morning and leave the showroom for our long 14 km grind back to Thannisandra.

27th May 2013

10.00 am - BH's friend calls and gives the news that Whitefield Honda has two White VX AT only, but can deliver a Carnalion Red (the colour which took the fancy of BH from the brochure and the TD car) in about 20 days time when they are "expecting" the new stock - but no guarantees please.

Frankly, we did not have an option to wait another 20 days for a probability as the 'rent a car' bills were mounting and I had to return in about a weeks time to join duty. So (patting myself) I "innocently" point out that the "UT" was almost the same colour of her first car 15 years ago - Nissan Sunny. The reaction/response was positive (as I had hopped) - probably thinking of "her first car".

10.30 am: Called up the YM at Dakshin Honda promptly and told him that I will be there before lunch time to do the formalities of booking etc. YM tells me that he is yet to reach his office and that he will call back with in 10 minutes to confirm the appoitment

I wait around until 11.30 am for the YM's call - but not such luck - I start dialling him - again phone is not being answered. I decided not wait any longer but go to the showroom. I reach the showroom at 12.30 pm - and go to the pretty receptionist and demad to see the YM. "Sir YM will be with you in a minute" and request me to take a seat.

I wait until 1.00 pm and no YM and I see the receptionist beging to move away from her seat (probably for lunch). I plonk myself in front of her and tell her "really politely" that either I see the YM immediately or I need to see the Showroom Manager immediately in not so quiet voice of mine. The reaction was quiet satisfactory - as it materialised the "Showroom Manager" and also couple of other Sales persons who were attending to other customers. I was told that the YM had to rush to his hometowm nearby Bangalore to attend an emergency and hence the unattended calls etc and after I gave a brief of my requirements and I was told that another Sales person is being assigned to take my case - duly Anothe Young Man (AYM) was presented to me. Who told me that the YM is expected the next day and that YM will be my actual Sales Rep.

I tell the AYM that I wasn to put down the "Booking Money" on a VX AT in UT colour. "Sir I will reconfirm the availablity of the colour" (as though Amaze VX AT was the fastest moving item on their stock and it could have disppeared/sold between the 6.30 pm previous day now). AYM goes and speaks with some one and comes back pretty fast with a "happy grin".

So what freebees are you going to give me or what discounts are you going to give me from the list price. "Nothing Sir !!!, this is a nee launch and there are no freebees or discounts". Our management is pretty clear about it Sir. I didn't have the patience or time to press this further and and hand over the booking money (INR 21K) to AYM and in due course he gives me a receipt.

"Are you planning to avail a loan to finance this ?". Yes, may be I am planning to do that. "Please let us know so that we can help you to arrange that.

I left the showroom at 1.30 pm, with a promise to call AYM in an hours time regarding the financing bit.

Being a commercially important customer of Axis Bank - I am pre-approved for a vehicle loan (as I have been previous advised) and hence, my intention at that point was to fiance the purchase through Axis. I talk to the concerned person at Axis Bangalore and briefed him about my plans and gives him the AYM's contacts. Axis man asks me to brief AYM to expect the contact.
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Default Still far away From a Smooth Sailing

When I left the showroom after briefing the AYM to expect the phone call from Axis Bank Auto Finance, I was expecting that its going to be a smooth sail all the way till delivery.

I admit that I was being over optimistic.

AYM call me within an hour – he started beating about the bush in discussing the possible delivery date etc. The manner in which he was talking gave me a premonition that something is amiss. So I told AYM, stop beating about the bush and give me the bad news “Sir actually we can’t deal with Axis Bank for financing Honda Amaze and you will have to deal with XYZ Bank, ABC Bank, WRT Bank or 123 Bank (names are imaginary to protect the integrity of the banks which are all well reputed)” and we will make the finance available @ interest which would be 0.5 – 1.0% cheaper than the rate that is being quoted by Axis. A major hurdle (as I have just retuned to India and “unemployed” a fact which is not known to AYM at that point of time). I told AYM that I will call him in 10 minutes and I would want to speak to the Branch I in Charge. I cut the phone and just recollected my thoughts, without loosing my cool (I pat myself on the back).

I call AYM back in 10 minutes. “Branch in Charge in currently not available” and the bank issue is not discussible either”. I have just sent you a email with a request to give me in writing that I can’t buy a Honda Amaze with finance from any other Bank other than the ones you have mentioned. Further I will be in your office by 3.30 pm (28th May 2013), along with the business head of the Axis Bank Auto Finance and I want an appointment with the Branch In Charge, otherwise – I will be lodging a complaint with appropriate authorities.

That little bit of resistance from my side paid off and I got a call within 30 minutes from AYM “Sir as a special case we have agreed to the finance from Axis” – good news at last.

As previously agreed the Axis person and I visit the Show room at 3.30 pm and sign all the papers (Set Form) and the Axis person confirms that the funds will be in the Dakshin Honda accounts by 11.00 am the next day.
I was requested to come back the next day by mid-day to know about the car and to discuss the accessories for the car.

I leave the showroon with all my fingers crossed
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Default Final Lap

29th May 2013.

I got a confirmation at 10.30 am from Axis that the money has hit the Dakshin Honda’s accounts. I call AYM “Sir our accounts department give us the 1st of the daily update only by 12.00 noon and that is why I asked you to come by mid-day”. So I start my grind from Thannisandra to Lavelle Road by 11.15 am and reach Lavelle Road. Surprisingly I reach the showroom in just 30 minutes (I take it as a good sign).

Once with AYM, I give other papers (in addition to the Set Form)
  1. Passport Copy (ID Proof)
  2. BBMP Property Tax Payment Receipt (Residence Proof)
  3. Copy of Pan Card
  4. Three Mug Shots (Passport photos)
So we discuss the possible delivery date – “Sir we can deliver the car at your residence on 2nd June”. AYM confirms that the showroom works on Sunday – so I inform him that I want to drive out the new car and that I will take delivery from the showroom at 12.00 noon 2nd June 2013.

AYM “ what about the registration number ?” – What about that ? “Sir if you need any fancy number – we can try and officially book it for you” . No I am not particular about the number and see what comes up in the series. “Sir for a small fee we can tell you in advance, what are available on the series”. No thanks I am not interested. Will take what come up.

The insurance is from Honda Assure (I went with option of going through National Insurance – my 1st employer – also as I have a 60% NCB from them).

He assures me that the car will be registered and ready for delivery on 2nd June 2013.

I paid by cheque for the Extras I wanted for the car
  1. Floor Mats,
  2. Reverse Parking Sensor (colour coded),
  3. Stainless steel Tail Pipe cover .

31st May 2013.

3.00 pm Call from AYM. “Sir two issues – 1) the colour coded RPS not in stock and 2) Registration formalities - not completed”. So what are they proposing to do ? “Sir we will deliver the car on 2nd June with Temp Trade Plate and take back the car for registration on 3rd June 2013. We shall now put the black RPS sensors and replace them with the colour coded ones when we are taking the car back for registration” . Reasonable – hence, I agree to the same.

So I waited in anticipation of the delivery of my 1st New Car in India since September 1988 (my good old Premier Padmini Deluxe - KCT 7337)

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Default D Day (Delivery Day)

2nd June 2013.

10.00 am – I get a call from the original sales guy - YM (not AYM with whom I was d ealing with till 3st May) and my heart skip a beat.

A cheerful voice greets me “Hello Sir, how are you?” I mumble something still not at peace with the tone of cheerfulness of the voice of YM. “Sir Car is ready despite the heavy rains yesterday. Hope you will reach the showroom by 11.30 am at least, so that we can brief you on how to drive the Auto Transmission”. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we (BH and I) have been driving AT cars for the last 20 years or so – so I assure him that I will be there by 11.30 am.

So another grind by the Rental Etios Liva (it was a really heavily used/abused car) which took about 45 minutes despite being a Sunday – thanks to the heavy road works enroute.

Delivery Experience

We see the car for first time – She was looking nice in real life than the pictures. The Urban Titanium turned out to much more macho than I had anticipated but mercifully BH’s face had a look of approval as well.

The car was being given its final polish and the now customary Ribbon etc.

The YM pops in with a wide grin and apologises for deserting us mid-way through the sales process.

The YM brought out a handout of 4 pages with about 50 thumbnails and check points. He started going through with that basically to BH (as he sensed that she was going to be the primary user). Not bad briefing and covers all aspects, with points being shown physically in the car as well.
YM starts explaining the AT, and BH suddenly asks if it has a Techtronic Transmission – the question was intended to me. YM went silent suddenly and looks up with a sheepish grin, saying that he doesn’t know what it was – which entitle him to a 5 minutes lecture from BH about the rudiments of the Techtronic – Semi Automatic Transmission. This shut him up from explaining the AT any further.

By then the spit and polish of the car was complete and I tipped the Cleaning personnel suitably. Which resulted in another round of application various polish pastes here and there etc.

I offer the first drive to BH (hoping secretly she would decline), and true to form, she says that she will drive the Liva back and will try the Amaze later.

Step in to the car – switch on the key and start up the car. Engine settles down to a comfortable idle speed (just below 1000 rpm) – suddenly a RED Light. True to form of India dealers these days – Low Petrol light. YM sees the look on my face and tells me helpfully “Sir there is a fuel station just around the corner”

So off we go a 2 Car Convoy – Amaze in lead and Liva in tow (not that BH stays a step behind always, but because of the fact that she is still not familiar with the Bangalore roads. Fuel up both with petrol and diesel respectively (INR 2,500 worth petrol gives the Amaze al full tank).

Off to Bellary Road with a careful eye on the RVM to ensure my remote tow is still in place (I was duly impressed with BH for staying in view always in the pretty intense traffic.

Amaze AT was amazingly pretty peppy and really smooth with all the assurances/promises of being another good “Honda experience”. I test out the brakes and find it almost a clone of the bigger cousins – Accord & Civic (which I rate as the best in the segment and was responsible in keeping me safe in couple of high speed scenarios in UAE in the past). Smoothness of the car even in the current Bangalore roads was really felt and initial experience – GOOD.

Once the convoy hits the ORR I pull over and relinquish the seat to BH – As I was due to leave soon I wanted her to get maximum wheel time whilst I was still around.

She now leads the way and I could immediately see that she is at home with one element less to bother about (clutch) and was getting up to reasonable speeds and touching the ORR speed limits.

Reach home – take her to the basement parking and BH steps out smiling – a big comfort and a sense of accomplishing one major task in the relocation come over me.

Now the real ownership experience starts

3rd June 2013

The YM Calls and comes over at 11.00 am as promised – takes the car and gets it registered and changes the RPS with proper colour coded sensors and delivers the car back by 6.00 pm.

Few Pictures attached – from the mobile camera and hence, please excuse the poor picture quality

First verdict is good and BH seem to loving the car so far and so does my son.

Best Regards & Drive/Ride Safe

Attached Thumbnails
My Honda Amaze VX AT-photo-a1-sz.jpg  

My Honda Amaze VX AT-photo_1aa-sz.jpg  

My Honda Amaze VX AT-photo_3-sz.jpg  

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Default 500 KM Report

500 KM Report

I have written at length about the travails of buying the car in previous posts, and now I am summarising my user experiences so far as a 500 KM report

- All the alternatives that were considered, and why you zeroed in on
this particular car
The choices were limited by the fact we wanted a “small sedan” as frequent trips to the airport with few bags is an absolute essential and it had to be an AT. Another factor was a sub 1,000 K price line. So choices were narrowed down Swift Dezire and Amaze. Dezire was ruled out as the AT version was without ABS and Air Bag – both of these is a must as far as we are concerned, as we will end up using this car on various fairly long highway trips as well.

- Complete booking & delivery experience from the dealership
Booking and delivery experience was “indifferent” at best – Dakshin Honda, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

- On-road price, discounts etc
INR 9.200 K inclusive of Comp Insurance, Road Tax, Extended Warranty, $ year Roadside Assistance. No discounts – it was a take it or leave it attitude as the car had been launched just a month ago and may be hence, the attitude.

- Engine type & variant you opted for
Petrol, Automatic Transmission – Model VX AT

- The good and bad about its equipment levels
The BH, who is the primary user, is generally comfortable with the equipment level. Though I would have preferred a full circle Tachometer rather than the “arc” they have provided. Visibility is good and no issues with reflections etc. From point of cleaning, the deep nacelle position of the meters requires a little extra effort, which a “normal cleaner” finds rather time consuming and hence requires your personal attention, if you like to keep it clean.

- How many kms you have completed at the time of writing your review
This report is being compiled at 500 KM mark. Of which about 300 km is one long trip done around Kunagil, Doddabellapur, and Nandi Hills etc

- Usage pattern (e.g. 12 kms daily in dense traffic
Basically used by BH and it will be less than 10 km around moderate traffic in North Bangalore

- Comments on the exterior styling & design
In my opinion the styling is not bad. The aspect of putting a “rear end” to Brio has been accomplished to acceptable levels by Honda. The car looks compact and a mover

- Overall build quality and fit & finish
To me it appears to have a “Honda Build Quality” (having previously used Civic, Accord – both Sedan and coupe), with all fit and finish at good levels. Only thing I wish that Honda had not done away with little frills like wheel arch inner shield, boot lid inner lining etc

- Interior design & quality
Design is satisfactory and doesn’t give you a feeling of being in a “cheap car” despite it being in the entry level category (may be being a VX has some special treatment). The texture of the facia etc kind of keeps it from giving a real plasticy look and feel. Steering is adequately padded and the “in steering audio controls” are functional and good looking as well.

The paint job is really good and the Urban Titanium colour really suits the car. All trims etc are true and well fitting and is holding good with no loose ends till date.

- Air conditioner, seat support, ergonomics and other noteworthy interior points
The Primary user – BH - is happy with the design and location of various switches etc. Being of rather short stature at 5’ she finds everything is designed to be within her reach and is happy about it. She is able to drive comfortably without using any external cushion either for the back or seat. The seat adjustments available – height and angle – takes care of most of requirements. The seat is padded adequately with light padding, though at time you can really feel the lack of thick padding when the 12 year old at the back seat carelessly flexes his leg muscles

Air conditioner is good. Gets the car to cool down rapidly even after being parked in hot mid-day sun. Wishfully, would have loved a split control. The A/C keeps even the rear seat occupants happy and comfortable

RPS functions quiet well and is gives beeps with correct loudness levels being overtly obvious but enough to catch drivers attention.

- Interior space and comfort
The Amaze really has amazing interior room. 4 adults can seat comfortably and many are surprised at the space available. Comforts - Yes the wish list does not check in all boxes, starting with a leather/faux leather seats, slightly better padded seats with more lumbar supports etc.

The OE Music system is adequate to our requirements, but would put in tweeters and may be slightly better speakers at a latter date. With USB connectivity (no in-built CD player – not that any CD player is good enough for current state of Bangalore Roads) all are happy

Driver seat position in relation to the steering orientation is comfortable and steering column adjustments are adequate.

- Engine performance & driveability in the city
With the 4 Cylinder, SOHC i-VTEC 1.2 ltr engine with a 5 speed AT, the city drives – especially in the maddening traffic - are a pleasure. The engine pulls effortlessly with 4 adults and no noticeable lag (probably the AT is always positioning the car to be in lower gears) with power still available on call.

The engine is smooth and really silent. Sitting inside idle with a/c on you could be forgiven for thinking that the engine is off and trying to crank it again.

- Engine performance & driveability on the highway
Yet to experience a real full fledged highway drive excepting a sprint on a Sunday to Kunigil, Doddabellapur and a hill climb to Nandi Hills

Performance was as expected in the level roads, with car in D having enough grunt for overtaking etc – with slight braking bringing it down by a gear or two which allowing for increased power easily. Silky smooth and hardly any noticeable road noise levels inside especially where road surfaces were good.

On Nandi Hills, whilst the ‘D’ was more than sufficient as I was not pushing the engine as it was still below 500 KM, I did test out the ‘D2’ in short stretches and the performance was slightly better with more engine braking available and thus saving up on the brakes – specially down hill.

Able to cruise at 60-80 kmh with out any strain and well with in the 3000 rpm limit even on slight gradients.

- Fuel efficiency: City and Highway
In city drives the onboard indication was always around 10 - 11 kmpl, with A/c usage.

On highways the indications were between 12 -14 kmpl, depending on the driving style – with an indicated trip average of 12 kmpl. (did not drive without A/c)

BH commented that the Eco indicator (a green light in the instrument panel) was a good feature in that it helped/induced her in to easing off the throttle and have the ‘feel good factor’ of being conserving money and being lesser contributor to pollution

- Suspension & ride quality
Suspension seems to be set right for the kind of roads we are having in and around Bangalore. Slightly on the harder side as expected from a small car but still get a good ride quality.

- Handling, on-road behaviour and grip levels
175/65 R14 Radials (MRF ZVTV) were doing a decent job in giving adequate grip and positive handling even on the Nandi Hills roads. Still I would consider replacing the tyres with a slightly wider set at some point of time. I will do a little more research in this regard before making a call.

- Comments on the steering, braking, high speed stability etc
Steering – I felt it to be quiet positive, with all the typical characteristics of a front wheel drive.

Braking – Lives up to the Honda Standards – as experienced in other Honda stable mates including coupes.

On whatever little bit high speed bursts I did (90-100 KMH) the car behaved in a stable manner and even on a day of high winds it remained quiet rooted. The aerodynamics of the wedge shape certainly helping in this aspect.

- Review on overall practicality (luggage room, ease of ingress/egress, cubby holes etc.)
The boot space – its really roomy and appears to be all of the cubic inches claimed seem to be there with two large suitcases (the US Trip verity) fitting in easily with enough space around for odds and ends

The doors are spacious enough even for tall people and well positioned to the seating positions to facilitate easy access in and out

- Any niggles, problems or part replacements faced
None so far – too early to comment.

- Quality of after-sales service (if experienced)
Again too early to comment. But after sale documentation etc delivered on time.

- Cost of upkeep & maintenance
Too early to comment.

- Wish list or what I would have liked & what I would like to Change
A better Electronic Info display – for example I would have liked to see a “gear indicator” on the display.

BH commented that she would have loved the vanity mirror if it had come with a light

At the earliest opportunity, I would love to change horn to a slightly louder one and position it differently than the current location, which gives you slight anxiety every time you see it.

Also in consideration is set of seat covering in faux leather.

So far all are happy with the car and at this point would consider it as “money well spent”. The car has been up to expectations.

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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

Many congratulations for the UT Amaze.
The car looks very good in the Urban Titanium colour.
Wish you many happy miles with the Amaze and drive safe.
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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

Heartiest Congratulations r_nairtvm! A comprehensive ownership review, I must say.

The Urban Titanium colour looks AMAZE-ING. I believe that this is the Top-end variant of Amaze. Await more pictures of the interiors and other smaller things.

Wishing you miles of happy and safe motoring ahead!
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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

Congratulations on your new acquisition r_nairtvm. Wishing you thousands of happy and safe miles on this car.
Thanks for the extremely detailed buying and ownership experience. Please keep updating the ownership thread. Honda petrol's are in general peace of mind and there would not be much to bother you. A good thing they have done with the Amaze is that they have pegged the service intervals at 10k kms instead of the 5k on the City/Civic.
Honda and horns are not good news. I hope they do not use the same horn which they use on the city. It would generally be a wise decision to replace it with an aftermarket one.

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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

9.2 Lakhs is pretty steep IMO considering it is an entry level sedan. Lovely car nevertheless. Please put up more pictures.
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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

Congratulations on your acquisition r_nairtvm. A Honda product is something you cannot go wrong with. By the way, I liked your style of shutting down the Idiotic SA. I remember having a similar incident recently at the Showroom, I had given my car for servicing and was leisurely looking around at the modified Honda City with Bi-Xenon Lamps, Caska Touch Screen system, etc. The Accessories guy popped up from like nowhere and started explaining me the mods on the car as if I was having a look at them for the first time in my life... I may have ate good 1 hour of my life, had not my service adviser interrupted in between.

Meanwhile, congratulations on the car again, drive safe
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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

Congratulation on your new purchase r_nairtvm. Loved your narration of the buying experience! First the Bonnie and now the Amaze, nice garage!
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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

Congratulations on your new car. You have a flair for writing and for someone from the PTG, you're pretty good at the usage and coining of acronyms.

The new car looks awesome in UT, and Im sure your BH will love the AT in the GC(Garden city). Wish her and your family many miles of safe driving with the Amaze.
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Default Re: My Honda Amaze VX AT

Congrats r_nairtvm !!

In your excitement you got the "Honda" spelling wrong on the first line. If possible kindly correct it..

Kudos to your excitement and joy of owning the Amaze...

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