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Default Re: My Ford EcoSport Diesel Titanium-O (Sea Grey)

Originally Posted by urajkumar View Post
The only think i would disagree is your impression of Ambient grill being cartoonish since I have an ambient & I think the black theme (ORVM, Grill, Cladding, roof rails etc in my Chill Mettalic) makes the ecosport look very cool. In fact one of the few things i liked in the Ambient version was the black grill since my personal opinion was that the chrome grill was too much bling (no offence again).
I sort of agree with you here. The all black grill minus the chrome looks extremely beautiful, in light colors like the white and chill metallic. But in dark colours like the black and sea grey, without the chrome, the black grill looks odd.
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Default Re: My Ford EcoSport Diesel Titanium-O (Sea Grey)

Originally Posted by ecosport View Post
I sort of agree with you here. The all black grill minus the chrome looks extremely beautiful, in light colors like the white and chill metallic. But in dark colours like the black and sea grey, without the chrome, the black grill looks odd.
I personally feel that the silver trim in Trend variant is the best looking of the lot. Its sort of like a matte finish silver which really compliments the front fascia. It's neither too dull (like the all black) or too loud (like the chrome one) - just my two cents.

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Default My Ford EcoSport Diesel Titanium-O (Sea Grey) - 1st year ownership experience

Well, after a year of ownership, it is time to write about my long time ownership experience. Overall, I would say I am very satisfied. The vehicle gave me no major problems, has been very flexible for use in the city (mostly) and the occasional highway trip, which is the main reason I bought the car.

1. A responsive engine, good frontal visibility from an elevated driving position, very minimal turbo lag, an easy clutch and gearbox combination - these make driving in the city an effortless affair.
2. Ease of parking in the city - the short nature of the vehicle makes it easy to fit on parallel parking spaces.
2. Good street presence, although it is not a very big vehicle overall, the height and width give it some solid presence, autos and hatchback cars seem to make way for me more easily.
3. The fuel efficiency is reasonable for a 1300 KG vehicle, though very sensitive to driving style. I was able to get over 17 kmpl in sedate highway driving and about 10 kmpl in bumper-to-bumper city traffic on average.
4. A punchy 4th gear make overtaking vehicles in highways (especially slow moving trucks) relatively easy.
5. The uni body is quite stiff and a pleasure to handle on ghat sections with hairpin bends. The Salem - Yercaud route has 20 of them and I was able to use 3rd gear most of the time, occasionally dropping down to the 2nd. Body roll is quite controlled, mainly due to the stiffness of the chassis and the fact that the vehicle is really short lengthwise, with the wheels pushed closer to the edges.
6. Engine noise is quite subdued after the first few minutes once the engine is warmed up. It is not at all intrusive inside the cabin.
6. Low cost of first service. I did receive a coupon that covers a free first service, however, forgot about this and sent in the vehicle for service. The cost was pretty low, less than Rs. 5000. This, combined with the fact that service is due only once in 12 months or 10,000 KMs, means that the routine maintenance is not expensive or time consuming.
7. Tons of electronics makes life easy and enjoyable in this car - Bluetooth streaming (which is still not available in a 40 lakh plus BMW 320 D Prestige), visual rear parking sensors, key-less entry, stop-start button, and go, etc. have all become so much a part of the daily drive, I find myself annoyed when I have to drive other cars in the family without these features !
8. Nice paint quality - with good day to day maintenance, my car still shines as bright as it did on day 1.
9. Heavy, thick doors and safety features like the 6 airbags make the cabin a re-assuring place to be in. I do not know of any other car in the 10-12 lakh segment with the kind of safety features that the Ecosport Titanium Optional has.
10. Once off the dealer-provided (dealer-forced!) insurance, insuring the car is not very expensive if you shop around. I paid over 35K for dealer-forced insurance the first year and got equivalent coverage for half that price for the second year.
11. The ground clearance is very confidence inspiring. I have driven over huge potholes and also large protrusions on road and never scraped the vehicle anytime. Also drove over a foot of water a couple of times without any problems.

1. Very low fuel economy on bumper to bumper driving in city - I have got as less as 9.5 KMPL consistently in my daily 5 km runs through thick Chennai traffic with lots of starts and stops and very few sections allowing the vehicle to cruise.
2. Massive blind spots made by the A-pillars. Still not used to these a 100%, although I have not had any accidents so far due to these (touch-wood!)
3. Front end of the vehicle is not visible even for a 6 footer like me. Takes some getting used to, in terms of parking.
4. Deceptively wide vehicle, so easing into narrow parking spaces is not easy. Short spaces are OK but narrow ones are not!
5. Small squeaks and rattles seem to come and go all the time. I noticed some squeaks recently while turning the steering wheel, earlier had rattles coming in from the dash, which got fixed by the dealer.
6. Never managed to get the SYNC voice controls to work routinely. The menu options are not intuitive for me - maybe I did not try hard enough!
7. The bluetooth call quality does not seem to be the best. Although I can hear callers quite well, but they seem to be not a 100% pleased with the call quality, sometimes I have had people complain of echoes and lack of clarity overall.

Road-trip Experience:

Recently did an 800 km highway trip and got 15kmpl average fuel economy. I was doing 115-125 KMPH most of the time and wherever traffic and road conditions allowed, cruised at 140 KMPH. The vehicle is very composed up to 130 KMPH. It can do 140 KMPH steadily with a higher engine noise level, at around 3050 RPM. Going over 140 KMPH seems strained and you really have to floor the accelerator. I hit 160 KMPh on one stretch but it was quite some slow progress beyond about 150 KMPH. For all practical purposes, 120 KMPH is the ideal balance for me between speed and safety and at this speed, the vehicle handles very well and is not at all strained, and there is enough juice left for overtaking maneuvers. The steering weighs up very well at high speeds and is very direct and predictable.

I was driving 3 hour stretches without getting out of the car and the seats were surprisingly supportive and felt fresh even after long drives. Initially I had thought the seats were rather small, but it turns out they are perfectly shaped to be supportive on long distance runs. Overall, the trip smoothed out the car quite well, the engine feels a lot more smooth, calm and responsive now than before the trip.

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Default Re: My Ford EcoSport Diesel Titanium-O (Sea Grey)

Got my Ecosport serviced for the recent recall regarding side airbag harness wiring. The service experience was quite smooth, took around 3 hours, including an update to the ECU and SYNC softwares. I must say Ford service is a long way ahead of VW, my previous car was a VW Polo.

After the ECU update, the vehicle seems to run a lot smoother, I noticed some reduction in the lag in low gears/low speeds.

I had been facing the issue of slightly jerky ride after a cold start in the mornings, even after idling for 30 seconds or so. The engine seemed to run in a "bursty" mode causing jerks in movement of the vehicle. This goes away after the first few minutes, but I am not sure why this should happen in the first place even after some idling. By the time the car reached the workshop, these jerks were not there anymore and so it could bot be reproduced at the service center. The technician assures me everything is fine. He thinks it may be because my running is so low that often a tank of Diesel lasts 30-35 days and leaving the Diesel that long in the vehicle may be causing it. He is asking me to leave the car overnight if I continue to face this problem, since the ECU update may have taken care of it.

Anyone else with the TDCI engine facing this problem?
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Default Re: My Ford EcoSport Diesel Titanium-O (Sea Grey)

Originally Posted by 84.monsoon View Post
Anyone else with the TDCI engine facing this problem?
Yes!! I face the exact same issue. About 10mins into the drive it smoothens out but till then throttle is quite jumpy. A small tickle and it jerks in gears. You need to adapt to it. I didn't bring it up cause I'm thinking it's only during warm up so might be a minor issue.
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