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Default Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

The Chevrolet Sail is currently available in India at a price of Rs. 5.12 - 7.65 lakhs (ex-Delhi).

What I like:
  • VFM, priced at the sweet spot.
  • A well proportioned, decent looking C1 segment sedan. Better looking than quirky competitors like the Dzire, Sunny etc.
  • 1.3L Fiat MJD engine (jointly developed by GM) delivers satisfactory pep and fuel efficiency. Short-throw gearbox is a pleasure to use.
  • Rear legroom betters some C2 segment sedans, a spacious commuter for 5.
  • Ideal for city driving : High seating position with a light steering, clutch and gearshift.

What I don't:
  • Imperfect suspension, dad still prefers to be driven around in the 2008 Hyundai Verna.
  • Light steering can surprise you on a high speed corner, needs a firm hand.
  • Missing creature comforts like climate control, MID, steering-mounted audio controls, seat height adjustment.
  • Daewoo Cielo like centrally-placed power window switches.
  • Interior part quality, fit and finish cannot match the segment leader, the Dzire.

Name:  o 4.JPG
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Size:  111.3 KB

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Default re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

Since December 2012, my family had a fair idea that we will be buying a new car early next year. This led us to keep a keen eye on the new cars coming up in the market, & also on the offers for the existing cars available. This car was primarily going to be used by my father for his office commute, hence, the only thing on my (our) mind was back seat comfort; yes, this was going to be a chauffeur driven vehicle. Also, dad's company was going to pay the bills; hence, diesel only was a strict suggestion. Budget was restricted at 10 lakhs OTR. My dad does not care much about curves and lines on cars, but easily makes out what looks good and what is ugly. This helped us reject the other car options.

Other options that we explored: (Only reasons for rejection mentioned here)
1. Nissan Sunny: Ugly looking inside out.
2. Swift Dzire: Too common, and available room in the back seat was a downer.
3. Toyota Etios: Exteriors were not a problem, but once my dad saw the interiors, he was fairly sure he would not want to be driven around with clients inside this.
4. Tata Manza: The name Tata was good enough for the car to be rejected.
5. Ford Classic: Dad had a friend who owned an Ikon a few years back, looking at his ownership experience; he opted out of this. (However, I insisted on this one because of the brilliant FE numbers and good driveability)
6. Fiat Linea: I just said……..NO!
7. Me and my dad believe in one thing now; if you buy a car, buy the top end, nothing less. Hence, the Verna, Rapid, Vento & the likes were not even considered due to our 10 lakh budget.

Early this year, I attended the launch event for the Chevrolet Sail (Chevrolet Sail (Sedan) Launched @ Rs. 4.99-7.51 Lakhs). Went back home, and told dad about this, along with the detailed picture log that I captured at the event. It is not the most dynamic looking car, I agree, but it is sure a decent looking product when you compare it to the cars mentioned above. Me and dad spoke about this for a few days and the car seemed to fit our bill just right: Price - check, features - check, safety - check, looks - check!

While I was waiting for dad to tag me along to the showroom soon, since he already had finalized the plan even with the folks at his office; one evening dad comes home and tells me that he has already booked the car. The car booked was the Sail LT diesel, painted in linen beige. Honestly, I hated the colour choice. I am a person who loves nothing but black; my '08 Verna is in the black shade and so were all the 4 bikes I have owned till date. So, this beige choice was a big yuck to me. Never mind I said, and spoke to dad about the delivery time and xyz. He said that it would take approximately a month for the car to be delivered to us, which in my opinion was decent given that the car was launched a month or two before we booked it. Also, the fact that the car had just been launched cleared off all the worries of being handed over an old car which has been biting the dust in some dealer stockyard.

Dad went ahead for the delivery alone; I had given him a fair idea of how to go around the PDI. An hour or two later, he called me back and said everything looked fine and he is driving off from the showroom. Dad never complained about any issues with the dealership (Nikhil Automobiles Ltd), hence I assume it was nothing but perfect and give them a brownie point. Since I already had a first-hand experience with the car at the launch, I was not very excited about the new car thing, still when I saw it enter our society from the window, all I remember is wearing my chappals and running down the staircase.

If you ask me, the Sail is priced at a sweet spot in the market. If it would have worn a Maruti Suzuki logo, this car would have shattered the sales charts with the amount of VFM characteristic. Yes, it is not funky, but it is bang for the buck. For those who drive around less, the petrol LS ABS variant has everything that one would need at just 5.96 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). We got the car registered in Navi Mumbai; it cost us around 9.5 lakhs OTR for the top spec LT variant. Price doesn't sound right? Of course it doesn't, we got it registered on the company name resulting to higher taxes. Would have been almost a lakh cheaper if purchased on an individual name. But still, a fully loaded car with ABS+EBD, airbags, good space for 5, stereo with Bluetooth, alloy wheels etc., the price was justified. Not to forget better interior and exterior package compared to others (PS. The Swift Dzire has more premium looking interiors).

When you look at the Sail standalone, it does not make you go all gaga about the design and the way it looks, but then, make it stand against its competitors like the Nissan Sunny or the Toyota Etios, the Sail's design at least for me is a notch above. The car is well proportioned compared to its segment leading sub-4 meter competitor, the MS Swift Dzire. The front end is identical to the Sail-Uva, for obvious cost cutting reasons. But I am not complaining, it still looks good enough. Of course is not as radical as one would expect a 2013 car to look like, but just because it lacks that wow factor does not make it an ugly duckling either. A big Chevy bowtie and chrome surrounds on the front grille try their best to add to the premium look and appeal for the chrome loving Indian customer. For me, the best thing about the front end design is the muscle between the fog lamps and head lamps. Even the crease lines from the bonnet blend in neatly with the front grille. Head lamps are no show, pure function types. Parking bulb is placed outside the main lamp section, just like the Honda City. What I hate, the front fog lamp. No, it does not fall short of illuminating the road. The annoyance is with the fit & finish. With the fog lamp on, you can see the light making its way even inside the bumper. This is not the first time one would notice this on a Chevy, even the Optra Magnum had the same issue. The front air dam and the front grille wear a similar honeycomb mesh.

Side profile of the Sail makes you question the segment it is in. At 4249mm of length, it is significantly larger in proportions when compared to the Dzire. Also, it is just 42mm shy of the new Ford Fiesta. Yes, the side profile is a little boring, but then you have to live with it. A couple of crease lines try to add some funk. A lot of people complain about the flap type door handle, but I honestly love it. Why? Because the part where I would grab it is much cleaner than the pull type handles. At least there won't be bird droppings here. Yes, I have OCD . Also, these door handles are neatly aligned with the crease line. ORVMs are mounted on the door, and not jutting out from the window section. Yes, they are electrically adjustable and body coloured too (only the base PS variant has it in black). With very less drama on the side profile, the car looks average; however, I would have loved it if GM would have blackened out the B pillar.

The section I simply love, the rear end. The number plate is located in the bumper; I really love this kind of design language because it stops the manufacturer from adding unnecessary creases on the bumper. There is badging, branding and everything on the boot. A big Chevrolet tag running from the left almost till the Chevy logo in the centre, the Sail badging along with the model name, and the engine nomenclature on the bottom right of the boot-lid. Honestly, if Chevy would have given the 'Chevrolet' tag a miss, it would have been great. It is just too long and makes the car look smaller because of this. GM always had a good looking set of tail lamps in this segment. The units on the Sail have twin bulb illumination and a reverse lamp + turn indicator on both sides. No fog lamp present here. Exhaust pipe is nearly invisible, one would have to bolt on an aftermarket muffler tip to make it noticeable from the back.

HDR on purpose, to emphasize on the number of lines at the front.
Name:  Exterior.JPG
Views: 23060
Size:  197.1 KB

Much better to look at than the Sunny, Manza and the likes. Love the number plate located on the bumper.
Name:  Exterior001.JPG
Views: 24190
Size:  89.6 KB

Just a couple of crease lines on the side. Blackened pillars would have wrapped up the package nicely.
Name:  Exterior002.JPG
Views: 22660
Size:  65.3 KB

Name:  Exterior003.JPG
Views: 22746
Size:  131.1 KB

Name:  Exterior004.JPG
Views: 22526
Size:  75.1 KB

Parking light located above the turn indicator (Above the orange bulb).
Name:  Exterior005.JPG
Views: 22069
Size:  78.3 KB

Shooting star fog lamp (As Chevy calls it) illuminates the road well, but also illuminates the radiator and everything around to annoy you.
Name:  Exterior006.JPG
Views: 21734
Size:  78.5 KB

The bowtie and chrome surrounds on the front grille. Our driver touched a truck -> cracking the bowtie.
Name:  Exterior007.JPG
Views: 21495
Size:  61.2 KB

Average looking 14" 8-spoke alloys shod with Apollo Acelere tyres.
Name:  Exterior008.JPG
Views: 21858
Size:  104.0 KB

ORVM size is good enough to keep a tab on the action behind.
Name:  Exterior009.JPG
Views: 21822
Size:  72.3 KB

ABS logo above the turn indicator on the front fender.
Name:  Exterior010.JPG
Views: 21685
Size:  53.9 KB

Flap type door handles are welcome, for me at least.
Name:  Exterior011.JPG
Views: 21735
Size:  55.7 KB

Roof mounted antenna, angle cannot be adjusted.
Name:  Exterior012.JPG
Views: 21682
Size:  96.2 KB

I still love the tail lamps on the Aveo more than these. Notice the crease line flowing from the tail lamp to the boot lid.
Name:  Exterior013.JPG
Views: 21762
Size:  82.0 KB

Exhaust pipe is hidden, one can make out its location when the car (diesel) accelerates in front of you.
Name:  Exterior014.JPG
Views: 21516
Size:  53.1 KB

Rear window goes down ~70%.
Name:  Exterior015.JPG
Views: 21494
Size:  76.8 KB

Notice how much the front bumper is scraped. With 168mm of ground clearance, it is easy to tackle the speed-breakers even with 5 on-board.
Name:  Exterior016.JPG
Views: 21547
Size:  103.1 KB

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Default re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms


There is no doubt that the C1 segment sedans have limitations with respect to the feel, appeal and quality they can offer inside the cabin. There is not much of a wow when you enter sedans of this class; however, the MS Dzire has a rather good looking cabin. The dashboard looks premium with the use of faux wood and surely can equal to the C2 segment sedans, if not better them. But what about the others? Are they good enough? Take a look at the image below; I have listed all the images of the cars considered while purchasing the Sail, hope it gives you a better perspective of the interiors in this segment.

Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms-1desktop10.jpg

Looking at the image above, I am sure most of you will agree that the Sail is definitely not the one with the ugliest interior design; thank you Etios & Sunny . Well let me also clarify this that the interior quality is not even close to the MS Dzire, it is bare basic and just built for function. Once you get inside the Sail, the beige + light brown shade is quite an unusual colour scheme. It took me a while getting used to these shades after owning my '08 Verna for more than 5 years. The colour scheme looks a little downmarket to me. If that light brown was either grey or black, it would have been a much more pleasant cabin to be driven around in. The dashboard has a couple of lines flowing across, but it adds zero elegance and premium feel. Also, the quality of plastic used on the dashboard is a little below the mark. Dashboard is flat in the centre to accommodate deities and the likes. The defogger vent beyond this flat section reflects on the windshield. Now to one of the worst things in the car, the steering wheel. It is so thin, that it feels like a car from the A segment. There is no horn pad, but horn buttons. These buttons have a very cheap rubbery feel to it and also not the easiest to be accessed; since the entire button is not the actual horn, there is a slight protrusion which is the actual button to honk. So if you like to hold the steering from the bottom end, forget honking, you do not have the option unless you lift your hand and move upwards on the wheel. The steering is leather wrapped, but the less I talk about it, the better. In short, the steering wheel is ugly to look at, not to forget it is in that weird light brown colour. A black steering like in the outgoing Aveo would have been great. The instrument cluster is another downer to an enthusiast. A digital tachometer, whaaaaaaat?............. It is absolutely unpleasant looking at this thing when on the move. Constant x.x rpm movement is nowhere close to the needle. Chevrolet calls this the rising sun instrument cluster. Frankly, it is really better with the sun up, because when the sun goes down and you have to use your headlamps, the illumination here is so dramatic, you would want to move your eyes here the least. Personally I love simple needles in front of me when I am driving; I even hate the Civic's futuristic digital gauge. For this, I love the Manza. I think it has the best instrument cluster this side of 10 lakhs. Deep set, white backlit, small clean design. It is very pleasing to the eye. Control stalks for the headlamps and wipers seem to be a lift from the Spark / Alto category again. Cheap is the word, nothing else. They are so skinny, that I always use them with a light touch fearing that they might just snap.

What's good inside is the head unit, it has Bluetooth with audio streaming, USB, Aux-in + CD compatibility. It is a dual din unit by the looks of it, but uses just the single din space for the head unit; the lower end is a storage section. It actually comes handy when you have your phone connected via Aux-in; you can keep the phone here rather than letting the aux-in wire all over the place. One can tune the SQ as per their taste with basic manual equalizer settings, but the speakers are very weak. The car has a total of 4 speakers, one mounted on each door. If you love to hear even a coin drop crystal clear, you need to upgrade the speakers. They are average by OEM standards, but will fall short of pleasing a majority of the owners. The head unit is painted in silver, to match the centre console. I have my doubts about this silver finish lasting the distance. I have seen what happened to the silver trim on my friends Linea, and I do not think the quality on the Sail is any better.

Rotary AC controls are placed below the head unit with buttons for the AC on/off, defogger & air re-circulation mode. AC does the job on hot summer days even without tints. The AC vents also have a decent adjustment range and can be directed to your face or away when required. I would suggest going max up to the blower speed 3, since speed 4 is just show and no go. One question I have for Chevy is why have they placed the power window buttons below the centre console? We saw this more than a decade ago with the Daewoo Cielo and is not really an aspirational placement of what one is used to operate with his right hand. Switching between my current set of wheels always leaves me confused at toll booths while trying to roll down the window. The placement of the power window controls though not preferred, it is not too far a stretch to access. One can easily reach out and use it. Some may consider this a good thing that even the front passenger can control all four windows, but then, who wants it that way? I don't. Gear stalk mounted behind the power window switches is a short one. Wrapped in leather, which of course is of pathetic quality, apart from the brilliant short throw and well defined gates, you would not even want to look at this thing. The leather tries to pose premium with a gathered-leather like stitch, but eventually ends up looking like a unit of poor fit and finish. A glossy black insert has markings for the gears, which in our car already had a scratch / or something like that underneath. Dad had not even noticed this while PDI and given that the driver would take its case in day to day running, even I let it go. One good thing about the console between the front seats is that it is high. This adds to the ease of gear shifting since the driver does not have to take his hand down to reach the gear stalk. Lot of storage options in and around this. Although I hate the brown interior theme, I appreciate its presence only on the floor carpet. It will surely hide the spots and dirt during monsoon.

Door pads are dual tone too. The beige and brown actually are separate pieces. It looks nice to me at least. 1 litre bottles can be easily stored in the front door pockets; rear door pads do not have the option. Majority has problems with the age old design of the pull-up door locks, but I frankly like it. The latest trend of a locking unit above the door opening lever is quite tricky at times. In my Verna, my folks fail to open the door because they hit the lock lever while accessing the door unlock lever. The door unlock lever is in chrome over here.

Seats have the same colour scheme. Nothing great about the seats, no adjustment apart from the fore and aft movement. Thin compound seats are very mediocre when it comes to providing support. Driver seat does not get an arm rest either, which has been pampering me in my Verna for over 5 years. Front seats have height adjustable head rests. Over to the pictures now, I am sure you are bored of text.

Dashboard design is no-nonsense types. Serves the purpose and the design is nothing but average to look at. Still better than a few of its competitors.
Name:  InteriorsF.JPG
Views: 21315
Size:  79.8 KB

What I find super ugly, the skinny steering. Horn buttons are weirdly placed too. I would have preferred a conventional horn pad.
Name:  InteriorsF001.JPG
Views: 21519
Size:  93.5 KB

Another let down for the driver, the rising sun instrument cluster. The usual white or green backlit would have been welcome. Then Chevy thought it was not enough playing around, so made the tachometer digital . Only odometer and a single tripmeter available.
Name:  InteriorsF002.JPG
Views: 21158
Size:  65.1 KB

Plastic quality of the control stalks is very poor, they feel very brittle. Just look how thin they are towards their legs. Fog lamps once switched on, stay in that position, I like.
Name:  InteriorsF003.jpg
Views: 21627
Size:  63.5 KB

Cheap quality silver paint on the center console. Dashboard above the center console is flat to accommodate deities and the likes.
Name:  InteriorsF004.JPG
Views: 21042
Size:  60.3 KB

A single din head unit posing as a dual din, with one din to be used for storage. The lower section can be used to place your phone when connected via Aux-in.
Name:  InteriorsF005.JPG
Views: 21198
Size:  81.5 KB

Rotary AC controls have a typical budget feel to it.
Name:  InteriorsF006.JPG
Views: 20996
Size:  74.0 KB

Short gear knob feels sporty. Falls in hand perfectly. Lift the collar to engage reverse.
Name:  InteriorsF007.JPG
Views: 21071
Size:  56.4 KB

Front seats fall short of providing support when driving enthusiastically. No height adjustment, however the driver has a good view what is happening in front of him. I hate the seat covers which my dad picked up from the dealer.
Name:  InteriorsF008.JPG
Views: 21242
Size:  68.0 KB

Dual tone door pad looks good. The beige gets soiled easily though. 1 litre bottles can easily be placed here.
Name:  InteriorsF009.JPG
Views: 20940
Size:  77.1 KB

Power window switches are ahead of the gear lever.
Name:  InteriorsF010.JPG
Views: 20807
Size:  75.2 KB

Hand brake section is surrounded by a couple of cubby holes. Ash tray provided in our LT variant.
Name:  InteriorsF011.JPG
Views: 20878
Size:  73.2 KB

Storage bin in front of the power window controls. 12V charging socket above.
Name:  InteriorsF012.JPG
Views: 20681
Size:  67.3 KB

Seat belt does not get height adjustment.
Name:  InteriorsF013.JPG
Views: 20624
Size:  39.5 KB

Head lamp leveler and ORVM controls to the RHS of the steering, and some more storage options.
Name:  InteriorsF014.JPG
Views: 20772
Size:  79.6 KB

Glovebox does not run deep, here it is barely managing to eat up the vehicle documents and a couple of books. Storage bin above can be used to keep your short umbrellas.
Name:  InteriorsF015.JPG
Views: 20591
Size:  73.7 KB

AC vents have a good adjustment range. Some chrome thrown in here.
Name:  InteriorsF016.JPG
Views: 20578
Size:  72.0 KB

AC vents on the extreme ends are the rotary types, can be shut completely.
Name:  InteriorsF017.JPG
Views: 20549
Size:  89.8 KB

IRVM manages to cover the rear windscreen, however the fixed neck restraints for the rear passengers eat up some of your view.
Name:  InteriorsF018.JPG
Views: 20525
Size:  86.0 KB

Rearward view from the driver seat.
Name:  InteriorsF019.JPG
Views: 20479
Size:  62.3 KB

I am satisfied with the ORVM size. Much better than the XXL units on my '08 Verna.
Name:  InteriorsF020.JPG
Views: 20533
Size:  97.3 KB

No dead pedal.
No place to to move your foot down from the LHS of the clutch, you have to lift it and rest it on the floor.
Name:  InteriorsF021.JPG
Views: 21398
Size:  91.9 KB

Passenger side sun visor gets a vanity mirror, driver side gets nothing.
Name:  InteriorsF022.JPG
Views: 20425
Size:  67.1 KB

Bend down to notice the location of this small bonnet lever.
Name:  InteriorsF023.JPG
Views: 20591
Size:  68.7 KB

This is the 2nd key, the remote equipped key popped open and dropped the chip inside.
Name:  InteriorsF024.JPG
Views: 20779
Size:  89.6 KB

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Our family loves a soft tune of suspension (e.g. Verna). It enhances back seat comfort, at least for us. Of course it bounces a little too much on undulated roads, but me and my family are willing to absorb that bounce rather than a stiff jerk. My dad gets ample leg room in the sail and is happy with it, but over bad patches, he feels otherwise. After 4-5 months of back seat travelling, my dad now has shifted to the front seat; he finds it a little more comfortable over here. Not for forget the reclining benefit of the front seats. What happens is, with drivers being drivers, they press the pedal as soon as the front wheels crawl over a speed breaker, this then leaves quite an unsettling bump to the rear passengers, and hence, my dad now prefers the front seat; where he will be treated equal by the driver. Width on the back seat is good enough for 3, easily. Small transmission tunnel also allows ample foot room for the 5th passenger. Again, seats are of medium compound and it would have been better with a little more cushioning. Sitting behind, the overall cabin feels airy with the windows allowing a good amount of light inside. Fixed neck restraints provide good support while taking a nap, and are more cushiony than the height adjustable units at the front.

Ingress and egress is easy. You can simply walk inside the car.
Name:  InteriorsR.JPG
Views: 20453
Size:  117.4 KB

Flat seat bench welcomes 3 passengers with ease.
Name:  InteriorsR001.JPG
Views: 20177
Size:  70.7 KB

A look at the max-min available legroom.
Name:  InteriorsR002.JPG
Views: 20246
Size:  90.9 KB

Centre armrest has 2 cup holders.
Name:  InteriorsR003.JPG
Views: 20187
Size:  78.6 KB

The centre armrest can be covered with the zip-flap. (This is because of the seat covers)
Name:  InteriorsR004.JPG
Views: 20127
Size:  46.9 KB

Negligible floor hump does not interfere much with the 5th occupant.
Name:  InteriorsR005.JPG
Views: 20078
Size:  72.0 KB

Seat covers gifted us seat back-pockets.
Name:  InteriorsR006.JPG
Views: 20107
Size:  102.8 KB

No bottle holder on the rear door pads.
Name:  InteriorsR007.JPG
Views: 20039
Size:  82.0 KB

Boot serves our purpose, eats up 4-5 midsize bags, with ease.
Name:  InteriorsR008.JPG
Views: 20009
Size:  93.1 KB

Spare wheel provided is not an alloy.
Name:  InteriorsR009.JPG
Views: 20197
Size:  93.5 KB

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Default re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

  • Why did we opt for the diesel? The daily run for this vehicle was going to be above 70 kms in a day, petrol made 0 sense in this case.
  • Power is rated at 77 BHP (@ 4,000 rpm) and 205 Nm of torque.
  • A 6th gear for overdrive would have kept the engine at ease when doing triple digit speeds.
  • Currently, we are getting a FE figure of around 16/17 kmpl. This includes a good mix of highway + city driving.
  • Diesel clatter is audible inside the cabin (at start-up), my mother particularly relates to it as a tractor after being used to the silent petrol powered cars. Dad is very forgiving about the engine noise and does not bother much unless his point A to point B commute is hampered.
  • Clutch pedal is towards the lighter side, it is not super light like the Hyundai's though. The ABC pedals should have been spaced out a little more, but there is no room to do so. Also, a missing dead pedal is a downer for long drives.
  • Start driving and you will notice that the turbo lag is at its minimum. Peak torque is generated at a low 1750 RPM making in city driveability very easy. One can keep making slow progress without accelerator input in city conditions without any sort of engine knocking.
  • Highway performance is average, no turbo spool like you notice in the Swift, but the linear power delivery is actually a good thing with my dad in the back seat. Because, if it was like the Swift, the driver would only notice my dad's raised eye-brows in the IRVM, and not the cars left behind.
  • The gear knob is ugly to look at, but works brilliantly. The gear gates are precise and slots in perfect. You will never find yourself shifting to an inappropriate gear with the Sail. Short throw gearbox is a dream, since you need to shift early with the diesels.
  • The engine is noisy at start-up, but this gets muted once the engine is warmed up. The NVH levels are really good and occupants will not complaint about the wind noise or tyre noise at all. While driving in a relatively quiet surrounding without music, one can hear the turbo spool though.
  • The suspension tune on the Sail was on the negative side for us. Although I do not mind it that much, my dad would rather relate it to the flintstone cars. He does not like the stiff suspension which allows the broken patch of road to be felt on his back.
  • Thuds are reasonably muted, but the interior parts do make squeaky sounds when moving over rough terrain.
  • If you love to corner, this car is not meant for you. First, the seats do no support you. Second, the stiff suspension will not absorb the undulated patch which might show up suddenly mid-corner; and the light steering wheel if accidentally corrected, will take you somewhere else.
  • Steering wheel stays light at all times. One needs to make corrections all the time and needs a firm hand on the highways.
  • ABS kick-in is audible under hard braking. The OEM tyres provide excellent grip during panic braking. Unless you move the light steering, if you try a braking test, the car will halt in a straight line without any fuss. Brakes have a sharp bite and the pedal does not feel spongy. I know this car is in the budget segment, but would have loved it if it had all 4 discs.
  • The weirdest thing that one would notice while driving is that from start-off, when you hit the gas, there is a squeaky metal noise. As if there is some piece of metal which gets strained every time you accelerate. It will be audible to those who are always alert to notice any body rattles on a car they purchased with so much love, rather with so many lakhs.

The 1.3 MJD.... Ooops, the Chevy Smarthech
Name:  Engine.JPG
Views: 20720
Size:  121.0 KB

Sorry about the dirty picture.
Name:  Engine001.JPG
Views: 19927
Size:  100.6 KB

Cladding does its job well, keeps the engine noise minimum when on the move.
Name:  Engine002.JPG
Views: 19947
Size:  97.6 KB

Vehicle info slapped above the bonnet latch.
Name:  Engine003.JPG
Views: 20670
Size:  85.6 KB

Diesel gets a badge.
Name:  Engine004.JPG
Views: 19854
Size:  62.2 KB

Fuel cap is attached to the flap, so that the pump guys do not drop or misplace it.
Name:  Engine005.JPG
Views: 20072
Size:  71.5 KB

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Default re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

Smaller & significant stuff:

Steering is mildly contoured for your thumb.
Name:  Smaller.JPG
Views: 19739
Size:  63.6 KB

Looks ugly, works poor and feels horrible.
Name:  Smaller001.JPG
Views: 19801
Size:  110.7 KB

Felt lining to cover up when the the steering column is at its lowest position.
Name:  Smaller002.JPG
Views: 19708
Size:  64.8 KB

A-pillar is big enough to create a blind spot.
Name:  Smaller003.JPG
Views: 19743
Size:  79.5 KB

Defogger vent reflects on the windscreen even when there is no direct sunlight.
Name:  Smaller004.JPG
Views: 19713
Size:  85.3 KB

Power window switches are easily accessible with your hand on the gear.
Name:  Smaller005.JPG
Views: 19648
Size:  76.2 KB

Notice the spot above '1', has been there since day 1. Leather has started to loose the colour already.
Name:  Smaller006.JPG
Views: 19590
Size:  48.3 KB

Notice that the foot-well is actually recessed. The seats are placed higher, not on the floor.
Name:  Smaller007.JPG
Views: 19572
Size:  88.3 KB

Single roof lamp at the front.
Name:  Smaller008.JPG
Views: 19572
Size:  78.6 KB

Non retractable grab handles, driver does not get this.
Name:  Smaller009.JPG
Views: 19558
Size:  73.2 KB

People complain but I like it. This works better than the ones which open up when you double pull the unlock levers.
Name:  Smaller010.JPG
Views: 19537
Size:  108.8 KB

Child lock for the rear door.
Name:  Smaller011.JPG
Views: 19765
Size:  58.2 KB

Mounts to lock-in child seats; placed behind either neck restraints at the back.
Name:  Smaller012.JPG
Views: 19507
Size:  85.5 KB

Tools neatly kept in place with a velcro.
Name:  Smaller013.JPG
Views: 19651
Size:  147.0 KB

A pair of bulbs and reflective triangles provided by the manufacturer.
Name:  Smaller014.JPG
Views: 19504
Size:  112.0 KB

Boot lamp is LHS biased.
Name:  Smaller015.JPG
Views: 19433
Size:  64.0 KB

Strap to pull up the boot floor.
Name:  Smaller016.JPG
Views: 19480
Size:  65.7 KB

Boot floor wears a lot of rubber pieces to avoid rattling.
Name:  Smaller017.JPG
Views: 19388
Size:  68.2 KB

PDI marking on the front quarter glass.
Name:  Smaller018.JPG
Views: 19423
Size:  91.9 KB

Tire info visible when the driver door is open.
Name:  Smaller019.JPG
Views: 19389
Size:  80.9 KB

One of my favourite automotive logos, the bowtie.
Name:  Smaller020.JPG
Views: 19316
Size:  69.8 KB

If you are still reading this, I appreciate your patience.

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Default Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Smile Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms


Let me be the first to congratulate you on the Sail Sedan.

Was the purchase through SC Auto Thane? How was the buying experience with them. I was dealing with them for the Sail U Va hatchback before I decided on the Punto. I found the dealer very stubborn, had they been flexible I would have opted for the Uva.

Why such a huge aversion to the Linea? For sure the rear seat comfort is amongst the best in the Linea. Not asking because you refused a Fiat product. Didnt you find the window power buttons awkardly placed?

Happy mile crunching and drive safely. Hope to see the stickered sedan on the Thane roads soon.
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Default Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

Originally Posted by ghodlur View Post
Was the purchase through SC Auto Thane?
Nope. Purchased it through Nikhil Automobiles, Navi Mumbai.

Why such a huge aversion to the Linea?
I hate those interiors buddy. My best bud has a Linea, and I pity him on buying it every time we sit inside that car. Even he prefers his latest gen Swift over the Linea now. The plastic quality, dashboard paint, the centre console silver, and much more is just not up to my taste. Not to forget that ugly orange backlit stereo.

Didnt you find the window power buttons awkardly placed?
When I switch between my Verna & the Sail, I have to think before moving my hand to roll down the window. Now however, I have gotten used to the placement. I just move down my finger from the gear, as shown in the smaller & significant post.

Hope to see the stickered sedan on the Thane roads soon.
In the core-fitness parking lot daily, till midnight.
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Default Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms


Fantastic attention to detail.

I however like the simple dashboard of the Sail.
Maybe the fact that i don't have seat covers translates to slightly more comfort in the drivers seat. I have not felt it lacking in support.

Wish you many happy miles.
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Default Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

Originally Posted by bblost View Post
I have not felt it lacking in support.
It is the lateral support that I am unhappy with.
Even without the seat covers, the Sail doesn't really have that bucket like feel to it.

Dashboard part, I agree. It is a rather good looking one, check the interior post comparo. Would have loved a grey shade here instead of the light brown.
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Default Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

Congrats parrys.
I always felt Sail, Verito and Vibe are the perfect family sedans which can seat 5 people comfortably within 8 lakhs. The Sunny is a good option but it really looks ugly.
As you have completed 20,000 kms can you share the involved service costs?
The colour actually looks good but as you said black is the best
Drive safe!

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Default Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

Congrats Perry! Great review. You have covered everything for this car, prospective buyers will get a lot of help from it.
The only complain I have with chevy is about the interiors for this Car, otherwise it ticks all the right boxes for an entry level sedan.
Enjoy your ride.
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Default Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms


Great comprehensive review.

I have had a Opel Sail for 10 years and I can say the build quality plus the suspension has been among the best I have come across.

Good going. Good pictures as well. Keep the thread posted.

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Default Re: Sailing on tarmac : The Chevrolet Sail ownership report @ 20,000 kms

Congrats Parry. Excellent ownership thread. The SAil is really a competent package and I tried convincing a few people against the Dzire and Etios but the brand pull of M and T is just too strong.

When you bought the Sail, was the Amaze available? That would have been a good option as well if available.

Also, the front seats are raised in the Sail as the fuel tank sits below the front seats and not below the rear seats. You should have some storage space below the rear seats. Similar to the Honda City.
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