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Old 30th July 2006, 12:37   #1
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Thumbs up FIAT Adventure, a prospective buyer's research report!

I took the test drive for the first time of this car (Fiat Adventure) in the 1st week of April 2006. Let me tell you, I had taken test drives of most of the mid size cars (Petra,Honda City, Optra, Accent, Aveo,Fiesta, Fusion, Ikon, Baleno). It was like a feeling you get when you fall in love for the first time. You remember that very first moment. Likewise, I am not able to erase the very first feeling which I got when I test drove this car. It was simply great! After that I have driven this car for as many as 10 times. I was planning to buy a car in April, but I couldn’t decide purely because of the following reasons
1. I wanted to own an Adventure, but was not very sure, how this car will turn out to be
2. I wanted to check other cars again and compare my experience with Adventure
3. I wanted to be sure that this car returns me a decent mileage (at least 8kmpl in Mumbai city with A/C on)
4. I wanted to be sure about the post sales service of Tata-Fiat joint venture and cost of ownership.
5. I wanted to study more about FIAT worldwide and wanted to be sure FIAT is going to be there for at least 5 years in International and Indian market ( I kept a maximum deadline of 5 years for keeping this car)
6. I wanted to check what re-sale value I will get if I sell this car after 5 years. So I needed to check with couple of used car dealers as well.
7. I wanted to check, how will this car be viewed in terms of status value as well in comparison to Accent, Honda City or a Baleno?
8. I wanted to check, if I need to change the interiors of the car and make it all leather, two tone and wood finish, will it be possible, if yes, how much and who is the best.

I did 4 months of rigorous study, on Internet, Spoke to users of this car, asked certain experts of Automobile industries, spoke to Fiat Executive, read certain journals and magazines. Here what I have to say!

1. No one gave me a wrong feedback about the car. Every one was extremely happy about the build, handling, chassis, pick up, driving pleasure about this car. Even the auto gurus vouched for this car saying its a great car to own. No one reported any major issues with the car as far as engineering or electrical faults are concerned.

2. I drove all those cars again. But I still couldn’t get this car out of my mind. The cars which came close in terms of pleasure and performance was Petra and Baleno. Optra was a clear third and Accent was 4th. Very disappointing New Honda City, as it lack power and not so easy to handle. It scored well in terms if interiors (So did Accent and Optra).

3. Whoever, I spoke to told me that they are getting 9-10kmpl with A/C on in city (Fiat Adventure). I spoke to some who are driving this car in Mumbai city (since I belong to Mumbai). They reported around 8kmpl + and nothing less in some of the worst stretches on Mumbai like Andheri-Kurla Road. In a recent article in Top Gear (August Issue), there is an article on Fiat Adventure and they also report a mileage of 8.8kmpl of this car.

4. Its all clear and evident. Tata-Fiat has recently announced a 50:50 JV which is the extension of their distribution partnership. No one, I spoke to was unhappy about the service. In fact, some even said, some initial glitches were done very fast without cost as the car was under warranty. Even those, who have owned it for more than a year, have not reported any issues in terms of high spare cost or whatever. Need I say more!

5. I did extensive study on Fiat Spa and found that, they have returned to profit, thanks to Grande Punto. I found that, they have no plans to shut their business which is 100+ year old. (At least I couldn’t get any evidence). I found that they are doing extremely well in Latin America, South Africa and Western Europe. I found that more than 50% of their revenue is from international market. India is a strategic market and they are here to stay.

6. I spoke to 2 Used car dealers. One said, this car is going to return better resale than what the Fiat cars giving as of now, as Fiat is coming back and TATA-Fiat JV is going to boost the resale vale. Another dealer told me that, this car in a worst case will return you about 20-25% of the car value after 5 years (If the present perception about FIAT remains as it is). If the position of FIAT India improves, which I am sure will, after the Tata JV, this car may return better resale. I own a Santro and is 5 years old, and I am getting about 33% return on my original car value.
7. I checked about the status value as well. Obviously, the owners of this car always told me that this car is a head turner (I agree with them fully). But this, I checked with other Auto Gurus, and they said, it falls into a different segment all together. This car definitely gives a good status value minus the interior which is looks dated. But let me be honest, If you expect a status value of Honda (especially in Indian market), Adventure is not going to give you that, purely because of Indian mind set. But it’s not too far away as well. Secondly, would you wlike to bridge that so called "Status Gap" by paying 2 lacs extra and much less powered car! Well, the call is yours!
8. I read couple of magazines and saw some work which was done on cars like Honda City, Optra, Indigo, Skoda etc. I was very impressed with the face lift which an interior can give post this. I checked with Fiat, in case doing this deprives me of any warranty. They said nothing as long as you get it done through the authorized dealer of this car. Else, you wait and get this done after the warranty is over. The complete change of interiors, which may include, pure leather seats, two tone beige dash board with wood finish panels, AC vents and door handles. Leather finish door pads, change of roof carpet, floor mat, half wood and half leather steering wheel etc, will cost you maximum 45,000/-. This comes with 3 year warranty. If you want to do it with composite leater, 10,000 less. I have seen the works of an agency called "Morfeus" (www.morfeusdesign.com), which seems to be neat and quite good.

So, my verdict, if you love driving, care a bit about your and your family’s safety while in the car, you love smooth ride on Indian roads, understand what 100BHP mean and care a bit less about mileage (Only when you are thinking about NHC, Baleno and Aveo, since others are very close to the mileage which Adventure is going to give), you cannot miss this car. If you have still, please go, take a test drive. After all, gone are the days, when you had to search for a FIAT dealer & workshops. They are as close as any other car, which are still on your mind.

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Old 31st July 2006, 08:42   #2
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That was excellent study you have done Omar. But very few do so much research before buying a car.
Finally did you buy Adventure?
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I totally agree with Omar , and that car looks really coll on those Pirelli's ....and those plastic claddings.....great looking and its engine ...hmm...tasty and its looks ......boy its easily one of the best
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Old 31st July 2006, 13:53   #4
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That was a good research. I agree with you, beauties like Tucson and Adventure alwyas turn my head.
I went over http://www.morfeusdesign.com/ and that looks interesting.
Let us know when you own this wonderful vehicle and post some pics as well.
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Old 31st July 2006, 18:49   #5
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Default Booked it today, after much research and deliberation


I have booked the Fiat Adventure Formula Red colour car today after much research and deliberation. I am likely to get the delivery by this weekend, as promised by the dealer. let's see, if he keeps upto his promises.

I will post my feedback after few months for the benifit of the forum

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Old 6th August 2006, 23:31   #6
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congratulations! Put up a nice review with some good pics when you get delivery of the car.
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Old 6th August 2006, 23:51   #7
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Great Omar. Welcome to the world of intoxication on the wheel. I have had the adventure for little over 2 months now. Even though the car belongs to my brother as he fought tooth and nail with the family to get this car. I keep steeling the ride such is the attraction that I have for the vehicle.

I did a lot of checking and found similar answers to the questions that came to your mind.
- I was told the mileage would be poor but I am getting a decent 10 in city with AC.
- Resale was another aspect that I had to mentally prepare myself to not be very good as per the current status, future may be better as pointed by you.

At the price considering this very car was launched at 8+ initially, now at around 6L, its a steal.

If you crave for driving pleasure, wish to feel safe while on the wheel and show off attitude without mods, this is the car. I am sure you would be a proud owner as most fiat owners are Enjoy yourself

PS: Here's how I got the car http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/new-ca...ng-better.html
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Hi! Nishant,

I have gone through your report. I am sure, it was one those reports which were helpful for me while I was going through the C-BED-S. (Car Buyer's Extreme Dilemma Syndrome)

I am yet to take the delivery of the CAR, while, the dealer is ready as per the promosed date, I have delayed it, due to my travel schedule. I guess, I will take the delivery in a day or two.

For the benifit of the readers, let me tell you, I am extremely happy the way the Tata-Fiat dealer has handled the selling process (Wasan Motors, Chembur).

I will surely put my detalied review in few weeks with some pics as well.

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Hi Omar,

Congrats on your decision. I am yet to choose between a Baleno and Adventure. The Tata dealer here in Indore doesnt have any fiat vehicles for display or test drive and thats whats delaying my decision.

I hope to take a test drive in Pune or Mumbai..till then probably your pix should do....do post them up on T-Bhp Galleries!!

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Old 1st September 2006, 09:55   #10
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Default nice 1.. Adventure is catching me up


Nice work Omar...
Guess am going thr same phase yours... good u decided advneture.. S.,,its the best looking in that segment...
Will be nice if you could let me know ur experience with new Adventure... am from Pune.. if it is ok with u.. pl pass me ur contact number...
I will be coming back to india by mid sept... planning to buy one then...

The only option in india. are.... Indigo Marina, Baleno atura and yes i had eye on Fusion also... Maruti stopped producing atura.. Fusion...but is too boxy...it got more rugged look then sporty one..
I checked with Fiat guys for Adventure... about using it on CNG/LPG.. i was told that it even Fiat also working on that project... If that is the case then ... Adventure on CNG... gr8 nothing like it...

Keep me posted... have safe smooth drive...

Originally Posted by omar1310

I have booked the Fiat Adventure Formula Red colour car today after much research and deliberation. I am likely to get the delivery by this weekend, as promised by the dealer. let's see, if he keeps upto his promises.

I will post my feedback after few months for the benifit of the forum

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Old 1st September 2006, 12:39   #11
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Default Sure!

Hi! Its been almost a month driving Adventure. My experience is very good! Iam getting a fule mileage close to 8.5-9kmpl (it is improving, as initially I got about 8kmpl) with 95% a/c on in Mumbai monsoon roads. This is likely to imrove after the 1st servicing. The car has been trouble free and the response from the dealer is excellent even post sales. This car is extremely good to drive. All the concerns of FIAT after sales service is gone as I am getting very good response from the Tata-Fiat service centre. I recently bought the extended warranty of the car. I have posted the same in another forum of Team-BHP (dealers forum) which explains the extended warranty terms in absolute detail (as mentioned in the booklet).

Please give me you mail ID, I will e-mail my number to you, else please send me a mail on omar1310@yahoo.com and I will give you my number. Please feel free to call me.

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congrats on your buy omar.a fiat adventure in red looks absolutely stunning and butch.even i have a siena 1.6 elx(now rebranded as petra) and it constantly gives me 9-10kmpl in the city with ac on.
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For all those planning on buying an adventure , I can wholeheartedly recommend it : You can search for my review in this section and I'm pasting from a message I'd sent as a reply to one of our members who's also interested in getting an Adventure :

Anyway.... as for the baleno and the adventure...let's do a short comparo :

Looks : Adventure all the way, The baleno isn't a bad looker but the adventure is in a different leagu altogether. Bull Bars, Hella Lamps, Great Alloys and a a great design under all that ....no questions.

Interiors : The fascia of the adventure looska nd feels cheap . The Baleno's, while being far behind the level set by the NHC is still far more ergonomic and pleasing to look at.

Seats : The fron seats of the baleno are adriver's delight. Snug and tight, you'd never be found hoping you could afford recaros. The adventure's offer more lower back support - healthier in the long run but as you sit on them, the sporty feel is missing.

The back seats in the baleno are comfy - might be a bit too low for some people 50+ - The adventure's seats are good but too upright - Also the headrests are flat and upright - so to sleep at the back I've had to take them off,.

Performance : Nth have grear engines - The baleno's is definitely better - even though both give oodles of torque at low revs, making city driving a delight, the baleno still feels better. Being a lighter car, it is also quicker.

Gearshift - The baleno ha(s)d a lousy gearshift - it was only after my 20k kms service that it's become smoother; before that jerks while shifting were amajor annoyance. The adventure is a smoother car and while not in the league of the OHC, is still quite smooth with a pleasing gearshift.

Suspension - No contest - If the adventure had AWD, it would be the best car in India. Even without it, speedbreakers, potholes, rough terrain, all are dispatched with ease. the baleno still feels like a lighter car and is nowhere near as composed on bad roads. At high speedf, my baleno , even with it's 195/60R14 Michelin MXF Sports feels like it's about to take off and any undulation in the road is enough to give you the butterflies in the stomach effect. The adventure merely rides over anything you throw at it.
It feels like a bigger car than it actually is.

Cost of ownership - neither are cheap cars to own - some of the parts of the adventure might be hard to replace - such as the fogs or the bodykit.

Teh adventure has had a constant problem of power steering fluid leakage which we handle by conmstantly topping it up - It was only now that Fiat diagnosed it and informedf us that it would cost 20k to replace the entire assembly - the only recourse.

The tyres of the adventure are well suited to rough terrain and handle it well - however they had become worn out by 25k Kms (its now at 31k and awaiting new, more road oriented tyres the moment i get back to delhi)

Safety - I can't comment but I would assume that the adventure being a newer design and also looking at the thich a-pillars is a safer car.

Service - Fiat service and sales used t o suck the service has improved. As for Maruti - we go to Motorcraft in Noida - they're perhaps the best regarded of all MUL service centers (service masters) - and we've been going there for oour esteem for the last 10- years...so cant comment on a general basis.

The FE :

Baleno : Highway (sane driving with AC) 18
(stupidly fast with AC) 13
City 9-13 depending on wwhere in the rev range you shift - ~2000 and you'll get 13 ....4000+ and only a 9 or a 10

Adventure : Highway 13-16 (AC)
City 9-10 (AC)

Teh adventure is a miuchy more [ractical car with oodles of luggage space , it looks better, rides better and is ponly pipped by the baleno in the engine department - that too by a minor margin.

However all said, the baleno is my car and th eone I prefer to drive - I guess Im used to my ultra loiw and ultra light esteem ....

One more thing I have to add - don't get the car in the boring Silver - Take a red one or even black.


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Hi Omar1310,
That was a great study. I am looking at a Fiat myself, and while I am not a fan of the SUV look, and have looked at the Petra and the Palio more closely, your study has helped in clearing some niggling doubts at the back of my mind, particularly about Fiat in India. Just yesterday, I test drove the Petra and just loved the feel. Now your report and DRC's comments made separately, have pushed me a little closer to the Petra. Actually, I am now swaying between the Palio 1.6 and the Petra. The Palio was not available for test drive, so I shall wait a while longer and lets see what I end up doing. Thanks for your really helpful inputs though.
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Default It's Different

Currently i am driving my 2002 WagonR.I am pretty satisfied with it as it has good performance & a practical car for Delhi city.But after a few years you start to think about upgrading to a more powerful & a bigger car. So there i was like any other car lover searching for the right choice.Took test drive of umpteen of them but some how the value for money product ( upto 6.5 lac ) was no where in sight until i had the chance to test ride the Fiat Adventure.Believe me at that price this car has the capacity to satisfy even far richer customers.Its a beauty to look & admire ,sheer pleasure to drive & feel safe.If you are very concerned about its FE as compared to the NHC then please compare the 2 km. advantage of FE against outstanding features ,the driveability, safety,comfort over the breakers & pot holes,looks ( Adventure is exclusive as far as road presence on Delhi city roads is concerned,& mind you the no. of cars in the capital city may be more than the other metros combined ). And please do not forget the price difference of 2lacs.(After the discounts) in favour of this Italian beauty.
I shall be buying one during the Navratras.The red one of course.As the other global sports model cars we middle class people can't even dream of of possessing but definitely we can be the proud owners of our own TATA-FIAT Adventure.
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