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Default Re: My Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - A comprehensive review

Hello all!

I've just sold my Thar and I'm contemplating between a 2013/14 Pajero Sport or a 2010-12 Pajero SFX. Key concerns are parts availability, prohibitive maintenance costs etc.

Do let me know if you are aware of any of the above vehicles that might be available for sale!

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Default The lights upgrade: LED, HID, Osram NBU Halogen

Hello all,

Been awhile. I have recently been bitten by the upgrade bug, and am looking to upgrade my Pajero Sport's headlights. Have evaluated both HID and LEDs. Both of them are awesome solutions. I have done a fair bit of research on both, and here are the findings:
  • Human eye is best suited for bright yellow light, which is around 4300K temperature. As you go higher (say 5000K, 5500K, ++), the light gets to white and then towards blue. The best utilization is between 4300-5000K. Beyond this, while the lights look fancy, they are not as useful since a portion of the energy starts getting wasted in blue spectrum which our eyes cannot see.
  • Both LED and HID are available at multiple colour temperatures. HIDs is a slightly older, and established technology. LEDs are still evolving, but they are right now quite stable for headlight usage.

Having researched a lot over the internet, I finally found an Indian supplier who is knowledgeable as well as sells his own branded lights, which have a 1-2 year warranty. I have taken his help and have got two kits for my Pajero Sport low beam (H11 bulb size, to be fitted in the projector lamps):
  1. a 55W 4300K 5000 lumens LED light
  2. a 42W 4500K HID light

I intend to install and compare both these lights, and I will share my findings here for all of us. I currently run 55W Osram NBU (night breaker unlimited) halogen lamps in my projectors. The NBUs are about 40% brighter than the stock halogens that came with my vehicle. Today I replaced the NBUs with LED lights, and here are my findings:
  • The LEDs are easily about 25% brighter than Osram NBU (as visible to the naked eye)
  • The light colour is very similar to the Osram NBUs - close to white, warm yellow.
  • They focus pretty much the same as halogens, with a much fuller light distribution in the beam
  • With these LEDs, the throw of light is very well controlled - there is no leakage at the top and there is no glare for oncoming traffic. This is very important for me as a responsible citizen - I don't want cheap LEDs with scattered beams that blind oncoming traffic.

I have driven out in the night to test the LEDs in a heavy Bangalore rain. I must say they worked very well - no scatter of the light in the rain, and no strain to my eyes while driving as the road was brightly and evenly lit with these lights.

As of now, am very happy with these LEDs. I will be installing the HIDs to check their performance soon. The LEDs have set the bar high already - unless the HIDs really wow me, am sticking with the LEDs. More details, including supplier details, will be published as I continue the experiment.

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Default Re: My Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - A comprehensive review

Originally Posted by SYJ View Post
congrats on your but aroon. looks cool on dual tone

posting a pic of my ride
Hey SYJ, Your ride looks fab, with subtle modifications.
I am too looking for some modifications of my own.
But my options are close to none here in Mumbai.
if you could please point me to some contacts in your part of the country.
I still cannot pm. If possible please contact me at

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Default Re: My Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - A comprehensive review

Hey Anshuman, Can you share the name of the company from where you got the LED lights?
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Default Re: My Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - A comprehensive review

Sorry, been busy with life and other things. So here is an update on my lights: While I was very happy with the 4300K colour temperature LED lights - they lights were creating a slightly uneven pattern when used with my projector headlamps in the Pajero Sport. This is because the LEDs have 4 light spots in each bulb - and hence don't focus very well in a projector setup which expects a single focal point. I then switched over to 4500K color temperature HID bulbs - and lo and behold, it is quite an awesome change.

The 4500K is almost white, a kind of cream white. It does not dazzle oncoming traffic, but is quite bright and the throw in a projector setup is very uniform. The uniformity can be gauged from the fact that when I now switch on the fog lamps, I don't get too much difference anymore - whereas earlier, with halogen or with LED, I used to have an unlit area quite near the bumper of the car which the fog lamps would cover.

I am now sticking with the HID lights. The LEDs will work very well in a normal reflector setup - where the HIDs are a complete waste.

So here is my recommendation for low lamp, projector setup for the Pajero Sport:
1. 4500K HID lamps - because of their ability to utilize the focusing ability of the projector setup
2. 4300K LED lamps
3. Osram Night Breaker Unlimited
4. Stock lamps

I have to put in a word of recommendation for my supplier: Abhishek of TD Autoz. He is a great help with all technical queries, is quite knowledgeable and best of all - will courier you stuff all over India to try out if you want to before making a decision. Although the LED costs are higher than Alibaba made in China stuff, Abhishek's quality of material plus service makes it worth the price.
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Default Re: My Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - A comprehensive review

Anybody has news of , when the new pajero sport is coming to India ? I still have time till diwali can wait .
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Default Re: My Mitsubishi Pajero Sport - A comprehensive review

Originally Posted by n.devdath View Post
I got the cruise control kit from a trusted supplier from Delhi. PM me if you need his contacts and I will pass them on to you. Fitting was a 15 minute job at the ASC.
Hi Dev,

Could you please pass on the details of the parts supplier? Thanks in advance.
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