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Default 2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report

Hi Guys.

It been 2 years since I owned my 2nd car i20 Crdi and now sold for a Verna 1.6 Crdi. I will try to recollect and write as much as possible from the car buying decision till the date I sold it

Few might feel, that my review is a little biased, as I do not have much of complain and if i did have, there are many positives in this car which lets me not care much of the negatives.

Its going to be a long review, so I thought, I add a quickie before I start with


At the end of 2 years/38k kms was I happy - Yes, very much

Is handling/suspension a major problem - No, not at all (Explained in detail later)

Engine performance and reliability - Very good, Car never broke down even once, no spare parts changed

Hyundai After sales service experience - Good (with its own set of minor issues which is common with every other manufacturer)

Average mileage overall - 14 - 15 in City, 19 - 20 on highways.. (I am not a too sedate driver)

Reason for selling - Wanted to upgrade to a Sedan

Do I need a new car? :

My first car was a Petrol Swift Vxi bought in May '11. Back then. I did not have much knowledge of automobiles. what the engine numbers mean, what difference do they make and what things to look for in buying a car. Having said that. Having seen the enormous success of Swift even after years since its launch. I went ahead and booked it. Its a awesome car, but the rising petrol costs were being a big problem for me. Meanwhile. I got my job transfer from Mumbai to Chennai. and I saw this as a chance to convince my parents to get a new car, taking into consideration the re-registration charges and the car transport charges itself coming to around 70k together. I planned to sell it and sold it in April '12.

One thing was sure,My next car has to be a diesel. By now, I had gained some knowledge on cars by reading online forums and reviews. and I had 2 months to research on get a good car now that I know what things needs to be taken into consideration. And my budget was 7 lacs on-road.

Buying decision

First of all i20 was never in my list, mainly because, I always thought it was costly hatchback (I was wrong.. later on this topic).

Cars considered & rejected: (No offense meant to any of the owners owning the below vehicles, its just my personal opinion)

1.) Swift


- Great car to drive in city.
- Proven Fiat 1.3 mjd
- Interiors on the new version were far more pleasing than the older one
- Nice peppy engine


- Already had a swift .. Should I go for another swift (Parent's question)
- Long waiting period of 6+ months

Overall a nice car, within my budget, mid variant was costing around 7 lacs, but the long waiting period put me off.

2.) Figo


- Nice all rounder
- Handling and drive quality is good
- Overall a spacious car with good boot space
- Well under budget, even the top end was well within my budget


- Engine is noisy
- Atleast a 75+ bhp was needed
- Average interior design and quality

Somehow, I did not get that feeling of love at first sight, and the engine noise was upsetting even more.

3.) Polo


- Great build quality
- Superb suspension
- Good handling

- 3 cylinder engine was again noisy
- Interiors were cramped. and was never able to get into a good driving position
- VW ( Human physcology , costly spares and after sales service)

My cousin had a polo, and I borrowed from him for a day and roamed around the city for 100 odd kms.. The car was great to drive, No complains in handling and suspension. No rattling , But. the 3 cyl engine performance was still a drawback. In city drivability was good, but above 110-120.. the engine some how feels like its breathing out.. again, it was very noisy. the foot well was very narrow, the center console, the right side door handle kept hitting my knees and did not feel much comfortable at the end of the day, So this was also rejected.

Punto - First of all I did not like the look of the car, plus the interior design was not too pleasing either. Did not test drive

Liva - Did not like the looks, interior quality was just average and the dash layout and design was not too pleasing either - Did not test drive.

Till this time, when I was left with nothing. I never had i20 in my mind.. Then since the iGen i20 had just released. I thought why not go and test drive it.

The moment I got into car, the feeling that.. this is it. striked me from the heart.. premium looking dash board design, Good spacious cabin, very good space for the foot well. I cranked the engine and oh boy, Is it a diesel (I asked the SA literally) and he was like, yes sir. My entire presumption that diesel engines are noisy was almost negated by this car. I drove for around 30 mins inside the city.. No stress at all. awesome light steering, good space all around. The engine does sound a bit, put a mild song and AC at blower 1, and you wont notice if its a diesel mill running under the hood. No vibrations at all on the pedals ( I felt with all other diesels I test drove). The 90 bhp engine feels so relaxed. at 100 in 6th gear, the RPM hovers around 1900. Overall felt very good.

Now comes.. Does it fit my budget. I asked SA for the price list, and bang man. i20 has a variant with price matching every other variant of Swift/Polo.. Swift LDI - I20 ERA, Swift VDI - I20 magna, Swift Zdi - i20 Sportz (Though with only driver side airbag).. The price difference between variants were just around 20k.. and is very much justified for a bigger space, bigger and refined engine, overall a big hatchback (4m, its the size of swift dzire)

Cons: Well.. At the time I did test drive, I was so impressed by the engine refinement and the spacious cabin. I did not have time to think on what to complain.

Swift/Figo/Polo - I had read lots of reviews over the net and I had quite a bit of info on user experiences, but i20.. I had not read any review. So. I thought. Better read user reviews and see if any one has any major complains about the vehicle. So the research phase started and I read as much ownership reviews as possible over the auto forums.. Every where the main complain was light steering, poor handling, soft suspension. But. Light steering - I felt very comfortable and easy to drive (Not a issue for me), Poor handling - I drove till 100 kmph and I felt the car in good control (Again not a issue for me), Soft suspension - Again in city, soft suspension gives good driving comfort (Not a issue for me). So the mostly talked complains were not much of a bother to me. So after discussing with parents. I decided to book the car.

Buying & Dealership experience

So, In first week of June(Apologies, I could not recollect the exact date) I booked the car at Express Hyundai showroom (Velachery branch), Since it was a new launch waiting period quoted was 2 months which was reasonable compared to 6+ months for swift. To my surprise. I got a call from last week of June that, my car has been allotted and I can get delivery in first week of July. I had taken loan from SBI, and I got the approval and sanctioned loan in couple of days, Once the car arrived, did a thorough PDI (Never knew something like PDI exists and can be done while buying swift).. Once satisfied. Made the balance payment and go ahead for registration.. and I had requested the delivery date for 5th July '12. and the dealer agreed but did not looked too convinced.. Anyway. I reached the showroom at 4 pm on 5th July. and even till 6 pm, I could not see my car anywhere. The dealer said, Saar.. its coming from Sholinganallur yard, Heavy traffic saar.. I did not create any fuss, as I did not wanted to spoil the ambience and my mood. The car finally came at around 6:30 pm. Did the dealer side pooja and took a snap. Checked the vehicle again. Could not check thoroughly as it was very dark.. I had no option , By the time I took the car out, it was around 7 pm. Straight away went to temple and did a proper pooja and drove back home.
Overall happy with the buying and dealership experience, except for the delay on the delivery day (It happens, everything doesn't always happen your way )

Few pics taken on the day after delivery

2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report-20120706_081006.jpg
2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report-20120706_081109.jpg

Little advice from my side for those availing loans:

Its always best to get loans from Public sector banks over Private sector banks.

The private sector banks may lure you with lower interest rates, e-approval, spot approval and what not .. Guys please, these are not that important. The most important thing is whether the bank allows pre-payment/part payment. If it does allow then after how many months/years. How many times can part payment be done and in what amounts. What are the penalties of doing pre-payment/part payment. These things are very important. Most of the private sector banks have lots of restrictions and penalties for pre-payment/part payment and the penalties are pretty huge. Do ask the bank rep about these things and then decide. The private sector banks do have one advantage of doing less paper work but at what cost?

In public sector banks, I agree. lot of paper work is required, but every document which they ask can be provided and they do have alternatives, its just that it takes time (not more than 2 days) and we have to do some extra additional work from our side. Once done, we have complete peace of mind and flexibility, For example, SBI, has a flat processing fee of 500 rs, whereas private sector banks charge atleast 1% of the principal amount(Which itself comes to 5k for a loan of 5 lacs) , Pre-payment can be done anytime even the very next month of availing the loan, part payment can be done as many times as you want with 0 penalty.

So, Please take care of above mentioned things before availing loan.

Initial days with my car

Well. It has been a wonderful experience with the car from Day 1. I had heard lots of on initial run-in stuffs and what to do & what not to. Though, I also read that the engines are pre-run and no run-in is required as such, but you know. Human psychology doesn't accept it and I did follow the run-in period religiously. No rapid accelerations. strictly maintaining the speed to below 80-90 kmph , shifting below 2000 rpm and all those regular stuffs. The car was awesome to drive and I used to wait for every day to start so I can drive it to & fro to my work. Now comes the first tank full FE experience. It gave an insane 11 kmpl. I was like totally lost. I have heard diesel vehicles give around 14-15 in city and 11 kmpl was really hurting me. I thought it will improve in next tank full. Post next tankful still it gave around 11 kmpl and same happened for the 3rd tankful as well. All this time I had been filling diesel at a BP bunk nearby my place. Its one of the most crowded petrol bunks and I could not complain on the fuel quality either. Anyways.. 1500 odd kms done and was due for 1st service. It was a normal check up and top up and the usual SA gimmicks. Saar. put Teflon coating.. engine coating , under body anti rust coating and what not. Moreover they threaten saying that.. these are needed for good life for your car etc. I said. I don't need it, thanks for your concern for my car. I complained about low FE and there came their usual answer, 'it depends on your driving style', no point arguing with them and took my car. Now. I filled up diesel in a Indian oil bunk, and my FE improved immediately to 15 kmpl. Two things changed, 1 - The bunk, 2 - I used to place my left leg on the clutch all the time, I started using dead pedal . Am not sure, if it was the switching the bunk or changing my foot placement which improved the FE. Neither did I think of doing any research on it and stuck to the same petrol bunk for quite sometime.

Fuel economy

All the 38000 kms. The car had been giving a average in-city mileage of 15 kmpl with AC on all time. The traffic in my daily route is not bumper to bumper but slow moving, where one can do 30-40 kmph. The worst city mileage apart from the 11 kmpl was 12.5 kmpl and the best was 18.5 kmpl (It was some extreme miserly light footer driving ). Never repeated it again.
On the highways, I always managed to get around 19 kmpl with AC on all time doing speeds between 100-120 kmph.


I would call it, the best in the hatchback segment. The 1.4 CRDi mill under the hood is super refined , I thought it might be because the engine is new and the true nature of diesel clatter will come over some time. But I was wrong, the car's engine sounded the same way even after 38k kms. Little things which I used to do to maintain the car's engine. Daily idling for 30 secs before start and 30 secs before shutdown. Even if I do rapid acceleration at times, I never let the rpm move above 2500 rpm, always press the clutch fully while shifting gears, No letting the engine lug or jerk just so that I am lazy to shift gears, I used to shift gears without any hesitation whenever needed be it frequent as well. Enough said, the 1.4 CRDi itself is a very relaxed engine and even at higher speeds the engine is not stressed one bit. At 120 kmph, the RPM is just around 2300 rpm, and the engine is more than happy for higher revv input. The car does have turbo lag uptil around 1700 rpm, post that, things get better, you wont get push in the back effect, but one can feel the turbo spooling and the car pulling cleanly, at 2000 rpm, press the acc and you will know what the 90ps engine is capable of, Cant be explained in words, one has to feel it. Enough said, i20's or in fact Hyundai's diesel mills are one of the best when it comes to engine refinement, Power & efficiency, the most balanced engine in all terms.


This has been the most debatable topic for i20. Let me tell you. No car is perfect and every car has its own pros & cons, But I feel, i20's or in fact hyundai's handling has been over hyped and overly discriminated by many, It is not a bad handler at all, One needs to learn how to drive this car, need to build a chemistry between you and the car, learn what the car is capable of and learn what its limits are, once you know this, then it will be in full control. Its just our mindset which matters. Initially, I used to try at speeds of 100, then 110, then 120 and so on to learn how the car handles at every speed and adjust to my steering inputs and braking, One thing, we need to be careful on going at high speeds on uneven roads, the car wobbles and you feel like loosing control, just slow down, not too much just slow down to 80-90. (All this I could try during my long trips to & fro Chennai - Mumbai).

Light steering: Honestly I never had a single problem with the steering. I had read enough reviews where people had commented, zero feedback, no connection with the road and what not, Even after driving for so long, i still could not understand what zero feedback & no connection means or may be I learned driving with this light steering is what makes me feel so comfortable or I have not driven a car with better steering, But I really loved the light steering, It can be operated by a single finger (Its true, I am not exaggerating here). Its a boon in city where most of us use the car for. I had read few comments like the steering is so light that, after a turn it moves back to the other side. I have never felt this and I feel one has to have control of the steering wheel even if it has the mechanism to straighten itself following a turn.

Suspension: Yes, the suspension is very soft, it does provide great comfort for slow driving in the city. But it does feels bouncy going at higher speeds on highways, but , how often do we do highway trips, considering that most of the time is spent in city and soft suspension provides awesome comfort, one need not be worried about the bouncy suspension which one has to worry about of a once in a blue moon highway trips. The soft suspension does have its problems in city as well. thud thud sound while crossing speed breakers, I too felt it, but only couple of times, slow down as much as possible and then cross the speed breaker, no more thud thud. these are little things which one has to adjust or get used to in i20.

Service history:

I had done done 3 free services and 2 paid services. No parts were replaced or gone kaput or needed replacement (Except one which had to replaced following a minor accident - more on this later) . Service cost. My apologies, I do not have the exact amount but approximately it was 5k per free service and 6k per paid service. The SA will tell you to get Teflon coating, engine coating, under body anti rust coating etc. all this is just to inflate your service bill and do not provide any potential advantage at least if done at service centers, If you indeed not to do these, get it done outside at reputed centers. I have never done such things in my car.

Minor accidents

1.) While taking a U turn missed to notice a Tata ace coming too fast, my bad judgement, even if that fellow braked hard, but still its rear protruding carriage hit my left fender and my front bumper clips broke - Did not replace, let it be and waited till the bumper gets another big hitting.

2.) On my way back from Mumbai, on the toll boot, I was waiting behind a truck, As I was taking a look at map. I did not realize my leg slipped the clutch and the car moved and bang. Bumper hit the guard rod of the truck and had a big horizontal dent and the Hyundai logo fell off. Cant blame anyone but me . Things got worse once I realized, the back of the bumper had the roots trumpet horn and that had hit the AC condensor and the gas leaked, all the way for 900 kms drove without AC.

Insurance claims & repairs and its own set of issues:

Thanks to 0 dep insurance, Everything changed at Insurance company's cost (Tata AIG), The left fender I got it repaired from my pocket.

What was changed

- AC condenser
- Gas refill
- Front bumper
- Left head light (As the clamp had broken)
- Left fender (Dent removed & repainted)

Now since the time AC condenser got changed, I could not feel that cooling which I had earlier, Every time I used to visit the service center, all they used to do is clean the filer, spray water on the condenser and convince me that all is fine now, One fine day, I lost my patience and I felt like a dumb driving with AC on all time wasting fuel without having any good value for the fuel lost. I made a point to get it rectified for once and forever. Went to the service center. they did the same old filter cleaning and condenser cleaning and tried convincing me. I was in no mood to listen to them. They told me to put Front windshield sun film and were quoting a price of 6k and providing me discount as if I am going to put it right away. I said, see, I have been driving my car for the last 1.5 yrs and I never had any problem with the AC, all problems started only since you guys changed the condenser. I called a random service assistant and asked him if they have a temperature gauge (I knew if I ask them fellow handling my case, he would not tell if the gauge exists) , that innocent fellow said, its there, Asked him what should be the ideal temperature out of the blower and he said 9-10 degs. I asked my SA to get that and check in my car. Even after 30 mins of driving with it , the temperature did not go below 19 deg. The the SA took the car to the service bay, refilled the gas and then went for a drive and within 15 mins, the temperature dropped to 10 deg. I gave some very harsh feedback, God knows if it went to the right hands for review.

This was the only major glitch I had with my car.

Little milestones

Couple of to & fro trips from Chennai to mumbai and back.

Once in Dec '12

Onward journey - 22 hrs
Return Journey - 23 hrs

Dec '13

Onward journey - 20 hrs
Return Journey - 17 hrs (I was crazy)

Apart from these, small trips to & fro to Madurai, vellore, thiruchender.

Overall Highway mileage during all the trips were around 18-19 kmpl.

Accessories fitted

Simple USB only, Pioneer HU
Rear Boston 6x9 ovals
Stock front speakers
Under dash blue LED lighting
Front & Rear bumper under body LED lighting

Few pics of the same:

2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report-20130820_022333_hdr.jpg

2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report-20130820_022304_hdr.jpg

Reason I sold:

Well the car was not sold for any sort of complain with the car, I just speculated buying a sedan in next couple of years, but I thought, A younger car will give me good resale value and more over the launch of the new i20 would further depreciate the value of my car , keeping all this in mind with some quick profit/loss calculation decided to sell if only if I get a good deal, Got a deal of 5.2 lacs at V3 hyundai, Chennai and got 60k discount on my new Verna 1.6 Crdi SX. So all in all looked a good deal. So went ahead and sold it and got another Hyundai sibling home (Ownership report coming soon.)

Few pics taken a week before I sold:

2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report-20140620_130506.jpg

2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report-20140620_130514.jpg

Hope the car looks as good as it was when it got delivered to me 2 years back

One interesting fact is, I bought the car on 5th July 2012 & sold it on 4th July 2014, 1 day sigh of exact 2 years.

All who own the car and who wish to buy this car, feel free to ask any questions and I will be more than happy to answer to the best of my knowledge and experience with the car.

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Default re: 2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report

Thread moved from the Assembly Line (The "Assembly Line" Forum section) to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Smile Re: 2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report

Hi I too own a Hyundai I20 Oct 2011 model with 5 speed Diesel , now under doing a major suspension overhaul , including front suspension tightening brand new heavy duty springs on all 4 sides and heavy duty rear shock absorbers replacement by this week end , I will post my driving experience once done and have increased the height by 1 inch all over and going along with brand new Neo 15" alloys and Yokohama Earth 1 series of 195x65xR15 profile tyres.
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Default Re: 2012 Hyundai iGen i20 CRDi : 38,000 Kms Ownership Report

Originally Posted by kkat View Post
Hi I too own a Hyundai I20 Oct 2011 model with 5 speed Diesel , now under doing a major suspension overhaul , including front suspension tightening brand new heavy duty springs on all 4 sides and heavy duty rear shock absorbers replacement by this week end , I will post my driving experience once done and have increased the height by 1 inch all over and going along with brand new Neo 15" alloys and Yokohama Earth 1 series of 195x65xR15 profile tyres.
I have a 2011 model i20 as well, and now after 76k with it, I do feel that the suspension needs an overhaul. Can you share more about what you had done with yours, the cost, and how significant was the improvement there-after.

I am feeling that my front side bars are gone, my steering column is pretty wobbly and my rear wheel hubs are almost gone as well. My shocks look in good shape though !

Thanks !
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