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Thanks for your wishes nischal316.

I cannot comment on the change in sound quality as the system was swapped prior to delivery. I have not experienced the sound with the stock system. Others in this forum have commented on a change in quality for the better. But if I remember right, some of those were on higher VWs like the Passat. So that may not be valid here.

But suffice to say, it sounds good even with stock speakers and hence I have retained those. Most people will be more than happy with the set up.
I personally like my music a bit bassy and not flat. This required a bit of tweaking of the equalizer and I was ok.
As I don't drive this car much (wifey doesn't allow me you see), I left it at that. But if you are an audiophile, you will have to change the speakers as they only give reasonably good midrange and high frequencies. For bass, you have to crank up the volume.

I intend to change the speakers after the stock ones go bust. Till then I can live with it.

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Default Re: VW Polo GT TSI: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Wife's Car by day, Hot Hatch by night

Your ECU's AI brain must be having a tough time trying to 'learn' your respective driving styles :-) Just as it has adjusted to your wife's driving, in comes you and the 'hot hatch' style!

Seriously, are these different styles an issue with these intelligent ECUs?
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Default Re: VW Polo GT TSI: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Wife's Car by day, Hot Hatch by night

Originally Posted by itwasntme View Post
Your ECU's AI brain must be having a tough time trying to 'learn' your respective driving styles :-) Just as it has adjusted to your wife's driving, in comes you and the 'hot hatch' style!

Seriously, are these different styles an issue with these intelligent ECUs?
True, it must be really confused by now.
This is said to be a learning gearbox. I guess it must have decided these guys don't how to teach and it must have stopped learning

On a serious note, fortunately, I have not found any glitches so far. Its' as smooth as it was last year.
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Default Re: VW Polo GT TSI: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Wife's Car by day, Hot Hatch by night


Mileage run : Nearing 14000km
Average mileage - 14kmpl, max mileage (achieved by a hired driver!)- 17kmpl
In city we just get 12kmpl. I don't get to drive this car often though.
Whenever I get my hands on it, I tend to drive a bit (how do I put it?) enthusiastically. So I am responsible for the lower average mileage.


As my wife's confidence grew, she started taking the car through tight pocket roads (which even I avoid if I can) to beat traffic. (I can see her glaring from behind me in the reflection on the monitor as I type this )
Results were multiple small scratches over both bumpers and both rear doors. A visit to 3M (who I am on contract with) and even some efforts from my side smoothed most scratches.

By September my driver resigned. We decided to not hire a driver. I started cleaning both cars myself, no doubt inspired by this incredible thread below.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...ing-guide.html (A superb Car cleaning, polishing & detailing guide)

The good thing about this was I incorporated 'cleaning the cars' into my daily (or alternate day) exercise routine. You get a certain piece of mind while you're at it. Of course, I had to contend with queries of " What happened to your driver? " and " Why don't you pay that Nepali guy to do this? ", for a few weeks. But later, occasionally, I started having some company. When you're cleaning cars you also tend to 'talk cars' with your neighbours.

The bad thing about this is that now you know every nick and scratch on the car. And you see it on a daily basis. And if you are obsessed on keeping it neat, it becomes an expensive affair.

The scratches on the left rear door and rear wheel arches on the Polo started being unbearable and I had it repainted last month. Cost roughly Rs.9000/-.
Even I got rear ended by a biker while braking hard to avoid a bus which cut in front of me.

And more for good measure. This month, while taking a tight turn on a pocket road (she drives through there routinely), my wife misjudged an electricity pole. She realized this when she heard an eerie crunch from the right rear side of the car. Thankfully, the Pole was intact, but Polo was in tatters !

VW Polo GT TSI: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Wife's Car by day, Hot Hatch by night-door-dent.jpg

The result was tears inducing. No, I am not talking about my wife!

VW Polo GT TSI: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Wife's Car by day, Hot Hatch by night-door-replaced.jpg

Anyway, as solace, it came back shining with another layer of coating over the 3M.
It was impossible to putty this and the entire door had to be replaced. Cost came to around Rs.25000/- (13k for the door and its insulation + fittings and 9k for the painting + taxes and such).

I know all this sounds painful, but I am posting this for the benefit of prospective owners to get an idea of cost of ownership.

I finally broke my 14 year 'no claim bonus'(NCB) on insurance for this. I will most probably pay 4k more for insurance next year. I payed Rs.8800/- for renewal this year after NCB.

While waiting for the insurance clearance, the service indicator also popped up.

Service at 13400km and one year included:
  1. Engine oil change - Castrol Magnatec 5W40 Rs.3200
  2. AC FTLTER Rs.585
  3. Air Filter Rs. 340
  4. OIL FTLTER Rs. 585

All this and the routine service with Premium Wash came to around Rs. 10,000/- incl. taxes.

Servicing this time also included software upgrade for the gearbox. This alone took half a day due to apparently slow internet connection.

By now we were a familiar couple at the EVM Volkswagen Service Center and knew the staff on a first name basis.
Fortunately, the service experience was good and delivery was on time as promised.
You also get to ogle at the Porsches coming for service next door.


The only glitch was the battery. After the last service in February, the battery died down a few days later and was replaced under warranty. This was attributed to the driver switching on[ AC for long time at idle and turning the stereo on for long time. This was of course denied by him.

It happened again this time, just two days after servicing. It has also been three months since our driver resigned.
This time my wife and son were alone and she had to call the helpline as I was engaged in the hospital. They took a good hour and a half to arrive as only one guy was available for breakdown services. To give credit to the guy, Kochi traffic is bad at places. He also deviated from a prior commitment because my wife was alone with her kid. This was fortunately at daytime.

On inspection, they found fault possibly in AC, music system or interior lights from prolonged usage.
There was no apparent leakage anywhere and all circuits, including the stereo and sensor mods were fine.
As the previous battery was replaced once in warranty, I had to pay for this one.

The battery used by Volkswagen in Polos are Exide, which are reasonably good I suppose.
I had a good experience with Amaron batteries in the past in my erstwhile Alto VX. Various extra 'fittings' and prolonged usage of the stereo ensured I needed to jump start, or half - clutch start, on multiple occasions in that car. Changing over to Amaron somehow solved that.
I requested the service guys to use Amaron instead but they were not authorized to do that. So I purchased one myself and had it fitted at the service center. Cost for the battery - Rs. 4700/-. I hope I won't have to update about this any soon.


The Gearbox software update seems to have solved the D3-D2 downshift jerk. Both Wifey and I consciously tested it for such jerks and its been two weeks now. She also feels the gearbox has become a bit more smoother. This might be perceptive.

Overall an eventful one year. But fortunately, the problems that we encountered were mostly of our doing. The car, per se, gave almost no problems. Save for the battery episodes. So thus far we have come through the trials and tribulations with flying colours I guess. We seem to have tested the Polo's robust build quality!


The Philadelphia Head Unit is functioning reasonably well without significant glitches.

Although it is mentioned in the user manual that cards and USB sticks upto 32 GB are supported, it takes ages for cards and sticks of that size to load.

It is also restricted to recognizing only two folder levels. You cannot drag and drop half your music library into the card and expect it to play flawlessly. If the songs are contained in a subfolder within another subfolder (like most I tunes downloads), it just will not show. It will display as an empty folder.
I figured this out the hard way. The work around to this is to put songs only into single folder albums and avoid subfolders.

But there is a restriction to this too. You can have only a maximum of 1500 entries including folders and files. Essentially that's more than you'll need for any trip. Just think about it, you have roughly 125 hours of continuous music even if you don't repeat a single track.
However, the prospect of carrying your entire music library on a single media device is lost.

How times change us! Years ago, I was thrilled when the Kenwood cassette player in my car had auto seek and auto skip of blank spaces between tracks with Dolby Noise cancellation technology if required. It also felt incredible that a 6 CD changer could randomly skip all CDs and tracks. And some of them display track names too! Wow!

Skip to 2015, I am dissapointed that now I have a 32GB SD card with regional music and 32 GB USB stick with western music lying half empty as they are near the maximum file limit.

Integration with the 16 GB Ipod Nano is excellent and somehow the music also sounds better. This system loves the Ipod more.

I am unable to update the IGO Primo Maps as updation is not possible in this system. VW guys told me my maps were already updated, no need to update. On contacting the Maps Vendor (and sending them a copy of the card's essential contents) I was told my card is either corrupted or I am a victim of piracy! Since I don't rely on it, I just let it go. I occasionally switch Navigation on to make sure the GPS is still functioning. IGO Maps is reasonably informative, but not detailed.
A work around to this would be to download MapMyIndia which this system is compatible with. But I prefer Google Maps which I use on the mobile.


Although the headings above might misleadingly indicate otherwise, we are quite satisfied with the car at one year of ownership.
I think the service costs mentioned above are not much higher than other cars in this class.

If it were not for her occasional physical intimacy with her surrounding environment, I think the Polo GT has given us a Happy One Year.
After all, at least till recently (when that snotty Punto Abarth came to town strutting her stuff), she is still known as a 'Hot' Hatch !

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Default Re: VW Polo GT TSI: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Wife's Car by day, Hot Hatch by night


Odometer: Nearing 25000
Mileage : 12 - 14kmpl

VW Polo GT TSI: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Wife's Car by day, Hot Hatch by night-alignment-center.jpg

Sparkling with rain drops at a wheel alignment center nearby

Compared to some of the other stellar GT threads, this is going to be a rather (fortunately) boring update.

My better half has by now become more attuned to driving the GT and has considerably improved in her driving skills. She only needs to set the speed warning at 80kmph and she's ready to go. My son did mention that he regularly hears the 'ding....ding' of the speed alarm.
I only get to drive her in the mornings to drop my son at school (an excuse I made to drive the car) and on weekends.

So unlike the previous year, there required no major repairs for the vehicle except for a broken ORVM cover which cost only around Rs.350. I was tempted to upgrade to the new ORVMs earlier, but held back after this incident. The auto-folding mirrors, although convenient, will be expensive to replace.

As is evident in the picture above, the paint seems to be ageing well and still has its dual character in natural and artificial lights. Small scratches acquired over the months are not visible unless up close.

The only issue we had was with some water logging inside the left rear brakelight 2 months ago.

VW Polo GT TSI: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Wife's Car by day, Hot Hatch by night-water-collection.jpg

We were told that this has been noticed recently in some Polos. The brake light assembly was replaced free of cost. We have had no such issues since.

The battery drainage issues we had last year have not cropped up after changing to the Amaron batteries. Whether it is due to the battery, or our usage pattern, I don't know.

There have been no gearbox issues so far. The previous juddering during the D3-D2 downshift has not resurfaced after last year's software update.

There have been no mods done on the GT and I am not planning anything as yet. Certainly there will be no performance upgrades as I want this to remain the safe car that it is.

The only thing if ever I would upgrade in the near future is the HU. The Blaupunkt Philadelphia 835, although a great unit, is very slow by today's standards. As I keep cramming mp3s into the SD card and USB drives, it gets slow loading up. It sometimes even hangs, which requires me to disconnect and reconnect the pendrive. My wife very rarely uses media other than radio and bluetooth. These perform wonderfully, so she has no issues.
She has also gotten used to the OPS display while parking. Even I find this indispensable now. So any new system will need to be compatible with that.

A headlight upgrade was thought of. But since we don't do much out-of-city drives, the present set up was found adequate in most situations. For unlit roads, high beam is adequate for modest speeds. I was also worried about the battery drain any new HID set up would create. But this would definitely be the next upgrade that I would consider.

She was serviced this month.

Service charges ~ Rs.3200
Engine oil ~ Rs.3600 (Castrol Magnatec Professional OE5)
Oil filter, Air filter, Dust and Pollen filter and wiper blade changes ~ Rs.2500
Interior 3M Germkleen done on request ~ Rs. 3000.
Sums up to approximately Rs. 12,500.

So it was a rather pleasing year with the GT and we had many good moments with her. We cant help imagine how things would have been, had we bought any other car.

Most importantly, my wife keeps thanking me for this wonderful gift I had given her. Many of her colleagues and relatives who travel with her keep complementing her on her driving skills and how smooth she drives. She of course, hugs the car when she reaches home and tells her, " Those complements are for you dear ! ".
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