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Old 22nd July 2015, 19:06   #1081
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Official Press Release answers a critical piece of information - the unladen Ground Clearance is 190 mm.

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by i74js View Post
Delhi Pricing

- Zero negotiations on essential kit and insurance (take it or leave it)
- 1 month waiting

Checked outside for open insurance, the quote is at 48% of the price quoted by Hyundai dealer (one can assume 50% difference)
Insurance rate is day light robbery. I see that it is high for older cars like Elantra as well.

Any idea if the dealer allows insurance from outside for other cars, which are not in demand? Hope common sense prevails once the euphoria dies.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

The Official release in post # 108, says 17 inch wheels. The hyundaicreta.com web site says Tires 205/65 R16. Also I saw a review video on youtube, where this reviewer mentioned korean version supports 1.6L and 2.0L engine. Why is it so expensive to deploy 2.0L engine for an almost 14 lakh car?
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Default Hyundai Creta : Official Preview

Just saw a post in our Accidents in India thread. A white Creta has already had an accident. A day after launch. Frustrati.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=109249 (Pics: Accidents in India)

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by RavenAvi View Post

With the "shocker" of the Creta pricing announcement + a full night's rest later, I have decided to go ahead with my purchase - the Creta SX+ Petrol.
Good choice and reasoning @RavenAvi. Creta looks good and definitely has that premium feel so even if you feel you are paying a premium, I think over the long term it will be worth it.

Also, in the visible future I don't see any other product offering in this segment. Maruti will be offering a compact SUV which is a segment lower and Honda even if they decide to offer Brio based BRV, it could be at least a year or two away. Moreover, it will come a premium over Creta without all the goodies
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Just spoke to Lakshmi Hyundai and AT OTR price is working out to 16.2L -- high according to me. Also AT production has not yet started. Most probably will happen in Oct.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by @KP View Post
Also AT production has not yet started. Most probably will happen in Oct.
Are you sure on that? I saw an AT ready for a customer today and 6 AT's on the way (saw the list). Correct me if am wrong.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta crashes. Seems like a heavy impact.

Preview: Hyundai Creta-1.jpg
Preview: Hyundai Creta-2.jpg

As seen in the images, the SUV has suffered a frontal impact which has damaged the vehicle’s driver side headlight, front grille, front bumper, wheel arches and bonnet remarkably. The force of the impact also damaged the windshield. There are no further details about the whereabouts or the cause of the accident
Source: Motoroids

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by adu View Post
I have to agree with Acharya on this point. My earlier car prior to the XUV was a Chevy Optra Magnum TCDI (a fantastic muscle car which I parted ways with a heavy heart) and I find the XUV more maneuverable and easier to drive in the streets of Bangalore. I guess the higher seating position is an advantage and I have no complaints about driving around my XUV in Bangalore. As Acharya mentioned, it is nice to see other vehicles giving you way once they see what is behind or next to them .
Yep I have always been able to navigate through traffic much better in larger vehicle like the Safari & Aria vs the sedans like Cielo & Laura. The EcoSport is somewhat an in between experience in terms of navigating through traffic. Safari was actually the easiest followed by the Aria. Laura was actually scary to drive in traffic with side view mirrors costing about 20K each.

Originally Posted by kumar2007 View Post
Yes it does but having said that Europe is full of cars with CC and MT. I have driven both quite a bit, AT as well as MT with CC.

I often hit 120 or 130, and just leave it on cruise control in the top gear. Sometimes you can drive a couple of hundred kms without changing a gear, but most of the time, at least 50-100.

Any CC is pretty useless in India, at least in the way it is used abroad.
Originally Posted by predatorwheelz View Post
Difficult to answer, since I haven't driven a vehicle equipped with both AT and CC. However, CC deactivates when you press either the brake or clutch. Upon seeing the incline, one would naturally press the brakes, and CC would be deactivated.
Originally Posted by BNM View Post
Another noob question. Dosen't having CC on the AT make more sense than the MT. For example if you have switched on the CC at 60 KMPH and then you encounter a steep incline, wouldn't you have to change the gear in the MT while the AT does it automatically and control the acceleration and gear change even after you pass the incline ?
Cruise control should have been provided. Period. I miss it on the EcoSport AT. I loved it on the Aria though MT and also on the Laura AT. In both cases I used the CC extensively in all kind of traffic. In the Aria I would sometimes go for peaceful night drives in third gear and drive in cc at speeds of 40kmph in the Laura would drive on the expressway at 100 with CC on. I would even use them in the Mumbai eastern & western expressways, On the eastern freeway, on Ghodbunder Road and on Palm Beach Road. It is very useful even in India on both AT & MT.

Originally Posted by vivekh15 View Post
Took a test drive of the SX+ Petrol and the SX(O) diesel today. Some inputs:

3) The SX(O) interiors really feel plush and premium because of the leather trims. The SX+ not so much. While you can get a leather kit for the seats aftermarket, I dont think you can suit up the doors very easily. The SX+ doesn't feel as premium as its been made out to be.
Thank you for the detailed feedback.

You would get much better quality Genuine Leather for the Creta for about 50-60K including on Doors vs the pseudo leather in the SX(O). SX(+) can get better quality leather treatment whenever the buyer wants it. One should be able to get similar quality as original Stitched Pseudo leather / leatherite for about 25- 30K.

I did it in the EcoSport where the AT again didn't have leather. The Leather work done is much better than the original leather that is provided in the top spec Diesel but not in the AT a bit like in the case of the Creta. But in the EcoSport they did not skimp on the safety elements and do provide the 6 Airbags that the top variant has also some elements like TC & ESP which even the MT top variant does not have hence the AT buyers did not feel short charged though they missed out on leather and start stop button.

Somehow if one is buying the AT creta one is actually paying about 3.75-4L more for an Extra Seat vs the EcoSport that one will rarely use, while getting a lower level safety pack making it an effective 5L value difference for essentially Diesel and Arguably better but definitely fresher looks. Naah..

Was pushing two of my friends to prebook for Diesel AT but they were too lazy to actually do it thankfully or I would not have heard the end of it.

They are now waiting for the S-Cross to decide. They may still go for the Creta if the S-Cross is also priced in the duster or higher range.

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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by @KP View Post
Also AT production has not yet started. Most probably will happen in Oct.
Absolutely wrong and baseless information by the dealership.

The production of the diesel AT has already commenced from mid-July onwards. First full batches of the ATs will start reaching dealerships by August first week. Tell this to your dealer and tell him to stop his fooling tactics.


Originally Posted by damager21 View Post
Hyundai Creta crashes. Seems like a heavy impact.
Judging by the fact that the driver-side ORVM sees no damage at all, I am guessing a rashness in judgement by the driver while speeding. Most probably another vehicle in close proximity, most possibly a biker (judging from the windshield impact).

Sad to see a brand-new car in such condition. Idiots behind the wheel will always be careless, no matter what.

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Just saw one in flesh in Jaipur and boy it looks good and worth all the moolah. You get a baby Santa Fe in half the price! What else do you want?
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by PatienceWins View Post
Insurance rate is day light robbery. I see that it is high for older cars like Elantra as well.

Any idea if the dealer allows insurance from outside for other cars, which are not in demand? Hope common sense prevails once the euphoria dies.
Dealer has absolutely no role in insurance. If the dealer is troubling you by not agreeing to sell or deliver if insurance is not taken from them, then take it in writing and we can send it to the regulator and they can stop this sick practice for good. It's nowhere in the law that they can force a customer to take ONLY from them.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by ACM View Post
They are now waiting for the S-Cross to decide. They may still go for the Creta if the S-Cross is also priced in the duster or higher range.
Got a call from the NEXA guys in Hyderabad and the prices are tentatively in the range of ₹8-14 lakhs. I was surprised as I expected them to undercut Creta by a lakh. Let's hope these are not final.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

Hyundai India tweeted this shortly after announcing the prices yesterday.

Name:  price twi.jpg
Views: 54185
Size:  36.3 KB

I know there are already several posts since yesterday about the pricing but most of us agree that they have succeeded in getting 'unbelievable/shocking' prices. Especially for KA, OTR of SX(O) is 17L. Perhaps another way of looking at it is that everyone had different expectations with numerous so called price leaks and the fact that they are competing with Dustur/Terrano made us believe that it would be in 8-12L category. Personally for me, it's 2 disappoints within few days, Jazz(I was looking for replacing my 6yr Swift for a Jazz AT) and now Creta.
I was eagerly waiting for this launch as we in the family are looking for a SUV for around 14-15L. How much ever my heart wants to buy it, with this insane OTR prices I am having hard time convincing my mind, not to forget my parents and wifey. Anyways, planning to take a TD this week and will decide in next few weeks whether to wait till next year or buy one now. I am sucker for top end verients where you get all safety kits with more gizmos. That's why it was terribly disappointing that there was no top end Jazz AT and now Creta

Originally Posted by BNM View Post
Small TD - AT
Anyway I was superbly impressed with the AT and the 1.6 combination. I am going ahead with my Red AT. Main reason is the AT only and nothing else.
This is really good to know as my priority is AT. But again in B'lore I would end up paying same 17L OTR though AT is not a top end, how crual Hyundai Creta would check all the boxes for me except one, cruise control. I really find this extremely useful, lot of members may disagree here but when so many other gizmos and features are given why miss on this one. How much you have saved here Hyundai? extremely frustrating. I would easily live without fancy feature like electrically folding mirrors then cruise control. I know there is nothing called perfect car, you can't possibly have everything but remember the price you are demanding.

On another note, does anyone know how much Hyundai charging for +2 years of extended warranty? I don't see that on most of the price list posted since yesterday.
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Default re: Preview: Hyundai Creta

A Duster and Ecosport owner went and checked out the Creta together today. Fellow mod Ampere who has a Duster and myself went to nearest dealership to have a dekho at the Creta. Both of us came away impressed and got back into our cars realising the game has moved on.

There was a huge rush at the showroom on a wednesday at 5PM! We were asked to wait for a 5 minutes test drive for half hour minimum for diesel. There was a queue for TD's! Surprisingly the petrol was idle and available immediately.

Here's our observations of the Creta after spending more than half an hour in the showroom:

- It didn't look as big as we thought. Size is slightly smaller to Duster but the sharp lines hide it even further. On the road it didn't really look imposing.
- If you view the car from the side or look at the rear quarter from the front it sort of looks odd.
- As mentioned before, the white looks much better. The grey and darker colours hides the sharp lines and the black cladding which makes it even less imposing.
- Overall it looks very modern and don't think anyone can say it's quirky or odd like the Ecosport. It's stylish and contemporary like most Hyundai's.
- There's a plastic sump guard which covers the under body reasonably well.
- The 17" alloys look much better than the smaller 16" ones. 17" ones had Bridgestone rubber whereas the 16" was with Goodyear.
- Sheet metal overall felt decent. Not as solid as Ecosport but not as tinny as Duster. Much better than City but not upto the Ford, VW solid feel.
- The window line is quite high.
- Even the diesel did not have any insulation under the hood.

Interiors Front:
- This is the biggest USP. The interior quality is simply unmatched. Carrying over from the Elite i20, everything feels premium. Doors feel heavy and close with a solid feel. All 4 door entry points gets scuff plates. Even the SX had this not just the SX (O). This is missing in the Altis now!!
- Art Leather on top end felt really nice.
- Front seats are far more comfortable than the Ecosport. Better underthigh support and can fit larger frames. There's good range for the seat height adjust upwards but I would have preferred one more notch lower than the lowest setting. No lumbar adjust!
- Surprisingly no telescopic steering? Only tilt adjust. Was a bummer. Steering in top spec with leather felt really nice.
- Gear shift in SX was quite plain whereas SX(O) had nice leather, silver chrome combo.
- Overall dashboard has hard plastics. No soft touch anywhere but you can be fooled to thinking it is. It did not feel like cheap hard plastics like Duster and to an extent Ecosport.
- Door pads were not very deep but lots of storage space apart from bottle holder.
- There was door beading 2 layers plus a rubber beading on the frame. No cost cutting evident easily.
- The top end SX(O) has nice leather padding on the doors where you rest your arms. All variants below get absolutely no padding just hard plastic for your elbows.
- Sat-nav screen looked really good. quite big and doubles as reverse screen which is very handy.
- Overall visibility is not as good as Duster as per Ampere. I didn't mind it cause Ecosport is not great. Basically window line is very high to look out of.

Interiors Rear:
- Getting in and out is for some reason not that easy. Not due to height but the few times I tried my waist would hit the side of the seat.
- Rear space is quite generous in legroom. Way more space than Duster and Ecosport. 6 feet myself can sit behind with driver seat set for me.
- Rear seat width is the problem. Good for 2 but 3 will not be that comfortable. Duster is wider but Creta is more than Ecosport.
- Rear AC vents are useful. Had decent throw of air. you can adjust both vents individually up/down and left/right.
- Rear door pads are plain black no contrast at all unlike the front that had slight beige. The top end has leather on doors with padding but lower variants get nothing but hard cold plastic. sigh.
- Headroom is a non issue. Ample front and back.
- Rear shoulder line is very high. Rear passengers wont get a very airy feeling but i prefer this for privacy these days.

- Boot capacity is awesome. Ecosport is not even worth mentioning.
- The loading height is very high. Can be a pain when lifting luggage. Noticed the exhaust can was taking up a lot of space below as a result the spare tyre sits in a less deep cavity thereby increasing the loading bay height.
- The removable floor to access the spare can be folded and stored in a groove so it stays in place when accessing the spare.
- Tools are stored neatly in foam tray inside spare wheel cavity.
- Saw a couple of baggage hooks present.

We only got a very short drive of the 1.6L petrol since there was huge rush for diesel.
- NVH level in petrol is awesome. Ampere couldn't even figure out if engine was running or it was off.
- Clutch is not the lightest. For some reason the actuation point is very early on. Being used to petrol's and driven many cars, I didn't have too much of an issue but didn't like it this way. Ampere being used to Duster heavy clutch and diesel torque really struggled with this.
- Performance from the petrol is decent. Nothing to go wow over. The engine doesn't have a lot of low end grunt and needs some revs to get going. Once you start moving, mid range is decent. In comparison my 6 year old petrol Altis feels peppier.
- Gear shift is super smooth. One of the slickest out there.
- Steering is light but more weight than the Elite i20 and similar to my Ecosport.
- Low speed ride quality was very supple. Nowhere as jarring as my Ecosport.
- We got barely 5 minutes with the car so cannot comment on handling.

Overall we came away very impressed with the package. As I mentioned Hyundai is really charging big money for the Creta but you won't feel like anything is missed out if you spend 17 big ones for this.

In closing. If the Creta was available 2 years back, both Ampere and myself would be having a Creta in our garages than the Duster/Ecosport we currently have.

The Creta is 5.5 lakhs more than what I paid for the Ecosport in 2013. Currently the Creta is 4L more for top spec Ecosport.

If there was a top spec SX(O) AT, I may have been tempted to exchange with the Altis but not with the SX+ AT. I stand to lose too much.

Some pics:

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174049.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174151.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174156.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174202.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174043.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174134.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_173817.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_173749.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_173957.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_173950.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_173911.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174007.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174029.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_174013.jpg

Preview: Hyundai Creta-img_20150722_173806.jpg

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